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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 6 results

  1. I am human, I make mistakes, therefore please correct my reasoning with references if possible, as I have separated from my partner over the matter of "displaying one's beauty", and perhaps I am wrong in my thought process. In the situation of a woman who does not observe hijab, but covers her body well; My reasoning: it is wrong to post your photos on social media where men are able to view your photo. Allah says in the quran do not display your beauty. You are a woman with beauty, you are posting a photo on social media, you are displaying yourself on social media, by posting on social media, it is an act of displaying yourself. I don't know how else I can say it. It is not the same as going to work. The thought here is "I am going to work". It is not the same as walking down the street to get somewhere and people see you, because the thought is "I am going to x place". When you post a photo, the thought is "I will post a picture of myself on instagram " in other words "I will display myself on instagram". You are therefore unnecessarily displaying your beauty to men. Even if the woman observes proper hijab, it is an act of "I will display myself on the internet by posting this photo"; it isn't a charity photo, a conference video, you giving a lecture, it's simply to share a "fun" or "precious" or "happy" moment with the people on social media (which includes male cousins, friends, strangers, etc.). Am I wrong in my thinking? Can someone explain it in a more articulate way rather than my caveman explanation?
  2. Assalam Alaikum, I've recently joined an institution where I've been asked to create title graphics depicting the imams and prophet. You may have seen such images on social media. I've attahed an image as an example. Does anyone know what software is used to create such images and what other soptions we have to create such images? Thanks much in advance, Wassalam, Bint e Hussain
  3. Butterflies, everywhere for you guys! :) Enjoy and admire the beauty of my dear Lord ÓÈÍÇäå æ ÊÚÇáì This one is sun bathing I guess.. Butterfly showing me some love And again :D I can see 8 butterflies here, how many can you? Trying to 'blend in' A majestic shot I love the designs of this one; very artistic, I see the night sky with stars, planets, clouds and the moon altogether :wub: What can you see? :) All these pictures are taken by me through my iPhone 4S' amazing camera. (Not bragging but I love my phone :angel:) I posted them at 'Your Own Captured Photos' thread as well and couldn't resist of making a thread out of this, since I loved all these butterfly pictures so much :D
  4. http://iranianfacebook.com/category/photography-Ú˜ÇÓí/
  5. From central Cairo you take the ringroad towards the north of the city, towards the town of al-Marg. The road heads towards Alexandria. You get off at the junction for al-Marg (it is signposted). As you come off the sliproad the railway station for New al-Marg should be directly in front of you. So you can only go left or right. You go left and pass the railway buildings. The railway tracks will be to your right and they run parallel to the road for some distance. You go straight for about 20 minutes. The shrine is a white building on your right. Any problems - search the net for Bohri Shia organisations in Cairo, their people know the site, speak good English and are helpful. Because of other Bohri pilgrimage sites in Cairo and the fact that one of their leaders is buried outside Malik al Ashtar's shrine means that their people are the main Shia visitors here. Most importantly the locals know the site as the maqam Sheikh al Ajmi. Take a trusted driver and ask him to wait outside. There seem to be very few taxis around. My driver was a bit concerned about the place (it is a poor suburb of Cairo).
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