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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 5 results

  1. Asalamalekum, If someone takes a Oath, Vow (Kasam) in the state of Anger, is the Oath valid or invalid? Can you please quote the Ayatollah who's answer your referring to. Thanks!
  2. Salam. My friend and I are debating whether Kaffarah fasting counts in Ramadan. Basically, if a person breaks an oath, and is not able to: free a slave / feed sixty poor / etc. just as Ramadan is arriving, then do his 3 consecutive fasts count? Regardless of Ramadan fasts being wajib/compulsory?
  3. I am giving a talk on the miss use of swering an oath. so many children have got into the habit of swearing to Allah when they are trying to convince someone they are right.ie:- in Urdu they use the word kasmi, and say things like " kasmi I did'nt do it" or" Allah kasmi I did'nt". this habit is not good and I am looking for some ruleings or hadiths on this matter that I can use. can you help?
  4. (salam) I know somebody who made an Oath with his hand on the Qur'an to refrain from doing something makrooh. I re-call somebody saying that the phrase "Allahu Alaya" has to be said to validate a Nidr, he's wondering if this principle also applies to the type of oath he has taken? Maraj3a take quite a long time to reply sometimes, which is why I posted it here... JazakAllah in advance. :)
  5. (salam) Whilst I've been in the company of fellow muslims, I observed that many Muslims have made a habit of swearing by god and making each other swear by god to prove they're truthful. There is actually a prohibition on Oath taking. The sad thing is, Muslims use the Glorious name of Allah (swt) for the stupidest, most insignificant things. Here is a model conversation about how petty a conversation can be but the Glorious name of Allah (swt) is used. Person 1 "man i beat a guy 6-1 on Fifa yesterday! Person 2 " :o say wallah! Person 1 "wallah man i owned him! I'm not even exaggerating when i say thats how people use Allah (swt)'s name. Here is a quran ayah regarding Oath Taking. "Do not make Allah an obstacle, through your oaths, to being pious and godwary, and to bringing about concord between people" Here is a hadith about this ayah: Imam Jaffar Sadiq (as) said "Do not take oath by Allah whether you are TRUTHFUL or LYING, for verily He says "Do not make Allah an obstacle, through your oaths" Imam Al Sadiq (as) has commanded that we don't take oaths by God. Danger of Making Oaths continuously If you take oaths continuously, it will become a habit, and habits are instant reactions. If you accustom yourself to say "wallah" or "Allah ne kusme" after every sentence, sooner or later you're going to be joking around and next thing you know you've just said something stupid like "Wallah I'll hit you" or "Wallah I'll beat you at FIFA" or "Wallah I was on TV". even though you may be joking around, the hardcore fact is you've just taken a false oath, or are in the danger of taking a false oath. It is narrated in thawab al a'mal that Allah (swt) said "I will not grant My mercy to he who takes false oaths" that is probably the BIGGEST punishment you can possibly think of!! We're all sinful and we're in need of Allah (swt)'s mercy, to have it withdrawn in throwing ourselves into hell fire! The Prophet (saws) said "beware of taking false oaths for verily they leave the houses empty of their tenants" Imam Al-Sadiq (as) said "Whoever takes an oath knowing that he is lying, has surely waged WAR with Allah (swt)" Imam al-Sadiq (as) said "Lying under a false oath brings about poverty for the heir" Do these hadiths not outline the Danger of making false oaths? if it becomes a habit, you'll surely make a false oath sooner or later. Solution if it has become a habit if it has become a habit, then the only solution i can think of is carefully think before you speak, and with time it'll become habit not to say it. InshaAllah we are all protected from Swearing by Allah (swt) (wasalam)
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