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Found 17 results

  1. https://english.alarabiya.net/amp/News/middle-east/2022/09/16/Iranian-woman-beaten-by-police-for-not-wearing-hijab-dies-after-coma Utterly disgusting.
  2. Anyone from UAE deported or knows someone still detained because there are still detained for no reason and held in hell solitary cell, kindly update others it will help families Kindly update some details
  3. What is your view on Ahmed Shah Massoud ("The Lion of Panjshir")? Was he involved in killings of innocent Hazara Shias?
  4. Do you people even pay heed on what's going on in the world? Or are you busy with tiktok, instagram, facebook, video games, football games, or kardashian show? Your rights are being taken away day by day since the start of pandemic, people are literally being thrown into concentration camps, kids are being bribed to take the vaccine without parental consent, your movements are being restricted. Do you even pay heed on what's going on? unvaccinated are being treated like they have aerosol HIV. Have you not seen the massive protest taking place all over the world? Why are muslim, shia muslims who talk about justice and being against oppression every year not raised a single finger on this issue? This issue is not about whether vaccine is good or bad, it's about your human rights! Have this plandemic made you blind to your human rights? The way the state has built an enemy profile for unvaccinated is no better than the way nazi treated the jews. These nazis were also ordinary men, but progressively some of them turned into monsters. This is what will happen with the state, progressively they will take away all your rights. This is just the beginning. Say goodbye to raising your family as shia, these individuals are not profitable for the state. Enjoy what your religion says, but don't raise a finger against oppression, unless it's sided with the oppressors. - Modern day muslims. The same people that says they are followers of ahlul bayt, but blind to the oppression of the oppressors. How will you choose side during the return of your imam, when your state will build an enemy profile for him. How will you do it, when you can't even do it now! My god! open your eyes before you go fully blind.
  5. Is Bullying people or someone considered a form of persecution or oppression?
  6. Has anyone heard anything about this?? I refuse to use Apple products for different reasons, but this is a great reason as to why I will never give Apple another blessed cent ever again. Absolutely horrible, but figures considering that Apple is an SJW company and they're almost always complete hypocrites. https://www.businessinsider.com/apple-forced-uighur-labor-iphone-factory-2020-3
  7. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته What are the 100% legitimate charities that donate most if not all of the money they gain to their cause that are run by our Shia brothers and sisters, or others for matters such as the Yemen Crisis, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Kashmir, Palestine, and any other matter. JazakAllah Kheir.
  8. as salaam alakim! I read some where that bullying is a form of individual oppression. What do the Shia say about this?
  9. Movie on Qafila e Karbala the Caravan of Pride Full movie(Urdu with Eng sub): https://youtu.be/4_tLhsJMh-A The saviour of mankind|BISKIT: https://youtu.be/PrH4ojZuItg
  10. Erdogan has just recently arrested over 20 journalists and editors from a major newspaper (Cumhuriyet, left wing), and over a dozen lawmakers from the Kurdish party (HDP) in Turkish parliament, including the two party leaders selahattin demirtas, and figen yuksekdag, and turkish government has just shut down facebook, twitter, and whatsapp across the country, and shut down internet in the southeast (kurdish region), and said he would extend the emergency law for a year, while the Turkish economy crumbles and protests are being put down violently with tear gas and water cannons......he has fired 110,000 civil servants since the failed coup, shut down dozens of media outlets, fired 1/3 of the military's top command, fired and arrested thousands of judges, teachers, health care workers, professors, and union workers.......how will he be stopped? i know despairing of the mercy of Allah is a major sin, but i have begun to....
  11. The world we are living in is orphan, the master of our world was forced to hide, and his reappearance time is unknown, the consequence is terrible, watch this video below to remember the existence of people who beg for what we are throwing out. If you don't have access to youtube due to filtering, you can watch it on Aparat using this link: http://www.aparat.com/v/a590N
  12. Salam Alaykum encountering some Muslims (either Shia or Sunni) and their attitude, and also observing my own attitude sometimes, I have discovered something that is very common among us. this common practice is based on a universal rule: it is always easier to blame and criticize humble people. here's the observation: there's this poor family who have been attacked and humiliated by people from upper class in the society, since the attack, the father could not do anything but to continue his endless efforts to hold together the family, he tries so hard to provide for the family, there are children of this family, the son grows up, goes to school, sees a lot of well-educated, neatly clothed children, very civilized behavior ..., these are the children of that upper class who did injustice to the father of the family, but the son does not know all this, it was for a long time ago, suddenly he has a very deep inferiority complex, he can't tell them anything they are better than him in every aspect, the son comes back home, sees his parents and starts criticizing his parents because they were losers, and they are the cause for him being inferior at the school. the son has made some very good friendships with those well-civilized children and sees everything they have as perfect, likewise, he sees all the problems as being produced because of his parents thus he is always confrontational with them, but inferior and humble toward the civilized children. his parents love him (they did all they did for their children and the family to stay together) but now the son is lost and no matter whatever his parents do, he has taken a direction which only distances him from the family. so in this way, the family remains there as secondary, a third world country, that has lost all his children to the civilized world. this has been the rule throughout all history, there were people who wouldn't see the main tyrant of the time and would be like a mouse toward the main tyrant, but were very brave in criticizing the infallible Imams (as). so don't forget, it is always easier to criticize and blame the oppressed people or the humble leader.
