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  1. https://www.houseoftaha.com/products/cell-no-14 PREVIOUS SLIDE NEXT SLIDE Cell No.14 AMIN PUBLICATIONS Regular price£18.00 Default Title Quantity ADD TO CART This autobiography covers the first half of the life of the leader of the Islamic Revolution Sayyid Ali Khamenei, from his early childhood all the way to the 1979 Islamic Revolution that brought the monarchical regime to an end in Iran. It provides a gripping account of a life full of struggle and fighting for justice and establishing an Islamic order in his country. It is a remarkable saga of a young cleric blessed with an indomitable spirit who fights a dictatorial regime with his sermons and speeches as well as with his organisational abilities. He never loses hope despite being sent to prison and exile, and finally emerged victorious against all odds. This book serves as a source of inspiration to all activists around the globe who are trying to bring about social and political change. This book contains beautiful illustrations depicting different stages in the life of Ayatollah Khamenei. https://www.houseoftaha.com/products/cell-no-14 YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE Islamic Governance £12.99 GBP ADD TO CART Shining Sun £15.00 GBP ADD TO CART Kitab Al-Irshad: The Book of Guidance £25.99 GBP ADD TO CART Prophetic Traditions in Islam £14.99 GBP ADD TO CART Spiritual Psychology: The Fourth Intellectual Journey in Transcendant Philosophy £35.99 GBP ADD TO CART The Faith of Shia Islam £4.99 GBP ADD TO CART An Altar of Roses £15.99 GBP ADD TO CART Islamuna - Our Islam £9.00 GBP ADD TO CART https://www.houseoftaha.com/products/cell-no-14 Powered by Simile.ai Delivery Information Refund Policy Privacy Statement Terms of Service Contact us Join our mailing list SUBSCRIBE Facebook Instagram © 2021, House of Taha, Brought to you by AIM https://www.houseoftaha.com/products/cell-no-14
  2. Salamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah. Recently, a profile which I am sure everyone is aware of, that was defending YH and HA presented me with a set of Hadith against revolution before the Qaim: Al-Kafi vol 8, pg 310, Hadeeth number 483: Omar ibn Handhala says, al-Imam al-Sadiq ‘alaihissalam said, “There are five signs before the rise of the Hujja ‘alaihissalam, the heavenly call, Sufyani, the sinking of the earth, the murder of the pure soul and Yamani. I asked, may I be your ransom, If anyone from your House should make an uprise (khuruj: uprise or revolt to topple the government), should we make an uprise along with him? He said, No. If you are a Shi’a, then remember, it is prohibited until you hear the Saiha and that Yamani has appeared, to make an uprise. That is unless the MI6 and CIA had paid Omar ibn Handhala to narrate this hadeeth. Al-Kafi vol 8, pg 264 Hadeeth number: 382 Our master Syed al-Sajjideen ‘alaihissalam said, “By Allah, no one makes an uprise from us before the Rise of the Awaited One, salamullahi ‘alaih, except that he will be like a nestling (baby bird), who flew off his nest before its wings grew, and kids pick him and play with him. Ibid # 383: Says al-Imam al-Sadiq ‘alaihissalam, “O’ Sadir, stay at your home and be a rug of your house (as motionless and passive as a rug of your house). Don’t move and remain absolutely silent so long the earth and the sky are silent (sinking of the earth has not occurred and the heavenly call/saiha has not been heard). When you hear that Sufyani has risen, come to us, even if you have to walk. Al-Kafi vol 5, pg 22 Hadeeth Number 2: Says the Imam ‘alaihissalam, “Make pilgrimage to this House [the Ka’ba]. Does not each one of you like to be [safe] at his house, have his family prosper through his generosity, and wait for OUR RULE. If he should live to see Our Rule, he will be like the ones who were with the Rasool of Allah salla Allahu ‘alaihi wa Aalihi wassalam at the battle of Badr. If he should die, while waiting for Our Rule, he will be like the close companions of the Awaited One ‘alaihissalam who