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  1. H 14455 – Muhammad Bin Yahya, from Ahmad Bin Muhammad, from one of his companions, and Ali Bin Ibrahim, from his father, from Ibn Abu Umeyr altogether, from Muhammad Bin Abu Hamza, from Humran who said, (Extract) Imam Ja'far Al-Saadiq (a) said, So I (a) said: ‘Would it benefit you if you come to know that this command (Caliphate), when it goes, it would be quicker than the blink of an eye? If you come to know their condition in the Presence of Allah Mighty and Majestic and how it would be, you would have been intense in your hatred of them. And if you were to struggle, and the people of the earth were to struggle to include them in more severity than what they are already in from the sins, you would not be able to. So do not let Satan excite you. The Honour is for Allah and for His Messenger (s), and for the Believers, but the hypocrites do not know. Nay! The one who waits for our (a) Command (Uprising of Imam Mahdi (a)), and observes patient upon what he see from the sufferings and the fear, tomorrow he would be in our (a) group. (Here comes the signs) So if you were to see that the truth has died and its people have gone away, and you will see, that the injustice has encompassed the country, and you will see that for the Quran they are inventing new things which are not in it and giving it a perspective in accordance to their own whims, and you will see that the Religion has receded like the receding of the water, And you will see the people of the falsehood to have achieved high positions above the people of the truth, and you will see the evil having been manifested with no one preventing it and actually finding excuses for its committers, and you will see the mischief having appeared, and the males satisfying themselves with the males, and the women satisfying themselves with the females, and you will see the Believer maintaining silence with no one accepting his words, and you will see the mischievous lying and no one refuting his lies and his falsity, and you will see the young ones belittling the grownups, and you will see the relatives with their relationships being cut-off, and you will see the one who is praised for his mischief and he laughs at it and his words are not being refuted, And you will see the young boy being obedient as the women are, and will see the women getting married to women, and you will see the praises being increased, and you will see the man spending the wealth in ways other than in obedience to Allah with no one preventing him or holding back his hand, and you will see the onlookers seeking Refuge with Allah from what they see the (situation of the) Believers are in from the struggling, and you will see the neighbour hurt his neighbour and there is no one to prevent him, and you will see the infidel rejoicing at what they see in the Believer to be in, becoming happier at what he sees in the earth from the mischief, and you will see the intoxicants being drunk openly and the ones who do not fear Allah Mighty and Majestic gathering for it, And you will see the enjoining of the good being disgraced, and you will see the mischievous one indulging in what Allah does not Like and being magnified and praised for it, and you will see the Masters (a) of the Signs being belittled along with those who love them (a), and you will see the way of the good being cut-off and the way of the evil being travelled upon, and you will see the House of Allah being blocked and orders issued for abandoning it, and you will see the man saying what he does not do, and you will see the men lustfule to the men and the women to the women, and you will see the man earning a living from his behind and the woman from her genitals, and you will see the women taking to the gatherings like the gatherings of the men, And you will see the femininity appearing in the children of Al-Abbas (uncle lf the prophet (s)) and their usage of dyes and combs like the usage of these by the woman for her husband, and the men giving wealth for their genitals, and the man competing for the man and envying him, and the wealthy would be considered more honourable than the Believer, and the usury becoming publicised and he does not care, and the women being praise for their adultery, and you will see the woman preparing her husband to be married to the men, and you will see most of the people and the best of the households helping the women on their mischief, And you will see the Believer in grief, belittled, humiliated, and you will see the innovations and the adultery becoming apparent, and you will see the people arguing by false testimonies, and you will see the Prohibited being made to be permissible and the Permissible being made to be prohibited, and you will see the Religion being taken by the opinion and the Book and its Regulations being neglected, and you will see the night not being taken as a cover for one to be audacious against Allah, and you will see the Believer not being able to deny except by his heart, and you will see a great amount of wealth being spent in ways which arouse the Anger of Allah Mighty and Majestic, and