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Found 9 results

  1. 1. I have been experiencing extreme doubts whilst performing ghusl, and would perform it a minimum of 4 times in a row, spending hours in the shower trying to make sure I do it right. I would be too concerned with touching things, making them najis then this devoid my ghusl. For example the shower walls, the shower head (its detachable so I take it off the wall when washing my body and neck during ghusl), etc. Eventually I'm satisfied. 2. But then doubts kick in later again, when im finally out and done, for example I feel some sort of movement feeling in my private part, I check to look for any discharge, there is none, not even a drop, except the moisture which is found within the urethra. I still get a tissue, put it inside to dry that moisture off. Now I am left thinking if its necessary to perform ghusl again, despite having it done it numerous times, hours and hours in the shower on the same day. Does no.2 require me to perform ghusl again? I'm too afraid to pass it off as nothing. I'm genuinely worried I'm developing OCD disorder and it's making me physically and emotionally drained, I could cry right now.. I don't know what to do, and I'm constantly trying to wash the impurities off of me, my hands even when there's nothing to wash off. Kind regards A troubled youth..
  2. I know the method of doing Istibra after relieving myself. It might sound gross but I'll describe it anyway. First after urinating, one pulls upwards thrice from the anus to the scrotum with the middle finger of the left hand. Then by placing the left forefinger on the top and the thumb below the penis, squeeze from the root to the tip. And then press the tip thrice. But here's the problem. The first part where we pull upwards thrice from anus to scrotum, it is hard for me to do somehow and as a result it has become an obsession and I end up taking more than half an hour in the washroom. Can I just skip this part and do the squeezing part??? I have OCD by the way.
  3. Dear Brother and Sisters, Assalamu Alaikum. InshAllah all is well. (For this thread, it would be preferable that no one else post until the thread is finished. InshAllah when I finish, anyone is open to comment). Unfortunately, waswasa or OCD is a growing issue in our communities which can leave many on the brink of harming themselves. It is important that we know what can be done say we ever fall into its trap, having a solid plan of action is a crucial factor in creating a long-term healing plan and ultimately, using this obstacle as a learning experience. Understanding that waswasa or the whispers comes from the shaitaan as a means to prevent one from performing their wajibat is among the weapons he will use to take us off the path of the Ahlulbayt (عليه السلام). It is vital for the one suffering from waswasa realise that the whispers are nothing more than a distraction, the shaitaan is an open enemy and so anything from him is evil, Chapter 35 Verse 6, "Indeed Shaitaan is a enemy to you; so take him as an enemy. He only invites his party to be among the companions of the blaze". The Qur'an is telling us to take the shaitaan as an enemy and in turn anything from the shaitaan must be avoided, including the evil thoughts the shaitaan puts in our minds. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Waswasa in salat; There are many steps that can be taken to resolve waswasa in salat, but in order to heal we must not give up. Know that this process will take time but it requires dedication and strong will, something that will be developed over the course of this obstacle. There are many situations where someone may be overwhelmed with whispers, understanding the islamic rulings from your respective marjas is crucial and must be done to overcome waswasa. According to Sayed Ali Sistani there are twenty-three types of doubts in prayers; eight of these invalidate prayers, six of them must be dismissed, and nine are valid. (https://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2239/) Doubts that invalidate prayers; https://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2240/ (For the sake of the keeping this post short, I will give a link to the relevant islamic rulings instead of copying and pasting everything here). Doubts that must be dismissed; https://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2241/ Doubts that are valid; https://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2242/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For this post, I want to target those who excessively doubts in salat. There are many techniques which can performed to reduce the amount of doubts one has. Some of the techniques include; Praying with someone else. If I'm someone who constantly doubts whether they are in this rak'ah or another or if they performed this act or not, praying with someone will alleviate these doubts because if praying in congregation, the Imam is going through the salat and he has the responsibility regarding the salat and so you are given the chance to focus more on what you are saying rather than doubting. If this cannot be done, have someone watch you instead. Ask them to watch you pray whilst ignoring any doubts that come, after the salat ask whomever is watching you if everything was done correctly. If they tell you everything is correct then that should help you realise that the doubts are nothing more than a distraction and that you should not consider them. Online there are turbah counters that can be purchased which count the number of sajdahs someone makes and some are more advanced than others which also indicate what rak'ah your on. However these should not be relied on entirely because you want to develop the ability to trust in yourself and not rely on the counter. This should only be used as a means to build up your confidence. https://www.shiabooks.com.au/products/rakaat-counter-turbah-mohr-sajad. Finally, if you're an excessive doubter, these doubts must be dismissed because it will have negative effects in the long-term. I know it is hard to ignore them but this is a must. Brother @Zainuu in one of his posts shared a video that is really helpful in strengthening your ability to dismiss these thoughts. https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235069048-psychological-warfare-still-continues-in-prayer-nothing/?do=findComment&comment=3324363. Undergoing this mediation process will inshAllah give you the ability to control where your mind goes giving you control. InshAllah next, I will try to discuss methods regarding people who are overcome with evil thoughts and what they should do to solve it. Wasalam.