will be with him at his tent”… Al-ibid pg 23, Hadeeth number 3: Bashir al-Dahhan: I said to al-Imam as-Sadiq ‘alaihissalam, I saw you in my dream and I said to you in my dream, Fighting under the banner of someone other than the Infallible Imam, appointed by Allah, is haram like eating rotten dead animal, drinking blood, and pork. And you said in my dream, “It is indeed so”. Al-Imam al-Sadiq alaihissalam replied [in wakefulness], “It is indeed so, it is indeed so”. I can myself comment that some Hadith before Imam al-Sadiq about the Qaim refer to Imam al-Sadiq themselve as Shaykh Hamza Sodagar pointed out. As for the rest of the Hadith's I contacted the office of Grand Ayatullah Nasr Makarem Shirazi (H) on the issue and received the following answer: Answer: We also believe that any uprising in the name of Imam Mahdi before His reappearance is condemned to failure and belongs to the Tyrant. But if an uprising is for the sake of Allah and in order to pave the ground for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (AS) and to implement the goals of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS), then it is approved and is consistent with jurisprudential certainties and the rulings of Enjoining good and forbidding wrong. According to the certain documents "Islam without government," is a disfigured Islam which is free of content, and in fact is an Islam without Islam. Again, a group resist opposing the issue of Islamic government. The source of this opposition is, in fact, two things including mental aspect, and the aspect of narrations. The mental aspect is that, they have a bitter memory of the governments and they believe that in the current situation no one is able to form a divine government and implement Islamic justice. But in terms of narrative, they follow some narrations in this field which are not restricted to what you mentioned. The concept of narrations is that "every flag, which is set up as a government before the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (AS), is either a flag of delusions or condemned to failure." Pay attention to the interpretations of these traditions and they are as follows: 1. It means the uprisings which are carried out without the permission of infallible Imams (AS) or religious authorities or the general deputies of the Imams at the time of occultation. 2. It means the uprisings which are carried out to invite oneself and not to invite to the goals of the infallible Imams (peace be upon them), as mentioned in many narrations. The uprisings meant here is restricted to the ones that there was no preparation for such uprisings. So, the Imams (AS) talked in this way to prevent these premature or immature uprisings. Wishing you all the success Ayatollah Makarim Shirazi’s Office / Istifta’at section Allahuma Sali Ala Muhammad Wa Alee Muhammad.
  3. Assalamu alaikum As many are aware, there are many conspiracy theories that the Revolution in Iran was a Western made up conflict because the shah was becoming more nationalist and getting "out of their hands". So they destroyed the regime and made it appear as it was anti-West (just like they are thought to have done with ISIS). I only want Revolution defenders' response to such accusations... I would appreciate if you don't get out of the topic and please reply through rational thinking.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/world/iran-blog/2016/aug/11/hossein-ali-montazeri-audio-file-calls-for-inquiry-1988-massacre-iran-political-prisoners The audiotape talks about injustice and cruelties committed during so called Islamic revolution.
  5. This is a long article by the BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-36431160 The thing to remember is that U.S. government disclosures at the time and BBC news were managed with specific policy goals in mind. Today the release of some documents (and very likely not others) is likely to present a partial and policy directed view of history, rather than what appears at first glance as a dispassionate and neutral perspective.
