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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hawza Life Before I started a Hawza life I used to do lot of research online How to get admission and stuff but I’ve never get enough information about it. So today I’ll tell you all the steps. Ps: It’s better to have some worldly education (At least High school or even Masters) not because they will not accept you.But If you have worldly education, you’ll have better understanding of Islamic Knowledge. Al Mustafa International University Iran Is the head of all Hawza’s across the globe Almost all Hawza’s are under Al Mustafa University Admissions There is no specific time to get admission you can take whenever you want. If you have any of following passport you might not get admission as quick (Pakistani, Indian) not because that they are racist but actually there are lot of Pakistani's Indians studying here and there space is almost full for these countries. How to get Admission? There are three ways to get admission 1: If there is a Jamatul Mustafa branch in your country you should contact them and fill the admission forum and wait till they accept you and send your student visa. 2: Apply Online on “rsampa.miu.ac.ir . Fill the forum and wait till they contact you (Normally it will take around 3-9 months) 3: Visit Iran for Ziarah and visit Jamatul Mustafa in Qom and fill the online forum and wait till they do your work (it’ll take about a month) They might provide you temporary accommodation After you get admission They will provide you temporary accommodation and after that they will send you to Farsi Learning School. You’ll have 4 options 1: Qom 2: Mashhad 3:Esfahan 4: Ishtian You can choose from following!!!From where you want to learn Farsi and Tamhedia(Basic Islamic Laws) Rooms are quite normal you’ll get your own bed with a small wardrobe. And you’ll have to live with other 7 students in one room Timing Breakfast: 7:15am Class: Usually it’s from 8am to 1pm Lunch: After 1pm Dinner after Maghribain/ 8pm Lights off 11pm What will they provide? Hostel Pocket money 48 Dollars (per month) 3 time food (Thursday only 2 times and Friday no food) Health Insurance Ps: For married couple things are quite different They have limited houses for couples (You might have to wait for your turn) To Rent a house it may cost you around 45$ a month for 2 rooms but you’ll have to gave Rehen(Security) this depends on House/Area where you’re living it might be from 2000$ to 15000$ (You’ll get this money back when you’ll leave the house) What will you do after finishing Persian & Tamhedia? Then you’ll have to choose which Madrasa you want to go. There is only Two options Farsi or Arabic Madrasa for advance Islamic Studies For Example: Imam Khomenai University, Hujjatiya (They are Farsi Madrasas) Ahlulbayt & Imam Sadiq (as) Madrassa are Arabic Madrasas In these Madrasa they will teach you advance Islam. Can I get a job after becoming a Scholar? Well first of all remember that you're on Allah's way and sacrificing yourself for Allah you shouldn’t think that you won’t get a job. There are options if you want to live in Iran as a student they’ll provide you money (Hardly enough). Other than that there are few other options For Example: You can be a writer, You can be a Translator, You can be a public speaker (most of the Hawza students becomes speaker) You can go back to your country and serve your community. Ps: If any sister wanted to start a Hawza life there are also Hawza's for sister ,,, Bint ul Huda in Qom etc Best of Luck If you still have any questions, feel free to ask! Remember me in your Prayers
  2. Hi, I live in the UK and I study Law and sociology at university. Can anyone tell me a link to a website or any information on how to get entry to Qom Hawza, I am looking to start full time education at Qom hawza after I finish my Law degree. Also can you tell me if the education and accommodation is free or do I have to pay. I heard it was free and they give you accommodation as well as spending money. the qomicis.org website isn't working for me I don't know why, if you could tell me why I would be grateful. Thanks everyone.
  3. Salam everyone. I'm interested in studying Shia Islami Tibb and Hijama, and pursuing a career in it. I have searched Google for information related to the institutes which teach these subjects but I couldn't find much information. I would appreciate information about cheap tuition fee institutes which offer courses/degrees/certifications in Hijama, Shia Islami Tibb. Please help.