  4. Salam o alaikum people, this is my story, and I need urgent help. I am a boy, a boy who was not a firm follower of Islam, but after watching some documentaries on Ayatollah Behjat, I decided to transform myself to a better human and decided not to sin for forty days. And believe me a person who never prayed salat, was now performing nafils along with tahajjud every night without commiting any sin (in my opinion). Till 28 days passed, I felt my spirituality going up to a new level, I never experienced before. But, on the 29 day, a very satanic thought regarding Ahlebait (عليه السلام) came to my mind which I could not stop and due to those thoughts due to depression I was not able to perform any good deeds because whenever I tried to go to a mosque or a majlis, I would experience these satanic thoughts, and from two years from that date, I am still suffering from that obsessed thought. Please help me, I am very worried about losing my faith and my love to Ahlebait (عليه السلام). My mental situations matches the one written in this link: https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235055158-religious-obsessive-compulsive-disorder/ For God sake please help me.
  5. Isalam, my name is Ali and I’m a 15 year old boy. I live in America but I grew up in Lebanon. Recently I wrote another discussion about my OCD and I got help and I’m very great full but now I have another burden and I would greatly appreciate if someone can help. So basically I live in America and you know how America it’s full of non-believers. In my school the women are not dressed probably and I don’t want to look at them because it’s haram, so I end up looking down All the time which causes me neck problems. Now I don’t if this me being over the top but if it is then it’s because of my OCD. And when I try to look up I see the women from the corner of my eye and I think I’m a kafir again and I start to ask Allah( The Greatest ) for forgiveness. Can you please help me because this is a real issue. And when I’m at home it’s the same thing. If I look at my sister I start getting these or my mom. So I end getting in these weird postures which hurt my body. I get in these weird postures to try to block my vision. Someone told me to stay steadfast but I don’t know what that means. Also I would greatly appreciate if someone could tell me if it’s haram to look at a church. Like I said before I live in America and my school has a church next to it. I sometimes find my self looking in its direction and thinking about which then instantly I think I’m a kafir and I ask Allah for forgiveness. If someone can please help please please and thank I you.
