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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 4 results

  1. I found an issue in Nahj al-Balagha's sermon 185 (or some editions 184), which is one of the most popular and eloquent and beautiful sermons in Nahj al-Balagha, in which it says that ants have ears in their heads, but this is scientifically false, but the Imam might have used the word "ear" simply to refer to the antennae. But why would he describe them as "ears" though? Why not simply "two columns" etc.? Maybe the Imam was just being poetic and graphic, or maybe there is some scientific truth in this that is yet to be discovered?
  2. I used to be a Muslim and am now an agnostic, i am close to converting back to Islam, Shia Islam in particular. However one issue bothers me. The Shia Hadeeth state something inaccurate scientifically. in Al Kafi a Hadeeth that is SAHIH by the ranking of Al-Majlisi states: I asked Abu Abdillah what is the (nutfah, Arabic: نطفة ) sperm drop's characteristics it is defined by? He stated: Tge sperm drop is like a thick phlegm and it stays in THE WOMB OF THE MOTHER for 40 days. I asked what is the characteristic did the (Alaqah علقة) Blood Clot? He stated it is like a clot of blood after Hijamah and it stays in the womb for 40 days...the Hadeeth This is a scientific inaccuracy: 1) The sperm drop is fertilized in 24 hours 2) The Embryo of 40 days (Carnegie Stage 16) does not look remotely like a thick Phlegm neither does it look like a thick phlegm in 20 days or 30 days, and the SAHIH Hadeeth states that the Nutfah is in the womb for 40 days, but the embryo does not look like a Nutfah for 30 days let alone 20 3) The embryo never looks like a blood clot, let alone during 40-80 days after fertilization
  3. I'm sick of hearing so-called experts saying that masturbation is "perfectly fine", "healthy", and even "beneficial". You'll find many internet articles with responses from doctors saying that there's nothing wrong with masturbation. They also make it look like it's part of normal human behavior. But after independently researching the topic in depth, I found that masturbation can be quite dangerous to our mental and physical health. Masturbation is not normal/instinctual/natural human behavior; masturbation is in fact virtually nonexistent in all studied isolated hunter-gatherer societies and primitive peoples. I'm not questioning the expertise or intentions of doctors and sexologists who normalize masturbation. What I am saying is that perspectives on masturbation tend to be unusually positive in the secular world - a tendency that may give us a skewed or biased understanding of masturbation. There is a lack of quality material that offers different or non-traditional secular perspectives on masturbation. This lack is surprising because there is plenty of evidence of masturbation being an unhealthy thing. Maybe this lack has something to do with sustaining the $14 billion porn industry (which is bigger than the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball combined) or just governments trying to make people complacent by rewiring their brains with hypersexuality. Conspiracy theories aside, I would like to spearhead my call for action. Below is an article I wrote in which I give a couple secular reasons why masturbation is harmful and why not masturbating may be very beneficial for our physical and mental health. This article is focused mainly on male masturbation. http://thereligionofreason.blogspot.com/2016/01/how-masturbation-can-be-bad-for-you.html?m=1
  4. These videos show that different music have different effect on emotions and feelings toward similar situation. People who think that it has only a minute affect are ignoring the fact that advertisement is a biggest industry in the world. It means they have some effects on their customers mind that is why they spend so much money on advertisements. Yet we don't feel any influence of advertisements upon us. All of Languages we speak today have evolved from simple rhythms. When we are talking to someone we either persuade, complement, or we are in some kind of mode. Each type of mode have its own tone and rhythms. What we do in response we also respond in same rhythm. Although these things are not part of language but still it has effect on us. e,g we communicate through eyes unconsciously. The following part is taken from a website. Our eyes are a very significant aspect of the non-verbal signals we send to others. To a lesser or greater extent we all 'read' people's eyes without knowing how or why, and this ability seems to be inborn. Eyes - and especially our highly developed awareness of what we see in other people's eyes - are incredible. For example we know if we have eye contact with someone at an almost unbelievable distance. Far too far away to be able to see the detail of a person's eyes - 30-40 meters away or more sometimes - we know when there is eye contact. This is an absolutely awesome capability when you think about it. Incredibly also, we can see whether another person's eyes are focused on us or not, and we can detect easily the differences between a 'glazed over' blank stare, a piercing look, a moistening eye long before tears come, and an awkward or secret glance. Enlarged pupils are sign of attraction and love toward other person. In one of the studies conducted by Heiss they showed men two sets of photographs of women. In one set, the pupils of each woman had been enlarged. In the other set of photos, the pupils of each woman had been reduced. Results showed that the men preferred the photos of the women with the enlarged pupil, even though the men could not explain why those were their favorites. When the test was performed on a group of women, the results were the same. This is a video of leading figure of church of Satan. Church of Satan control all the occult organizations in the world like Illuminati, free masons etc. Although I don't believe these people but it may be helpful for those people who believe in their existance. Check this website too if you want to read further about this topic. http://www.angelfire...4/mindandmusic/
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