  6. Salaam, Why is it that everyone is just silent on the topic of returning of Imam Mahdi or just speaks on the occasion of his birthday only? Why we aren't realizing that Imam is just near to come and we aren't prepared. What if Imam comes tomorrow? Are we ready to skip our daily chores and work for him? Are we ready to five up our interests and bow down on the interests of the Imam Mahdi a.s? Why is that Dajjal is working at it best to destroy the image of Islam, planning and giving its best to propose the new world order without any religion sustaining? What if Imam called on, 'O XYZ, come with me to have a fight with Zionism' ? Will you be thinking at that time that what should I do or should I first clean up my business and matters and then I would consider going to help Imam? Aren't we just busy in our daily schedule just like a programmed robot. Why we aren't realizing that our day is majorily based on the ideas designed by Zionists? Daily use of Facebook, twitter, frequent android use, watching TV, movies, comedy shows, music, business matters, job tensions.. Literally ask yourself and I'm asking myself too, Is everything we do today is a global effect of Zionism? Am I the prey of Dajjal? Am I justifying my daily work as to be under Islamic boundaries? Am I killing myself with daily drugged pills that looks good but are too much intoxicated having a lasting effect! Please open your eyes, just forcefully pull out some time for yourself and Allah, try remembering Imam Mahdi all the time, just relate Imam Mahdi a.s with everything good you see in your daily life and you would be nearer to him helping you to seek refuge from Dajjal's conspiracy!
  7. It was 22 of Bahman, happy anniversary of the Islamic revolution.
  8. (salam) Last few weeks for pakistani were disturbing.what do you guys think is going to happen in a week or so? For those who dont know, There is an scholar named Tahir ul Qadri who has dual nationality of Pakistan and canada(he mostly lived in canada) is calling people towards revolution. He also tried to bring revolution few years ago in tenure of PPP government but then he compromised. He has a huge fan base here in pakistan.He runs a university,a charity organization,a religious and a political organization. He belongs to Brelvi,sunni sect. Now things are pretty serious than the long march he did previously. There was a clash few days ago between Police and supporters of this guy when Police tried to remove the barriers installed around his property in Model Town Lahore. 9 people died from bullets including a pregnant women.That sparked a huge emotion of anger. Long story short,now this guy has support of almost every major party in opposition except PPP. He says he is going to bring a revolution and Government has to go. Ruling party does not want to give him much space.so they almost jammed the whole lahore city. There is another political leader named Imran khan,who is protesting on alleged rigging in few of the constituencies. He has announced Azadi march which is going to happen on 14 August(independence day of pak,which is 15 august but who cares :D ) at federal capital Islamabad. Now the political leader and the scholar,both have teamed up against government. Looks like situation is going to be really rough in coming days. Government is using all resources on his disposal to prevent itself. Chief of Army staff General Raheel sharif has called a emergency corps commander meeting tomorrow. Shia political party MWM is also supporting the Tahir ul Qadri. They also supported PTI in general election. so yeah things are pretty exciting :D what do you think is going to happen?
  9. Assalam o Alikum All ppl Ya Ali madad How Many our shia brother and sisters are supporting Tahir ul Qadri sb revolution stance ???
  10. In the name of Allah Hello everyone Introduction The report card of all the schools of thought through out the history reveals many weak points. The majority of them concentrated on one aspect, but ignored other important aspects of humanity. All these ideologies were "self-centered", meaning that they considered themselves as the central ideology and others (rest of mankind) as the surrounds, and most important of all, they had great claims; however, they made a poor performance. In other words, they propagated goodness in theory, but were extremely weak in practice. After the middle ages, there has not been almost any improvement in humanity; Humans seem tired and bored of any materialistic ideology. The western conclusion about any materialistic ideology is that none of the schools of thoughts have fulfilled humanity needs; therefore it is not necessary to depend on any of ideology; there is no need for a new one. They believe that have been deceived enough, and a worldwide revolution could never happen. At this blind point, where people feel a gap, a great revolution will occur that will take over the whole world. Mahdi(as)will come, and will "change the humane condition". The east and the west of the world are Mahdi's(as); although his message implies denial of east and west, it considers both hemispheres in terms of audience and covers the whole world. Mahdi's(as)mother was a