  4. Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammed Shahroudi (Arabic: آيت الله العظمى سيد محمد حسينى شاهرودى) (December 1925[1] – 7 July 2019) was a senior Iraqi Twelver Shi'a Marja' in Iran https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohammad_Hussaini_Shahroudi http://shahroudi.com/Portal.aspx?pid=71406&Cultcure=Persian http://fa.abna24.com/news/عکس-و-گزارش-تصويري/گزارش-تصویری-مراسم-تشییع-پیکر-آیت‌الله-حسینی-شاهرودی-در_754698.html# Grand Ayatollah Sistani hand writing in his remembrance http://fa.abna24.com/news/اخبار-مراجع-عظام-تقلید/پیام-تسلیت-آیت‌الله-سیستانی-در-پی-ارتحال-آیت‌الله-حسینی_754627.html Imam Khamenei offers condolences on passing of Ayatollah Hosseini Shahroudi http://en.abna24.com/news//Imam-Khamenei-offers-condolences-on-passing-of-ayatollah-hosseini-shahroudi_959312.html July 9, 2019 - 5:56 PM News Code : 959312 Source : IQNALink: Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei extended his condolences over the passing of senior cleric Ayatollah Seyed Mohammed Hosseini Shahroudi. In a message on Tuesday, the Leader offered condolences to the family of Ayatollah Shahroudi and the seminaries of Qom and Najaf the disciples and lovers of the cleric. Death of Haj sheikh Muhammad Lakzaei in Sistan & Baluchistan Iran http://fa.abna24.com/news/ابنای-شهرستان-ها/مراسم-روز-هفت-ابوالشهداء-حجت-الاسلام-والمسلمین-حاج-شیخ-مح_754689.html
  5. For the members who have done Hawza, could you give a detailed list and description of the things that you learned while there, and the actions/activities that you did while there? Perhaps list it in a chronological order. Hawza is very shrouded in mystery for many of us laymen. JazakAllah Khair Fee Aman Allah
  6. Assalam-o-alaikum brothers and sisters. This is my very first post on ShiaChat and this is the actual reason i made the profile anyways. :p So, let me explain my query. I want to know whether a student studying in the hawza of Qom can take up a full/part time job as a means of livelihood? I will the dissect the question into simpler sub questions. 1) Is there any legal issue with taking up a job or personal business in Qom while being a hawza student? **By legal issue i mean, any restrictions from the hawza or authorities** 2) If the answer to the above question is yes, then how can a hawza student provide for their family ( wife and kids in the future )? 3) if you can get a job, is it allowed to be full or part time and how does this affect your study time at the hawza? I will apply to the hawza insha Allah in the near future, but i want to do a job as well because I will have a degree in BSCS and my parents have expectations and secondly i want to stand on my own feet. Any response you drop is appreciated. May Allah bless you and the blessings of the 14 masoomeen(a.s) follow with it! Insha Allah! P.s. Please, mention the source of your information and how valid it is. Much Appreciated!
  7. slam o alikum brothers and sisters, this is hafiz tanseer. i m the representative of jamia tul uswah located in qom, Iran.we are just started online quran classes with best qaries and huffaz..if any one intrusted to learn quran from certified qaries, just let me know regards hafiz tanseer safvi wattsapp:0098 901 492 5975 web:oswah.org
  8. Salaam, I am a Sunni who has a Shia friend who is going on pilgrimage to Iran. I would like to buy him a going away gift but I am not sure what would be appropriate. Any help would be much appreciated shukran.
  9. First English Ph.D. dissertation on Shia jurisprudence defended in Qom seminary (AhlulBayt News Agency) - A Ph.D. dissertation on Shia jurisprudence written in English language was defended by Hujjat al-Islam Jahangiri in the seminary of Qom. The doctoral dissertation defense was held at the International Institute for Islamic Studies in the city of Qom, Iran. This dissertation study on Shia jurisprudence was done by Hujjat al-Islam Yahya Jahangiri, an international Muslim missionary who was a Ph.D. candidate in the field of Islamic Studies. His study consists of 196 pages and is considered as the first ever English dissertation carried out in the area of Shia jurisprudence. http://en.abna24.com/news/iran/first-ph-d-dissertation-on-shia-jurisprudence-defended-in-qom-seminary_833203.html
  10. Has any Marja ever replied to a question on islamic fiqh presented to him with the answer "I don't know"? If so could you please provide me with the question and the name of the Marja.
