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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 5 results

  1. Islamic studies professor refutes famous Neil degrasse Tyson video on islam and science
  2. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah In the name of Allah, all praise be to Him, the most High! May Allah send his blessings upon His messenger Muhammad and His messenger's, Muhammad's family, and hasten their reappearance and withdraw His mercy from their enemies! I'm writing this post in order to refute the accusations against Sheikh Hassan Allahyari (ha) and Sheikh Yasser Habib (ha), portraying them as western agents (I seek refuge in Allah). 1. "US funds Sheikh Hassan Allahyari and his TV channel." I will try to present reasonable arguments why such claims against Sheikh Hassan Allahyari are irrational. If Sheikh Hassan Allahyari has been sponsored by the US government, why is his channel not working (for about 8 to 9 months) due to some financial problems of his? The absence of topics cannot be argued because he has opened a channel in YouTube and has been very active discussing various topics, why does he have financial problems when he can get his money directly from US government (if he was funded by US in the first place)? Most importantly, why has he asked for donations if he can manage to get his money from US or any other NATO country for that matter? Therefore, suggesting that Sheikh Hassan Allahyari serves US's interests, while all his work is supported by the narrations of our Imams, prophet and the clear verses of the Noble Qur'an, is irrational. 2. "Sheikh Yasser Habib and his TV channel are funded by the British, thus he is a "British agent"." The same argument can be addressed regarding Sheikh Habib's TV channel. As far as we are concerned, Sheikh Yasser Habib has asked for donations in order to make a movie in his Fadak TV (about Lady Fatimah sa), by using reason and logic, we will come to know that an unbiased mind will confidently tell, that the (non evident) accusations thrown here and there without proof portraying Sheikh Habib as a Western agent (I seek refuge in Allah) don't make any sense. Some try to use West Funded magazines and newspapers to prove that Sheikh Habib had collected a very big amount of money, which seems ironic because why would West Funded newspapers expose their agent. Even if Sheikh Habib has had a lot of money, how is that proof for his money to come from the government while donations could as well be the case? Furthermore, would the same people accuse Ayatollah Sayed Ali Sistani for an agent (I seek refuge in Allah) when he owns a lot of money (which a result of khums)? 3. "But they live in the west." It is very laughable for someone to use this argument, because this doesn't mean anything at all. Very simple, the oppressive governments don't allow them to speak the truth therefore they stay in countries (don't misunderstand, I don't support any country except that I enjoy some of their rights) that offer them this right (which is daily restricting). What about Khomeini,(since most accusers are Khomeini/Khamenei followers and supporters) this question can be applied in regards to him as well, was he a French agent according to you? Khomeini went to France because the Shah had limited his "freedom" of preaching Absolute Wilayatul Faqih, simple as that. Conclusion Finally I present the conclusion of my topic. Through the information presented and arguments cited above, I state and conclude that Sheikh Hassan Allahyari and Sheikh Yasser Habib are not western agents. For all those who want to have a debate, please message me on my PM, I will most surely respond in sha Allah when I have time. For those who are ready to criticize and respond to my arguments let me know and we will discuss all your points in this topic in sha Allah. Glory be to Allah, we are thankful to Him and praise Him for His mercy and guidance He bestowed upon us! May Allah send His blessings upon His last messenger, and upon His last messenger's family, and hasten their reappearance, and withdraw His mercy from their enemies! May Allah guide the ones who are obedient to Him and open to His guidance! Ameen!
  3. (salam) Ever heard of Jake Neuman? He's an anti-Islamist, not a very famous one. He's written a book against Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): http://www.islamreform.net/user/image/prophetmuhammadmonsterofhistory.pdf I want that book refuted. Can you provide me a link for that? I wanna know whether this book's already been answered or not. Thanks!
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