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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 3 results

  1. My Beloved. O' how have I longed for you my mysterious rose, if only you knew the affection I have prepared for you. Your identity a mystery remains to me, but I await the day you emerge, relieving me of the trifling years of patience I had endured anticipating you. The seeds of your love have long been planted in the core of this bludgeoned heart, and within I have seen you sprout. The fragrance you disseminated within me, so strong, I can taste the sweetness of your aroma. My beloved you are the wind which the chimes dance to exuberantly, the breeze which relieves the heat of the scorching summer sun; The light which comforts me in the darkest nights, when the moon goes into its occultation, you are the twinkle which creates a twilight. Although anxious I am to finally meet you and asunder my conspicuous angst, which has left me like an infant seeking to be cradled by their mother, haste not my dear. You are a spark of vigorous fire, which with time is enkindled greater. Perhaps I may perish before my eyes gaze upon your empyrean aura, disheartened I am not by this reality; Indeed my beloved you are ethereal.
  2. To some we are royalty and to others of peasantry, aspiring to be greater, but to our misery, a paradox is what it seems to be. In one eye we ascend while in another we descend, a mere shift in paradigms is what will cause us to be of royalty or peasantry. As we loathe in one world in another we rejoice, suffering here while prospering there What then does one make of such chaos?
  3. The abyss is dark and its depths are unknown, shall we venture in it’s mystery or escape to what seems to be the light. Although unfavorable the truth is at times, as opposed to what could be. It is best to perhaps follow through, then cling to things precariously. There is no way to light up a consuming darkness, but to drift within its uncertainty and hope for the best as there exists none but hope for such perplexity. The heart yearns to be illuminated by the light, yet a darkness which is devoid of such a necessity, leaves the heart to be in anxiety. Shall one cascade themselves in the shroud of hope as they plummet in the vast sea of ambiguity, cautious of the creatures that lay deep within. It is well known that Great men differ in their greatness, but what enjoins them all is the strength of a heart which is unwavering in its certainty. Shall one wager greatness for greater or cling comfortably to what is known to be. Let not thoughtfulness be mistaken for insecurity nor kindness be a false indicator of a brittle heart, there lies in each virtue a counterpart.
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