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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I live in the UK and I study Law and sociology at university. Can anyone tell me a link to a website or any information on how to get entry to Qom Hawza, I am looking to start full time education at Qom hawza after I finish my Law degree. Also can you tell me if the education and accommodation is free or do I have to pay. I heard it was free and they give you accommodation as well as spending money. the qomicis.org website isn't working for me I don't know why, if you could tell me why I would be grateful. Thanks everyone.
  2. Guest


    Salam aleykom! I have A sister who's very very religious. I have never seen A more religious woman who lives in the west. She prays on time, never skip prayer, never had any contact with any guy, she didn't put makeup until she got married (she got married at The age of 23 in iraq). Her husband seemed good and nice and all that but not very religious. So they got married and after that My sister never slept without crying. He was really bad to her. It have been to many problems between The Two of them for me to write it in here. So in The Holy Quran Allah SWT says "Good women are for good men and good men are for good women". I really dont understand this can anyone explain? I mean My sister she is good, very good and she always listens to him and she pleases him and his evil mother. I could never stand out with the pain she has been through. I would've been crazy within an hour. So she is good really so why did she get such a bad husband? And he abused her 2-3 times. They have been married 2 years now. They had A fight 2-3 months ago and she is considering a divorce. Her husband and his parents knows that but still they didn't care. She is staying with me and our family now.
  3. So there is a question that has come to my mind. A womans husband recently died, about 2 months before his death he was a really good muslim. Before those 2 months he was not. Another case if where a girl died at a young age and she was an average muslim, but about 6 months later she died, and during those months she was so religious and barely did any sin. A young man in England was a bad boy. He was always at nightclubs. He would party and dance and drink. Then THREE WEEKS (yes three weeks) he became the humble and caring person and always offered salat on time. After that he died. Obviously, nobody know when they are going to die. So my question is, If you start being super religious all of a sudden does that mean you are going to die soon?
  4. IIPR intends an event to be happen on the subject of Prophetic Model of Interfaith Dialogue with Christians. This event benefits from the famous letter of prophet Muhammad called “The Promise of Muhammad to the Christians untill End of the World” IIPR also intends to have a “Call for Paper” note on the site inviting friends from other faiths to take part in this event and specially to have a comparison between this letter and the Second Vatican Council document opening the horizons for dialogue. http://iipr.ir/activities/upcoming-events/ http://conferencealerts.com/show-event?id=172815
  5. Salam Alaikum dear brothers and sister, My question is both simple and complicated. I am 29 year old male and looking for a religious (truly religious) and educated wife in Toronto (or Canada), I don't have problems traveling as I work for Air Canada. The problem is that there are no resources to find such person. The only matrimonial website I know is Shiamatch.com and there are almost no religious girls there. Can anyone direct me in the right direction in this matter please? I am religious, educated and a good-looking guy. Please advise and may Allah reward you for your efforts InshaAllah.
  6. Fill this form I have to conduct a psychology research for my final exams. I need Orthodox religious people who follow traditional roles to fill up this form. It only takes about 5- 10 minutes at most. Be honest and answer the test according to how you really behave and what you believe in. Your identity isn't recorded so you can be sure nobody knows what you have answered. it is confidential. Thanks.
  7. I think people who have a good opinion of religion would have a good opinion of religious but people who have a bad opinion of religion will have bad opinion of religious. So here I would like us to discuss what it means to be religious. In my view, religion is what brings morality, kindness, abstention from evil, altruism and virtues, and it brings organization, efficiency and integrity. This is my view of religion so whenever I see the word religious I think positive, religious people, religious governance, religious relations means goodness for me and so I use religious as a compliment. However some people view religion as bad, they see it as unnecessary, a justifier of moral wrongs, its practices are seen as evil, it suppresses human virtues and it ruins organization, diplomacy, and reliability. This griefs me that being religious has become something bad in the eyes of people, mainly because there are so many crimes committed in the name of religion therefore the religious are treated as supporters of crimes in the name of religion. I personally do not ever consider ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qaida, Al Nusra, Saudi family, monarchies, and Salafis as religious because these are all what religion is against, therefore it would not be correct to call them religious. I consider the good organizations, good leaders, virtues men and women, just and moral people as religious because these qualities are what religion teaches in its pure essence. Therefore I think only this is the correct attributes of a religious. It griefs me when someone says religious and uses it to describe the damned people.
  8. Hello all, I need some guidance and information with the questions or points i'm going to list. I am part of a Muslim family and always was a Muslim but I was the kind of Muslim that just said he was. I pretended to fast, didn't pray, did forbidden acts (not intercourse), etc. I really don't know what hit me because all of a sudden I just started learning about Islam and praying. It was kind of weird and I still don't know how or why that happened. Anyway I have been learning and "fixing up" since the start of this month but there are issues that I need help with. Prayers - I am trying to remember to pray everyday and I haven't really missed a lot this month but the only one I have a problem with and confused about is morning prayer. I can't wake up and just pray, that's just not possible for me. So I was wondering if I can pray it when ever I just wake up or is it compulsory to wake up to pray. If it is, I know for a fact I ain't getting up and if I somehow I do, I won't be able to sleep again. Certain sights - I see a lot of half naked girls while i'm out and stuff. Do I have to lower my gaze because I have been seeing this stuff since birth and I live in London so it's like looking at a tree to me, if you get what i'm getting at. Secondly, websites like Tumblr. People post pictures of nude girls, is it okay if I see those pictures but just carry on like its nothing? I already do that and it does not influence me to go masturbate or have intercourse with a girl or anything. I'm just use to it. So is it haram do to this or not since it doesn't engage me to do any prohibited act or even go on a pornographic website. Sexual Desire - I considered this normal since everyone did it, encouraged it and talked about it. I don't really know if this is true but apparently it's part of our natural to masturbate. Since intercourse before marriage is forbidden in Islam I ended up doing a search on masturbation and found out it was forbidden too. So I have masturbated since and its been 24 days. Even though I get an urge to do it and I did this act regularly before, like nearly everyday but I am able to just somehow beat the temptation and not do it, never thought I could but I did. What I am asking here is because I stopped this act, would it reduce the chance or even cure my reproductive system (if the problem is in the reproductive system lol) from premature ejaculation? I don't know if I have it but I reached orgasms quickly at times. I'm probably not going to perform any type of sexual act since I have 16 years of education ahead :mellow:. Fail. Haaj - This is part of the five pillars in Islam, I think it is anyway not to sure, but I don't know if I can do this or want to. I mean, going to Saudi Arabia, shaving my head, wearing white robes and paying for the trip seem to cancel out everything even if there are good sides. I mean after i'm done with my education I will be earning quite a lot so money isn't a problem to be honest. But yeah is it compulsory? I did hear that if you can afford the trip and stuff you have to go, i'm not sure if this is true so explaining that would be great. Those are my main things on my head now but if people know of any websites or books (not the quran, already have it) can you please link me to the websites and tell me the books names. There are a lot of websites out there I know but I won't probably be able to tell the difference if its Sunni or Shia. I'm looking for Shia ones. Forgot to say, i'm a 16 years old male. Thanks :shifty:
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