you will see the rulers going closer to the people of disbelief and distancing themselves from the people of the good, and you will see the rulers accepting bribes for the Judgements, and you will see the rulers welcoming the one who gives more, And you will see the (forbidden) near relatives being married (incest) and being satisfied by it, and you will see the man killing another one based upon false accusation and upon conjecture, and differing with the man who sacrifices his self and his wealth, and you will see the man living upon the gifts of the women, and you will see the man knowingly eating from the immoral earnings of his woman and lives by it, and you will see the woman overpowering her husband and doing what he does not like and spend on her husband, and you will see the man hiring out his woman and his slave girl and is pleased with the lowest of the food and the drink, and you will see a lot of the faith in Allah Mighty and Majestic by the false pretence, and you will see the gambling becoming apparent, And you will see the intoxicating drinks being sold openly and there is no one to prevent it, and you will see the women giving themselves to the people of disbelief, and you will see the amusement clubs having appeared and the passer by does not prevent anyone nor does anyone having the guts to prevent it, and you will see the honourable one being humbled before the one whose authority they fear, and you will see the one who loves usasws being falsified and his testimony not being accepted, and you will see the false words being competed for, and you will see the Quran has become heavy upon the people to listen to it and the people find it easier to listen to the falsehood, And you will see the neighbour respecting the neighbour out of fear from his tongue, and you will see the Limits (Penalties of the Law) being neglected and being used in accordance with whims, and you will see the Mosques having been decorated, and you will see the most truthful one among the people to be the one who is a fabricator of the lies, and you will see the evil to have appeared and the pursuit of gossip, and you will see the transgression to be widespread, and you will see backbiting to be liked and some people giving glad tidings by it to the others, and you will see the seeking of the Pilgrimage and the Jihaad for other than Allah, and you will see the Sultan humiliating the Believer for the sake of the infidel, you will see the demolition to be more than the construction, and you will see the man making a living out of under-estimation of the weights and measures (cheating by measuring less), And you will see the shedding of the blood being taken lightly, and you will see the man seeking the leadership for coveting the world and to make himself famous by bad mouthing so that he would be feared and the matters would depend upon him, and you will see the Prayer being taken lightly, and you will see the man who has a lot of wealth then not purifying it (Zakaat) since he acquired it, and you will see the dead being exhumed from his grave, hurt and his shroud being sold, and you will see that the anarchy to have increased, and you will see the man jubilant and in the morning intoxicated not caring about what the people think of him, and you will see the animals being married to him, and you will see the animals ride upon each other, And you will see the man come out to his Prayer place and return and there would be no signs of any gains upon him, and you will see the hearts of the people to have become hard and their eyes frozen, and the Remembrance to have become heavy upon them, and you will see the illegal money to be apparent and contested for, and you will see the Praying one who is Praying just to be seen by the people, and you will see the jurist gaining understanding for other than Religion, to covet the world and the leadership, and you will see the people to be with the one who overcomes, you will see the seeking of the lawful to be condemned and reproached and the seeking of the unlawful to be praised and magnified, and you will see in two Sacred Places (Al-Haramain) acts being committed which Allah does not Like with no hindrance preventing these and no one coming in between these and the ugly acts, and you will see the musical instruments appear in the two Sacred Places (Al-Haramain), And you will see the man speak about something from the truth and enjoin the doing of the good and prohibit from the evil, so the one being advised would stand up to him and say, ‘this is not your subject (responsibility), and you will see the people looking towards each other and follow the people of the evil, and you will see the path of the good and its way to be empty, no one travelling over it, and you will see the dead being mocked at and no one scared of it, and you will see every year new evil things and the innovations more than before, and you will see the people and the gatherings not following anyone except the rich, and you will see the needy been given so that they would be laughed at due to it, and being sympathised for other than the sake of Allah (عزّ وجلّ), You