Christian from Rome Empire, who was taken as a captive of war and chose Islam on her own. He is from two different races; so, Imam Mahdi's(as)arise is a global change for all humans, not specific to certain nationality or tribe. His mother, as well as mothers of some other Imams (PBUT), was not apparently from a high prestige family from social, economic, or political aspects. Therefore, the greatness of this movement is obvious since the wrong system of social leveling does not intervene this worldwide rising. The humane characteristics of the community Mahdi(as) will establish This article aims to cite, though briefly, some characteristics of the society which is going to be set up by Imam Mahdi(as). The government of Imam Mahdi(as)is a religion-worldwide government; however, it is not the government of stereotypes. In other words, it doesn't mean that it would be a world full of identical people who think and act in a similar fashion just like machines do; they will not have identical appearances or tastes. In fact, the relationships will be based on divine criteria, and all the people will recognize the rights and limitations while they are different. People will all be educated and learned persons who know their rights and responsibilities; they will be balanced, yet different. There will be no disputes since all the people will recognize the truth. The definition of obedience in the society of Imam Mahdi(as)does not intend to disregard human intellect and replace human understanding and feelings with machines. This obedience within the leadership of Imam Mahdi(as)in the worldwide revolution guarantees the right of people and advances each individual's intellect. The effort in his revolution is to fight for the "right of people", and the flag of this revolution is the flag of "justice". As stated in the Ahadith, the main act of Imam Mahdi(as)will be to give the people their physical and spiritual rights. Therefore, the main pledge in the society of Imam Mahdi(as)is "justice"; once the former society has been filled with injustice and crimes, it will be replaced with justice and the rights of the people will be given to them. His main goals and philosophies of his revolution consist of saving the people, executing human rights, removing racism... His power will flourish upon the east and west of the world, and no land will be left outside of this empire. The question that can arise to this is:" Is this victory going to be the same as those victories that the Roman and Egyptian kings were seeking?" Imam Ali(as)has answered this question as follows:" Mahdi will reappear to free all the slaves on earth". The idea that slavery has ended its course in today's world is a false analogy. Though at this time we do not see the old fashioned slavery in most part of the world, however, slavery is being practiced in a more modern state. Most of the people are slaves in the hands of masters who practice slavery in a modern fashion of buying and selling generations of people. Thus, it becomes clear as to why Imam Ali (as) said, "Mahdi will not leave any slave on earth without having freed him". By slavery, it is referred to all sorts of slavery such as economic slavery, political slavery, and other kinds of slavery. Imam Mahdi(as)will not leave any debtor on earth without having paid his debt. He will not allow any oppression free without having paid back the oppressed. The future and rights of each single person is important to him. The revolution and reform by Imam Mahdi(as)is so humane that he will not kill any innocent person, even if that person is in the opponent army. His revolution is a determined revolution in that it will not negotiate with any oppressor; however, it is a completely humane revolution; it is not a blind revolution that takes advantage of the individuals to achieve victory and power. "Human", even a single individual, is important to him. The smallest right is significant for him. He explains that there is nothing more obligatory than executing justice, even if it is the smallest right for the most common person. The revolution of Imam Mahdi(as)is in fact the revolution of people, and it will be established by a pious and accomplished leader. As he has to deal with two kinds of persons, he will present two different characteristics. His first characteristic is toward the most of the people of the world and especially to the poor. He will act so kindly and modestly towards them that it is as if he was feeding them with honey (exact words of a Hadith). Nonetheless, his second characteristic is toward the cruel of the world. He will just fight with them and does not forgive them anyway. They have been asked to repent from what they had done for thousands of years. Now, the age of recommendation and forgiveness is ended and it is the time to bring into action what all the prophets (PBUT) had promised. According to the Ahadith, everything in Mahdi's(as)society will end to peace, friendliness, brotherliness, mercy, and unity. Mahdi(as)will fight, but for peace; that is because he knows that these wars won't end unless a war brings them to end. He will fight for peace accompanied by justice. The slogan of Mahdi's(as)society