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Found 10 results

  1. Alsalam alaykom dear brothers and sisters, I hope everyone is doing well. Now that ramadhan is here, I thought I would share with you the ramadhan app that I have made for both Android and iOS. This app is only available in Arabic. The app has all that you need: Quran Ramadhan Supplications with audio The Night of Qadr Supplications and Acts Prayer Times Qibla Locator Sibha Counter Android Play Store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.laylatalkader iOS App Store link: https://apps.apple.com/au/app/ادعية-رمضان-واعمال-ليالي-القدر/id6444166034 Jazakhum Allah Kheir, Your brother Jaffer Al Fahdawi
  2. Here is the ultimate armor dua for you good fold who wish to stay up the whole Qadr night praying Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) Don't deny me of your prayers please, my brothers and sisters...
  3. If it is past experiences that shape a person, (and those past experiences or things that happen to him, he would not be able to control, i would say that God controls what happens to a person) then if it is past experiences that make someone bad, then are his bad actions blameworthy? EDIT: i meant to say would it be his fault
  4. Salaam, dear brothers and sisters! I've literally JUST created an account on this website so I'm still pretty new to all of this and I don't exactly know if this question has already been asked (and perhaps even been answered?) but I'll give it a shot and insha'Allah someone will help me out I was born a Shia but I've never been THAT religious, unfortunately. However, due to recent traumatic events and struggles in the past few years in pretty much every aspect of my life, I have decided to learn more about my religion and strengthen my belief. This has literally been such an empowering and eye-opening move for me, I now wish I would've done it alot sooner. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I do not have alot of knowledge on certain Islamic topics (yet) so just have mercy on me, y'all lol Let me get into it now: I've read alot about the etiquettes of making Duaa - that you're supposed to make Duaa 101% sincerely and with firm belief (as if Allah was going to fulfill your Duaa, no matter what might happen or how much time it might take). In addition, Duaas, apparently, have the power to change DESTINY (qadr) - as this is the only way to 'lift the pen' and change or prevent sth which has been decreed upon you. I also know that reciting miraculous Duaas like Kumayl, Yastasheer, Mashlool, Mujeer and Tawassul works like a charm when it comes to having your halal wishes granted. Especially Mashlool is supposed to be a solution/cure to all problems and is even able to heal paralyzed people, among other great things! So, my question is: Can these Duaas help PREVENT certain conditions, diseases, calamities, struggles and ailments from happening in the future? For instance, there are certain diseases that run in my family - Could reciting Duaas make them stay away from me and kind of 'skip' a generation, does that fall under the category of qadr? Does the forgiveness of sins fall under qadr? The human genetic predisposition obviously plays a pretty big role when it comes to certain illnesses but then, on the other side, nothing happens without God's approval... And I'm not asking Allah for anything materialistic or too over-the-top. Heck, I couldn't even ask for too much because I have been committing sins left and right for the past couple years and I'm regretting my actions now and I'm too ashamed to ask him for too much... I just want my future to be somewhat easy... I hope this post makes sense and everyone gets what the question is.
  5. Asalamualaikum, I heard that there is a verse in the quran where certain people are given the qadr of Allah. Before it use to be Rasullulah, but because there is no prophet then there must be an infallible guide to recieve the qadr of Allah in present day. Therefore there must always be a hujja on this earth. Does anyone know the reference to this verse? Also can one provide an article on the verses alluding to ALL 12 imams. Not just Imam Ali(as) or Imam Mahdi(as)
  6. Salaam, I read Surah Qadr and came across this hadith from Imam Baqir a.s: "Present this surah as a decisive argument for the continuity of the divine vicegerency on the earth." How would you go about this? I realise that on the night of qadr the Quran was revealed to the Holy Prophet's heart. Does the 3rd verse mean that the angel's come down with people's destinies and present them to a person who has a pure heart like the Prophet's? And so a person with a pure heart must exist on this earth at all times and the current person is Imam Mehdi a.s? Any information on this would be very welcome. Thanks
  7. (salam) Just thought I'd make a quick post since I think some of us may fall into this trap (I sure have before). We all know of the aamal to be done on these Holy nights, Insha'Allah we can all benefit from them, but how many of us are effectively benefiting from them as we should? There are many different Dhikr that can be done, and therefore one usually feels the needs to do AS MUCH as possible in the hours before Fajr salah. In my honest opinion, this is not the way that it should be done. Yes, completing more aamals will reap more 'rewards' in the next world, in terms of pure thawaab. But if we are not even thinking about the different aamal you will not see any real benefit in this life, for reflection is the key to open the doors of mercy, to the fullest. My suggestion would be to spread the different aamal over the Holy nights so that they can still all be covered but with concentration, focus, understanding and contemplation. We shouldn't feel as though we 'miss out' when we cannot finish a certain aamal. We all need to be in constant change, constant reflection - especially in this month, in these nights. Let's not become parrots. Quality over quantity every time. Insha'Allah Qabool. Allahumma al'an qatalata ameerilmu'mineen (wasalam)
  8. (bismillah) The sacred night have arrived inshAllah. It is the time of seeking forgiveness and asking for your needs. inshAllah may we all succeed. inshAllah may our faiths become stronger so that Imam Mahdi a.s arrives. inshAllah, Allah brings the reappearance of Imam Mahdi a.s soon. inshAllah, may the oppressors get destroyed and we all live in unity, as mankind. Please pray and supplicate all night long and pray for us all inshAllah. Here is a link giving you everything you can recite and do on this blessed night. It is very helpful. http://www.duas.org/laylat_aamaal.htm (wasalam)
  9. (bismillah) (salam) Since a few of the recommended aghsal are right around the corner, I thought I should be quick in posting this tradition. http://unveilingthelight.blogspot.ca/ Enjoy. :) (salam)
  10. According to reports by Islamazeri.az residents of Ganja city in the Republic of Azerbaijan have been reporting of a new Islamophobic restriction by the notorious governor Elman Veliyev. On August 1, 2012 Veliyev issued an informal ban on iftar gatherings and Qadr night gatherings in city mosques. Citizens from Genja region reported that local imams of the mosques have been notified by local authorities to close mosques at iftar times and not allow worshipers to come for prayers past maghrib prayer time. Since Veliyev was appointed the governor of Genja, oppression of Muslims reached new heights. Practicing Muslims in Genja and respectable scholars are constantly harassed by Aliyev’s armed gangs who function under the logo of police. Previously Veliyev was a governor of Yevlah region in Azerbaijan where he imprisoned several Muslim activists and scholars. It should be noted that even during the rule of atheist USSR, Qadr night gatherings were monitored by the KGB, but never formally or informally banned. If you are a Shia, please consider it a responsibility to reach out to people in the Republic of Azerbaijan and let them know that alliances with Israel, government Islamophobia, and the government of Aliyev are improper and must change.
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