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Found 25 results

  1. Let’s talk about the similarities between the Sunni and Shia. Bring them closer instead of splitting them even further.
  2. Watching Trump/Netanyahu's live 'Middle East peace plan; what's been dubbed 'The Deal of the century' which is more like the Steal of the century. It looks like they're out on a picnic. The 'deal' itself is pretty delusional to say the least. The ridiculous list detailing it will soon hit news outlets along with the Palestinians' response.
  3. Any human being with a soul should condemn and despise how the IDF treats Palestinians. But just as how we as Muslims know not all of us are barbaric and terrorist like animals, not all Israeli Jews want to kill and slaughter innocent Palestinians and want to control and world through a banking system, (some of you guys think that lol). Besides many American Muslims say free Palestine but live in America which is a gigantic version of Israel, that's hypocrisy. Lets be honest here, the Israeli Jews are going no where I think its time for both sides to sit down and compromise a two state solution. Also Many Palestinian men say on camera "death to the Jews lowest of creation" and many other similar slogans so they're not all that innocent. Also they suicide bomb killing innocent civilians which is absolutely haram. So stop saying death to Israel how would you like it if the Israeli people said on camera "death to Iran the cancer of the world" You guys would be furious and say this and that. So sit down for once and remember, Not all Muslims are terrorists (which is absolutely true) AND not all Israeli Jews want to kill and slaughter Palestinians (which is also absolutely true). Salam to all of you, inshallah there will be peace in the world
  4. Everday i hear different things from both sides but i think as a muslim we have the most strong bond. Please avoid to blame each other and live in peace. Basically i am suni but i respect shia and every other sect in circle of islam and i also have shia as my best friend. Everyone should play his part and love each other i make islam strongest thats the most important thing.
  5. Sunnis...why do you hate us and call us rawafidh? Shias.....why is it so important to prove Sunnis wrong and classify Aisha, Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman as our enemies...? Per my understanding, Imam Ali (as) was never hostile towards Aisha even after the Battle of the Camel and he wasn't hostile towards Abu Bakr and Umar either to avoid dividing muslims. Isn't there an important lesson to take from that? Can't we just agree to disagree? Can't us Shias just continue following the message of the Prophet (pbuh) through ahlulbayt and Sunnis continue to follow Prophet's message through Abu Bakr and Umar... Sunnis...why do you hate us SOO MUCH just because we love ahlulbayt? When will Shias stop getting killed in the Middle East because of this? Will we ever live in peace as muslim brothers and sisters?
  6. It seems Jews, Christians and Muslims are finally at peace with one another. Congratulations to SC management and members for achieving this extraordinary goal. But Jews and Muslims need not worry anyway. It appears the next war will be between two Christian countries - North Korea and what's the other one. Ah yes! I think they call themselves "God's own country.".
  7. These 9 mints describes how peaceful Islam is.
  8. (Bismillah) Salam I don't wanna sound like an atheist but I'm trying to be as critical as I can cuz these questions are holding me back from being a Shia Muslim and I would be so happy if u could answer these questions so that people don't always win me in argues with these questions thank u. 1. Is it true that if u revert or convert away from Islam u will be killed: Quran Quran (4:89) - "They wish that you should reject faith as they reject faith, and then you would be equal; therefore take not to yourselves friends of them, until they emigrate in the way of God; then, if they turn their backs, take them, and slay them wherever you find them; take not to yourselves any one of them as friend or helper." Verse 4:65 says that those who have faith are in "full submission" to Muhammad's