is kindness. In his society, people help each other without playing any trick on each other. Wherever somebody commits a crime, no matter who he is, he will be punished instantly without any exceptions. In his governorship, he will be very strict towards the operators of the worldwide Islamic government; however, he will be very patient with people, especially the poor. He will treat people in a very kindly and modestly manner. He will give every one his due and finally, he will bring all the goals of the prophets (PBUT) into action. His revolution is not a single revolution; rather it consists of several revolutions in one. This revolution is an exception from all points of view throughout the history. It is not just a political revolution, but a vast cataclysm in all the material and spiritual aspects of the human's life. In this article, we will take a look at several aspects of this revolution: Revolution in women rights, intellectual improvement, and scientific rights He will choose 313 persons who will be the main operators of his government. According to the Ahadith, there are 50 women amongst them, who will perform in the highest level of global management. This clearly illustrates the role of women in this revolution. In his society, women will be honored without loosing their chastity. Thus, we understand three great revolutions in the society of Mahdi(as), namely intellectual revolution, rights revolution (women rights) and scientific revolution. Economic revolution At that time (the reappearance era), an economic and technological revolution will take place; he will take over the whole world; all the superficial and underground resources will be available for the deprived people; the soils will become fertile; there would remain no ruined place on earth except that it would become habitable in Mahdi's(as)government. It will not be so that a small minority is full while the majority is hungry. The entire world will become habitable and every where is prosperous; the springs will be overflowed by water. At this time, there will be abundant favors for mankind, and they share them without any injustice and prodigality. Revolution in the human relations Another revolution will happen in the inter-relation of human beings. The sincere and friendly relations will improve to the extent that if a person needs something, he can use the other one's property without any struggle or dissatisfaction. At that time, everything will be for everyone. There is no conspiracy among the people and they consider each other as brothers since they all respect each other. Besides being great and bloody, his revolution brings brotherhood rather than revengefulness. Revolution against discrimination At that time, all the people live like each other; they will be all either full or hungry, whenever there is not enough supply, unanimously. According to the Ahadith, when Mahdi (as) comes, he will divide the properties among the people properly, or identically as the Hadith states. It will be so that no one would remain hungry on the entire earth. Even in our time, in the wealthiest countries (in spite of the fact that such wealth is brought about as a result of oppression and social leveling across the world) there are thousands of people who are deprived of primary facilities. In today's world, the exact meaning of social leveling and class distinction is demonstrated. Nevertheless, at that time convenience and wealth will be spread without any discrimination everywhere. Social revolution Whilst the human being will experience convenience, egoism and profiteering will no longer exist. In that society, all the people will help each other. Although the social aspects of the revolution are magnificent, they are realistic. Of course it is obvious that in today's world, providing such situation is impossible; nevertheless, this is the extreme of Islam's doctrine and it will definitely be practiced. Security revolution The other aspect of Mahdi's(as)revolution is for security. According to the Ahadith, in the government of Mahdi(as), a young girl (who likely is sensitive to harshness and aggression) can have a trip from on corner to another corner of the world lonely, while no danger threatens her. At that time, people will gradually forget the word "fear"! Civil revolution The entire world will be civilized by him; the whole societies will experience pleasure and joy. This joy will be humane, not gained by oppressing others or usurping others' rights. Revolution against ignorance A huge revolution will take place in understanding the religion, and knowing the religion will improve and ameliorate. According to the Ahadith, when he arises, some Muslims will oppose him and apply verses of the Holy Quran against him. Those are people who have neither understood the true religion nor helped it. They have not experienced any hardship for the religion, but made benefit of it. There is a Hadith implying that he will arise against both ignorance and innovations. He will fight against ignorance, teach people the pure religion as it was descended, and eliminate incorrect interpretations of the religion. Cultural revolution A great cultural revolution