will see signs appearing in the sky and no one fearing it, and you will see the people copulating like the copulation of the animals, with no one expressing abhorrence out of fear from the people, and you will see the man spending a great deal in ways other than the obedience to Allahazwj and being prevented easily (to apend) in the obedience to Allah (عزّ وجلّ), and you will see the impiousness to have appeared and the belittling of the parents, and be in the most evil of the condition of the people with the children who will be happy with the one who throws accusations at them, and you will see the people, and you will see the women to have overcome upon the kingdom and to have overcome over all the commands brought about only due to the desire for them, and you will see the son of the man accusing against his father and making claims against his parent and being happy at their death, And you will see the man who passes a day in which he did not commit any great sins from the immoralities, or the understating of the weights or the measures, or unlawful acts, or drinking intoxicating drinks, he would become depressed and sad to have wasted that day from his life, and you will see the Sultan hoarding foodstuffs, and you will see the wealth of the near relatives being distributed in the false ways, and to be gambled with, and to be drunk by it the intoxicating drinks, and you will see the intoxication being utilised as medication and being prescribed to the sick to be cured by it. And you will see the people to have equalized regarding the avoidance of the enjoining of the good and the forbidding of the evil and the avoidance of the making of the Religion by it, and you will see the words of the hypocrites and the people of the hypocrisy being maintained and the words of the people of the truth wasted unnoticed, and you will see the Call to Prayer (Azaan) being given for the payment and the Prayer for the payment, and you will see the Masjids being filled from those who do not fear Allah, gathering therein for the backbiting and eating of the flesh of the people of the truth and the intoxicating drinks would be described therein, and you will see the intoxicated ones Praying with (leading) the people having no understanding and will not be stained due to his intoxication, and when he is intoxicated he is respected and feared, and feared to be ignored, not being punished and being excused for his intoxicated state, And you will see the one who eats the wealth of the orphans being praised for his righteousness, and you will see the judges issuing Judgements in opposition to what Allah has Ordered, and you will see the rulers entrusting to the treacherous for the greed, and you will see the rulers to have placed the inheritance to the people of the mischief and those audacious against Allah (عزّ وجلّ), taking from them and leaving with them what they desire, and you will see upon the Pulpits preachers preaching the piety but the speaker does not practice what he has preached, and you will see the Prayer to have been taken lightly at its prescribed times, and you will see the charity given by intercession not intending by it the Perspective of Allah (عزّ وجلّ), and being given for seeking the (good will of) people, And you will see the people to be mainly concerned with their stomachs and their genitals, not caring what they eat and who they have relationship with, and you will see the world welcoming them, and you will see the banners of the truth to be a lesson for the one who is cautious and seeks salvation with Allah Mighty and Majestic, and know that the people are subject to the Wrath of Allah Mighty and Majestic, but rather He (عزّ وجلّ) has Given them respite of life which He (عزّ وجلّ) Wants to Give them. So become expectant and spare no effort for Allah Mighty and Majestic to See you to be against what they are indulging in. If the Punishment descends upon them and you were to be among them, you can hasten to the Mercy of Allah (عزّ وجلّ). If you were to hesitate you will be involved in it, and you should have come out from what they are indulged in from the audacities against Allah Mighty and Majestic. And know, that Allah (عزّ وجلّ) does not Waste the Recompense of the good doers, and that the Mercy of Allah (عزّ وجلّ) is very Near to those who do good’. [Al Kaafi, Vol. 8, hadith of Aba Abdillah With al- mansour (la) In His Procession, #14455] https://hubeali.com/books/English-Books/Alkafi-Volume8/Alkafi_Vol8_PI.pdf
  2. http://www.heartsunion.com Salaam everyone, Tomorrow (Apr 8) at 5:30 pm GMT (1:30 pm EST), there will be a collaborative Dua with thousands across the world for the hastening of the Imam of our time, Saheb Az Zaman, Imam Muhammad bin Al Hassan Al Mahdi, may Allah hasten his reappearance. It is narrated from the Imam, "If our devotees' (may Allah give them success in obeying Him) hearts are gathered on meeting their obligation, their good fortune of meeting us would not have been delayed, and their joy of seeing us would have been expedited." (Al-Ihtijaj, by al-Tabrasy Ch.2, P.499) Please join us tomorrow to whoever is able and share the message.
