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Found 5 results

  1. How can we reconcile Islam rendering sexuality as both insignificant and the most pleasurable thing in existence? Keep in mind our destination will be heaven and sex will be the most engaged-upon activity in heaven. Is sex insignificant only in this world, but significant in heaven? Imam Ali (AS): “He whose intellect is complete finds sexual desires insignificant.” [Ghurar Al-Hikam, No. 8226] Imam Sadiq (AS): “Indeed, the people of heaven do not take delight in the pleasures of heaven more than sex; neither food nor drink has that much pleasure for them.” [Wasail Al-Shia, V. 20, Hadith 24929] It was asked of Imam Sadiq (AS): “If someone undresses his wife (and makes her naked) and looks at her, is there a problem?” He replied: “There is no problem, is there any better pleasure than this that exists?” [Hadiyah Al-Mutaqin, P. 111]
  2. Really good interview. https://video-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hvideo-xpl1/v/t42.1790-2/12508263_778243395641746_1444279334_n.mp4?efg=eyJybHIiOjY0OSwicmxhIjo0MDk2LCJ2ZW5jb2RlX3RhZyI6InYzXzQyNl9jcmZfMjNfbWFpbl8zLjBfc2QifQ%3D%3D&rl=649&vabr=361&oh=36bb1836acbade6ee5e5d18c81937ca9&oe=56A586E6 Hijab privatises a woman's sexuality Saying Hijab is oppression, is tantamount to saying that a women is only powerful if she is sexy in public
  3. Hello. I need some advice in dealing with long distance relationship with my wife. The thing is that, currently i am waiting for my wife visa approval. During this time we talk on phone for hours, which i have no problem with, because my job allows me to speak to my wife when i am there. The problem arises, when i am off two days and at home. During this time i feel like getting intimate with her, and i want a release my desires through masturbation. Which is haram act, and i feel guilty afterwards, so should i make a excuse, so i dont speak to her those two days? Thank You.
  4. (bismillah) Man by nature needs affection and love. This is evident after analyzing different phases of human life. From the beginning days of his life, a child needs his mother’s constant love and attention. Later on, the gradual formation of family and personal relations, friendships and companionships can be seen as a natural psychological process through which a person responds to that basic need for love and affection. Like any other genuine human desire, if not fulfilled properly, this need for affection will cause irreversible psychological damages. Maybe less than a skilled psychoanalyst, but we too can sense the negative and automatic psychological backlash from a kid who has a “more favored” sibling. That very simple and immediate experience can have long-lasting impacts on the person’s personal and social life. This shows the significant role this desire and its fulfillment play in human life. Another genuine human need is engagement in sexual activities. To confuse between these two, is a mistake which stems from misunderstanding different levels and dimensions of human existence. While sexual desire is more physical and temporal, the need for affection is more psychological and time consuming. However, the complicated dynamics of interaction between these different dimensions, have led some so-called psychoanalysts to trace back all human psychological disorders to sexuality and its deficiency. One major difference between sexuality and need for affection is their opposite grounds. Sexuality is often associated with excitement while affection requires peace and calmness. Even if one does not believe in the dualistic view of body and spirit, it still takes a giant leap to neglect this distinction. These original thematic differences between long lasting love and affection and temporal sexual desire, brings forth the historic dilemma in human social life: whether to ignore affection in favor of sexual diversity or mange sexuality and reduce its irresponsibility to create a ground for long term affection and abiding love? The answer of Islam, as a divine spiritual religion, is clear: invest for what lasts longer and serves both the spirit and the body; create an atmosphere where genuine needs of human spirit are not sacrificed for the sake of meandering desires of the body. Or in a non-dualistic rephrasing: make balance between different genuine human needs. Additionally, one can never reach real satisfaction by serving his/her carnal desires only. That’s because human innate thirst for limitless perfection will not stop at any limit. Islam gives the correct direction to this inner yearning. According to Islamic spiritual teachings, responding to this inner yearning for limitless perfection by fulfilling carnal desires is analogous to drinking sea water; a response that only increases the thirst and worsens the situation. If a person confuses human endless quest for perfection with something like sexual desire and the diversity in fulfilling it, then he or she is doomed to remain unsatisfied, for there will always be another way for getting more pleasure while the life is too short. Granted all human psychological disorders are rooted in sexuality and its deficiency; but what would be the solution? Apparently crazy sexual liberalism is not the one, for you cannot put out a fire, Rumi believes, by adding more fuel to it. It seems we are justified to believe that the sole remaining solution to this problem is to direct human genuine desires so that each gets its proper response, as long as it does not violate other aspects of either the spirit or the body. In this sense, the sexual desire which almost always seeks more diversity should not endanger the creation of family; the sole ground in which long-term affection and abiding love grow.
  5. Hello This evening i came across this - Ann Barnhardt - Islamic sexuality - a survey of evil.- http://tomohalloran.com/2013/06/10/watch-must-see-for-all-americans-ann-barnhardt-islamic-sexuality-a-survey-of-evil/ I think these videos were made in 2011 and I thought i would post it on here and see what your opinions were of the content. Please note she also speaks about Imam Khomeini. Jen
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