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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Selam! I stumbled upon a new novel by some indie author on Instagram with a Muslim protagonist. It sounded interesting and there was (is currently) a special promo so the ebook costed only $1! So I bought it with zero expectations and actually read it in one go! It was well written, bits of poetry, really suspenseful with a good story. The book offered several spiritual insights for myself, like why do I worship Allah? What's actual reason? What drives me? Where is the love? And it also motivated me to do something with my life ! There are some books with Muslim characters or Muslim settings, but the main character in this novel, his "super power" is being a believer with truthful spiritual dreams! And his name is Ali! And he fights for Imam Mahdi! I'm not aware of any other author who have mixed technology and religion in this way. Highly recommended! The realistic spiritualism reminded of Paulo Coelho in some ways, minus the sci-fi/tech of course. I'd love to discuss it if anyone read it! Available as paperback and ebook/Kindle: Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NKW87M3 Apple iBooks: http://itunes.apple.com/book/id1452278832
  2. There was a great ravine A raging sea Embers burning hot and the driving rain of a hurricane Within my heart of hearts. Where do you go and who do you call When your life has ceased to make any sense? For within my soul Was so deep a hole And my memories are but ghosts. A beauty I had never seen Who could it be? What is it not? For to walk in truth, now so far from my youth, Could tomorrow's sunrise be the start Of a new chance to give my All? My heart pounds in suspense To attain that goal That my life transform like a diamond from a coal Is what I desire most. (alhamdu lillaah)
  3. Salam alaikom dear friends, My name is Ali. I'm learning Urdu by myself. I'm looking for language exchange Through Skype or Whats app. I can teach you Farsi or Turkish, In return you teach me Urdu, any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated. Ali
  4. To all those who doubted, mocked, and jeered It’s quite enjoyable to see your ideas smeared Sketching and coloring a deviating image Hysterical indeed the state you’ve reached A humbling experience you’re sure to meet Torn to shreds your illustration will be The nights and days did not go to folly The hole which was dug through mischievous hatred Buried no one else but you.
  5. Was interested in writing poems as a hobby and was wondering if anyone can help in critiquing my first poem and provide me with valuable insight on how I can improve it and also take note for future endeavors. Faces grow old and decay; Bodies become feeble and wither away; Hope built on the temporal being dissipates as the pendulum swings everyday; A spark in the heart ignites the soul; A volcano erupts; The pupils become dilated from the fire within; Molten lava overflows; The body becomes a furnace and shapes a bowl; An empty vessel hoping to gain respite; Receives poison instead of light.
  6. Can someone share any poems pertaining to such characteristics
  7. Found a profound poem by Imām Ali ((عليه السلام)) and was wondering if anyone had a reference to an English translation, or if anyone can ever so kindly translate it to English.
  8. لا تأسفن على غدر الزمان لطالما رقصت على جثث الاسود كلاب ولاتحسبن برقصها تنال العلا تبقى الاسود اسود وتبقى الكلاب كلاب وذو جهل مفارشه الحرير وذو علم مفارشه التراب many individuals attribute this to Al-Shafi’I, however I recall many saying it is Imam Ali or Imam Ali ibn Alhussein ((عليه السلام)) who authored this
  9. Bismillah I know this is a bit late but I’d like to humbly present to you all this small poem in honour and celebration of the birth anniversary of the daughter of Imam Ali and Lady Fatima, Lady Zainab e Kubra written by my humble self. Today the blessings of the heavens opened as a moon into the house of Ali, She descends in her glory and the moon hides in her awe of her beauty, Even the sun dare not gaze upon her to protect her modesty, Stars rotate around her magnanimity. Zainab is her name, A name that can move mountains, For which other woman can be known as a princess in the heavens, This name shook each place that she is summoned. And courage applauds her valour, Many women