  11. Which Hawza city (Qom, Najaf, etc.) is best for learning Irfan? Which specific program do you recommend? Are these degrees connected to Academic degrees like Masters and PhD. I want to go to Hawza and focus primarily on the science of Irfan. I know it will take many years to master. I want to focus on theoretical and eventually practical Irfan.
  12. i am planing ziarat trip to iran with my family in April 2016, I need help help in booking hotel accomodation in Mashad and QOM. I will appreciate if any one can help me in this regard.
  13. Salam, I am writing this for my friend who is soon joining hawza in Qom. He is 18 years and just completed his alevels. Before he joins the hawza he wanted to meet a sister that is also going to the hawza next semester (maby before or after) and he wanted to get married and start his studies. I am aware this is not a dating site, but it is the app with the largest community. If u want to know my friend and if u are interested..email me at myp3study@gmail.com (make sure the sister speaks fluent English)
  14. Salaamun aleykum, I've recently had the problem to finding muslim people during the travel to other countries , I decided to help people traveling to Iran, specially those who traveling for ziyarat. Anyone who wants to travel to Iran (I live in tehran but I can help you about Qom and mashhad too ) I'll be glad to help about Finding/reserving Hotel, Touring around the city and ... . just contact me :)
  15. Salam alaykum, I am looking for information on the Hawza (for sisters) in Mashhad, and would really appreciate any direction, contact, or blog that can be provided in this regard. JazakAllah khair.
  16. Has anybody had any success in contacting al-Mustafa University in Iran? I have tried on several occassions to send them e-mails (to three different accounts linked to the university), but no reply as yet. I e-mailed one of their associated colleges and at least they gave my an automated reply to say they had received the e-mail. How am I supposed to contact the university to get further clarification from them about their hawza programme? I am in Australia, so it isn't possible to ring or visit. It's just frustrating me that, after thinking long about it, I decided several months ago that I would like to apply for hawza, but it's all just stopped because of a lack of communication. I even had a friend translate my e-mail into Farsi to speed up communication. I am at my wits' end as to how I can apply.
  17. There are several old, yet ongoing, topics relating to the issue of studying in a hawza (either in Iraq or Iran). I would like to more specifically ask, what does a person do after they have completed their studies at the hawza? Let us assume that it is a Western student travelling to Iraq/Iran. I am going on the average time spent at the hawza (Sh. Yusufali said it was 8-10 years in that video which has been circulating the forum). How does a "graduate" make a living? (Not in terms of profit, but in terms of how they make ends meet.) Do they find other jobs, and devote their spare time to religious activities? Or do they become full-time religious workers in their community in the West (say USA, UK, Europe, etc.)? I am aware that different communities will have different needs. I'm just curious. I am thinking that I'd like to do this in the future insha'Allah, as I have always been interested in devoting one's life to religious study and activity.
