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Found 8 results

  1. Warm greetings! I have pondered the question, How does Jesus save us? I believe His death on the cross paid the penalty for my sins, which cancelled my debt to God, makes me forgiven, sets me free. But there is more. He said of Himself... "I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness. If anyone hears my words and does not keep them, I do not judge him; for I did not come to judge the world but to save the world. The one who rejects me and does not receive my words has a judge; the word that I have spoken will judge him on the last day. For I have not spoken on my own authority, but the Father who sent me has himself given me a commandment-what to say and what to speak. And I know that his commandment is eternal life. What I say, therefore, I say as the Father has told me." - John 12:46-50 Peace and blessings!
  2. السَّلآمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ الله وبَرَكآتُه Please post any quote, story or any narration that comes first in your mind of Mohammad(saww) o aal(asws) e mohamamd(saww) Any 'Qaul' of any maasoom(asws), please share. @Salsabeel @Ashvazdanghe @Darth Vader @3wliya_maryam @SIAR14 @Aflower @EndTimesCodes @ShiaMan14 @ali_fatheroforphans @skyweb1987 @Sirius_Bright @layman @Ruqaya101 u also and please dont mention about your exams here and ask people to pray
  3. What do you have to say about the three groups Khorasani, Yamani and Sufyani that will appear before the reappearance of Imam al-Mahdi (as)? Will they fight with each other? Which group will be the righteous group? Where will they emerge from?
  4. Do good non-Muslims get sent to hell? First. We must clarify who do we mean by the word 'non-Muslims'? The term 'non-Muslims' includes many groups of people such as 'the people of the book' i.e. the Jews, the Christians, the other adherents of the pre-Islamic heavenly-sent religions, pagans, atheists, disbelievers and etc. Second. To have a methodical and systematic treatment of the issue, the question must be addressed from two different angles: A) 'confessional' and B) 'non-confessional'. By the word confessional I mean from religious [Islamic] point of view and by the word 'non-confessional' a purely 'rational' perspective. Third. Non-Muslims cannot be called ‘good’ if they abide by their own hereditary dogmas and show no flexibility towards the truth. Good non-Muslims should be beautified with the actual qualities. Fourth. To tackle the very question from a non-confessional perspective, we can argue that a wise man has always the will and intention to live a prosperous life, even if he restricts the realm of life to the earthly one. To win a prosperous life, all necessary means and measures must be taken. Theoretically talking, an important part of his worldly prosperity rests on intellectual harmony he should enjoy while explaining the world, the purpose of his life and his status after death. He who -committed to no monotheistic values- lacks a coherent system of beliefs on the purpose of his life in this world and his status in the hereafter, will not be able to experience the sweet taste of success and joyful moments; because the darkness of doubt, sheer ambiguity and pure uncertainty about the aftermath can cause him aggravating pain. To avoid such disturbing thoughts, everyone is expected to conduct reliable researches on the validity or invalidity of propositions pertaining to the afterlife. Finall, a rational agent can never remain indifferent to his destiny particularly if he gives the probability that his destiny might be of a fatal kind. Fifth. To treat the issue from a confessional perspective, to a Muslim it is clear that since Allah is the Creator, Benefactor and Possessor of all, and All-Aware of everyone's intentions and actions, He has the existential power and legitimate authority to put conditions for every one's salvation. According to His final say sent to the prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his progeny), only those who meet the two conditions of observing sincere 'faith' and carrying out 'virtuous deeds' will win eternal paradise. Indeed, Allah, the All-Wise, has not meant by the word ‘Muslims’ those who are nominal Muslims. Only the real Muslims whose actions translate their thoughts in the concrete world, will be granted salvation. Those who hold Muslim names and identities but their true interior beliefs are not reflected in the exterior world, will be deprived of a happy life in the hereafter. The true practicing Muslims who absolutely surrender their intentions and actions to Allah, will be awarded or granted eternal paradise. Non-Muslims can follow the suit. The conclusion: What Allah, the Almighty, hates most is his creatures' blatant ingratitude (Chapter al-Isra/ 67,89; Chapter al-Furqan/ 50) and their stubbornness and obstinacy in abiding by sheer falsehood (Chapter Yonus/ 33). Those non-Muslims who find the truth and again defy their Lords' commands obstinately, should wait the grave consequences of their actions and the choices they make. Those non-Muslims who have not found the truth altogether, or are deeply involved in polemic doubts or are in their ways to find the truth in coming days, will not be sent to hell; because Allah, the All-Wise, will act in accordance with the implications of His attributes of absolute justice and mercy. As such, the people of the book will win eternal salvation on condition that they remain committed to their true religious worldview and act upon their religious-moral principles. May Allah, the Compassionate, bless us all a happy life in this world and a happier life in the hereafter. References: 1. The Quran.