  3. What do you have to say about the three groups Khorasani, Yamani and Sufyani that will appear before the reappearance of Imam al-Mahdi (as)? Will they fight with each other? Which group will be the righteous group? Where will they emerge from?
  4. 1 year ago this clip was made, yet...
  5. An awesome short film made by Masaf institude about Imam of Era,... and us.
  6. Imame zamana ajtf said:- Surely I am indeed the cause of security for the inhabitance of the earth just as the stars are the cause of security for the inhabitants of the sky . Nature is showering blessings on us ..... Earth holds us sky covers us Water ,food ,air,lify,children,parents, knowledge,..........,endless ne'mats by God Have we ever ponder into the reason behind these blessings ?????? All these blessings are from tawassul of imam ajtf that moon of bibi sa who is waiting occultation jiska sadka hai ye duniya not only this world but all the worlds Eonlyrearure of this world and all other worlds The biggest ne'mat of lord his last hujjat ajtf himself says he is our cause of security Not only for this decade but since he was born since he went in occultation till the day of judgement In correspondance to this blessing we give him our manipulated worthless prayers ,our gossips,our records of missed prayers , our sins,our friendships with namehrams, our lost dignity from eyes ,zina,accusations and insults of momins ......our gifts are truly precious and endless Imam e wali e asr ajtf says :- Or meri ghaibat me mjhse istefada Ki suurat is tarah hai jese sooraj se istefada kiya jata hai jab badal ussey aankho se ojhal krdeta hai. Kamaluddin vol 2 Sun covered from clouds in winters still people gets light and benefits from it inspire of being covered by clouds likewise imam as says in his occultation his followers will be benefitted the same as from a covered sun Decades have been passed not only decades but 100's of years still he is unable to find his 313 We are waiting but what's wrong in our preparations that Allah is not listening to our prayers ? Are we only waiting or preparing as well Or this modern world is stopping us from preparing Huge and huge pillars of sins are obstacles between imam ajtf and his followers Do we really know our imam as? Inshaallah will try to know our imam ajtf and try to find out the reasons stopping us meeting our imam Let's make this century the last century of pain of our imam ajtf
  7. The following video is the first episode of the Hussein of Era series, I hope you to learn things and find a way to change your life for the real purpose of shi'ism.
  8. Waiting is not a passive situation. It requires efforts & actions to bring about changes on both personal & social fronts. The Reappearance is also dependent upon the conditions of supporters & the society. Many recent events point to the fact that the reappearance is very close. Many Hadith also point out that, at the end of time it will be easier to hold burning coal in bare hands than to keep ones faith in tact. Reappearance will finally take place, with or without participation from us, the question each one of us has to answer is; what is our role & responsibility today in the scheme of things? What is your program? Imam Sadiq said, “Anyone who sends peace to Prophet Muhammad and his descendants after saying his prayers, won’t die before seeing and recognizing Imam Mahdi.”‌ peace be upon Mohammad and his holy family
  9. Salaam Alaykum The least thing a shia can do for his Imam is dua, here is the Ahd(Allegiance) Dua in 3 languages (Arabic,Persian,English).