can be brave but only one can become Islam’s flagbearer, Protecting others without the need for armour, One strike from her tongue can make everyone cower, The sister of Abbas is also a soldier. No one on this Earth would see what you see, And still compliment the Lord on His beauty, I’m inspired by your mention, Oh holy lady, My tongue calls to you in both celebrations and calamities, Each letter in your name serves as in your praise poetry, This is your station oh Zainab daughter of Ali. I say to my sisters and mothers, Protect this hijab, For this is her banner, Wear it with every being of your fibre, Let this crown make you hold your head up higher This is your armour, It sends an attack to your oppresse Look at her shrine in Syria, Standing tall with pride and honour, It sends a message to those wishing for terror, Where you wanted to defame her, Look at who you are and then look at Sani e Zahra, You are forgotten like the names of your ancestor and like her father, She is the victor, The warrior in the face of horror, She is the champion and the winner. She taught me patience when the world crumbles around you, Never bow down to that which is not true, Have patience that a light at the end of this dark tunnel will see you through, She is my strength and through her love my heart grew, No longer did my eyes shed tears when her story I knew, For no matter what we see in this dunya, Is nothing compared to the strength held by the daughter of Fatima. Oh my Lady forgive me if my pen was unable to show the world your beauty, But in this failure is my victory for who can truly describe even an ounce of your personality, Indebted to you is humanity, Your service to God is your legacy. Oh Lady Zainab my mistress, Grant me this prayer that escapes my lips as a whisper, Let me visit your shrine in Syria, Sit beside your grave and recite in your honour, And see the flag of your brother fluttering in the breeze as your protector
  10. In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful, This is a poem dedicated to the death anniversary of the tragic murder of Imam Musa Al Kadhim, Baghdad’s prisoner written by my humble self. Oh master of Kadmiya, Oh beloved of Zahra, There was no funeral like yours Ya Musa, A murdered prisoner poisoned by a tyrant killer. And what a prisoner is kept in this manner, Let me words paint for your eyes a picture, And colour this canvas with the gems of your tears, He is kept in Baghdad’s most narrow prison, For 14 years no fresh air enters, Like a flower he has withered. He cries each time he moves bound in chains, Yet only deaf ears and dead souls hear his pains, As he ingests this poison, The Earth trembles as his whole body shakes, This prisoner will never awake. And the Muezzin as he gives the Adhaan at Fajr, Baghdad celebrates the death of a prisoner, A law breaker who has been captured, Unknowing to them that he is Islam’s protector. What a prisoner who in a foreign land has been captured, The one who has several sons and daughters his body is carried by strangers, No one is there to carry his coffin on their shoulders, The Imam of the world and at his funeral there are no mourners. There’s no other coffin who’s still bound in chains even after his last breath, His shroud covered in blood, A captive even after his death, The daughters of Kadhim cannot rest, They can still smell their father’s scent. When a person dies, Surrounds his deathbed his family, Together they prepared their body to be buried, Yet this prisoner has nobody, Labourers to Baghdad’s bridge carry his body. As his mother Zahra cries this son of mine has died lonely and thirsty, With cuffs and chains encased around his body, Oh people this is the descendant of your Prophet, A great grandson of Ali, Do not show this brutality, For he has never shown the world anything but mercy. Oh Ridha I urge you come quickly, To bury your father in Baghdad’s city, For you are the next guardian of this message of purity, We will all grieve for your father for eternity. Oh my master Imam Mehdi, There’s no day like the day of Ashura, And there’s no years like the years by Kadim, The lonely prisoner, Oh Allah, I pray to you to fulfil my prayers, Through the loving memory of Babul Hawaij, The gate to wishes and prayers, Let me go to his door and raise my hands in Khadimiya, And my tears flow for the torture he endured.
