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Found 4 results

  1. im depressed and although not fully suicidal, but feel like i cant live like this anymore, away from muslim community, no women for marriage or mutah,no social life,no friends, isolated in an jinn infested apatment ducked off from everywhere, its depressing, i feel like jumping out my window! i want to get a house car and job, my parents baby me andtreat me like a child everytime i tell them somethingthey think im delusional or pretend it, what should i do?
  2. In the past couple of days I have decided to become closer to Allah and went back to praying and making dua, and doing research about Islam. But honestly I don’t know why this has just made me more miserable and scared. I feel like im doomed in hell forever, im so scared of sinning and making mistakes that I sometimes wish I can die as fast as possible so I avoid drifting from the right path. I still don’t know much about Islam cause I spent al my life avoiding it cause I knew the more I learnt the more I will havw fear grow in my heart instead of iman and happiness One of the main things im struggling with is not understanding why certain things are haram and have big punishments to them, for example I can’t seem to understand why listening to music will cause someone to suffer in hell for eternity?? people say it makes people not remember Allah but can’t that be said about other things like reading,watching movies,hanging out with friends, doing sports?? as long as im not harming myself or anyone around me and im still praying,fasting,reading Qur'an and remembering Allah then why would Allah who is most merciful cause me such severe punishment. Im just so scared of being a bad Muslim and ending up in hell, im even scared of having kids in the future because im scared I might accidentally lead them on the wrong path. please help me get over this anxiety, its causing me to just cry and pity myself instead of studying and helping my parents and hanging out with my friends
  3. Hello sir we are three brothers and two sisters and we sale our fathers property so please guide us with what average this amount should be share among all of us as per fiqa e jafria
  4. Salam Ya Ali Madad, My sister's friend who was a Fillipino christian converted to Islam about a week ago after witnessing a dream wherein she saw someone adding her name to the list of Muslims in a Book and was told that her name is Zohra Fatima. The next day she started observing Hijab at work and became popular among her muslim colleagues. Unfortunately, some wahabis at work invited her to their mosque and are now teaching her wahabism. She asked my sister to help her understand Islam and my sister asked me to help her. I have never dealt with such a situation before. She needs to be taught basics and is to be treated as a child. So I started reading threads pinned on this forum but I think that they are not suitable for someone who is currently trapped by wahabbis. If I say anything about ahlulbayth a.s. the wahabis are gonna brainwash her. So, I request my brothers and sisters to give me a step by step guide which is suitable for children and people who are not good at English (any fillipino shia can also help) and it should be written in such a way that it is not too long and should not be a cause for wahabbis to jump all over her beliefs. I can ask her to hide the matter but cannot ask her to stop going to the wahabi mosque because she may doubt me to be wrong if I say they are wrong in the first instance. Kindly share consice posts which I will give to her at the rate of One small article per day so she gets a overall picture of Islam. Ya Ali Madad
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