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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 2 results

  1. Today on the internet there are many websites and youtube channels in all world languages set up spesificly to attack shiism in the most unfair and violent ways.In those website you can find unbelievable false accusations about our beliefs,insults towards the ahlulbait(as) especially the 12th imam and many disgusting lies,out of context phrases from our books,misrepresenations of our leaders etc. While there have been effort to counter these from the shii side these have always been in the form of DEFENCE in the sense that sites such as al-islam and others put the emphasis on defending our beliefs and practises by presenting evidence from the holy quran and sunnah of the prophet. Now,the best form of defence is actually offence,we need to be on the offence and i believe on shiachat we have many talented people who can help carry out a project in which the shia would be on the offence against the nasibi devils. I think we should begin by establishing a youtube channel because the people are generally lazy and most of them wont bother to read a logical argument. What we need: 1.Arabic and English speakers who can make translations 2.People who can make youtube videos 3.Content editors knowledgable in theology,jurisprudence and the holy qoran If you have any suggestions please present them. Please devote yourselves to this noble cause of defending islam and aal-muhammad they were abused when they were alive by devils now their souls are being cursed by these devils if we do not stand against them like Hussein did on the 10th of muharram, believe me no one will !
  2. Asalamu alaikum; You might remember me back here when I stated that I became a Shiatul Ali and left mainstream Islam. Well, my parents have become some sort of problem now. My parents have become.. Nasibis. They hate the name Ali, Fatimah, Hassan and Hussain. They try as hard as they can to brainwash me back into mainstream Islam. My mom went as far as saying that the 12 Imams never existed and it was all made up. My dad is still insisting on Ibn Saba. I've not mentioned anything about being a Shia to them, yet, they always bring that topic up. As if they were trying to make me confess. Masha'Allah I've been praying for their hidayah and I just hope they stop doing these kind of things.
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