  18. Salam alaikum! I am writing to you all for help and guidance about applying for a hawza. I respectfully ask that your replies be to the point, rather than discussing other topics with one another. I am not asking about finance, or issues there related; I am not asking about what subjects I will study, or which ones I should study beforehand. I do not require a discussion on whether Najaf or Qom is better. I simply ask for some help with the application process. I wish to apply to go study hawza in Qom in the near future. I have considered this for several years now, and it has weighed heavily on my mind. Thus, I have come to the conclusion that it is something I wish to pursue. I have had some friends try to talk me out of it, but I know it is something I want to do for myself and my religion. My background: I am a 28-year old male revert from Melbourne, Australia. I won't go into my reasons for applying for hawza, except to say that I want to learn more and make that my life for the foreseeable future inshallah. 1. There are many hawzas, and it seems that Al Mustafa University is the one most mentioned for foreigners in Iran. Is this correct? Is this the institution to which I should apply? 2. It has been mentioned on this website that hawzas have a cutoff age, but it has also been mentioned that this is overlooked for students from Western countries. Is this true? Will my age be a deciding factor? 3. Once I submit all my paperwork, what is considered a standard application processing time? For example, universities in Australia generally take 4-5 months. 4. Is there anything I should be aware of once I have submitted it and, inshallah, I am accepted? Disregarding financial issues, are there any major points I should be concerned about that might impact on me getting into the hawza before I arrive in Iran? I thank anybody who replies to this very deeply. You're helping me to make what I hope is the best and correct change in my life. I'll keep you in my thoughts. Thank you : )
  19. Salam Alaykum, I searched for this all over ShiaChat but either there isn't much here or I'm having trouble navigating. Can anyone please share any information they may have about Hawza short courses for 2014 and/or 2015. From what i have heard, the majority of short courses work in a way that "you bring a group of people and tell us the dates, we'll orgnise the course for you" - i.e. there are no set dates or structured programs which people can enrol into and attend. I live in Australia and would prefer something in Karbala, Najaf, Qom or Mashhad. Jazakallah
  20. Salam Alaykum, Does anyone know anything about studying physiotherapy in Iraq or Iran (preferably Karbala, Najaf or Qom)? Any information whatsoever would be helfpul. Jazakallah.
  21. Salaams, Does anybody have a general idea of how many people go to the Hawza in Qom to study (from the UK/Canada/US) every year? Mainly asking about young ages, 16-20 age range...
  22. Salam Brothers and Sisters, I was wondering if any of you have been on this short vacation course offered by the Imam Al - Asr organization. I've already registered and have completed all the necessary requirements for this program. I was wondering if someone would let me know how their process went and if you went from Canada that would be beneficial as well. Also if you could explain what else do you do there after the shrine visits? and weather or not if it is hard for Canadian or UK or American citizens to come into this program? and overall how much would you recommend other people to go on this? Thanks, W. Salam
  23. Lady Fatima Alma’soma dear reader..this article may conatin some mistakes please help me to change them.. many thanks Lady Fatima Alma’soma She is the lady Fatima Alma’soma-The Infallible- daughhter of Imam Musa b. ja’far AlKathem AS. Her noble linage belong to the pure prophet SAWA. She was a young branch of the ‘Alawi blessed tree. The granddaughter of the truthful, the speaker, the knowledge, and the worshipper Zahra AS. the divine blesses honored her by make her one of the progeny of the pure Ahlulbayt AS. She narrated from her noble fathers AS, and a group of specialists in sciences and traditions narrated from her. In some bibliographies stated that Imam Reza AS nicknamed her with Al-Ma’soma. Her father AS The greatest son among the progeny of Imam Al-Sadiq AS, the highest in statues, and the most famous among people. There is no one more bounteous