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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 13 results

  1. Bismehe Ta3ala, Assalam Alikum. On the commemoration of the 40th of Imam Hussain 3la salam I would like to share with you all Hajj Mahmoud Karimi. Below are four nohays and one majlis 3za2. All have english subtitles. If you are going to watch majlis 3za2 make sure the tissues are near. I am Dying for You This is an eulogy about the tragedy of Karbala recited by Haaj Mahmood Karimi in which he relates the greatness of this tragedy upon Lady Zainab -s- who was taken as a prisoner along with the rest of the women and paraded in the streets of Kufa and Shaam. Until Qiyamat its Me by Your Side - Haaj Mahmood Karimi This is an eulogy recited by Haaj Mahmood Karimi in which he talks about the love for Aba Abdillah al-Husayn [a] and the desire to visit Karbala. Forty Days, Everyday, a Thousand Times I Died - Mercy! Pleads Zainab - Haaj Karimi - 10 Muharram 1432 Auliaa Pearl - Haaj Mahmood Karimi This is an eulogy recited by Haaj Mahmood Karimi on the occasion of Fatimiyyah. The days of Fatimiyyah are days which mark the martyrdom of Lady Fatima -s- , the daughter of the Prophet [p]. It is in Farsi with english subtitles and the presentation done by Zainab.tv M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah [Mod Note: Removed line-through or strike-through fonts.
  2. [MOD NOTE: This topic was created many years ago to promote individual blogs of ShiaChat members on other websites. For blogs at ShiaChat go here: ShiaChat.com Blogs] Salaamz After reading sister Zareen's post from another thread Here I decided someone should start the thread I shall be the first! :!!!: So here is my blog at blogspot: Click Here! I also have an MSN blog, which has my photography on it. There is a link to my MSN blog from my blogspot blog. Now I primarily use blogspot If you go there, LEAVE COMMENTS or else! :mad: I like to see comments Take care, ma'Salaama
  3. Salaaam Alaykum, So I have a SoundCloud for my fav latmiyah for Farsi, Arabic and Urdu. InshaAllah i might even go for a premium account in the future and let me know how they are For Arabic and Farsi - click below For Urdu - click below THANK YOU AND TAKE CARE YA'LL
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/175243826182886/search/?query=muhammad jahanzaib
  5. Assalam o alekum, I heard many nohas in my childhood, when we had a cassette player. Now i dont find them on internet. kindly if any one knows kindly post link(s). Unfortunately, I don't remember - Jab hukme rihaai zalim k zindan se paaey gi Zenab(s.a) - Sajjad tujh pe teri taqdeer ro rhi he. - Sajjad bhi roay Zenab bhi, bazar mn Ghazi yad aya.
  6. Salam aleikum brothers and sisters, Can someone translate this wonderful noha into English? My farsi is not so good so I would be really greatfull! May Allah give you the best of this world and the next… Ameen
  7. AoA, i need noha writeup for "Shah ast Hussain (a.s)" by " Syed Muqadas Kazmi" in punjabi. link is given below http://www.shiatv.net/video/6219138eed6daa4beee0 Jazak-Allah
  8. Assalaamalaikum http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sVir1F_ihGA The month of Moharram is not very far,only two months less than two actually.So I am posting these linksfor those who wan't to prepare in advance,going for ziyarat or just reading nohay in local imambargah,may it help. Thank you.
  9. Salam alaykum to all, I was hoping someone can find or write me the lyrics (kalam) for the nawha 'Ya Kareema' by Shahid Baltistani. The nawha is from his 2008 album. I'd do it myself, however i cant understand some of the words. Thanks in advance
  10. Salam, Does anyone know where I can get these lyrics from? For aye karbala tere daman mein dasitan hai koi. I'm not sure who is it by. It's an urdu noha. Thanks
  11. (salam) Treachery Repeating In Kufa (English) Treachery repeating in Kufa In the place where Ali had been slain Karbala your seeds are sown. 1) Kufans you wrote to Hussain inviting him to come and guide you Muslim went there with young sons, his mission of peace and friendliness Allegiances pledged to Hussain, your faith waivered and was bought away Karbala your seeds are sown. Treachery repeating in Kufa… 2) When the prayer finished in Kufa, Muslim glanced back at the crowd At the start it was heaving, now it is so empty Treacherous people where are you? The ones who wrote to Husayn Karbala your seeds are sown. Treachery repeating in Kufa… 3) Hani host of Muslim was found, and was beheaded Muslim now you too they found, in no time you’re chained and bound Muhammad, Ibrahim your sons also martyred in Kufa Karbala your seeds are sown. Treachery repeating in Kufa… 4) What now is your final wish, Ziad asks Muslim as he dies But Muslim until the last, tries to warn Imam of the treachery But Ziad ignores your pleas, and Hussain sets out for Kufa Karbala your seeds are sown. Treachery repeating in Kufa… Karbala, Karbala, Karbala (x2) Treachery plays on in Karbala, started by those in Kufa Karbala the tragedy. 5) Al-Atash became a frequent cry, the deserts heat unbearable Sakina told the tent to rest, my Uncle Abbas will bring us water Fell Abbas down from the horse, with no hands to protect his fall Karbala the tragedy. Treachery plays on in Karbala… 6) Kufans now what have you caused, Akbar resembled the Prophet Tense with thirst he asked Husayn, a drop of water would take me far On the battlefield he had no fear, but he was struck down by a spear Karbala the tragedy. Treachery plays on in Karbala… 7) When Imam called out for help in grief, Asghar shook his cradle A six month child suffered the thirst, can you spare him some water None would quench the infant’s thirst, Hurmala gave him an arrow Karbala the tragedy. Treachery plays on in Karbala… 8) Over seventy-two close friends and kin, had gone and never returned I am the grandson of the Prophet, you have seen him hold me high What have we done to be massacred, do you not have any conscience? Karbala the tragedy. Treachery plays on in Karbala…
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