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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 1. Ta'sub towards any Islamic leaders/figures, past, present and future, is not part of Islamic teachings. Moderation is what Islam is all about. Only Allah swt should become the center of a muslim's ta'sub and ta'jub. Ta'sub and Ta'jub towards makhluk is the root for all idolatory and ancestral-based religions. 2. Islam should be viewed as a non-partisan religion. Past history, good or bad, should be able to strengthen a Muslim's understanding of the spiritual concept or Redha. Sayyidina Ali r.a. was martyred by some acquintances - why don't you just accept (redha) what is written in Luh Mahfuz? Being vindictive only demonstrates your lack of appreciation of one of the core Islamic spiritual value -> Redha. Your level of redha shows your level of acceptance to Allah's work and will. Should the Catholics hate the Romans for 'killing' Jesus pbuh? LOL. Don't tell me Catholics understand the concept of Redha more than you do. 3. Muslims see all sahabah as equally important in strengthening the foundation of Islam. Favoritism should not become part of one's iman. Favoritism is for Allah swt to judge. We don't have the rights to say who should be revered or favored over the others by Allah swt simply because we are not Him, the Most Willing, the Most Knowing, the Best Judge. 4. Inventions and liberalization are the enemies of a Muslim's aqeeda. Inventions are the roots of all sub-religions and deviations and of course lead to syirk. Christianity is an example of an invention off Judaism - big one. Ahmadiyya, Sikhism, Bahai'sm and .... are the products of those who failed to understand the true concept of aqeeda, tawheed, iman and ehsan of Islam, or they had other hidden or personal agenda that we are not aware of. If you claimed to have understood the concept of Tawheed, why would you invent something like Bahai'sm off the teaching of Shiism, for example? 5. Karbala: Who are we to judge who's politically wrong and correct in the battle of Karbala? Are you God? Those martyrs are probably enjoying their heavenly liquors right now and you're beating yourselves up with hot rod thinking that something bad happens to Sayyidina Husayn r.a right now? How stupid can one be? Don't you read the Quran about Allah swt's promises to those who died as martyrs? Don't you believe in Allah's promises? True Muslims believe in what is promised by Allah swt in the Quran. Haqqul Yaqin. That's why Allah swt commands us the appreciate Redha to what had happened in the past so that you won't knock your own heads around town, crying like babies, due to your own ignorance of the Quran, Allah's promises and Redha! (You intentionally let yourselves to bleed (najis) and SKIP PRAYERS all day long?) This is my honest opinion as a Muslim, Asian, non-Arabic speaking.
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