will occur by Imam Mahdi(as)too. As mentioned in some Ahadith, the ratio of all the sciences know by human to the sciences which Imam Mahdi(as) will discover is 2 to 27. This means that human, though having made such progresses, is not highly knowledgeable. The characteristics of the companions of Mahdi(as) At the end of this section, we will name some of the characteristics of Imam Mahdi's(as)companions extracted from the Ahadith: In comparison with the 16th and 17th century, people tend to reach unity in today's world due to human and Islamic knowledge and communications. They have the readiness to say the same, recognize the same and react in the same manner. Perhaps these communications have led us to Globalization (established by Imam Mahdi(as)not by western countries). His companions are 313 people from different races at first. They are the main staff of the global rising of Imam Mahdi(as). Then, according to the Ahadith, their number will increase to the extent that besides those 313 people who are the main executives, the operative staff will include His companions are 313 people from different races at first. They are 10'000 people, and finally the rising will become worldwide. As the Ahadith state, most of Imam Mahdi's(as)companions are from the youth. His revolution is done by the youth, as changing the world could be done by them. In another Hadith, they are described as follows: Their hearts are firm as iron; they fear nothing and will control the world rapidly and powerfully. They will pass a difficult examine, and the superiors of them are 313 people. Their reward is more than Prophet Muhammad's(as)companions; because they have never seen the Prophet(as), their situation is more complicated, and resistance is more difficult at that time; nonetheless, they remain in the right path. One important thing that needs to be considered is that organizing the world won't be simple; it requires patience and hard working. His companions will wear military uniform for a long time and eat little till they spread justice in the world. This era will be a beginning of difficulties for them, as it will be a beginning of comfort for others. It is basically a beginning of difficulties for Imam Mahdi's(as)companions in order to achieve global justice. They have to dress simply, be respectful, and live in the lowest level among people. The comfort and welfare gained in Imam Mahdi's(as)governorship does not belong only to the rulers, but to all the people. Imam Mahdi(as) will live simply during his governorship. There will be no compliment between Mahdi(as) and other nations and he will do full justice to everyone. When he rises, he is not under oath of any corrupt ruler. It means that he is not responsible towards any previous government. The content of the treaty between Mahdi's(as) and his companions The last part of this article explains the content of a treaty between Mahdi(as) and his followers. This treaty will glorify the magnificence and divinity of Mahdi's(as)rising, while it also merges great decisiveness and humanity. It should be noted that these purports are extracted from authentic Ahadith of Shia: Mahdi(as)will ask his followers to promise that they would not insult anyone, assault on anyone, or attack anyone's house without getting permission during the great revolution. Usually in revolutions and croups, assaulting and attacks are often done and no pity is accepted; however, Mahdi'(as)revolution is different from other manmade systems. Moreover, he will have his followers promise not to gather gold and silver for themselves; he wants the governors of the religious revolution not to proliferate their properties. He obliges them not to use the orphan's or the defenseless people's wealth. He notifies them not to abuse their power to use the defenseless wealth. He demands them not to wear expensive clothes or the one that is different from the others. He orders them not to rule people the way kings do, and to fight for the sake of Allah (SWT) with their most power and in a manner that the Almighty Allah (SWT) is pleased. He wants them to live in difficulty so that the rest live in convenience. Consequently, the revolutionists will not corrupt after the revolution, and the revolution outcome will not be lost. This revolution will not be forgetful about the people. It will begin for people and continue for them as well. Mahdi(as)also considers himself responsible for behaving as like as his followers promise. He promises to use the same road, move the same way, and have the same clothing as they do. The morality principles for rulers are not different from those of other people. Overall, Mahdi(as)will be the same as his followers, and will promise what they promise. After the revolution, he will live in the worst conditions, and will content to the little. He will also promise that there would be no courts, barriers, or distance between him and the people; this means the lowest conditions for a worldwide leader. Also, this is a part of his promise that no distance will be made between people and rulers. His reappearance is the right of the human, thus man should be waiting for him, and try to pray for his appearance.