than him in his era, nor nobler than him in person or in his clan. He was the most worshipping of his time, the most devout, the most dignified, and the most knowledge scientist. His nickname Abu Alhasan, and he was Abu Alhasan Alawal -the first-. He was known as The Righteous Worshipper and AlKathem. Imam Al-Sadiq AS announces his imamate during his life, and recommended his Shiite to follow him after him. Her mother She a bondmaid called Sakan Alnobeia. Some said she was Najma and nicknamed Um Albanin. She was called with Altahira- the pure- after giving birth of Imam Reza AS. Therefore lady Alma’soma was sister of Imam Reza from his mother and father. Her birthday and upgrowth Lady Al-Ma’soma was born in Medina Almaonawara, and grow up in the house of Imam AlKathem AS. Thus she inherited from him the light of AhlulBayt, their guidance, and their sciences in doctrines, worshipping, chastity, and science. She was known among the special once-Shiite- as the noble lady of Ahlulbayt AS. She was bred under the care of her brother Imam Reza AS, because Haron the Abbasside ordered to jail her father on the year of her birth. Haron jailed him in his terrifying prisons one after one until he assassinated him with poison, 183H. The lady Ma’soma lived with her brothers and sister under the shelter of Imam Reza AS. Biographers and narrators coincided on that the progeny of Imam Alkathem AS were renowned individuals in worshipping, piety, and asceticism. Her brother Imam Reza AS Imam AlKathem AS left many sons after his martyrdom. Their widespread fame were in east and west. Imam Reza AS was famous with advancement, intelligent, high virtues, great statues among special and general people. He was named Reza for he was the pleasure of Allah, the Exalted, the Great, in His heaven, of His Messenger, and of the Imams AS. Some said: because the Violators among his enemies agreed on him as his approvers among his loyal followers. The social and political circumstances Lady Al-Ma’soma was born during Haron Alabasi Era. Since her early days there was a horrible government of tyranny. The Abbasside government was established on the ruins of Umayyad dynasty. The Abbasside in their early days were hidden behind a slogan they used (Al-Reza of Mohammed’s clan) to delude the lovers of Ahlulbayt AS. But once they got on control, and dominated everything, they turned their back to AhlulBayt and betrayed them. They used the strategies of Killing, oppression, and repression to any person who got any kind of connections with Ali-s’ AS progeny. They hunted every Imam of Ahlulbayt AS, then killed and jailed them. Lady Ma’soma leaving to find her brother AS Lady Ma’soma and Abu Taleb family AS were deeply concerned about Imam Reza AS destiny since Mamon brought to Khorasan. They were worried after her brother Abu Alhasan Al-Reza AS has told her that he will be martyred in this journey to Tos, especially that they still in pain for the tragedy of Imam AlKathem AS, who was summoned to the capital of the government Baghdad, and he did not leave it alive from its’ dark prisons but murdered and poisoned. Those events were only showing us a side of the fears inside the heart of lady Ma’soma AS, which made her to travel to Qum to get news about her brother the Imam, as stated in the tradition of al-Hasan b. Mohamed al-Qumi, in Traekh Qum. Whereupon she went after her brother al-Reza AS, with a hope to meet him alive. However, travelling pains, and hardness which the lady of Ahlulbayt AS was not used to them made her to stop travelling. She stayed in her bed ill and tired. Later she asked about the distance to Qum while she was in Sawa. Someone told her that it was ten leagues. She ordered to take to her to Qum city. She was carried there when she was in the same situation. She stayed in the house of Musa b. Khazraj b. Sa’d Alash’ari until she died after 17 days. In trusted traditions stated that when her news reached Qum, the heads of Qum went to receive her led by Musa b. Khazraj. When he reached her he took the rein of her camel and led her to his house. And she was in his house until she died… he ordered them to wash and shrouding her, then he prayed on her. He buried her in a land which belonged to him which became now her shrine. He built on her grave a shed , until Zainab, the daughter of Imam al-Jawad AS built a dome. The length of Lady Ma’soma life There is no trusted references available confirming the year of