  11. Is there a Di'Bil here, who can compose a line or few lines? Establishment of Majalis to commemorate the events of Karbala’ https://www.al-islam.org/story-of-the-holy-kaaba-and-its-people-shabbar/eighth-imam-ali-ibn-musa-al-ridha#establishment-majalis-commemorate-events-karbala https://www.al-islam.org/nafasul-mahmum-relating-heart-rending-tragedy-karbala-shaykh-abbas-qummi/dispatching-household-ahlul#entry-household-madinah-and-their-mourning-upon-imam-husayn https://www.al-islam.org/life-imam-ali-bin-musa-al-ridha-baqir-shareef-al-qurashi/chapter-16-affairs-imam-khurasan#immortal-poem-dibil https://www.al-islam.org/life-imam-ali-bin-musa-al-ridha-baqir-shareef-al-qurashi/chapter-16-affairs-imam-khurasan#text-poem ***** https://www.al-islam.org/articles/two-poems-about-ashura-zehra-naqvi#night-ashura’ https://www.al-islam.org/articles/two-poems-about-ashura-zehra-naqvi#there-anyone-help-you
  12. The sad heart has arrived, The eye filled with tears have arrived. Has arrived the Month of Aza, The Army of Hussain has arrived An Army Dressed in Black, Beating their Chest for their Master Through out the night they recite elegies of their Master O My Master, O You who sacrificed everything O Thirsty Prince
  13. Allama Iqbal said: Dasht-e-Karbal mein khara soch raha tha Islam Faida kiya huwa kafir ko musalman ker kay ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Daag-e-sajood agar teri payshani per huwa tou kiya Koi aisa sajda bhi ker kay zameen per nishan rahay ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Zarurat torr deti hey guroor-o-bay-niyazi ko No hoti koi majboori tou har banda Khuda hota ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Bayan sir-e-shahadat ki agar tafseer ho jaye Musalmano ka qibla Roza-e-Shabbir ho jaye Masjid ki safon se kabhi maqtal ki taraf dekh Tauheed tujhay shabbir kay sajdon mein milay gi Mita do zulm wahan se jahan jahan bhi dikhay Is se behtar nahi hoga inteqam-e-Husain ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Sonay do agar wo so raha hey ghulami ki neend mein Ho sakta hey wo khuwab azaadi kay dekh raha ho ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Bazoo per bharosa hey tou insaaf na maango Is dour mein pachtao gey zanjeer hila ker ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Yeh Ibadat-e-Khuda hey sodagari nahi hey ghafil Aey bay-khabar jaza ki tamanna bhi chorr dey ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Juloos-e-Aza mein matamdari kerna Muhabbat-e-Husain hey Aur musallay per ibadat kerna Maqsad-e-Husain hey ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Masjid ki safon se kabhi maqtal ki taraf dekh Tauheed tujhay Husain kay sajday se milay gi ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Wo sajda rooh-e-zameen jis se kaanp jati thi Usi ko aaj tarastay hain mimber-o-mehraab ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Islam ko fana se bachanay kay waastay Qudrat ne Karbala mein pukara Husain ko ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Khuda ko bhool gaye log fikr-e-rozi mein Iqbal Talash rizq ki hey aur Raziq ka khayal nahi ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said (count girls’ names in this poetry): Wohi guftagu ka andaz wohi Shaista lehja Neelam jaam hey Feroza deedar lehja Zuban mein Tarannum-e-Nighat ghazali Naghma dil awaz Seema lehja Shireen kalaam per Shama Mehjabeen Tabassum se Roshan Aara jamal lehja Naseem chali tou pheyl gai Khushbu charsoo Aur Gul-e-Rukh se Nuzhat Mehak lehja Pyar ki Tehreem ko Sehar tak andaz likha Aur Farheen kay chaman sa ujala lehja ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Ya Allaah! Is dasht kay sehra ko samandar ker dey Ya meri aankh kay har ashk ko patthar ker dey Aey Allaah mein aur nahi kuch Tujh se maangta Meri chadar meray payron kay brabar ker dey Mujhay gayr na ley ye aatish-e-dunya kaheen Mujh per Apni Rehmat ka saya ker dey Mujhay khaak na ker dey meri hasti ka ghuroor Mujhay meray nafs se moutabar ker dey Aey Khuda meri duaon mein wo asar ker dey Maangu mein Tujh se qatra aur Tu samandar ker dey ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Nabi jo hota