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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. Is this true ? Someone said this to my friend.
  2. Guest

    Taharat in office lavatory

    Salaam, I live in non-muslim Country and sometimes there are issues with taharat. One such thing I face is when I have to pee. All other guys just stand and deliver while I have to go inside a closed wall English commode and do the job. First of all it's embarrassing everytime you're going inside because people generally think you have diarrhea but we Muslims need to sit and pee and most importantly do taharat with water. The thing is even if you visit toilet everytime how do you make toilet seat tahir. I have tried with water but it just messes the floor and one of the sweeper asked me (politely) not to do that because he has to clean things every now and then (and I understand that). I'm sure you guys might have faced similar issues. Any ideas Thank you.
  3. Salams My understanding is that Sunni Muslims do not permit giving Zakat to non-Muslims.[Source: Link]. However, Al-Mawrid Foundation [Sunni] and its fellows generally tend to present different narratives on many matters including this one. Their video on this topic is as per below. In comparison, I wanted to learn the traditional Shia view. What have the Ahl-ul-bayt taught regarding giving zakat to non-Muslims? Is there a difference of opinions among Shia scholars? Is there a difference between modern and classic rulings? etc. @Ibn al-Hassan @Qa'im
  4. Muslims as well as non-Muslims admire and quote their ideas and beliefs regarding the attributes and personality of our third Imam, Imam Hussain (a.s). During his time, there was the ruling of the Muawiya and Yazid, insisting upon their followers to deviate from the teachings of Islam and to give confirmation upon the modifications made by them in the true Islam. Imam Hussain (a.s) was also threatened, but he continued to walk on the path of Islam and kept fulfilling his responsibilities as an Imam of Shias. Imam Hussain (a.s) all across the globe is recognized due to his acquaintance, faithfulness, liberality and sacrifice. Read More : https://goo.gl/vuU88X
  5. Do good non-Muslims get sent to hell? First. We must clarify who do we mean by the word 'non-Muslims'? The term 'non-Muslims' includes many groups of people such as 'the people of the book' i.e. the Jews, the Christians, the other adherents of the pre-Islamic heavenly-sent religions, pagans, atheists, disbelievers and etc. Second. To have a methodical and systematic treatment of the issue, the question must be addressed from two different angles: A) 'confessional' and B) 'non-confessional'. By the word confessional I mean from religious [Islamic] point of view and by the word 'non-confessional' a purely 'rational' perspective. Third. Non-Muslims cannot be called ‘good’ if they abide by their own hereditary dogmas and show no flexibility towards the truth. Good non-Muslims should be beautified with the actual qualities. Fourth. To tackle the very question from a non-confessional perspective, we can argue that a wise man has always the will and intention to live a prosperous life, even if he restricts the realm of life to the earthly one. To win a prosperous life, all necessary means and measures must be taken. Theoretically talking, an important part of his worldly prosperity rests on intellectual harmony he should enjoy while explaining the world, the purpose of his life and his status after death. He who -committed to no monotheistic values- lacks a coherent system of beliefs on the purpose of his life in this world and his status in the hereafter, will not be able to experience the sweet taste of success and joyful moments; because the darkness of doubt, sheer ambiguity and pure uncertainty about the aftermath can cause him aggravating pain. To avoid such disturbing thoughts, everyone is expected to conduct reliable researches on the validity or invalidity of propositions pertaining to the afterlife. Finall, a rational agent can never remain indifferent to his destiny particularly if he gives the probability that his destiny might be of a fatal kind. Fifth. To treat the issue from a confessional perspective, to a Muslim it is clear that since Allah is the Creator, Benefactor and Possessor of all, and All-Aware of everyone's intentions and actions, He has the existential power and legitimate authority to put conditions for every one's salvation. According to His final say sent to the prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his progeny), only those who meet the two conditions of observing sincere 'faith' and carrying out 'virtuous deeds' will win eternal paradise. Indeed, Allah, the All-Wise, has not meant by the word ‘Muslims’ those who are nominal Muslims. Only the real Muslims whose actions translate their thoughts in the concrete world, will be granted salvation. Those who hold Muslim names and identities but their true interior beliefs are not reflected in the exterior world, will be deprived of a happy life in the hereafter. The true practicing Muslims who absolutely surrender their intentions and actions to Allah, will be awarded or granted eternal paradise. Non-Muslims can follow the suit. The conclusion: What Allah, the Almighty, hates most is his creatures' blatant ingratitude (Chapter al-Isra/ 67,89; Chapter al-Furqan/ 50) and their stubbornness and obstinacy in abiding by sheer falsehood (Chapter Yonus/ 33). Those non-Muslims who find the truth and again defy their Lords' commands obstinately, should wait the grave consequences of their actions and the choices they make. Those non-Muslims who have not found the truth altogether, or are deeply involved in polemic doubts or are in their ways to find the truth in coming days, will not be sent to hell; because Allah, the All-Wise, will act in accordance with the implications of His attributes of absolute justice and mercy. As such, the people of the book will win eternal salvation on condition that they remain committed to their true religious worldview and act upon their religious-moral principles. May Allah, the Compassionate, bless us all a happy life in this world and a happier life in the hereafter. References: 1. The Quran.
  6. Dear All, Thanks to Almighty Allah that we're followers of Bab-ul-ilm and we don't accept thing blindly and illogically. This question is concerning me since long time that Islam is a religion for all Mankind, it's message of Peace, Love, harmony and kindness is for whole humanity. Lives of Prophets and Imams are full of Kindness towards Muslims and Non-Muslims but the same religion orders us to keep ourselves away from wet hands of Non-Muslims because they're Najis. It's the decision of Almight that he were born in Muslim (Shia) family and that makes me 'Pak' and a same person born in a Non-muslim family is Najis. This is indigestible for me. Please advise me.
  7. Of all my Christian friends there are 2 (as far as I am aware) that practise Christianity. Both of these two friends of mine never really used to be religious, in fact if I am not mistaken one was an atheist and the other was either an atheist or a non practising Christian. But they both share in common the fact that they both either witnessed or were part of a miracle which brought them to Christianity. The first of my friends (who was an atheist if I am not mistaken) was in a fight some years ago when he was seriously injured and survived. He felt God was watching over him and since then he has bettered himself and become Christian. He looked into Islam but says he wasn't convinced, which is why he turned to Christianity. My other friends father was actually deaf in one ear and this (according to doctors) was a permanent disability. Nevertheless this one day, maybe 2-3 years after having become deaf, he was visited by two travelling Christians (my friend explained them to me as these miracle working Christians who travel the world but I'm not too sure about these particular details) who prayed for him. The following day he was healed. My friend tells me the doctors were baffled but you know how atheist doctors are, whether it be a miracle in Christianity or Islam, or any other religion, it will always be be mother natures way of being kind, or some other atheist gibberish :P Now I've been thinking about this myself and I was trying to think of a reasonable explanation as to why God would lead them to Christianity instead of Islam, especially as both are convinced in Gods existence but I can't come to a conclusion. At the end of the day Allah knows best but it always nags me how its Christians who witness miracles. In fact thats really whats kept my first friend to remain faithful, he tells me he witnesses miracles every now and again at Church. But surely if these miracles were performed in the name of Islam we would have MANY MANY more followers...? P.S. In case you're wondering, I am not asking this question because I am losing faith faith in Islam, I'm just questioning why it seems other religions are being supported by God?
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