  10. As-Salaamun Alaykum, to the Muslims, And may Allah Guide you, non-Muslims It is our duty as Lovers of the Ahl ul-Bayt (Allahuma Salli Alayh Muhammadin wa Aal-e-Muhammad) to endeavour for nearness to the Masoomeen (Allahuma Salli Alayh Muhammadin wa Aal-e-Muhammad). Therefore, I would like to request you, Brothers and Sisters, to contribute to an effort which I would like to help with. If possible, I would like for us all to know what we must do, where we must go, how we must do things etcetera, etcetera, in preparation for the reappearance of Imam al-Hujjat min Aal-e-Muhammad (Allahuma Salli Alayh Muhammadin wa Aal-e-Muhammad). I have found the following hadith upon http://www.al-islam.org/an-overview-of-mahdi-s-government-najimuddin-tabasi/soldiers-imam-al-mahdi#f_f31398d0_19 (Allahuma Salli Alayh Muhammadin wa Aal-e-Muhammad) in the 'Iranians' section. 'Asbagh ibn Nabatah said that the Commander of the Faithful [Allahuma Salli Alayh Muhammadin wa Aal-e-Muhammad] delivered a sermon in which he mentioned Hadrat al-Mahdi (‘atfs) [Allahuma Salli Alayh Muhammadin wa Aal-e-Muhammad] and his supporters who will accompany him in the uprising, saying: “One is from Ahwaz; one from Shushtar; three are from Shiraz whose names are Hafs, Ya‘qub and ‘Ali; four are from Isfahan whose names are Musa, ‘Ali, ‘Abdullah, and Ghalfan; one from Burujerd named Qadim; one is from Nahavand named ‘Abdur-Razzaq; three are from Hamedan whose names are Ja‘far, Ishaq and Musa; ten are from Qum whose names are that of the Ahl al-Bayt of the Messenger of Allah (and in another hadith eighteen have been mentioned); one from Shirvan’; and one is from Khurasan named Darid. There are also five whose names are that of the Companions of the Cave; one from Amul; one from Gorgan; one from Damghan; one from Sarakhs; one from Saveh; twenty four from Taleqan; two from Qazvin; one from Fars; one from Abhar; one from Ardebil; three from Maragheh; one from Khuy; one from Salmas; three from Abadan; and one from Kazerun.” Then, the Commander of the Faithful said: “The Noble Prophet (S) [Allahuma Salli Alayh Muhammadin wa Aal-e-Muhammad] mentioned to me three hundred and thirteen persons of the supporters of al-Mahdi (‘atfs) [Allahuma Salli Alayh Muhammadin wa Aal-e-Muhammad] equal to the number of the supporters in (the Battle of) Badr, and he said: ‘God will bring them from both the east and the west to the precinct of the Ka‘bah’ faster than the blink of an eye.”' (Ibn Tawus, Malahim, Page 146) After this it is written 'If we also take into account what has been narrated in Dala’il al-Imamah of Tabari [cited as being upon page three hundred and sixteen (of the latter book, if it is confusing)] and the names of cities that were in Iran at that time, the number of Iranians will become more than this.' To begin this discussion, I would like to request anyone who possesses Dala'il al-Imamah of Tabari to search for this hadith, and, those unto whom other books are accessible, to search for other ahadith concerning the other specifications of the great soldiers of Imam Hujjat min Aal-e-Muhammad (Allahuma Salli Alayh Muhammadin wa Aal-e-Muhammad). If possible, it would be great if someone could find ahadith upon those acts which are recommended that one perform in preparation for Zahoor. Insha Allah, this shall help all to prepare for Zahoor. Thank you, and may Allah guide you, non-Muslims, Shukran, Wa Alaykum.
  11. Asalamalakum and Ya Ali Madad. Last night during sehri I got into a very heated debate with one of my friends. His argument: "As much as I would like to see the Imam reappear, he won't, at least not in our lifetime" Given the hypothetical idea that we live max 60 years he said that the world would have to be in terrible condition leaving 13 functioning countries (?? no source) and that the "dunya" is moving too slow to expect the reappearance of the imam. I of course was outraged completely disagreeing with everything he was saying simply because I was under the impression that he had a false sense of confidence. I told him the best thing we can do is wait (intezaar) is the best ibaddat but slowly I began to realize that certain points he was making were correct I need to restore his confidence as a friend and as a Shia without contradicting any hadith regarding belief in the reappearance or regarding conditions that need to met. He also said that we think the world is chaotic enough for the Imam to come, but if it was he (atfj) would have been here already. If everything in Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran is not proof enough, if the fact that the word "Islam" is being associated with the word "terrorist" is not enough, if being a shia gets you killed is sufficient then the Imam would have been here. At the time I couldn't verify any of his information so I gave smaller practical example which I believe did not suffice. I told him Imam Hussain would have never fought karbala without the 72. Right now the Imam needs 313, that's all he is waiting on, but if he is waiting for 313 how long do we have to wait. What more can I tell him that is backed up by sources.
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