teachings. This verse explains what should happen to Muslims who do not have faith. Quran (9:11-12) - "But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then are they your brethren in religion. We detail Our revelations for a people who have knowledge. And if they break their pledges after their treaty (hath been made with you) and assail your religion, then fight the heads of disbelief - Lo! they have no binding oaths - in order that they may desist." Other verses that seem to support the many Hadith that establish the death sentence for apostates are Quran verses 2:217, 9:73-74, 88:21, 5:54, 9:66. Hadith and Sira The most reliable Hadith collection contain numerous accounts of Muhammad and his companions putting people to death for leaving Islam. According to verse4:80 of the Quran: "Those who obey the Messenger obey Allah." Sahih Bukhari (52:260) - "...The Prophet said, 'If somebody (a Muslim) discards his religion, kill him.' " Sahih Bukhari (83:37) - "Allah's Apostle never killed anyone except in one of the following three situations: (1) A person who killed somebody unjustly, was killed (in Qisas,) (2) a married person who committed illegal sexual intercourse and (3) a man who fought against Allah and His Apostle and deserted Islam and became an apostate." Sahih Bukhari (84:57) - [In the words of] "Allah's Apostle, 'Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.'" Sahih Bukhari (89:271) - A man who embraces Islam, then reverts to Judaism is to be killed according to "the verdict of Allah and his apostle." Sahih Bukhari (84:58) - "There was a fettered man beside Abu Muisa. Mu'adh asked, 'Who is this (man)?' Abu Muisa said, 'He was a Jew and became a Muslim and then reverted back to Judaism.' Then Abu Muisa requested Mu'adh to sit down but Mu'adh said, 'I will not sit down till he has been killed. This is the judgment of Allah and His Apostle (for such cases) and repeated it thrice.' Then Abu Musa ordered that the man be killed, and he was killed. Abu Musa added, 'Then we discussed the night prayers'" 2. Why is Shiism the right sect when we hit our selfs for Imam Hussein wen hurting yourself is haram and hitting yourself on the chest makes health issues worse. And did the imams or prophet tell us to hit each other or slice each other up and tawasul is haram right u can only pray to Allah or else it's haram in the beginning of the Quran it says worship Allah alone only him and there is no verse supporting to say ya ali or ya Hussein why can't we say ya Allah or ya Muhammad rasolallah why do we put more focus on the imams and not as much to the prophet. If you answer to these questions and it make sense and with sources I will convert to Shia Islam 3. Is the Darwin theory true? Or Adam and Eve can any of it be true and how. 4. It's haram to take over other countries and take their land like tha caliphs did right and if the prophet allowed it is their any proof and why was it to have power is this the pure Islam? 5. We shouldn't be visiting Imams shrines no I mean like puttinggg gold around it it's haram right and also people talk with the imams why isn't this haram and some imams say that the Quran is not the right version. And they focus so much on Imam Hussein and hit them selves why is it ok if u don't do that? Extra questions why are the Middle East contries back is it cuz of o freedom like the sharia law why do people that don't Belive in Islam have to follow our rules and don't u think thoose rules were good for 1400 years ago, why do we have marjas? thank u so much brothers and sisters Allah hafiz
  9. Salam all Who is your enemy, if anyone? Who do you hate? Who do you feel is less than human? And what can you do to become friends with this person or people in this group?
  10. Have you noticed google's logo? http://heavy.com/news/2017/03/doodle-4-google-sarah-harrison-winner-connecticut-artist-a-peaceful-future-photos/
  11. How can you obtain world domination. How can you destroye the evil satanic sect? What does it require? I have talked with many freemasons. Most of them are good charitable people. But I have heard that when they reach their last level, they become part of the 'Elite'. They are obligated to do some actions that they might dont like doing.
