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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 3 results

  1. Dear Brothers and sisters, I want you to be aware of some scammers on shiamatch.com. They are not even muslims but pretend to be muslims and they take personal informaiton and photos and make fake profiles of brothers and sisters then they ask you to send them money. Please have a look on the following emails: Salaam Alaikum Dear Heart Good evening my husband. Been a very busy day so far but Alhamdullilah i am trying to be ok. I just finished with missed salaats and am here to write you. Oh this is serious......i am sorry this would be a short note because I am very tired now and I also have to catch my flight for 6AM in the morning. So I will write a short note now and then write you in details by 4AM when I wake up. I love you dear heart... Please I will want you to Help me do something this morning. I got an email from my daughter, but just reading it now. She sent it to me since evening but couldn't check it due tonebeing busy. She said in it her email that she would be needing some funds there in turkey for her studies and that I should send this over to her like I used to do before flying. But there's no way for me to do this any longer because I am taking off by 6AM and I will not have the chance to go send funds to her, so I am thinking I could inform you of thia and help me take care of my daughter on my behalf. Insha Allah I will refund you the money. I will want you to lend me five hundred fifty dollars ($550) and help me send to my daughter down there in turkey through western union or moneygram. I will refund you, in 10 days. Insha Allah. I will appreciate thia support from you and I am sorry for the request. Also you Wil send the funds tobhwr though her supervisor because she can not go out of the school to do anything, and I normally send funds to her through the supervisoor, all the time. Thank you dear. Please let me know so I could forward you the information which you will be needing to send the funds to her through the supervisor. I love you dear heart.....kisses. I will write fully in next email and make comments on all I have got to say. Kisses Your Happy Wife Zeneb Salaam Alaikum Dear Heart Thank you so much for this. Below is the information which you will need to send the funds to KHADIJAH through her supervisor. The supervisor would receive the money and handle it over to our daughter. I love you dearly....kisses Name: KAREN Surname: WHITNEY City: Istanbul Country: Turkey Amount to send: $550 Thank you dear. You will send the funds using western union. You can write me the code after sending the funds or you send the code to khadijah's email address which is [removed] I love you my husband. Kisses Your Happy Wife Zeneb [Personal info removed.] May 2 (1 day ago) to Zeneb dear impersonater, I must admire your intelligence but I wonder if you are even a muslim. Could you let me know? from the name you have sent me seems you are not but the ids you have sent are photoshoped, you are very much aware by now that I am an IT expert and you still took your chances and sent me photoshoped photos but why would you do to a person who is truthful. I know there are lot of people out there who are greedy and have lust. I had none of that. even those people do not deserve to be robbed. would you tell me dear, why do you do it? and if you are a man or woman? do you rob people because you are really in need of money or you just do it because it is easy money ? i would like to know. Seriously You can talk to me. May be I can help warm regardsd Haider to Zeneb dear brother/sister, Do no choose this path, you can only gain some world possessions but punishment is severe but I do not even know if you believe in Allah or not or even in any God. could you let me know? I would love to talk to real you Please do not ignore my emails and talk to me. may be I can help? Haider Zeneb Mohammed May 2 (1 day ago) to me At the airprt....asthagafurllah... Why would you say this to Me? Well thank you for saying this You could have simply say you can not support my daughter for now other than saying this wrong thing to me. Thank you [Personal info removed.] May 2 (1 day ago) to Zeneb how much lie can you speak? have alook on the attachment and match the id number. you can not make people fool all the time Attachments area May 2 (1 day ago) to Zeneb please speak the truth now, I want to know the real you. It is quite intriguing the way you have masterminded all of this scam. May 2 (1 day ago) to Zeneb I am quite impressed by your intelligence and your plot. if you really in need of money I can help but speak the truth. May be I can help you .. I would appericiate you speak the truth now So here real name is karan whitney from istanbul turkey and she pretended to be Zeneb Mohammed from california USA. Be Aware dear brothers and sisters. do not send loads of photos to people/.
  2. Salam 3alaikom all, I'm someone, totally destroyed and just want to share my story with you and also I have questions, maybe someone more smart than me can answer. I'm a Shia woman, with mixed background, live in UK. I met with someone sunni man, looks like very respected and serious person. I had terrible issues before and also I was like broken when my friends (I thought they were my friends) introduced me someone. We started to talk, meet, he moved like near to me to give chance to meet every day. After one month we went to masjid and made an Islamic marriage. As man and wife we moved in together. By March after I was made redundant, he had moved out (one presumes that because I was unemployed I no longer met the criteria to help him with his immigration status) . I now have to religiously divorce at financial cost. During this time he was trying to make me feel weak however his behaviour changed as soon as we married and he became very controlling and emotionally abusive also very much connected us emotionally and I began to uncover things about his real immigration status. It transpired that he was illegally in the UK and was using a fake Passport. I had married a fraudster and one who I suspect was targeting another women. When he realised that his plan to regularise his status in the UK was not going to work he left. In way I can't explain how painful it was. It happened some days ago but until now I have like nightmares, crying and even if I'm making myself busy during the day by searching for a job and fix my life, the nights are terrible. I'm not able to pray and eat almost nothing. My question is that is this marriage valid according to the sharia law? As far as I know since he even didn't give me my mahar and it was all lie and fake its not. The second that what Allah will do for this man? What is the punishment for breaking the heart and life for someone has no one in this country and who depended on her husband, loved and cared for him? What he will have? Thank you very much for reading this
  3. Ha! About time... This joke of an organization was due judgement, although I think this is only the tip of the iceberg, of injustices done by them. Yaaay! Lets support FIFA :no: How many more criminals hide under this money stealing grab!? Hopefully they serve time! "Brazilian police have arrested the chief executive of a Fifa partner company as part of investigations into the illegal sale of World Cup tickets." http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-28205082
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