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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 4 results

  1. Salaams, with Valentine's Day coming up, how are users on this forum prepping, if at all? Any ideas for newly wed husbands/wives?
  2. Poem: All I See Is You So many ways, to think of you In all things every day that I do…. Pretty girls in my high school hall They are nothing compared to you The rain which falls from the sky in fall They give life to dead earth…. and the wind caries them abound…. with a whistle of dew They imitate you The stars outshine the light bulb in my house at night Your eyes outshine the stars and they dazzle my sight I share my minutes with a secret few I used to share them with you I’d love to share them with you The past does not seem few I love to think of you And all I see is you..... what do you think?
  3. Sinan

    Love poem

    Good times Do you remember, radiant rose? The good times we shared? The topics of talk, the games we chose And how it fared? Do you remember when work was small, and all was held When they were tall, and our presence was felt? Perhaps not But we can improve our lot Be my friend and a rain to death As we were new to the end of death And be my girl and smile at me So I can smile, until I see The end of my time, overtaking me And the end of yours, before we enter The garden of God…..or memories Which fell like letters- Letters from the sky, to future folk and their memories And you can laugh, as I hold you near And we will no longer have any fear But be garments of warmth and fireplace buddies Friends to go on, and fight the quest And lovers to tango and giggle…..be funny And share each other like the distance yearned As it cried out when I sent my praises From afar and rules of modesty As a man needs rules but can not see And pecks of kisses I imagine now And your kisses, oh your kisses, oh, I want them now…. For if you do, ill give you my soul But if you don’t ill give you my tears And in your role, you own my life And can turn me to dust from my fears And you can give me strife But it sure is a delight to love you, and love you, And even if you turn me down I will always love you, for you’ll always hold...... The crown of attachment, in my heart, and in my soul.... My playmate, friend, and radiant rose...
  4. Shall I compare you to a fresh fruit that never spoils And never decay nor ever boil? To feed the hungry and bring shivers of memory? To stay pure and chaste until marriage eternity? A garden spring of jasmine, and innocent memories A river of freshness, the first love I have seen A sun to give light with your tender heart But burning compassion, and playful darts The shouts and cries of playful teasing Which made me mad but now that I’m sad, make you pleasing, since I started leaving My heart was stone and my words were few, but you taught love, and purity, too Purity as white as the purest light, For we were but children and had no sight And knew not of what we know now My radiant rose who I have chose I am the moon, and you are my Earth You are the sun, that I haven’t chose But destiny did as warm from the hearth In wintertime, invincible As a man needs food to be sensible You are my queen, and I’d be yours for life Away from the homeland where there now is strife I’d protect you and serve you and love you and play with you And keep you away from the land that would harm you Despite the gentleness therefrom that lies For I knew not what I know now I want nothing but cuddles and kisses from you, Except whispers of secrets and delicate coos For if you gave me your kisses I’d give you mine, too….. And I’d give you my life For I knew not what I know now You were my first and I hope to make you my last To be like garments for you, and you for me For we knew not what we know now For we know not what we know now
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