  12. Alsalamu Alaykum Islam is the religion of reasoning and logic, and advocates peace, cooperation, and sensible development of everything including greenery and agriculture for betterment of human life. Thus Islam achieves its objectives through reasoning, logic, and guiding people towards higher morals and loftier values. The main objective of Islam is that truth and righteousness should be upheld at all times, given their proper status, and that people should live freely and benefit from their “natural rights”. For over one thousand four hundred years now, Islam, the universal religion for all mankind for all times that reached its perfection with the mission of the Last and Greatest of Divine Messengers, Prophet Mohammad (SAWA), has like a spring of pure and fresh flowing water, quenched the thirst of the God-seeking and justice-seeking peoples of the world. Its message is against oppression, injustice and inequity, whilst providing a comforting shelter to all those who are poor and oppressed, showering mercy and forgiveness upon them. Islam is proud of the fact that Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) invited and attracted different peoples from all walks of life to Islam, through friendship, cordiality, and good manners and exemplary morals. The Holy Qur’an says if it was anything other than this, that is, if the Prophet would not have possessed these egalitarian qualities, then people would not have been attracted towards him. Islam has the distinction that as the most comprehensive and complete of all messages revealed by God, it puts a great deal of emphasis on respecting human dignity, respecting individual freedoms and respecting the “high status of human beings”. It is the religion which, even when faced with hostility, urges Muslims to perform good deeds and be kind, so that their sworn enemies become ashamed of receiving so much kindness, and turn into friends. How can such a religion condone or approve the vile a barbaric crimes of a group who pretend to be Muslims? Again, in the Holy Qur’an in ayah 94 of Surah Nisa, Almighty God tells us that even on the battlefield when you are offered peace do not dampen the hearts of such persons by saying: ‘You are not a believer.’ This ayah means to say that if someone claims to be a Muslim, his life and property should be respected, and no one has the right to cause a loss to someone, using an unjustified pretext or excuse. All the aforementioned examples tell us that Islam is the religion which is totally against violence and intimidation. But sadly, we see that deviant groups, such as Takfiris, Wahhabis, and Salafis, under the false slogan of following the Sunnah of the Prophet, commit the most heinous of murders -- murdering persons who far from being a non-believers or apostates, are true Muslims. Persons who have dedicated their life to Islam and to the Holy Qur’an are murdered in the most brutal manner. Where in the history of Islam do we come across the Prophet treating even apostates and non-believers in such a way? Sadly the actions of deviant groups such as the Wahhabbis, Salafis, and Takfiris, provide the perfect opportunity to the enemies of Islam to try to disfigure the face of Islam. The crimes and acts of violence committed by these groups are well-known. Members of these deviant groups, who are in no way Muslims, have committed acts of violence which have marred the image of Islam. This is why some naïve non-Muslims have begun to associate Islam with violence. Salafis have become tools in the hands of Zionists and the Americans. Perhaps we should be asking whether the Salafis, or for that matter members of other deviant groups such as Wahhabis and Takfiris, have read ayah 32 of Surah Ma’edah, where God Almighty says: “…whoever kills a soul, without [its being guilty of] manslaughter or corruption on the earth, is as though he had killed all mankind, and whoever saves a life is as though he had saved all mankind.” Almighty God in ayah 199 of Surah A’raaf tells Muslims: “Adopt [a policy of] excusing [the faults of people], bid what is right, and turn away from the ignorant.” Also in ayah 13 of Surah Mae’dah, the Lord says: “They pervert words from their meanings, and have forgotten a part of what they were reminded. You will not cease to learn of some of their treachery, excepting a few of them. Yet excuse them and forbear. Indeed Allah loves the virtuous.” As it is clear, each one of these ayahs proves the kindness, forgiveness and magnanimity of Islam, and is an indication of this basic truth: “Islam invites us towards righteousness based upon logic and reason, and Islam avoids violence of all kinds”. Therefore peace and friendship in Islam is strongly linked to the identity of Islam, and it is also linked to Islam’s view of the world and Islam’s view of human beings. Islam has a world mission, and the message of Islam is for all of humanity and for the entire world. In fact, Islam’s final objective is for divine values to be established and adhered to in the entire world. It is for this reason that an Islamic government should feel responsible for all the Muslims of the world, and for all the poor and underprivileged peoples of the world. Read more about peace in Islam into; http://www.imamreza.net/eng/imamreza.php?id=11356
  13. First and foremost I would like to thank the moderators and contributors of shia chat.com for making this website exist and the way it is now. If not for the knowledge of this website I would not only be lost religiously, but morally. This is something that will always be appreciated. Special thanks to : @LeftCoastMom and @Christianlady for their continous respect, @placid for his knowledge, @shiaman14 for his confidence, @zainabamy for her patience, @Tawheed313 for his ultimatum of a unison and respect in schools of religion, And of course.... @DigitalUmmah for his humour. And all other men and women of shia chat who have contributed to this blessed site in a positive manner. Thank you.
