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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 8 results

  1. Salam, I would appreciate it if you brothers/sisters can take the time to read what I have written and give me your ideas on whether it is sound or mere jargon. My attempt was to describe myself following a path which was not easy, but I was willing to undertake no matter the odds in order to achieve my goals, unfortunately I was sidetracked by an occurrence which was not well considered, in which led to the shattering of the process and plan I had in reaching said goal. ————————————————————— Could one articulate a blueprint to life’s uncertainty, to bring forth a module in the form of a timely script, one which enumerates all fundamentals; pondering over its practicality there lay a feeble attempt driven by aspirations to pursue such an endeavor. Transforming formulated thoughts into tangible strings to the similitude of yarn which could be woven dexterously in a fashion which resembles a deliberate sequence, one that leads to intended patterns. However, lack of discipline and untimely decisions prove to be adequate impediments to such an endeavor that necessitates forbearance. Undeniably, miscalculations lead to strands, unwanted strands which alter a meticulous process. An attempt to address the unwanted extremities would not only stagnate the continuous process, but also divert one’s attention, due to an attempt to liberate the sequence from a deviating retreat. Evidently, the ill considered approach to such a process carries its repercussions, to an extent where the result of such a grand endeavor would begin to lose its touch profoundly, wherein a little strand in a grand means becomes the entire agency. The yarn of thought which was knitted attentively, passionately, and deliberately would therein be reduced to nothing but overlapping strands of meaningless string. All the effort put reverted to the point of origin, scattered thoughts, like the yarn on quivering hands. Perplexion reinstated due to ill miscalculation. @313 Seeker @hasanhh
  2. An excellent article depicting the scientific genius of our sixth Imam wherein it shows the many scientific, social, and philosophical contributions that he ((عليه السلام)) had proposed centuries before their discovery or establishment within the realm of science and academia. Topics that pertain to the expansion and contraption of the universe, the theory of light and rays, the hydrogen atom, the elements on Earth, and many more scientific advances introduced and explained by the Holy Imam, which truly leave someone dumbfounded and in awe. however, as much as one wishes to believe every word that is contained within the book or article, there is a heightened lack of credibility when it comes to references and evidences backing the profound claims made within the article. Here is the article: https://www.al-Islam.org/articles/Imam-jafar-al-sadiqs-contribution-sciences-hasnain-mohamedali I highly recommend reading it as it won’t take more then twenty minutes of your time and is a very valuable piece of work, unfortunately lacking references, footnotes, or anything that can add credibility to what is being said objectively. as much as I and am sure everyone else adores our Imam and knows such knowledge and advancements are not far from his eminence for he indeed as a beacon of knowledge and an illuminating light; there nonetheless necessitates a need for unquestionable and undeniable proof that substantiates what the article is saying. It would be immensely appreciated if any of the brothers/sisters can provide a reference or any form of tangible evidence that can substantiate the articles profound claims. Here I will provide a critique by an individual who has read the Book completely and raised his objections from a western and non biased standpoint so to speak, so as to perhaps aid into taking into consideration the concern by readers who may be intrigued by the work, but like many require concise and adequate sources, references, and evidence. ————————————————————— The introduction to this book states on page 5 that it's a translation of a Persian work, which is in its turn supposedly a translation of part of a French "thesis" published by a "Research Committee of Strasbourg, France" (pages 5 and 17). Frustratingly, the book contains no proper bibliographical references, either to the Persian work translated, or to the original French work which is supposedly its ultimate source, and this has made it difficult to trace the identity of the latter.On page 5 of the book, Ali Mirza, the English translator, gives "Maghze Mutafakkir Jehan Shia" as a transliteration of the Persian title into the Latin alphabet, and on page 20, he gives "Zabih Ullah Mansuri" as the transliteration of the name of the person who supposedly translated the work from French to Persian. The actual title of the work in Persian is (مغز متفکر جهان شیعه امام جعفر صادق (ع ("Maghze Mutafakkir Jehan Shia Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (?)" — the question mark representing a glottal stop, ع ), and its author's name, ذبیح‌الله منصوری , is commonly transliterated into English as Zabiholla Mansuri. A fairly literal translation of the title would be "Mastermind of the Shia world Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم))". One edition of the book has been cited in English as "Zabiholla