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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 3 results

  1. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/11/protests-erupt-Iran-hikes-petrol-prices-191116092855017.html
  2. why did the syrian army fire at peaceful protestors back in 2011? say what you want about the FSA, and takfiri groups like al nusra and isis, but in my opinion this is all Assad's fault, as he fired the first shots....had he not allowed for his own soldiers to fire at people who merely want change and are not hurting anyone, syria would not be in the mess it's in. I don't know if assad used chemical weapons (he probably did) but he did fire the first shots, so badly that some soldiers even defected.....what kind of monster would fire at his own people for protesting? now im not defending al nusra or isis or even saudi arabia and turkey....i agree that the saudi government and turkish government is evil, etc. but that doesnt justify firing live rounds at peaceful protestors.... also, assad has been using barrel bombs, which are very inaccurate and kill civilians.i think assad needs to step down....
  3. (salam) As you all know the Muslims are in an uproar right now about a film made with no historical accuracy and made by a person who will be going back to prison after the FBI discovered he violated his probation. http://usnews.nbcnew...ation-case?lite I just want to add that Muslims are being murdered and driven from their homes in Burma, 2 Million Somalians are facing starvation, Hypocrites control Mecca and Medina, and the Zionists control the world. Are there not better things to worry about? Rather than making ourselves look like animals breaking into the US embassys and protesting outside of them? I am not a supporter of the US, obviously, but I do believe them when they say that they had nothing to do with the creation of this film. I also know for a fact that the US is running ads in Pakistan to show it had no part in the production or creation of the film. Should the Muslims really be so pumped up about a film made by a bank frauding criminal??? http://www.washingto...er-anti-islam-/ Would the Prophet really condone such behavior when there are bigger problems facing the Ummah? Was he not a selfless, non-selfish person who always put others before himself? Would he really approve of such un Islamic behavior? I reverted to Islam because it brought me out of living a life of sin as a youth in the USA. The Prophet (pbuh) was a man of extraordinary character and an example to mankind. Does he really want us out there burning cars, fighting with police (even if they are kuffar), and breaking into government buildings? I know I may catch some flak for this but I think that most of the 'Muslims' around the world don't know Islam or the Prophet. Or was a taught something that wasn't true? Are Muslims really barbaric and uncivilized? I refuse to believe that, I know that I learned Islam without any cultural or ethnic prejudices. I come to ShiaChat because I feel that the Shia are more reasonable then the people who call themselves 'Sunni'. I hope there are others out there who feel somewhat like me that way i can quit feeling alone. I always ask my wife 'is this Islam?' 'is this how we are supposed to act?'. I honestly believe that the Muslims around the world who show up to these 'protests', although they only account for maybe .5% of the Ummah are animals with their priorities and Islam all backwards. Your comments, negative and positive are deeply wanted and need. Thanks. (salam)
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