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Found 14 results

  1. I am 24yrs old.i am an engineering student.i have been good at studies at school.but when it comes to practical work which engineering demand i couldnt do anything .i feel very shy.my hand ,my lips , my legs tremble.my heart races at highest pace. I also felt shy to perform any practical work so i always lag behind.theory is not enough .i felt shy to even touch instruments.i searched about it on google then i came to know that i have generalized social anxiety. During school days i could nt speak in class.i used to shake..i have not been able to talk to even ppl i hve know since childhood.i hav never been able to look into anyones eye while talking..i get severe anxiety in restaurants.airports etc..i always avoid to speak because en how much i try i end up humilated..going alone anywhere is so difficult for me..i live in constant fear..i understand that this life is not easy everyone faces problems but year two year every problem has end .since childhood i hsve suffered from this .. i only get embarrased and humilated..i get ashamed when i shiver when i am nt able to say anything when my expression is like i am crying..i live in constant fair.. everyone has problems but this is humilation..quran says ' Allah honours whom he wills and humilates whom he wills '..why is and has Allah always humilating me..i have always asked Allah to cure but no response..i am like handicapped who can do nothing..I think better would be to become handicapped atleast there is no humilation..i get angry at Allah every now an then..ppl have made fun of me..my life is so miserable...what should i do
  2. Salam Alaykum brothers and sisters, I feel like a failure. I did not get into university with the marks I have and feel extremely saddened and like a failure and a disappointment. I have another chance, but I have been trying my best and really feel burnt out at this point. I kindly ask that you all make duaa for me to get into this university, as this is the most important thing for me right now. Please make duaa for me. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) reward and bless you all insha’Allah. Thank you.
  3. ive been depressed for a long time. i pray and ask Allah to help me but everday seems to get worse. sometimes i feel like Allah is not helping me cause i was not really a good person when i was younger (im 17 now). i started praying to Allah when i was 15 and ever sinice that age ive been just sad. i know suffer from health condition, spine problems, i live in pain everyday.i also fear the future i always think that im going to be alone forever because im an introvert and me being quiet botheres people and its just so hard.is there like any dua that can help me that can get Allah to answer and accept my prayers because i read so many duas over the years and i guess none of them helped. https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235056697-the-sadness-never-ends/
  4. I dont wanna post the picture because I dont want to get banned but here it goes. I saw this picture you guys can go search up right now of a young Arab Iranian man (probably around age of 18-24 still young) who committed suicide on his father's grave by silting his wrists and the grave and the dead man's clothes were stained in blood. For the first time in a long time I wanted to weep because I couldn't understand how any one could do this to themselves the article says due to poverty but I dont know anymore is the pain of losing one's father at such a age unbearable? Or did this young man lose faith at young a time in his life? Like I said go search it up. Hope we can discuss this issue in high class and civility, Salam
  5. I wrote about my social anxiety 2days back. It is making my imaan go down.even in prayers i praise Allah only in words as i am always angry at him because despite making dua nothing changes.i always tell Allah if he removes my anxiety i will become a very good muslim. It is becoming difficult for me to carry on my day to day activity.what when i will start doing job ? What when i will have to live independently..it feels hell when your heart races .when you feel twitches all over body..when uan not speak more tgan one sentence despite how much u want..it is totally not under my control. IS it a punishment from Allah.but i remember at age of 12when i feared speaking in class .what i did that tym..is it a test ?.then y doea nt Allah remove it coz it makes me always angry at Allah and lowers my iman and concentration in prayers. Why has Allah given it to me.i have not seen a single girl or boy in school or colg with social anxiety..now i this is something i am nt able to tell anyone..my parents will tell me .y r u afraid of ppl.will they eat u . They will never understand wht i suffer..it also makes me jealous of other ppl who act very boldly..and my self esteem has also decreased..i feel lower than everyone 
  6. [ jr7 alhussain ] present Artitst - Ahmed qurban latmeya - لقاء الله place - manama horra graveyard mosque new - 1438
  7. Sinan


    If only, if only….but who would hear? There is no one to turn to, over here I want you, but you are not here or near And your memory is starting to fade As the rules cast their shade And the cold makes me sick, the arrival late- The arrival late, if at all Do you know, my dearest shining rose How much I cried for you? Without regret for who I chose? But bitterness and rage, and sadness, and despair? Which I wear- On my head like you wear…. Your scarf I have not heard from you in so many years But you do not care, but you do not care And if you did, perhaps your fears are like my fears And you want me, too But how can you, when you shunned me And shunned me, and crushed me But perhaps it is my punishment, all these years until I have a job For giving you the dirty look, my curse until I sob You wanted to be my friend, and all I cared about was romance So I gave you one quick look, hoping for a girl who would soon leave And who was nothing but a lustful glance Stirrings, which id rather have shared with you, before I leave I know that if I do not think, there will be less pain And the end result will be the same And perhaps you will be mine to wed, Or perhaps at envy ill whisper, “may Allah bless you,” at your future husband with you in the shed
  8. The following video is the first episode of the Hussein of Era series, I hope you to learn things and find a way to change your life for the real purpose of shi'ism.