meray baad tou umar hota Ajeeb baat ye yaaron ne aam kerdi hey Mujhay yaqeen hey Iqbal meray Allaah ne Isi liye tou Nabuwat tamam kerdi hey ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Masjid Khuda ka ghar hey peenay ki jagah nahi Kafir kay dil mein ja wahan per Khuda nahi Ahmed Faraz said: Kafir kay dil se aaya hoon mein ye dekh ker Khuda mojood hey wahan magar usay pata nahi Sahil said: Dil-e-kafir mein Khuda tou hey lekin Khof-e-Khuda nahi Ghalib, Iqbal aur Faraz ko shayad pata nahi ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Taskeen na ho jis se wo raaz badal dalo Jo raaz na rakh paye hum-raaz badal dalo Tum ne bhi suni hogi bari aam kahawat hey Anjam ka ho khatra aghaz badal dalo Pur-soz dilon ko jo muskan na dey paye Sur hi na milay jis mein wo saaz badal dalo Dushman kay iradon ko hey zahir agar kerna Tum khel wohi khelo andaz badal dalo Aey dost karo himmat kuch door sawera hey Agar chahtay ho manzil tou perwaz badal dalo ---------------------------------------------------- Kisi ne Allama Iqbal se poocha: Aqal ki inteha kiya hey? Allama Iqbal replied: Heyrat. Phir poocha: Heyrat ki inteha kiya hey? Allama replied: Ishq. Phir poocha: Ishq ki inteha kiya hey? Allama replied: Ishq La-Inteha hey. Phir poocha: Magar aap ne likha hey “Teray ishq ki inteha chahta hoon”. Allama replied: Tou doosray misray mein apni ghalti ka aiteraf kiya hey “Meri saadgi dekh kiya chahta hoon”. ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Basher ki sar-bulandi mein bhi koi raaz hota hey Jo sar dey dey sar-e-maydaan wo sarfaraz hota hey Jahan per khatam hoti hain hudood-e-aqal-e-insaani Wahan se Murtaza ki shan ka aghaz hota hey ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Mein faqeeron se bhi kerta hoon tijarat aksar Jo ek paisay mein laakhon ki dua detay hain ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Goongi ho gai aaj zuban kuch kehtay kehtay Hich-kicha gaya mein khud ko musalman kehtay kehtay Ye baat nahi kay mujh ko Us per yaqeen nahi Bas dar gaya khud ko sahib-e-emaan kehtay kehtay Tofeeq na hui mujhay ek waqt ki namaz ki Aur chup huwa moazzin azaan kehtay kehtay Kisi kafir ne jo poocha kay ye kiya hey maheena Sharam se paani huwa mein Ramzan kehtay kehtay Meray shelf mein gard se utti Kitaab ka jo poocha Mein garrh gaya zameen mein Quran kehtay kehtay Ye sun ker chup saadh li Iqbal phir us ne Youn laga jesay ruk gaya ho mujhay heywaan kehtay kehtay ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Shikwa-e-ashk nahi jurrat-e-guftaar nahi Meray haathon mein koi jabr ki talwaar nahi Ibn-e-Adam hoon Husain se muhabbat ki hey Aag ka chaand ka patthar ka paristaar nahi Aey Khuda mujh ko ibadat kay evaz meri muhabbat dey dey Mein Teri kisi jannat ka khareedaar nahi Jis ne Husain se muhabbat hi na ki ho Iqbal Dar-haqeeqat wo Khuda ka bhi talabgaar nahi ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Na murawwat na muhabbat na khuloos hey Iqbal Mein tou sharminda hoon is dour ka insaan ho ker ---------------------------------------------------- Shikwa: Roz-e-hashar mein baykhoof ghuss jaon ga jannat mein Waheen se aaye thay Adam wo meray baap ka ghar hey Jawab-e-Shikwa: In aamaal kay sath tu jannat ka talabgar hey kiya Wahan se nikalay gaye thay Adam tou teri auqaat hey kiya (Allama Iqbal) ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Baat sajdon ki nahi khuloos-e-niyat ki hoti hey Iqbal Aksar log khali hath lout aatay hain har namaz kay baad ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Aatay hain aksar samandar mein toofan is liye bhi Jab yaad aati hey samandar ko piyasay Husain ki ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Sajdon kay ewaz firdous milay ye baat mujhay manzoor nahi Baylos ibadat kerta hoon banda hoon Tera mazdoor nahi ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Tu haqeeqat se hey baykhabar na dekh Ali ko mijaz mein Ye wo shabista raaz hey jo na aaye ga teray dimagh mein Dar-e-Zahra per rakhna jo sar tou awaaz aai O Baykhabar Teray wo bhi sajday ada huway jo qaza huway thay namaz mein ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal ek din kaheen ja rahay thay kay raastay mein un