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Found 11 results

  1. Hello peace be upon you, I was wondering if anyone knows about any Hawza's in the United States where one can go and study Islamic Studies and graduate with a Bachelors degree and become a public speaker. Thank you.
  2. Salam aleikum! This will be my first post here, so apologies if I post this in wrong place or something. Im still learning how to use this amazing forum So I have a question. I am non-sayed woman and I am married to sayed man alhamdulillah. According to what I have understood is that sayeds cannot receive sadaqa but poor and needy sayeds can have their share from khums (sahme sadat). As for me, sayed's non-sayed wife, can I also for example eat from that money if there would me time that my husband needed part from khums? Also I have more questions. In my situation, as i am non-syed woman married to Syed man, do I need to pay khums? If I do need to pay it, can I pay it direct to my husband (if he would be poor and needy)? Since my husband as syed cant receive sadaqa, can I still receive sadaqa (for example if there was time when we would be poor and needy)? Or am I also now prohibited to receive sadaqa since my husband in this case would receive sahme sadat? JazakAllah khair for your answers
  3. Hi, I had this dream a while ago about my cousin visting us from Lebanon. But in my dream he was younger than he actually is. And for some reason it wasn't a problem that he saw me without my hijab, it was completly normal for me. Then suddenly a Sayed knocked on my door. My cousin was standing right behind me. I told everyone around me not to open because I wasn't wearing my hijab. Then the Sayed opend the door and came in. I ran to me room but he followed me and opend my bedroom door and saw me without my hijab. And then he left. Does anyone know what this dream means?
  4. Salaam, The question is self explanatory, but here's the thing.. The females parents are both shia syed but the male has a Sunni father and shia mother? Is it permissible? Please help!
  5. Can someone send me via message the contact information of a shiekh or sayed located in London UK? I have my aqd nikah in a few weeks and I need one
  6. I am asking this question with lot of hesitation, Can any one explain me satisfactorily why the progeny of Prophet (a.s.) ( called as sayyads) be given special treatment in distribution of Khums ? is this not unfair to other people ? why any one should be given any special status or treatment just because he happens to be from the progeny of the Prophet (a.s.) ? surely if he is born as a sayyad, it is not due to his good deeds.Prophet himself has clearly taught us that every one is equal in front of Allah, the only factor which differentiates is their good deeds or bad deeds. The son of Prophet Nuh (a.s.) was disbeliever and hence he was punished and the wife of Phiraun (Pharoh) was pious, and hence she was rewarded. When you say that half of khums money is for sayyads only and can not be given to non sayyads, you are creating two kinds of citizens. Share of sayyads can not be given to non sayyads, even if you find that non sayyads are more deserving than sayyads. This is pretty strange, isn't it ? Islam is religion of God. every one is equal in front of God. if a non sayyad is dying, and if you are having khums money which belongs to sayyads, you can not give to a non sayyad, even if he is dying. why ? just because that person happens to be born as non sayyad, he can die, but he can not get any help from sayyad's share of khums. This is not a hypothetical situation,but this is happening every day in India in many charitable organizations. They have lot money with them of Khums which is share of sayyads. And every day non sayyads comes for help who are in really dire need. But they get the standard reply, sorry, we can not give you anything, because this is share of sayyads. ( just imagine, in such kind of situation, what this non sayyad must be thinking ? he must be complaining to Prophet and Allah, that " is it my fault that I was born as a non sayyad ? " i have heard many hadith from Prophet (a.s.) which says that IF any one who looks after my progeny, I will help him on the day of Qayamat. I simply can not believe that such kind of hadith can be true, because it insults our Prophet !! Is our Prophet so narrow minded that he will help only those people who has helped his progeny (sayyads) ? And if I take care of deserving non sayyads, he will not help me on the day of Qayamat ? if Prophet was alive today and two persons go to him for help, one sayyad and other non sayyad, both equally deserving, can we believe that our Prophet will be partial and biased and he will help only a sayyad and he will tell non sayyad that sorry I will not give you this khums money because you are not from my progeny ? The standard argument given by our Aalims is that since Sadaqa is haram for sayyads, that is why they are given special share from Khums. But why create two separate kind of funds ? why sadaqa is haram for sayyads ? are they superior citizens and non sayyads are inferior citizens ? how any one can become a special citizen and have higher rank and deserve special treatment just because luckily he was born in a sayyad family ? HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT FROM HINDUS ? IN HINDU RELIGION BRAHMINS ARE GIVEN SPECIAL STATUS AND IN ISLAMS SAYYADS ARE GIVEN SPECIAL STATUS. AND AS ONE CAN BE CALLED AS A BRAHMIN ONLY IF HE IS BORN IN A BRAHMIN FAMILY, SIMILARLY, YOU CAN BE CALLED A SAYYAD ONLY IF YOU ARE BORN IN A SAYYAD FAMILY. !! . I shall be really really thankful if some one can give me a satisfactory reply. JAZAKALLAH !
  7. Peace be upon you brothers and sisters. This is my first post so I shall make it a good one inshAllah. I recently found an article about a Mujtahid living within the USA, this goes to show that Haqq(riotousness) is everywhere if you look hard enough. What do you think? here is the link http://alimdeen.blogspot.com/
  8. Asalam Alykum, Please watch this to increase your knowledge. You owe it to yourself to educate and use resources available :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRhM4NeFHFU Ma'Salam.
  9. I recently heard that the term 'Sayed' is not limited to the children of the holy prophet (s), but to anyone who is belongs to bani Hashem. This argument didn't make sense to me, because then that would mean that Abu Lahab (l.a.) would also be considered a Sayed... Could anyone clarify where the term came from, where and when it was first used and who it refers to? Thank you in advance. Wslm
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__TGEd7xQFE&feature=c4-overview&list=UUKHdH7ExuBB5aX2Bxu3CcyA Great Prophet Mohammed Association @GPMCAssociation The Event of Gadheer 2013 lecture featuring: Sayed Mahdi qazwini
  11. http://www.spiritualjourneys.co/trips/current-flyer.html http://www.spiritualjourneys.co/trips/current-flyer.html
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