Mansouri, The Great Thinker of the Shiite World, Imam JafarSadegh, Islamic Studies of Strasburg, JavidanPublicationOrganization, 1982." Mansuri's biography at eminentpersians.net describes him as "easily the most prolific and arguably the most widely read journalist and writer of modern Iran".Pages 17 to 20 of this book contain a translation of Mansuri's preface. On pages 19 and 20 we find a list of 21 names of some of the members of the "Research Committee" supposedly responsible for producing the French "thesis" from which the text purports to be ultimately derived. This list turns out to be a badly garbled and incomplete copy of the list of participants in the second Colloque d'islamologie de Centre de Recherce d'Histoire des Religions de Strasbourg. Thus, the work misleadingly referred to as a "thesis" could hardly be anything other than the proceedings of this Colloque de Strasbourg.Practically nothing, however, in this book, beyond a few basic biographical details, can be found in the French work which is its supposed source. In fact, the book is full of ludicrously silly historical claims which are nowhere to be found in the French work, and which flatly contradict well-known facts widely documented in both primary and respected secondary sources. To give just one example, I reproduce here one of the silliest such claims, from Chapter 13, "Rotation of the Earth on its axis" (page 87):"It was so difficult to comprehend and believe that the Earth rotates on its axis that the eminent French mathematician, Poincare, who died in the year 1912, made fun of this theory. He clearly stated he did not believe the Earth rotates on its own axis."On the contrary, in his popular work, translated into English as "Science and Hypothesis", Poincare argued that even if the sky had been permanently obscured by a blanket of clouds, scientists would still have eventually come to realise that it must be turning on its axis.In Mansuri's biography at eminentpersians.net we find a fairly strong clue to the true source of the misinformation contained in this book:"Maybe the strangest twist in his strange career is the fact that he was known to have published books as translations that were actually his own creations. Their alleged authors were, like the narratives themselves, the figments of his rich imagination. There is also no doubt that on numerous occasions he took a short article and turned it into a book of several hundred pages."This book would appear to be one of those that were "figments" of Mansuri's "rich imagination".I don't believe the English translator of Mansuri's book, Kaukab Ali Mirza, can be reasonably accused of complicity in Mansuri's deception. In his unintentionally amusing and ironic introduction he takes the learned scholars of the "Research Committee" to task for supposed "wild speculations and guesswork" and even "misrepresenting historical facts", not realising, of course, that these were all inventions of Mansuri himself, and the scholars participating in the second Colloque d'Islamologie had nothing whatever to do with them. His original response can be found on: https://www.amazon.com/Jafar-Muhammad-Al-Sadiq-Muslim-Scientist/dp/0969949014/
  3. I plan on posting more often within social media adding my own thoughts and ideas, I wrote this today but I feel a bit hesitant in posting it, I was wondering if you brothers/sisters think it’s fine posting or I’ll just end up embarrassing myself @Mahdavist @Hameedeh @Gaius I. Caesar @AbdulKarim313_Austin/Nola @Haji 2003 @hasanhh @Ibn al-Hussain @Ibn Al-Shahid @Ibn Al-Ja'abi @Moalfas @Abu Nur @Muhammed Ali @notme@ali_fatheroforphans @King @The Green Knight @Ibn Al-Ja'abi @AkhiraisReal As I loathe in my distraught sea of perplexities, I find myself disheartened by the limited nature of my worldly being, lamenting an unfortunate reality that hinders my souls proclivity. Painstaken not by the love of this world of deceit and debauchery, but rather carrying an inexplicable feeling of angst, sorrow, and resentment for my bodies inability to conform with the aspirations of this troubled soul. A soul that yearns to immerse itself deep into the hearts and minds of all those who occupy its similar realm of feasibility; be it through the innumerable amounts of literature lettered by the greats, the scientific advances of the contemporaries, and the spiritual enlightenment of the ascetics. Furthermore digressing into the deviancy of the wicked, the perversion of the insatiable, and the ostentatiousness of the malevolent. in a way seeking to trace every fragment of light and darkness within each unique and distinctive being; in a means to extrapolate and perceive the areas of contingency that lie between good and evil. To rummage within every soul in search of the mysterious source of inspiration that brings forth unaudited thoughts from the subconscious to the conscious, cultivating one’s evil inclinations, or pure nature. dissecting all seven octillion atoms that occupy the makeup of man, meticulously examining the vast amount of distinct and seclusive implications that construct and establish one’s own unique worldview. conjuring a reliable blueprint that contains an axiomatic code unique and particular to every individual in compatibility with every instance of consciousness experienced. By means of gaining insight towards the astronomic macrocosm by amalgamation of the minuscule microcosms.