the birthday of lady Fatima al-Ma’soma AS. Some said she was born 173H, while others stated that she was born in 183H which is a weak state because we knows that Imam al-Kathem AS was martyred in 183 h. Also we know he was summoned by Haron, and was sent to Basra, and was jailed there for one year, then he was transferred to Baghdad and was jailed there for 30 years until he was martyred. If we believed that the lady was born in 173H then her age at her death time in 201H would be about 28 years, while Ma’soma AS should not be later than 179H which is the year of detention her father al-Kathem AS. Then her age should be 21 at least. Some narrations from the lady Fatima Ma’soma AS . Alhafeth Shmadul-deen al-Jazari Alshafe’I, who died in 833H. In his book (Asna Almataleb), entrusting from Baker b. Ahmed Alqasri, saidThe daughters of Imam al-Kāđim AS, Fatima (Masuma), Zaynab and Umm Kulthūm have narrated to me: Fatima daughter of Imam al-Sādiq AS, narrated to us: Fatima daughter of Imam al-Bāqir AS narrated to me: Fatima daughter of Imam al-Sajjād (A) narrated to me: Fatima and Sakinah, daughters of Imam Husain AS narrated to me: Umm Kulthūm daughter of Lady Fatima al-Zahra AS narrated to us, from her mother, the daughter of the Prophet SAWA that she said: “Have you forgotten the words of the Prophet of God on the day of Ghadīr Khum, when he said: ‘Whosever’s leader I am, then Ali is also their leader’, and his words, to Ali AS ‘Your relationship to me is like the relationship of Hārūn to Mūsā.’” the same chain of narrators as above, Alhafeth Abu-Musa Almadaeni stated in his book and said: and this tradition is chained, because each Fatima narrating from her aunt. Therefore it is a tradition of five nieces, each of them narration from her aunt. . Almajlesi narrated: Ja’far b. Ahmed b. Ali Alqumiu in the book (Almosalsalat), from Baker b. Ahnaf, said Lady Fatima Masuma, daughter of Ali b. Musa al-Reza AS, said,” Fatima, Zainab, and Um-Kulthom the daughters of Musa b. Ja’far AS, they said,” Fatima AS narrates from Lady Fatima al-Zahra AS: “I heard from my father, the Prophet SAWA, who said: ‘When I went to Mi`rāj (ascension to the Heavens), I entered Heaven, and there I saw a palace made of white pearls, the door of that palace was decorated with pearls and rubies, and on that door was hanging a curtain. I raised my head towards it and saw written on the door: áÇ ÇáÇå ÇáÇ Çááå, ãÍãÏ ÑÓæá Çááå , Úáí æáí ÇáÞæã “There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, Ali is the Guardian of the community.” I then looked at the curtain and on that was written: ÈÎ ÈÎ! ãä ãËá ÔíÚÉ Úáí¿! “Ah, ah! Who is like the Shi`a of Ali?” I entered the palace, in it I saw a castle, made of red ‘Aqīq. It had a door of silver, decorated with green topaz and on that door was hanging a curtain. I raised up my head and saw written on that door: ãÍãÏ ÑÓæá Çááå ,Úáí æÕí ÇáãÕØÝì Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, Ali is the Successor of Mustafā.” And in the curtain was written : ÈÔÑ ÔíÚÉ Úáí ÈØíÈ ÇáãæáÏ “Good tidings to Shi’a of Ali, honourable birth!” then I entered it and I saw a castle made from boracic green emeralds, I I have never seen better than it. And it has a door made from a red ruby, garlanded with pearls. On the door there was a curtain. I raised up my head and saw written on that curtain: ÔíÚÉ Úáí åã ÇáÝÇÆÒæä "Shi’a of Ali are the winners” I said “to whom this belong?” he said: “O Mohammed, to your cousin, and successor Ali b. Abu Talb. All people will be gathered in doomsday, barefooted and naked, except for Shi’a of Ali AS. People will be called with the names of their mothers except for Shi’a of Ali AS they will be called with their fathers names” I said,” My beloved Gabriel, How come?” he said,” Because they love Ali their birth was pure” because they love Ali, and they approved the pact of his principality, their birth is clean and honored . Sheikh al-Sadoq narrated from Lady Fatima Masuma AS, through a reliable chain, has narrated from Safīyah, the daughter of `Abd al-Muttalib, [the paternal aunt of the Prophet SAWA], who relates: “When Imam Husain AS was born and I was attending to his mother, the Prophet SAWA said to me: Oh aunt ! Bring my child to me. I said: I have not yet washed him [to make him Tāhir (clean)]”. He said: “Oh aunt ! Do you want to wash him, when Allah the Most High has washed him and made him pure?”
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