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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 5 results

  1. Latest publication from the Boss: التدابير النبوية لحفظ الرسالة الإلهية (The Prophetic measures to save/protect the Divine Message & Khilafah) It is widely accepted by people with foresight and at least 3 brain cells, that prevention is more sensible than trying to find a cure. It is also accepted by all Muslims that the Holy Prophet (s), is the wisest being to have ever existed/will ever exist, in all universes, pre-history, post-history, across all dimensions, and all worlds. Therefore, one might assume, that he would adopt preventive measures to save the prophetic message in the face of the expected coup by the sick-hearted and brain-dead. This is what this book tries to present. A set of clear measures and carefully planned procedures, without which no evidence of authentic Mohammedan Islam would have remained today. http://archive.alhaydari.com/ebook/ar/tadabir.pdf (only 600 pages)
  2. salam I shall be reviewing a series of published/yet un-published books by his eminence Seyyed Kamal Al Haydari, on the topic of ethics. However this series is structured in such a way to aid academics and seminary teachers/students to use them as study guides, so most have exercises/questions at the end of each chapter. The series includes these books: 1) Our Ethics (Akhlaquna) - published 2) Self correction and refinement - unpublished 3) Truthfulness in intention, words and actions - unpublished 4) The spiritual dimension of worship - published 5) Ethics of visitations - unpublished 6) Unity of the goal and how to reach it - unpublished The first book I will read/review is called 'Our Ethics / Akhlaquna', published recently, which looks at the reality of ethics from a quranic, narrative, philosophical and gnostic perspectives, its flux through time and space, the meaning of the embodiment of divine ethics, and clarifying some ways of self-development and refinement. All of this is looked at from an individual and a social perspective. Contents: 1) The meaning of ethics, and its importance to (seminary) students 2) Individual and social ethics 3) Quranic dimension of ethics 4) Hadith dimension of ethics 5) Philosophical dimension of ethics 6) Gnostic/Irfani dimension of ethics 7) The movement of ethics through time and space 8) Embodiment of Godly ethics 9) Defining true happiness 10) Ethics and Divine hospitality 11) The individuals' capacity and Godly ethics 12) Paths to spiritual refinement - part 1 13) Paths to spiritual refinement - part 2 14) Human ethics and his characteristics in the Quran - part 1 15) Human ethics and his characteristics in the Quran - part 2 16) Positive and negative emulation 17) Conclusions and advice ws
  3. SKH = S. Kamal al-Haydari 1) First point in this extract from lecture 229 of his 'Opposing evidences' class, is that the methodology of Allamah Majlisi (and he insists on calling him Allamah, respecting his stature as a scholar and major contributor to the Shi'i school), and put the emphasis on the hadith and not the Quran. And this is what has caused the Shia school in general to decline, and this is the reason SKH announced his project to return the focus to the QUran and make IT the first reference point to establish our religious doctrines. 2) Then he briefly mentions the sources al Majlisi uses in Bihar al Anwar, which range from weak sources like tafsir al Qummi, to quotes (from al Majlisi) saying: 'I saw it in an old book...'! And books nobody has heard of, except his contemporaries. 3) This is a book that is revered and used a main source for events in history and seerah by Sheikhs of the pulpit, satellite channels, and even the hawza. 4) SKH's book : 'Bihar al Anwar under the spotlight' out soon! 5) He points out that there are a thousand classes on fiqh, and less than a handful of tafsir classes (in the best case, I'm not aware of any in the arabic hawza). And the overriding perception is that a scholar of tafsir isn't of the high level as scholar of fiqh (as was the view of Allamah Tabataba'i). Allamah Tabataba'i would have been given the Marji'yah if he didn't pursue his religious duty to produce the epic tafsir Al Mizan, and this heritage will remain the pride of the Shia until the Last Day. and... Allamah Tabataba'i's Commentary on Al Bihar, and why it was banned: [summary in english to follow] and... Jalaluldeen alAshtiyani's view on narrations of praises (manaqib of Imams): [summary in english to follow]
  4. Another present for the muslim ummah from Seyyed Kamal Al Haydari. who are the khulafa' al rashidoon? and is it even practically possible for them to have included the first 3 caliph that succeeded the Holy Prophet (pbuh)???? judge for yourselves.
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