  6. Asalam Alaukm My name is Ali and I’m a 15 year old boy. I try my hardest to be a good Muslim and worship Allah as much as I can. I just recently started to be a full time Muslim ( what I mean by that is that I used to do haram things and think badly about Allah) astguforolah. Recently I have been educating my self about Islam and have started to know more about it which increases my love for it. However I have OCD and I learned that OCD comes from the Waswas and that the waswas tells you well whispers to you and makes you do stuff that are haram however I know you are supposed to ignore and seek refuge in Allah. But my main point of why I’m writing this is that I keep getting these thoughts and they are killing me. There bad stuff about Allah, I don’t know if I can talk about them, I don’t know if it’s haram to describe them. However these thoughts come and keep coming the more I resist them. Ever-time they come I ask Allah for forgiveness but even sometimes I don’t feel as if Allah excepted them because of my OCD I constantly keep repeating them and it’s made my life a burden and filled with frustration. And on top of that they make me not to be able to focus in school and I start acting wierd in school like blocking my vision from seeing other women because when I look at a women I start getting bad thoughts or I feel as if I’m a Kafir because my school is right next to a church because I live in America. Ever-time I feel like I’m thinking of the church looking at or just point at it I feel as if I’m a kafir and ask Allah for forgiveness which again because of my OCD is a challenge. I don’t know the difference between what is haram and what is not and when I thinks something that I did is not haram I get these thoughts in the back of my head telling me I’m a kafir and if I don’t ask Allah for forgiveness I am doomed. Also I’m sorry for saying this but I have been beginning to not enjoy salat anymore. Please please help me and I thank you in advance. Salam Alaykum
  7. Okay so I think I seriously have OCD, not to the level where I want to kill myself to end the misery but its bad enough to take most of my mental space. First the basics, every time I sit to pee, I feel like its splashing on my under thigh, the area thats exposed underneath while sitting. and since I feel splashes, I end up doing a lot of washing every time I pee, the front the back the everything. And even though its distressing At least I feel clean at the end of it. Currently I live in Pakistan so we have ample of water in the toilets and proper drainage to avoid flooding in the toilets. But I will be going to the UK for studies and these privileges wont be enjoyed there... and since I was wondering I need to find a way to be able to use the public toilets there without causing a flood, I had an idea this morning. I was just trying it out... so I decided I'll pee while standing, I threw some tissue paper in the seat and I kinda aimed at it so it absorbs the urine, and then I'll flush it out no splashes, minimal washing(as I said I think I have OCD). So when I was at it, it kinda felt like i had splashes of my left leg, now I wasn't sure if there were actual splashes or my mind playing games on me because I was watching very closely as the pee went in the pot and I didn't see any splashes, so I ran my hand on my leg to feel for wetness, I didn't feel anything and I kind smelt my hand later, no odour either. At that time I didn't want to leave the place unclean so I practically showered and washed the floor and all. Now for the sensible side in me; first of all I have a theory, I think my mind just plays games on me and there aren't any splashes, either while sitting OR when i was standing, cause I have tried sitting and not peeing and I still feel some thing on my lower thigh (At this point I realise I sound totally looney) my theory is that since I take my pants off the hair on my legs kinda adjust to being not in pants and thats what feels like splashes... but I don't know how to be sure. And I know the rules regarding doubts are, that when you are not sure that something's gotten najis, ignore the doubt. How am I supposed to do this when the outcome of not washing everything are seemingly disastrous. Please, please, please help.
  8. Assalamualaikum, Last month, my fiance keep on having this involuntary thoughts about religion. He will keep questioning himself "why non muslims are born that way", "isnt it unfair for them to born that way and believe that way" and recently, he asked me "how people living in the forest able to perform their islamic duties." Previously, he ever encountered this before twice, but his able to overcome them by leaving prayers. According to him, everytime he perform prayers, it will hit him 3 times harder- the thoughts and his whole body will aches and he can't concentrate on his prayers. Previously he did seek help from various ustaz regarding his condition, but similarly nothing works and causing him more pain. Last month when he encountered this again, he told me. Most probably Allah is angry with him as previously he gets better without praying, as if he had forgotten about Him. True fact his not because he was too phobia with the thoughts and pain. He can't even stepped out of the house and continue his daily life because its hitting him harder than before. And till today, he continue praying and seek guidance but similarly, he can't concentrate with his prayers. I did came across a post saying that "a person with this constant waswas condition, he should't be constantly praying, and perform any extra worship but only the wajib prayers." isit true?
  9. So I was wondering can intrusive thoughts appear in your dreams continuously? If so where does that fall into all the spiritual aspects of dreams told to us about the Ahlulbayt (a.s) and the Quran? Would they considered muddled dreams? If so, then what does it mean when it appears at Fajr?
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