  11. Today February 14th, 2012 is the one year Anniversary of the revolution in Bahrain. On Feb 14th 2011, tens of thousands of Bahrainis, both sunnis and shias protested against the government and called for political reforms, social justice and an end to government discrimination against them. One year on, and Bahrainis are still struggling and demonstrating day and night, facing the ruthless regime of Al Khalifa with bravery and determination. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011%E2%80%932012_Bahraini_uprising
  12. Besmellah Salaam, inshAllah you are in the state of good health and iman. One of my friends tells me that I analyze some things a bit excessively, but I can't help it when some form of art is so extraordinary & well depicted! I came across a picture fairly recently and thought I'd share it since I felt that the meaning behind it was quite ingenious. It would be interesting to read what your take on this visual is and share any other form of Hejab-related art you think is thought provoking. jazakAllah khair :)
  13. Dear Reader! Please let me know if there is any mistake in the article to change it . The impact of Imam Husain's revolution on the happiness of the nation By: Sayed Abdul-Saheb Alhaidari He who stops at the teachings of Islam, can ascertain that it lead to the happiness of humanity within life and hereafter. The prophet PBUH overstated in leading Muslims to the path of the real happiness declaring The Mighty saying (And as for those who were [destined to be] prosperous, they will be in Paradise, abiding therein as long as the heavens and the earth endure,) (11:108). Then the earlier Muslims initiated to seek after it, and agreed to work together to have it. Therefore, happiness was the goal of those who have healthy mentality and living thoughts, and it was the target which the souls reassure towards it, and the spirits comfortable with it. When Umayyad became on charge, the balance was lost, and the rules were vanished. Thus everything was confusing, the truth mixed with falsehood. People returned to their earlier ignorance age, they lost the way to happiness, and differed in the path to get to it, and the ways to have it, they explained in such ways according to their tendency and desire. As the evil grew, oppression and injustice spread, Husain AS announced his revolution against the unjust tyrants, those who abuse Muslims affairs. He sent his loud call around the world "I don't see death but prosperity, and living with tyrants is nothing but disgust and disgrace." His holy raising, great deeds, and precious sacrifices were spotlights which revealed the ignominy of Umayyad, the cons of Yazeid, and enlightened to the nations the path of happiness and strategies to win. The raising of Imam Hussain, with number of his kind family, and his heroic companions, is a proof on that no way to happiness of nation except by everyone must do his duties towards Allah, the people, and himself. The biography of Imam Husain's AS deeds, always following religious duties, rich in exploits and pride, and full of tenderness and benevolence. An example for his exploits glitters with glory , and shines the brightest history pages is saving the life of Oraineb, the wife of Abdullah bin Salam, saved her from a deep sadness and pain, from the house of cunning and deception, from the trap of Yazeid and the intrigue of Mo'aweia. Thus after he AS knew that Mo'aweia worked on to divorce her from her cousin with ruse and intrigue plans, and wanted to get her married to his son Yazeid for her perfection, beauties, he AS engaged her for himself, then he returned her to her husband and her wedlock. The married couple was so happy and thanked him AS for his attention and care. . One of his great deeds AS is giving water to his enemies, they prevented him to get further, and scared his harem and family, and did not let him go anywhere else. That was when Alhur bin Yazeid Alreiahi came with 1000 knight, and met Imam Husain AS near (Thei-Jashm). They appeared with excessive thirst and exhaustion, thus Husain AS ordered his companions to water them and their horses. They thanked him for this great favor, which demonstrated the highness of his divine soul, the nobility of the pure house, the house of the message and deposit, the house of guidance and leadership. The son of Ali AS by his selflessness reminds us on the memories of Sefein's water, when Mo'aweia preceded Ali AS to conquer the water, and prevented Ali's companions to reach it. Then the commander of the faithful AS sent a group of his companions, they pushed them away from water, he allowed the both sides to drink from it and said (Never! I am not preventing them from water which Allah made it Halal for them). From these deeds appears the nobility of pure souls whose refuses to face their enemies with any bad. The greatest deed, the must effected, the more respected and appreciated, the more frequent and popular, and the more guiding and making happiness is his (Imam Husain AS) the major reforming revival, which history did not know any event greater and higher than it. Imam Husain AS putted the details of the divine revolution