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Found 17 results

  1. سلام, Why do most Muslims believe that we are made of physical bodies and immaterial souls? I cannot find the source of this dualism in our books. I can see it in Christianity, Platonism, Neo-platonism, Manicheanism, and other religions and philosophies, but I cannot find it in our own religion. Why do we believe this? I know that we (Adam) was formed after God breathed His Spirit (روح) in him, but روح is not the "soul" that we think of when we claim we're made of body and soul. So, again why do we think we're made of body and soul? Is our view similar to that of Aristotle's Hylomorphism? Do you know of any acceptable hadiths (with acceptable isnad) that clearly indicate we're composed of a body and a soul? Thank you!
  2. i have a few questions and hope some knowledgeable brother can answer these. 1. can you explain the shia usul e hadith? in brief for now. especially how you guys check the sanad and matn and reject whatever goes against the quran. 2. how do you know the quran that we have today is the same quran that was revealed to the prophet pbuh? is it just a belief, like christians believe the bible is the true word of god that jesus preached or whatever. or do you have proof that the quran today is the same quran 1438 years ago. and jbtw, this has nothing to do with tahreef, in case anyone goes there. i am coming from a different point of view. just these two for now. a lot more to follow inshaAllah.
  3. Assalaymu alaykom brothers and sisters. Does anyone know of someone who has filled out the application to the Hawza of al mustafa university? I was filling it out, but am confused with some of questions. Jazaak Allah khair.
  4. Salam all, i am new here. i am a muslim, a "sunni" so to speak, but have a few differences with the majority found nowadays. i recently made an account on a sunni forum but was banned soon and the reason told to me by the mods was that i am a closet shia and i should take my "propaganda" to a shia forum, while all i did was state facts and ask questions in a very respectful manner. i mention this only to make clear that i am not someone who follows the herd blindly, but rather am a student of knowledge and always look for the truth. anyway, i am here to find some answers and to give some answers inshaAllah. but the former shall be done in a different post. for now, i welcome any questions or "Challenges" the shia brothers have about/for the "ahlussunnah" and i will try to answer them to the best of my ability.
  5. 1 minute of simple questions. If you cannot watch it on youtube then use the link below http://mymedia1.tv/en/just-many-questions/
  6. AOA fellows, I had some questions in my mind for long and so i decided to post them on the forum.i know that my questions are basic and are a fundamental part of the Muslim faith but I never had an answer that could satisfy me. I would be really thankful if anyone could clear my confusions regarding TAUHID and Prophethood and other topics 1.The proof of the existence of a god 2.what makes us believe the fact that Islam is the right religion? 3.Why was Muhammad(PBUH) the last Prophet? every community before got a prophet and the answer that scholars provide to this is that they needed guidance. Why is that we have no prophet in this era who could guide us? are w better than those before us? 4.Why is that Allah revealed many religions (Judaism,christianity etc) before the introduction of Islam? i would be really thankful if anyone could help..
  7. Salam alaikum My preschooler has recently been asking about the soul and the afterlife, and I've realized I need to read up a bit so I can answer her questions. I've also found that quality well written resources in English are sparse enough, resources for English speaking children are virtually nonexistent, especially on abstract ideas. Are other children just not asking deep questions, or are other adults, like me, unsure how to communicate the answers? Any advice, on this particular subject or in general? Thanks.
