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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 7 results

  1. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim As-Salamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu Who else is religiously-inclined, but has been born into a less-than-religious family? Those of us who have been face a unique set of challenges which our brothers and sisters blessed with virtuous families do not. At the same time, our experiences differ from, but can certainly find inspiration in, those of reverts. InshaAllah we will all pass such Divine tests with patience and wisdom. Does anyone, at any stage of life, currently have a similar experience? Inshallah we can all benefit from knowing the experiences of brothers and sisters who were born in less-than-religious families. Wa salam
  2. A quick search of thread topics yielded the following results: 529 threads on Mutah 334 threads on Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام) 56 threads on Patience 46 Threads on Akhlaq 17 threads on Piety And only 11 threads on Discipline! It certainly serves as a reminder for us to examine our priorities from time to time.
  3. I feel I'm not ambitious enough about financial growth. I just don't get winded up about it. Even though I need to get settled ASAP, pronto to turn my 3 year old nikkah into a marriage (rukhsati). But even apart from the marriage pre and post expenses. I want to get settled. I just fear the entire job/gig/work searching process and just can't get myself to do it. I see people starting with whatever comes their way and eventually landing some good job. And I just sit and wait for something 'perfect' and 'optimal' to come my way.... . Please suggest some al-Islam pdf content or personal advice for me to get excited about getting financially ambitious and eventually settled.... . I say financially ambitious because otherwise I like to study, keep myself up to date, keep my deen in place...
  4. Guest


    salam alaykum! When i was a child I got abused by my father. He used to abuse my mother and siblings too. sometimes he would just leave me and my family for a long time, like a half year. He would go to our homeland, iraq. After some time we decided to move there. We lived there a year and then moved back. Time passed, he changed. He's not abusing me anymore. Not long time ago my brother started to abuse me. One time he even wanted too kill my mother, i know its crazy. He was out of he's mind. My mom did forgive him. But now we moved back to iraq. I really don't want to live here but i want a change. I used to pray but not all the time, its on and off. I was in a really dark place. No one was there for me not even my mother. Whenever I would tell her in tears that I'm feeling sad and she'd say "you are so unthankful go away". But after the years passed i started to sin. I lost my faith. I believed in Allah SWT of course but I wasn't really righteous or so. I've been suffering a lot. But after all this time I started to pray. I've become more righteous. But the thing is my mother, she always says something or does something to push me away. I'm so tired. I'm really trying to be good with her. I admit i'm not the perfect child. i have my mistakes. but It feels like she doesn't even love me, seriously. I feel very unloved in my family. Its not like i've been the devil or so hahah. I'm understanding to my parents, i don't get them upset, i don't get angry at them unlike my brother. He has never been understanding he has just been a huge pain in the ass but still they love him more. I'm not jealous i just want to know why? have i done something to make them hate me? whenever i ask them they say that they love me even more than my brother. I know its a lie, I'm not a fool. I'm just tired not having anyone by my side. and now when i've moved to iraq it just made things worse. I really want to move back. I'm just so tired, I'm exhausted. Seriously i wouldn't mind if someone would kill me and that makes me sick, because i should be grateful for breathing. I'm really trying to have patience. When i didn't pray i was really depressed and i felt empty but now I pray but still i feel exhausted but not depressed. Not like before. What should i do? can i even do anything? Is Allah trying to test my patience?
  5. The Wife of Imam Khomeini Imam Khomeini's wife, Khanum Khadija Thaqafi, was from a very religious family. She was born in Tehran in 1913. Her late father, Ayatollah Mirza Mohammad Thaqafi, was one of the great scholars of his time and was a student of the grand Ayatullah Hae'rri Yazdi. Imam Khomeini's wife was very intelligent, and showed great interest in pursuing her studies. Imam Khomeini taught her Arabic. She was also very good at poetry. They had eight children: three sons and five daughters. Three of their children died during their childhood. Imam Khomeini's children helped their father to achieve his goals. The Imam's wife brought her children up very well. She made sure that the children respected their father and provided an environment which allowed her children and the Imam to excel in every aspect. In return, Imam Khomeini himself insisted that his children respect their mother and made sure the children looked up to her. Thus the children had their utmost respect for both their parents and made sure that they served their parents well. Apart from respecting his wife, Imam Khomeini also loved his wife very much and always expressed his affection towards her. Their love for one another was admired by friends and family. The Imam's wife was a real and sincere religious woman. She would never lie and talk bad of anyone. She always liked to do good deeds and helped people in whatever way she could. She was a very wise and patient woman and endured many difficulties. That is why Imam Khomeini respected her a lot. At home, Khanum Khadija provided a peaceful and stress-free environment for Imam Khomeini when the movements against the Pahlavi regime began in 1962. When Imam Khomeini was arrested and sentenced to death in 1963, his wife showed great tolerance and their home became a place where many concerned people visited. The Imam's wife portrayed strength which in turn gave strength to the people. After Imam Khomeini was released from prison and was detained in the Qeytariah area of Tehran, a new period of patience and struggle began. Khanum Khadija moved to Tehran to be with her husband, who was under house arrest. This was a huge boost to the Imam's morale. When the Imam was freed and went back to Qum, large crowds of people and scholars came to visit him. Respecting all the imam's guests, treating them in an honourable way, and making sure they were all served with tea, was a difficult job but was managed perfectly by the Imam's wife. The events which took place in 1964, like Imam Khomeini's famous speech regarding capitulation, the sudden attack on the Imam's house during the night, the Imam and Hajj Agha Mustafa's arrest and deportation, and having no news of the Imam, could have only been endured by a truly patient and courageous woman such as Khanum Khadija. Khanum Khadija accompanied her husband when he was taken to Iraq. She left behind her family and her children to be near her husband. She felt very lonely and missed home but never mentioned it to the Imam. She bore everything patiently. In Najaf, Khanum Khadija had a great relationship with the wives of scholars such as the wives of Ayatollah Khui and Shaheed al-Sadr. Thus the scholars of Najaf were very impressed by both the Imam and his wife. Agha Mustafa's martyrdom while they were in exile, was a very bitter and sorrowful experience for the Imam and his wife. When the revolution was finally over, Khanum Khadija's sorrow increased, as her son was not there to witness this great success. After the revolution, Imam Khomeini's wife provided a calm and suitable environment for the people interested in visiting Imam Khomeini at his home. She cooked simple food for the Imam who was given strict orders from the doctor to abstain from having certain ingredients. Khanum Khadija knew that she wasn't only a host to family and friends, therefore she received anyone who wanted to see Imam Khomeini and his family at their home. Her hospitality was famous among people in Qum, Najaf and Tehran. After 60 years of marriage, Imam Khomeini passed away. She bore all the difficulties patiently. The loss of her son was indeed a tragedy, but later she also lost ten more members of her family, such as her son-in-law, mother, father, sister and brother. During the later years of her life, Khanum Khadija still managed her time and chose when the family should travel, when to receive guests and when to visit family and friends. The last seven months of her life, were difficult as she was very sick. However she never complained or showed that she was in pain. Finally in 2007 she passed away and was buried near the Imam. https://www.facebook.com/enlightening.inspirations telegram.me/enlightening.inspiration
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