ki nazar ek Hindu Larki per parri, larki bohat khoobsurat thi, Allama Iqbal usay baray ghor se dekh rahay thay. Hindu Girl said: Apnay se ooncha jo sanam dekhtay hain Zindagi mein ranj-o-alam dekhtay hain Allama Iqbal replied: Na tujh se garz hey na teri surat se garz Hum tou Bananay Walay ka qalam dekhtay hain ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Parindon ki dunya ka darvesh hoon mein Kay shaheen banata nahi aashiyana ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Sonay do agar wo so raha hey ghulami ki neend mein Ho sakta hey wo khuwab aazadi key dekh raha ho ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Kosar ki salasal ka dawa na kijiye Mehfil mein reh ker gham ka adawa na kijiye Zillat ki zindagi se behtar hey laakh mout Choti si zindagi per roya na kijiye ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Safar-e-Shaam likha aur qalam torr diya Gham-e-Sarkar likha aur qalam torr diya Ek unwaan liya piyas ka likhnay kay liye Likh liya naam-e-Sakina aur qalam torr diya Ek unwaan mila mujh ko jawani per likhoon Naam Akbar ka likha aur qalam torr diya Socha unwaan-e-wafa per bhi zara ghor karoon Lafz Abbas likha aur qalam torr diya Kiya karoon soch mein unwaan baray aatay hain Hath seenay per rakha aur qalam torr diya Likhta chadar per magar mujh ko jurrat na hui Jee bhar kay aansu bahaye aur qalam torr diya ---------------------------------------------------- Kuch log Allama Iqbal kay ek shair ko aisay likhtay hain: Royen wo jo munkir-e-shahadat-e-Husain hain Hum zinda-o-javed ka matam nahi kertay Allama Iqbal kay asal ashaar ye hain: Apna koi marta hey tou rotay ho tarap ker Per Sibt-e-Payamber ka kabhi gham nahi kertay Himmat hey tou mehshar mein Payamber se ye kehna Hum zinda-o-javed ka matam nahi kertay Aansu na bahao kay ye zaib hey tum ko Qatil kabhi maqtool ka matam nahi kertay ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Ehsas-e-Karbala tujhay ho jaye ga ek din Tanha kisi azeez ki maiyyat utha ker dekh ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Mar ja Furaat apnay hi paani mein doob ker Piyasa chala gaya hey teray paas se Husain ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Jin kay aangan mein ameeri ka shajar lagta hey Un ka har aib zamanay ko hunar lagta hey ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Tu haqeeqaton se hey baykhabar na dekh Ali ko mijaz mein Ye wo shabista raaz hey jo na aaye ga teray dimagh mein Dar-e-Zahra per rakha jo sar tou awaaz aai O baykhabar Teray wo bhi sajday ada huway jo qaza huway thay namaz mein ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Ishq qatil se bhi maqtool se hamdardi bhi Ye bata kis se muhabbat ki jaza maangay ga Sajda Khaliq ko bhi iblees se yaarana bhi Hashr mein kis se aqeedat ka sila maangay ga ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Jannat ki sair ker raha tha kay raat ho gai Subah jab aankh khuli tou sar Maa ki aagosh mein tha ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Hansi aati hey mujhay hazrat-e-insaan per Amal karay khud aur lanat bhejta hey shaytan per ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Tum haya-o-shariyat kay taqazon ki baat kertay ho Hum ne nangay jimson ko malboos-e-haya dekha hey Hum ne dekhay hain ehraam mein liptay kaee iblees Hum ne maykhanay mei kaee bar khuda dekha hey ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Teray sajday kaheen tujhay kafir na ker dein Aey Insaan Tu jhukta kaheen aur hey aur sochta kaheen aur ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Shikwa-e-ishq nahi jurrat-e-guftar nahi Meray hathon mein koi jabr ki talwar nahi Ibne Adam hoon insaan se muhabbat ki hey Aag ka chaand ka patthar ka paristar nahi Mein ne maana kay tu Yousuf sa haseen hey lekin Ye mera dil hey koi Misr ka bazaar nahi Aey Khuda mujh ko muhabbat dey ibadat kay aiwaz Mein tou Teri kisi jannat ka khareedar nahi Jis ne insaan se muhabbat hi na ki ho Iqbal Dar-haqeeqat wo Khuda ka bhi talabgar nahi ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Baqa-e-Toheed tha wo Karbala mein aakhri sajda Agar wo takheer kerta tou Khuda tabdeel ho jata ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Dil