  9. (bismillah) (salam) When you come to ShiaChat and the smilies are not working, it is a problem. Minor problem, but still a problem. I decided to type this out so I could use these when the emoticons are not working. I thought I would share this. I had to put spaces inbetween the : : or the ( ) so you could see the letters between them. Otherwise the list would be like :) = :) which would not help and could not be copied. So, copy the list onto your computer and refer to it when you want to use emoticons in your messages. If you wish. I have to post several messages, because ShiaChat limits the number of emoticons you can use in each message. So wait for the other ones that I will post later. InshaAllah ( bismillah ) = (bismillah) Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem ( salam ) = (salam) Salaamun Alaykum, Greeting of Peace ( wasalam ) = (wasalam) Wa Alaikum Salaam meaning "And unto you peace" : ) = :) happy : ( = :( sad : O = :o surprise : excl : = :excl: complete surpirse, Exclamation Point ; ) = ;) wink, just kidding : P = :P a little more than happy : D = :D toothy smile : lol : = :lol: Laughing out loud, LOL
  10. I do not feel good or happy. I cannot tell what is wrong so that I may address it. I just feel low and down, not depressed but not good, if I were to talk to someone I would forget it all and feel better but I can't be talking 24/7, so what should I do? There are days when I am very happy for no reason and nothing can get me down but days like these I feel like nothing can cheer me up and keep me happy. It is like as if I am having my man period, which does not exist, but I feel that way, if you get what I mean. Also is it good or bad to complain or to ask these sort of questions? or should I keep quite and speak only when it is necessary to speak?
  11. Tell me what you think below. :D The Plight of Pakistan The Blessed Land. Those three, simple, words sum up Pakistan. The prosperity of this land is evident from the fact that it is a cradle of civilization. Early nomads chose to settle in the Indus Valley for a reason. The five sweeping blue rivers of Punjab surrounded by naturally irrigated lush green farmland. The mountains of the north, with their crystal clear lakes and beautiful scenery. It was, and is, a heaven on earth. Thousands of years ago, the nomads gave up their way of life, and without hesitation, settled here. This unique culture may be the longest continuous culture to grace the face of the Earth. Archaeological evidence suggests that it has not greatly changed over all these years, so it is no wonder that it is far more unique and deeply-rooted than the young, “modern,” cultures of the West. On top of all this, this land has been blessed with the chosen religion, Allah’s religion. Pakistan carries the world’s second largest population of Muslims. Thus, this blessed land has given us the resources for prosperity, a unique culture, and the chosen religion. Then what is wrong? Why are people starving in such a bountiful land? Why are the influences of the West creeping in and slowly destroying this culture? Why are the people deviating from true Islam? The answer to all this is the rulers. It does not matter how bountiful the land is if the bounty is never exploited. It does not matter how strong the culture is if it is neglected. It does not matter how right the religion is, if it is not implemented. All of Pakistan’s failures are due to bad management. The greatness of a nation is viewed through its rulers. It is a sign of a doomed nation when the practice of politics is considered an undesirable trade. When it is automatically deemed that politics are for the corrupt, only the corrupt will be willing to take the mantle of governance, and with the corrupt in power, no amount of resources, culture and religion will save this nation. “Verily, Allah does not change the state of a People until they change themselves.” (13:11)
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXY7IovAohY This is an emotional appeal to those who have legitimatized shia killing in Pakistan... for what crime did these poor innocent children lose their fathers. and for those who even after watching this still agree with the killers... I ask you one question... how will you answer on the Day of Judgment to Allah (SWT) for this... You are in the same camp as Yazeed (la) who killed the blessed Imam Hussain (as) Apne Khuda Se Daro, Khuda ke Lanat se Daro ... Allahuma Salli Aala Muhammad Wa Aali Muhammad ... Mashallah very nice speech by Sanam Baloch on this issue....