plans, the way, the location, and studied its matters and sadness, known its needs and results, he was certain about its impacts and benefits. All of that was before he left his grandfather's the messenger city. He AS knows the success of his goal, and the goodness of his destiny, knew that his nation will win after his martyrdom and reviving his grandfather's religion after his sacrifice, thus he has started process and operation. He gathered Hashemite and said "Death has been written on the son of Adam (human being) in such a suitable way like the elegance of a necklace around the neck of a young girl." Until he said " As if (I can see) my body parts and members are torn by the hungry wolves of a district between Nawawis and Karbala to quench their thirst and hanger by killing me. There is no escape from such a divine fate. We, the household of the Prophet, are subservient to whatever Allah has destined us. Now, whoever among us is ready for martyrdom and has prepared himself for death and is fond of meeting Allah, will move with us. We will set out tomorrow; Allah willing." And he stated at another places about his end, said "He who follow us will be martyred, and he who stay behind will not reach the victory." Indeed! Imam Husain AS left the city of his grandfather with his family, and showed displeasure and indignation for the actions of the guardians in the religion laws and Muslims affairs. Thus he announced to the world his refusal to give allegiance to Yazied, the man of immorality and debauchery, and said "No way! By God I will never surrender to them like a humiliated person and never pledge allegiance to them like slaves. We have protective personalities; Oh how impossible is humiliation from us! Allah refuses that for us, and His Messenger, and the believers, and laps and purified and zealous noses and repudiating souls, not allowing us to be lowered. "Do not prefer obedience to the mean ones, over the killings of the honorable." The basil of the messenger (SAWA) and group of his heroic companions rose to defend the constitution of Islam and the rules of Quran. He did all that great deeds and sacrifices which is nothing like in human history. We must take this divine revolution as a lesson, teaching us the means of doing the duties, which is the way to happiness.
  14. Ahal Bayat yalla this is your war now.... [EDITED - by your friendly neighborhood fascist admin] LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL it wasnt a bad picture looool it was the guy from 300 ...whats wrong with him LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL i love you all LOOOOOOOOOL
  15. 'Saudi Arabia enemy of Muslim world' - Press TV News The leader of the Houthi movement in Yemen says Saudi Arabia is an enemy to the entire Muslim world, accusing the Kingdom of creating hatred and hostility, Press TV reports. Mohamed Badreddin al-Houthi said in an interview with Press TV that Saudi Arabia is “an enemy to all the free people of the world, including non-Muslims.” “It manufactures terrorism and an ideology that divides the people, divides Muslims, creates hatred and hostility,” Houthi added. The Yemeni figure, who is the brother of the late leader of the movement, Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi, further explained that in 2009 the Saudis “bribed the tribal leaders within the Houthi movement into favoring the Salafi-Wahabi ideology” so that they can control the border region between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, especially the northwestern city of Sa'ada. In 2009, clashes broke out between the Houthi fighters and Saudi forces along the common border between the two countries. The Houthis accused Saudi Arabia of supporting the Yemeni government in attacks against them. Houthi pointed out that the Saudi regime “would spend hundreds of thousands if not millions” to achieve its goals. Hussein al-Houthi and a number of his men were killed in an attack launched by Yemeni government forces in an area close to the border with the Kingdom in September 2004. Yemeni dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh has repeatedly claimed that if he hands over power, Yemen would be divided into multiple states. Mohamed al-Houthi, however, said the Yemeni nation “cannot be separated,” adding that the most important thing for the movement is “how to serve this nation, our Ummah, how to protect our morals and religious principles.” “We want dignity and independence. We will not accept continuation of Saleh scenario. We had enough during the 33 years [of his rule]. We cannot be fooled again,” Houthi said. Saleh, who was injured in an attack on the presidential palace in June, returned to Yemen on September 23 after receiving treatment in Saudi Arabia. Demonstrators in Yemen have been holding protests against the US-backed Saleh regime since late January, demanding the trial of the Yemeni dictator for the brutal crackdown on the popular uprising. According to local reports, hundreds of Yemenis have been killed and thousands more have been injured since the onset of the popular uprising in the country.
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