pak nahi tou pak ho sakta nahi insaan Warna iblees ko bhi aatay thay wuzu kay faraiz bohat ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Kiya huwa jo teray maathay per hain sajdon kay nishan Koi aisa sajda bhi ker jo zameen per nishan chorr jaye ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Kaabah-o-Quraan ko jo dekha hey ghilaf mein liptay Ab mein samjha hoon kay perday ki fazeelat kiya hey ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Aa tujh ko bataon mein taqdeer-e-umam kiya hey Shamsheer-o-sina awwal, taoos-o-rubab aakhir ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Teray aamaal se hey tera pareshan hona Warna mushkil nahi mushkil aasaan hona Dona aalam per hukumat ho teri aey musalman Tu samajh jaye agar apna musalman hona ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Mat ker khaak kay putlay per ghuroor-e-bayniazi itni Khud ko khudi mein jhaank ker dekh tujh mein rakha kiya hey ---------------------------------------------------- Allama Iqbal said: Zameer jaag tou jata hey agar zinda ho Kabhi gunah se pehlay kabhi gunah kay baad ----------------------------------------------------
  14. Salaam Alaykum. Eid Mubarak!! On these blessed days of Eid, together let's stand. https://soundcloud.com/thesoulfulpoet/standpoem
  15. Salaam Alaykum, Hope you all enjoy this new piece of work I have written and recorded. God and Family Over Everything https://soundcloud.com/thesoulfulpoet/ties
  16. Ramadan Kareem! Here is my newest piece of work. Feel free to comment like and share it. I hope you enjoy it!
  17. SayedAA

    Role Model

    A piece of work which I've written and recorded in honor of the birth of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib(as) Enjoy.
  18. I say who cares, You so you do, But I don't believe it, Don't believe its true, I care for myself, What does myself have anything to do with you, How does me improving improve you, I ask you who cares and you still say you do, I avoid conversation so I don't really talk to no one, And that applies to you as well since you always seem close to me, But never speaking out vocally like you're supposed to be, But even if I don't speak or ask a question, You always respond with a sign, and a lesson So I find myself beside you not verbally saying words but internally my heart spills these adjectives and verbs make me want to say I love you while I stare at your face, I can't describe what you look like but your presence is beauty and I can't hear your voice because you don't reply you just give, and give more, I only see you every once in a while but your doors are always open, Now I can flourish, I learned, That death is always there, its loving that takes real courage, And now staying in silence Cause to me that's worse than violence I seek purpose in my life, A reason to wake up early and make a difference Cause living for no reason is foolish and senseless, I sought out an ear instead I found a path, A path not only straight but escalates like your climbing up stairs, All thanks to Allah, the one who always cares
  19. The Saviour of Islam !The leader of Islam !The hero of Islam !Hussein! Hussein! Hussein!You saved Islam by giving your life The courage and patience you had to striveTo sacrifice your self was easy for this life !Hussein! Hussein! Hussein! You gave your family but never complained!You had no water but never blamedYour family was tortured Hussein! Hussein! Hussein! Without resting day and night Fought with Yazid to show us the right From the darkness life you brought us the light Husein! Hussein! Hussein!Ya Zeinab! Ya Zeinab! "Lady of Faith, Lady of Strength, They killed your sons, your brother, and your friends then they came and burned your tents. Oh what courage you did showEven as those fires did glow.To Yazid's palace were you draggedWith our sick Imam (Imam Sajad) who was boundYa Zeinab! Oh Ya Zeinab!Face to face with Yazid you saidHow dare you treat the Ahlul Bait so bad??Yet yazid stayed so so very glad !!!Your role was clear, there was no choiceTo save Islam you used your voice.Oh Ya Imamaaaa!Oh Ya Hussainaa!Oh Ya Zeinabaaa!