  8. If you wanna skip intro just go to 2:00 Discuss after please, I wanna hear opinions
  9. Salam, Consider the following saying of Imam Abu Abdillah (as): Whosoever strikes others with his sword and commands them to follow him when there are those more knowledgeable, he has been led astray and is false. Al-Kafi, Volume 5, Page 23, Tradition #1 Three questions: 1) How can anyone besides a living Imam (as) from Ahlul Bayt justify capital punishment nowadays? 2) Following this tradition, shouldn't capital punishment be forbidden in Islamic nations? Especially for crimes such as apostasy? 3) How can any of today's so-called Islamic leaders demand obedience? (Since we cannot know which one of them is the most knowledgeable leader.) Thank you
  10. Salaams brothers and sisters, Need your help in some of these questions. 1) Which Islamic nation printed the Holy Quran for the first time? 2) Who wrote the first Spanish translation of the Holy Quran? 3) What did Imam Baqir achieve in the 70th Hijri? 4) Which war did Imam Hassan join at the age of 20? Ahsant. God bless
  11. Salaam everyone, I have recently been approached by a non-Muslim (an acquaintence of an acquaintence). This gentleman tried to debate Islam's potrayal as a barbaric and violent belief with me and got quite antagonistic about it. I managed to clear up several misconceptions (I hope) but am now struggling to give an eloquent and strong response to his latest point. Hoping to get some assistance from those who are more well spoken and knowledgable than me :D He put forward LOADS of verses from the Qur'an as "violent and extreme" - how do I explain this? I understand context plays a big part but can someone please help me draft some form of an answer? I've listed the verses he's mentioned below. If I copied and pasted his email to me it would take way too long to read. Quran (8:39, 8:57-60, 8:65-69), Quran (9:5, 14, 20, 29, 30 and 38-41) Quran (9:73, 88, 111, 123), Quran (17:16), Quran (18:65-81), Quran (18:65-81), Quran (25:52), Quran (33:60-62), Quran (47:3-4), Quran (47:35), Quran (48:17), Quran (48:29), Quran (61:4), Quran (61:10-12), Quran (66:9) Many thanks in advance to any help offered! I really want to make a strong point here :(
  12. I'd like sensible answers, only asking from Shiites, no abuses, no disrespect, no fitnah-fasaad by anyone. Im a shia, but there are things i do not have full knowledge on; so i get confused or unsure. And when i am enquired of them, I do not have the perfect relevant answer to clear fellows' misunderstandings. So here they are, I'd be filled with gratitude if anyone could provide detailed, sensible, relevant answers to them. A hadith or some quranic verse to support would be just magnificent in some of them! 1- Why do we add hazrat Ali in the Kalima. La illaha Illalla Muhammad ur Rasoolallah Ali un Wali ullah, wasi ur rasoollallah? 2 - Why do we add Hazrat ali in Azaan. Im just abit confused and unsure on how to give a solid relevant answer to remove misunderstandings of people on thinking we believe in Hazrat ali as god (na'oozubillah) He is just our beloved Imam along with the Prophet of Allah as our helpers along with the other Imams, and we aren't Noseris. So i need a proper solid sensible and relevant answer! Thankyou!
  13. Asalamu Alaikum, Are there any scholars who answer questions online? I don't mean fiqhi questions, but any question related to Islam e.g. philosophy, theology, ethics etc etc In the 21st century I think we have to understand that many people just don't go to their local moulana for whatever reason. Many people would rather ask questions online and we should try and make this available. So are there any scholars who do this? If so, can I have their emails or websites please. And if not, I urge anyone who knows a scholar to try and make this happen. Thanks :)
  14. Salam brothers and sister. I have some questions that regard the Sunni relation to certain historical individuals. For example, regarding Muawiyah: Do you deny that he did curse Imam Ali (AS) who was the current Caliph, or do you in some way justify it? And regarding Ayesha: What would you think of a person who waged war against let's say Umar Ibn al-Khattab during his time as Caliph? Would you condemn it or justify it, and if you would condemn it, how come you don't condemn Ayesha waging war against Imam Ali (AS)?
  15. That brother has been blessed with a lot of knowledge and the passion to spread it. We should take advantage of him and learn as much as we can. Maybe we can find a way to come on here for a question and answer Topic??
  16. Some questions for all of the muslim ummah to think about.... Question 1 and 2 Question 3 and 4 Log on to: http://www.youtube.c...ns?feature=mhee for more videos
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