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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 5 results

  1. Salaam brothers and sisters I have been debating with my friend lately as to why we don't eat Pork and meat that hasn't been slaughtered in the halal way. I showed him a lot of the reasons and scientific evidence out there, many which I got from the ShiaChat itself. However in the end he ended up saying that eating Pork or non halal meat hasn't ever negatively effected him or his family and friends. He continues to explain that his grandfather who's 70 is very healthy and fit, as well as how healthy he is (which is all true). So in that regard I unfortunately didn't know how to respond, so I was wondering, are there any other reasons out there? I really want to understand this myself to be honest. I also know that, even if Pork was supposedly healthy, we still wouldn't eat it because it doesn't have a neck. Thank you.
  2. Asalamu Alaikum, I have always been told that pigs, carnivores, and insects are things that we, as Muslims, are forbidden to eat yet when my biology professor told me that pork was only banned during the rise of Christianity and Islam since it wasn't simply cooked well enough. Today you can eat pork just fine as do millions of people. When I told my mother about this she believed me but she told me that the other reason as to why we don't eat pork, carnivores or insects is since we would get the characteristics of those creatures when we eat them. Such as a pig, who doesn't mind if its companion is sleeping with another pig, eating carnivores would make us more aggressive, and that we should eat camel meat since its very protective of its mates. I'm still not sure if this is really true or not since many people eat insects in the far east and they seem to be doing practically well for themselves. They don't see it as gross because they got used to it over time and integrated it into their culture. When I told her that she tried to change the subject. I hope some one can give me an answer to this since it seems to cause no trouble to the human body or psyche if we eat any type of animal or insect.
  3. Salam brothers and sisters peace be upon you all! the question goes like i have a friend who has been married to a chinese wife. She was a non believer before but converted to a muslim even though she doesnt have alot of knowldege about shia islam and she is still like a new born baby , naive. She did this just to be able to marry my shia brother. So now the problem is she still eats pork, no hijab, she doesnt drink alcohol by the way. When shes with her husband she avoids pork. But when they are at her moms place sometime she cooks pork and she has to eat it because it is impolite if she doesn't. My friend even said that it is really hard to make her practice islam because of the surroundings and culture n tradition in china. Even its really hard for himself to follow islam and really hard to explain about islam to her. Many problems regarding religion for them but they are true lovers as he said. So i would appreciate any help frombrothers and sisters here. Even im not sure what is the thing im tryingto ask but i hope all brothers and sisters here are clever enough to get my point as a muslim and shia living in non believers society. Really hard! salam. Jazakallah
  4. Pork extracts have been found in a halal meat product during tests carried out by Birmingham City Council. The council said the pork was found in packs of 20 Humza brand chicken burgers with a best before date of 10 May 2013. There is no evidence to suggest Roshan Foods, who distributed the product, has caused the contamination deliberately, a spokesperson said. The council said it was working closely other local authorities to trace "where and how this has occurred". The pork extracts were found while checking for adulteration with horsemeat or other non-specified meat species, a spokesman added. The council said investigations were "on-going" and the Birmingham-based company involved is "co-operating fully". Their retail and catering customers have been notified and a product recall has started, the council said. A spokesperson said further sampling on other products produced by the company has been carried out and the results should be known "by the end of next week". souce: http://www.bbc.co.uk...ingham-21956961
  5. The company which supplied halal food found to contain traces of pork DNA to prisons has been named. McColgan's Quality Foods Limited was the source of "the very small number of halal savuory beef pastry products," said food distributor 3663. The County Tyrone company said it was co-operating with The Food Standards Agency. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21312752
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