  14. Salam, I'm a student of a University where there is a Hindu bully who disrespects other fellows (those who do not disrespect infront of the bully, portrayed as cowards). I myself is a peace loving person and wouldn't engage myself in any abuse or fight. What should I do, I mean I too have a reputation among others but that bully always ask me absurd question to disrespect me and Now the actual problem is: That person has taken one of my belonging that I forgot somewhere. He then approached me and said that I have to give him a treat so that he could return his belonging. Its been days and he is not giving my thing back. I have planned to take his belonging tomorrow which would probably lead to a fight because he has much ego in his heart. Now, what should I do? I want some suggestions from Islamic point of view supported by verses to calm me down and change my perspectives. Its pay back time, enough is enough. Thanks.
  15. http://www.aimislam.com/justice-peace-and-prophet-muhammad/
  16. Islam has a beautification that it always inculcates in Minds swiftly rather than impose Forcefully. Islam and Islamic preachings could be understandable through the soft words and only only peace loving minds can convey the Message of Islam in real terms. Islamic teachings always works at every individual indiscriminately because it is an religion of Nature(we are much Familiar with day to day Life). Allah Only creates peace loving minds among us and we deliberately generates violence and ultimate face consequences. O Muslims please try to understand that Allah Creates Iron for us(peace need to this external world and inner body as well) and we make knife from that creation(still peace for meaningful purpose) and above all we use that knife for violence. Islam always Negates Violence in every aspect. Muhammad (PBUH) never uses such kind of policy that if someone does not pay attention towards your mindset than demolish it instantly(In early days of Islam) than how can we use force in such advanced World where all realities gradually enlightening upon all Muslims and Non Muslims swiftly. If we use force in negative terms for the sake of spreading of (so-called your Islamic way) than Whole System of Allah Almighty will be disturb and we would responsible for such violence ------------Message To Islamic Extremists Organizations In World (indiscriminately) ---Words of One of the Speeches of Ayatollah Aqeel-Ul--Gharavi
  17. News and everything else on the Peaceful Movement in Bahrain and the oppression of the people of Bahrain. Please post here everything concerning the oppression of Bahraini people and their Peaceful Movement for human rights. Activist says Bahrain sentences 50 for suspected links to militant group Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/activist-bahrain-sentences-50-for-suspected-links-to-militant-group/2013/09/29/b8afa0f2-28f6-11e3-b141-298f46539716_story.html
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pi9zKM5wotM Please do share for the cause of Hussain (a.s)
  19. Four Candles were talking to each other: Candle-1: I am Peace, no one needs me, and it went off. Candle-2: I am Faith, no body believes in me, and it went off. Candle-3: I am Love, no body care for me, and it went off. Candle-4: I can Light the other 3, because I am Hope and I last forever. Life is tough, sometimes impossible to live, but never lose hope. I wish that your Candle of Hope lights all your Other Candles and keep them glowing.
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFgo9UfGlTw I have created this video with regards to recent events by disgusting 'muslims' in UK (woolwich attackers). I have a dream that this video will be shared throughout many different racial and religious communities all in hope to keep the true message of Islam protected. Please take 3 minutes of your time to view, like and share the video with your friends. May Allah be with you.
  21. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-21823243
  22. slam Alikom, Watch the sharing of roses at California State University Muslim students commemorating the birthday of Prophet of Mohammed (pbuh&f) in campus. by passing more than 1.000 white and red roses to the public. feel free to spread the word for the sake of Ahlulbayt (a.s)
  23. Sayyed Abass Al-Musawi, the former Secretary General of Hezbollah, explains how peace must not be begged for from America or anyone else, and that peace usually cannot be achieved from others in this way.
  24. If you want proof Mslmanyt, Muslims make sense! What is different is in America or Asia, in Europe or in Africa Yashd. The Muslim knows that Islam is a long time to break boundaries and always has been beyond human geography. Apparently wait for Muslimsto "FAO "They should call it the Red Crescent and the International Famine victims to hear start to move 2 million people are struggling with the death of those, 8 million more in the cache and still fighting famine have left over decorations Msjdman or to have the green light for the month of Ramadan, which towers high over our heads! I'm afraid of how theMuslim call for peace messenger hears that "any course of one night's sleep and his neighbor is hungry, not Muslim," but sleep?
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