  13. News and everything else on the Peaceful Movement in Bahrain and the oppression of the people of Bahrain. Please post here everything concerning the oppression of Bahraini people and their Peaceful Movement for human rights. Activist says Bahrain sentences 50 for suspected links to militant group Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/activist-bahrain-sentences-50-for-suspected-links-to-militant-group/2013/09/29/b8afa0f2-28f6-11e3-b141-298f46539716_story.html
  14. (salam) I wrote this when the Pakistan massacres were finally 'advertised' by the Western media. Thought I'd share. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) spoke: “If people only knew what brilliant result lies in seeking knowledge, they would have definitely sought it, even by shedding the blood of their hearts, and plunging into the depth of oceans.” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some say Hussain is ours; trying to hold on to him dearly, like he’s their child, segregation, "He only came for this nation." I ask you: "Who did Muhammad come for?" Read and focus your minds, digest with intent, then analyse human-kind, Don’t sit there and pretend that you’re blind, Don’t let them tell you different, I don’t need to educate; it’s as easy as one plus one, See, they are trying to corrupt his message, But we know, we know he came for humanity, Forget sects, forget division, just do the mathematics and revision, Revise the world, realise oppression then revive his intention, It was bound to happen, Brainwashed and indoctrinated, them targeting the sheep: the knowledge less, the brainless, and inhumane, So called muslims fighting in the way of holiness, calling it jihad – insane? Sit down, and silence yourself. Go open any page from the book of mercy, It can’t hurt, but you fear your own ego ignorantly, Knowledge is power, so why the illiteracy? Yes, the window behind the curtain is another matter, A movement to destroy his path, his sacrifice, Forever attempting to wipe out names from history, But no man, no society can erase his story, So don’t become puppets, Like those muppets who flew the planes and bombed the trains, -Lesson: Eradicate ignorance and you eradicate their obstinance- Beat them with the mind, not with the hand, Become the eye of certainty, Currently, though, we are stuck within their university, Learning the currency of hope, hope meaning vanity, inhumanity, Insanity, absurdity it’s an outright fallacy, Just like the news painting its own picture, For surely media is a tool, agendas are formed and tested, Then unto us are they persisted, Do you really think 9/11 is alone? Free free Palestine, Chanted around the globe, Coverage is not only on the television, but also in our hearts, Excelling to win their freedom at any cost, never giving in, so they are never lost, Praise be to the all mighty, Stand we must, and stand we do, but -Listen closely now 49:13 - Oh mankind! We created you from a single of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other- Prejudice arising again, reminiscent of the times of ignorance, There ain’t no place for racism here, God doesn’t care about your colour, just be sincere, So, those that stood for Palestine I salute you, And just as you all got up for Palestine, you got up for Iraq, and for Bahrain, May God bless you. However, your intention is weak if you pick and choose, Faith doesn’t dictate oppression, evil does, So why sit back down when there is always a cause? If it isn’t in the news, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there, it just hasn’t been told, There isn’t anything for them if it is to be sold, Let me hit you with some truth, but don’t be scared please, don’t stay aloof, One hundred dead, gone, scattered, bodies like lead, The month is January, but that doesn’t need to be said, Can someone tell me the name of this place? Or does it need to be read? 7/7, 9/11, is this not enough for a 1/13? Sorry, are they not human? You forgot to mention that this is the show of Truman, Those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, This is Pakistan. Now learn Quetta, it’ll leave a crater in your hearts equator, Hazaris oppressed for years upon years, Yet the leaders all puppets strung tightly, but acting all politely, Friends of evil discussing behind doors, not even closed, but we decide to not walk in, When will we learn? History repeating over and over, You’d think by now we’d have found a four leaf clover, -Wise words: “We all want change, be that change”- Time is short, so stand and keep marching, Lift your pen, lift your pen and keep writing, If not with our bodies then with our words, if not with our words then with our hearts, All the while they mourn and brave the cold, and I’m not talking just weather, Sit outside your embassies, write to your governments, sign petitions, make videos, just write on some paper, Don’t, don’t just sit there and do nothing, do you not see the pictures? View your graves and think of yourselves as slaves, For nothing differentiates except good grades, Not in French, or English, But the heavens language, I don’t mean to go on but you all step on the same sand, Yeah we come from different lands, but we ain’t from different strands, We all want him, the saviour, but Allah wants our behaviour, Did you not read? He helps those who help themselves, So fix up and don’t just look above, be above, Brothers and sisters, there are those who can’t even mention love, For the divine ones they die, still they never lie, Just as Hasans treaty was broken, time and time again, The same is for our time; the laws have been choking, Don’t you think it’s enough? If you stood for Palestine, Bahrain, Iraq, Pakistan, then stand for all the oppressed, For he stood in the face of oppression and cut off its ugly head. -Now tell me? What did Hussain stand for?- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "If the people wish for a passage out of darkness, set them afire for you have the power."