  4. We are born in shia family so we are shia and know shia r on right path..if we were born in sunni family we would consider sunni sect right....isnt it ??? ..i want to be a shia with unshakable belief...so help me ...so i can say i am not shia coz i inherited it but coz i see the truth
  5. Well, here where the problem is! I’m a young student living in Mexico, I was raised as a catholic, a few months ago I met a Muslim girl, this Muslim girl first caught my eye on the net, did tell all my matez how I found her attractive and she had something special, I'm deeply infatuated, I can't sleep sometimes thinking about her, she walks so confidently, amazing dress sense and has such a strong dominant face, we started texting out all the time, at some point I realised I had a crush on her, I found her to be a very beautiful, smart and spiritual woman, I kept quiet though, not wanting to kill off the friendship, at first he started telling me about the difficult relationship he recently finished off, she said there were just too many obstacles inbetween, I should mention she's somewhat older than me, how relevant is the religious aspect? If she's from a traditional family, a pre-marital relationship with a guy is a no-no, I think to devout muslims, only a musilm man may marry a muslim woman, I know spirituality is deep, it's our belief (or lack thereof) in a higher power and this belief influences our character, morals, and choices in life, it's not like a pair of sandals you wear and can switch out if it goes out of style, I want to spend my life with her, but become a muslim, how can do that? Advice please? Thankyou :)
  6. Please Help me editing Shia related article.. Our enemies are spreading hatred towards us on wikipedia.. Articles about our beliefs are completely wrong .. Articles about Caliphs are complete while Articles about our Imams are not completed :mellow:. . Article about Battle of Karbala has alot of mistakes :donno: and wrong information.. Article about Shia view of Ali is incompleted.. Mauwiyah,Abu Sufyan are praised in their articles.. We can create many article about Shia view of Mauwiyah,Yazid,1,2,3 caliph and why we hate them :realangery: .. Atleast correct article which are about our beliefs.. We can create many article and If we edit and add information with book sources(sunni or shia) they cannot remove it..! Wikipedia.org is ranked 6 among many countries a/c to alexa.com.. and Religious pages have thousands of Views daily ..
  7. Salam 'Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh I cannot stress how much benefit you will get from reading this book: http://www.al-islam.org/elixiroflove/ I beg you all to read it, you will not regret it. It will change your life. May Allah s.w.t Bless Shaykh Rajab Ali Khayyat and grant him his love inshallah. I have seen someone else post this book in another thread to do with asceticism, This book doesn't teach you asceticism, it teaches you love. It helps you understand what you have to do to gain the Love of your Creator Allah s.w.t There are many examples I will post a few so you see how amazing this book is; Visiting the Malakut (the Celestial Kingdom)! . Visiting the Malakut of the heavens and the earth with the eye of the heart is a prologue to attaining the high status of intuition of certitude. . (So also We show Abraham the power and the laws of the heavens and the earth, that he might (with understanding) have certitude.) (Al An'am: 75) . The Holy Prophet (s) is quoted as saying: . "If it were not that devils are dominant over the hearts of human beings, they would be witnessing the Malakut." All those who have been delivered from the snares of nafs and Satan, by tearing apart the heart's veils, are able to observe the Malakut of the heavens and the earth, and to bear witness to the Oneness of the Sacred Essence of God. . (There is no God but He: That is the witness of Allah, His angels, and those endowed with knowledge...) (Ale Imran: 18) . One of the Shaykh's disciples related: 'I asked the late Haj Muqaddas whether the following hadith attributed to the Holy Prophet (s) is correct: . ."If it were not that devils are dominant over the hearts of human beings, they would be witnessing the Malakut." He answered: 'Yes.' . I asked: 'Do you see the Malakut of the heavens and the earth? . 'No, but Shaykh Rajab Ali Khayyat does!' He replied. . Here is another amazing part from the book; . What have you done for God's Sake? . One of the Shaykh's children related the following account: 'One day my father and I went to Bibi Shahrbano. . On the way we ran into an ascetic, and my father asked him: . "What has been the outcome of your (ascetic) self-discipline?" . The ascetic bowed down and picked up a stone from the ground. The stone turned into a pear and he offered it to my father, saying: 'Here you are, help yourself! . My father cast a glance at him and said: . "You did this for me, let me know what you have done for God?!" Hearing this, the ascetic burst into tears!; .. Once again I will say I cannot stress the importance of reading this book, it will change your lives, If you cannot be bothered to read it just read a few pages, it is not like an ordinary chapter book where you sit reading for hours, it is just many different bits of advice and examples that happened in real life that will help you leave the love of the Dunya and love nothing save Allah s.w.t . I really hope you decide to read the book and inshallah it benefits you.
  8. (bismillah) (salam) From now on everytime before you do something ask yourself, "am I doing this for the sake of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì?" i.e. you are going to post a poem on shiachat, are you doing it for the sake of Allah (swt) or to try and get people praising you? i.e. you are going to do a mustahab prayer, are you doing it for the sake of Allah (swt) or for the reward? Now I'm not saying its bad to do a mustahab prayer for reward, infact its good. But we should try and strive to do actions purely for the sake of Allah (swt) because we want to please him and because he is worthy of the worship etc.. i.e. After praying ask Allah (swt) to gift the reward of that prayer to Imam al-Mahdi (atfs), this will slowly help you to not care about the reward of the prayer and instead you will see that you are doing the mustahab prayer because Allah (swt) is worthy of it. Also try and avoid all acts that displease Allah (swt) and try to avoid the acts that don't please him but don't displease him. We should all strive to be pleasing Allah (swt) at all times, after all what more could the creation want than for their creator to be pleased with them? I don't claim to do what I wrote in this thread, may Allah (swt) guide us all to do actions purely for his sake and because he is worthy of them. (wasalam)
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