  21. Plato says the dead have seen the end of war, The silent ones are numerous like the stars For every time I sleep, a soul does not return For every time I awake, a family shall then mourn I wonder then, if do I and others give to our returns, thought Or do we, astaghfirillah, make it an afterthought?
  22. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم In the Name of God I would like to invite you all to participate in your new project: Yahlly's Poemopædia (a collection of poems to be collected and distributed.) "YAHLLYs" stands for: Youth for Ahlulbayt (AS) Lyrics We are the Yahlliers, a network of Ahlulbayt (AS) lovers distributed around the Arabian Gulf, UK, US, Australia, Canada, overseas and everywhere. You may contribute to the Poemopædia, so just try to write a simple poem on love of the Ahlulbayt (AS), then send it with your full name, hometown, writing date, and personal picture (optionally) to: poems@yahllys.net Kindly, find us here: http://facebook.com/yahllys http://instagram.com/yahllys http://twitter.com/yahllys May God bless you, all brothers and sisters.
  23. Bismillah Friends Main Apni Shayari Likhna Chahtun Aap Hazraat Islah Karain. Mola Ali Ki Ye Shaan Hay Aap Ki Tareef MAin Quran Hay Hajat Ravai Hamari Mola Kijeeye Aap He se tu Hamari Aan Hay Bashr tu Bashr Aur Behr o Barr Zammen bhi Asmaan bhi MAdah Khawan Hay Jo Aap Ko Dil main basa lay jeena tu jeena mot bhi aasan hay Zikr e Mola Say SAhib eTauqeer Hoa Tere Izzat Aqa Ka Ahsan Hay
  24. Besmellah Salaam, InshAllah you are in the best health and eeman! Given that Imam Ali (as) birthday (aka father's day) day is coming up, I would like to take the time to share with you an awesome english poem I came across youtube about Imam Ali (as)! I combined the two poems that brother Nouri Sardar recites and made them into one ( I made a few minor changes here and there), but each stands beautifully on its own nonetheless, mashAllah. Ahsantom! =) Who is Imam Ali (as)? By Nouri Sardar In understanding him, there is still confusion Minds cannot encompass him, can Vision?(2X)Imam Ali is more than just Badr's victorImamAli is more than just Badr's victor He is thirst for those who love to ponderHe is the mirror of his own mirror The opener of doors since KhaibarI knew him, since my eyes first peekI spoke him, since I knew how to speak Tears are embarrassed to flow down his cheekHe IS Eloquence, not just its peakHe IS Eloquence, not just its peak His virtues leave life's lessons breathless63 years knew he was agelessDeath understood that Ali is endlessImmortal, he isn't worth less In understanding him there is still confusionIn understanding him there is still confusion If the laws of normality have taught us anything, is that Ali, even against all norms, will continue to trend (2x) He trends and rises above allembracing the beyondand even when he does, he numerically tends to be number one....the heaviest number of them all The origin, the beginning, it does not need to lend its importance back to number one ..because it IS one even if they were to call him four, their scale, his weight, would bend, He makes all other numbers look insignificant call him 4th, 40th,400th, he is the Firstmuch like he is always the first that tends to grow and trend oh Imam Ali you are the first (2x) and none can count you different Even if they'd put you last, we'll just start counting from the end, Even if they'd put you last, we'll just start counting from the end, So if you want to swerve the system just to count him first, blessings upon Mohammad and the sons of Muhammad SEND Sale ala mohammad wa aale mohammad! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO_k-onnKHk (first part of poem here)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_D5UeAZJ4U @ 2:18 minutes the second part of the poem starting with "if the laws.." If you have any english poems that you'd like to share about Imam Ali (as) please feel free to post below. JazakAllah khairan and keep us in your duaas,
  25. Syedrizvi12


    Did you ever watch sun rising in the morning? Did you ever see in the night, moon glowing? Did you eve see the milky clouds floating? Did you ever see the beautiful river flowing? If you saw these scenes, then you would understand, the greatness of mother’s place, which is grand, Her Place is on sky levels and not on any sand, So do not underestimate even for a moment, friend, Book from Amazon.com “Outspoken” Collection of Poems By Syed Imon Rizvi
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