  13. Hi, I wanted to ask my fellow shia brothers for some advice. I live in the UK, I'm 19 and I haven't found another man of my age who is mature or interested in anything I am interested in. When my family became refugee's from Afghanistan and moved to Pakistan along with other shias and joined a small community of shias in Quetta, we lived in at a place where there was a plain between the shias and baloch who were very racist, the plain was what separated us. We shias would be attacked, blooded, dogs were let loose on us when we were just kids, i was below 10 years of age through all this. Back in those days we were fearless, only at an age of 9 I would join 15, 16 year old boys in defending each other, they were people I bled for and they bled for me. The scars I received from the rocks and stones hurled at us are numerous, I have scars all over my head from rocks. Although there were always more of them and they were older we always won the fights when they attacked us, our main weapons and their weapons were rocks and slings and they had dogs. I have been bitten, burnt, stoned, chased by the age of 10 yet I still remember my childhood as a happy one. why? mainly because I was in a close circle of friends, we were like the musketeers, one for all, all for one sort of thing, and we would get up to all kinds of things, from stealing, to fighting, to gaming, playing etc. It was a very happy childhood as I remember it. but soon we came to the UK and 9 years later, I still don't have a friend who is a companion I can rely on, I have still got my bravery, I helped a friend of my dads ( not even mine) who had some problems with a bunch of Pakistani acquaintances and he was in danger of being badly wounded, I put my life on the line for him just because he was a family friend and needed help. I went to his aid accepting the fact that I could be severely wounded, there were 9 of them and 4 of us... the point is: - I can no longer find people of my age who I can rely on, or someone to hang out with, All guys of my age are either rolling a ball around in the park or playing video games, and those people who have similarities to me don't have religion, they are either insulting each others sisters or visiting prostitutes or girlfriends or smoking [Edited Out]... - People who are older than me don't take me seriously to rely on me or to listen to me, they judge me based on my age, I feel like an old man trapped in a young mans body. When I do them a favor, they take it for granted and forget, And if I ask them a favor they make excuses when I have risked my life for them. Its like as if I am addicted to my childhood, The only thing I find motivating is religion and philosophy and Jihad. but not a single person of my age group feels the same and if they do then they are only violent nuts or extremest idiots. When I talk to people it feels like as if I am speaking to a child, even when I speak to most adults they talk in a very childish manner and their response is just plain and pointless. Tell me how you are copping in a land that's strange, among people whose motives are strange, who's culture is strange, a people who have one eye that see's only wealth and material, how do you feel living among soulless vessels? I know you might think the problem is from me and I agree but its not my personality because when I speak to people they find it pleasant and they listen, when I joke they laugh. Its not like I'm secluded or weird. Tell me some tips on how to cope, because when I see someone is weak in piety I lose interest in them, but I haven't found someone of my age who is strong in faith and is loyal and honorable. Tell me what I should do because I always feel a big hole in my heart, and my heart feels like its being squeezed when I worship Allah. I swear worshiping has become my only favorite act, I love praying alone, I do not find my law studies interesting or entertaining, I do not find games or sports entertaining, I do not find the people around me interesting or entertaining, everything has become dull. What should I do? I swear I do not fear a good death, I only fear hell and wish for nearness to my creator and to my great ancestors; the prophets and my great grandmother Fatima, I dream of the day when I can see my grandpa Ali (a.s) and feel the warmth of his chest and I dream of the day, A day when I knock the doors of my grandmother Fatima (a.s) and be invited in and to be treated as her grandchildren. If only this exam was simple, if only I knew how to pass, if only I was pointed at the sweet death which would take me to paradise. Please help me, As you can see how I have opened up to an online page why? because there is no one else who I can turn to, I have a loving family and they love me but they can't fill all the gaps, I can't tell this to the people around me nor are they interested. May Allah help me because I feel like I am failing a test which I do not know, Allah has guided me away from apostasy when I lost my faith in a strange country, He has answered many of my prayers. I thank Allah for all that he has given me, he has given me a lot and I seek his bounty for ever, Allah have mercy on my soul, Allah place me among the people who are like me and love you and place me among those who seek your nearness. Please give a genuine reply if you have experienced what I am going through, and I will be grateful for it, but if you are trolling then be as humorous as you can, I love humor. Thank you
  14. end of an era :no: :cry: We'll use this thread to express our sadness at this news and also reflect on how Jobs has changed our lives.
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