  15. BREAKING NEWS: SAUDI PROTESTS Report: Saudi protesters capture army vehicle in Qatif Qatif police attack Saudis, kill several Saudi regime forces in the eastern city of Qatif (File Photo) Saudi police have fired live bullets at anti-government demonstrators protesting the death of a teenage boy in the city of Qatif, killing several mourners inclucing a nine-year-old girl. Activists say regime forces attacked protesters with artillery fire and machineguns in the city on Monday, adding that soldiers are conducting house to house searches . Thousands of Saudi demonstrators were mourning the 19-year-old Nasser al-Mahishi, who was killed by regime forces, when they were attacked. Mourners also chanted slogans against the US-backed Al Saud royal family. Mahishi was shot by regime forces late on Sunday while walking down a street in Qatif with his friends. He succumbed to his wounds on Monday. Similar anti-government protest also took place in the nearby town of Awamiyah, where protesters burned tires and blocked main roads. There were no reports of police violence there. Tension has been high in the province after Riyadh decided to increase its troop presence in the region in a bid to quash anti-government protest there. Saudi Arabia's east has been the scene of anti-government protests over the past months with demonstrators demanding human rights reform, freedom of expression and the release of political prisoners. Saudi protesters are regularly met with live rounds and tear gas, which has left dozens of demonstrators injured. Since the beginning of anti-government rallies in the region hundreds of activists have also been arrested. PressTv
  16. 'Saudi Arabia enemy of Muslim world' - Press TV News The leader of the Houthi movement in Yemen says Saudi Arabia is an enemy to the entire Muslim world, accusing the Kingdom of creating hatred and hostility, Press TV reports. Mohamed Badreddin al-Houthi said in an interview with Press TV that Saudi Arabia is “an enemy to all the free people of the world, including non-Muslims.” “It manufactures terrorism and an ideology that divides the people, divides Muslims, creates hatred and hostility,” Houthi added. The Yemeni figure, who is the brother of the late leader of the movement, Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi, further explained that in 2009 the Saudis “bribed the tribal leaders within the Houthi movement into favoring the Salafi-Wahabi ideology” so that they can control the border region between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, especially the northwestern city of Sa'ada. In 2009, clashes broke out between the Houthi fighters and Saudi forces along the common border between the two countries. The Houthis accused Saudi Arabia of supporting the Yemeni government in attacks against them. Houthi pointed out that the Saudi regime “would spend hundreds of thousands if not millions” to achieve its goals. Hussein al-Houthi and a number of his men were killed in an attack launched by Yemeni government forces in an area close to the border with the Kingdom in September 2004. Yemeni dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh has repeatedly claimed that if he hands over power, Yemen would be divided into multiple states. Mohamed al-Houthi, however, said the Yemeni nation “cannot be separated,” adding that the most important thing for the movement is “how to serve this nation, our Ummah, how to protect our morals and religious principles.” “We want dignity and independence. We will not accept continuation of Saleh scenario. We had enough during the 33 years [of his rule]. We cannot be fooled again,” Houthi said. Saleh, who was injured in an attack on the presidential palace in June, returned to Yemen on September 23 after receiving treatment in Saudi Arabia. Demonstrators in Yemen have been holding protests against the US-backed Saleh regime since late January, demanding the trial of the Yemeni dictator for the brutal crackdown on the popular uprising. According to local reports, hundreds of Yemenis have been killed and thousands more have been injured since the onset of the popular uprising in the country.
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