  5. ASA everyone. Now, most muslims will generally say that humans have free will but that Allah(swt) knows what will happen before it will happen and that he can alter things as he so pleases. However, when reading the Quran it is not that simple. It seems to me that two points are made simultaneously, the first being that humans control whether or not they will accept faith and guidance and the other being that it is not up to an individual but all up to Allah(swt). If it is up to Allah(swt), then doesn't it seem unfair that he will misguide some people and guide others? This is really bothering me. Feedback and thoughts are appreciated. Verses: Decisions The Qur'an is a warning to all men: to those who have the will to walk straight or upright, yet no one can decide to do so except the ones who are given that ability by Allah (81:27-29, 76:29-30). The Test Man was created from a drop of semen for the purpose of being tested. He is given sight, hearing and instructions to see whether he will be grateful and go to paradise. In paradise there will be drinking of wine flowing from a constant fountain while in Hell there will be chains, harnesses and blazing fire (76:2-6). Guidance Allah guides whom he pleases to the straight way (10:25). Allah decides who will be left to stray and who will be guided (35:8). Allah opens or hardens hearts to Islam (39:18-22). He gives some little and others much (39:52). Faith No one can have faith unless Allah gives him permission. Allah will severely punish those who do not have the sense to believe (10:100). Ordained Misfortune Allah decrees ahead of time every bad thing that happens to the earth or individuals (57:22). Control over All Creatures There is not a living creature whose hair is not in the grasp of Allah (11:56). Created for Hell Whomever Allah guides follows the right way and whoever he causes to be led astray will be the losers. Many men and genies are already created for Hell (7:178,179). Allah Causes Error It is impossible for a person to correct those who Allah has caused to be in error (4:88). Personal Responsibility Those who reject Allah’s communications are deaf and dumb. They are in utter darkness. Allah misleads some and puts others on the right way (6:39). Apostles give good news and warnings to mankind. Those who believe and mend their ways will have nothing to fear and not regret. But those who deny Allah’s revelations will be punished for their sins (6:48,49). Evil Leaders Placed and Punished Allah has placed evil leaders in every town who plot evil. Soon they will be punished for their evil plans (6:123, 124). Fill Hell If Allah had willed he could have given everyone true guidance, but the word of Allah is that he will fill Hell with men and jinn (32:13, 11:119, 7:18). This is really bothering
  6. The reason I am not a Muslim or a Shia is because I can't find any evidence for the claim six centuries later that Jesus didn't go to the cross to overturn the eyewitness testimony of the Apostles in various group settings in the first century sources. Would God ask you to overlook the evidence and believe what Muhammad said? As well, I know that I was a sinner and sin leads to death and the second death which is Hell an eternal separation from God. And that no man by his own strength or works can bridge the gap between and infinitely great God and himself. Therefore, it stands to reason, God must intervene by entering into His creation to atone for the sins of the world that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Not only, therefore, have I been forgiven for all sins I have ever committed, but God also brings me to the cross with Jesus to die to my old man. God doesn't go after the root of sin or place us into asceticism by depraving the body, but goes after our old man so that Satan can't work in Christians for that which has died is dead. Biblically "dead" refers to lost communication. My spirit has been quickened with God's life and is no longer dead.
  7. (salam) I have a Christian friend on a different website who has asked this question: This is the reply I have written in a hurry, but before I submit, I want to make sure I'm actually answering her question and that what I'm saying makes sense and is actually true yet easy to understand: I hope I understand your question correctly--are you asking whether we believe that declaring the Muslim faith alone will grant us salvation (as in, do we have to engage in religious practices or not along with declaring our faith in order to be saved)? As opposed to as in Christianity, you just have to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and you are saved (correct me if I'm wrong). We believe that in order for God to let us go to heaven, we have to declare our faith (There is no god but God, and Muhammad is His messenger), and we also have to do what he has commanded us to do. Such as praying 5 times a day, fasting, abstaining from some foods, etc etc. As you probably know, there are <i>many</i> rules in Islam because Islam is a way of life that dictates every aspect of our existence. We are to live our lives in submission to God's rules. So therefore, if someone claims to be a Muslim but disobeys God (doesn't pray, drinks alcohol, kills innocent people), we believe that they will be punished in the hereafter. Faith alone cannot save them. And because there are so many intricate rules, it is nearly impossible for a regular fallible person like me to obey all of God's rules, so we constantly ask forgiveness from Him for not being in complete submission and not being totally at one with God at all times. There are some who have achieved this (prophets, imams) and we use them as our guides and examples. But because I'm so flawed and I will likely not reach perfection, I ask for God's Mercy and forgiveness. We never actually <i>deserve</i> Heaven, we hope God will give it to us through His Mercy. In order for us to have mercy on us in the hereafter, we have to obey his rules and commands. So we have to have faith AND do all the practices AND ask for forgiveness and mercy. So we are responsible for our own salvation, but we only reach this through God's Mercy. ... oh wow, didn't realize my answer was so long. can you also help me make this more succinct?
  8. If the ultimate goal of this life is to attain salvation, what is the best expression of remorse?
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