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Found 23 results

  1. So I want to change my ringtone to try and ease my anxiety around answering my phone, but don't know what to change it to. Does anyone have any suggestions of nasheeds etc I could use? Preferably not something with heavy beats like Nadeem Sarwar though eh? I do have this one track but I don't know the name of the tune. Has a lot of 'doo-doo-doo-doo' in the background, clapping and an almost yoodle doodle vocal accompaniment. Oh and the lead says Ya Ali... Anyone know the title and artist before I start sounding like the Arab from Phonejacker?
  2. Salam, Would appreciate if any person who knows Arabic could be willing to write the Arabic lyrics to this nasheed:
  3. Amade donya yousofe zahra آمده دنیا یوسف زهرا
  4. Salamun Alykum Dear Brothers and Sisters. Youtube has got great collection of Iranian Nasheeds and Nauhes recited by very very good reciters MashaAllah but sadly 99% of them don't have captions in English. Can any Iranian brother/sister take up this task to make English subs of 2 videos each week.. It'll be a great benefit for all of us who don't know Persian but want to listen and most importantly understand those Nasheeds & Latmiyaas. Please anyone to volunteer??
  5. Salam my dear brothers and sisters, I just thought I would take this opportunity to share with you a beautiful new Ramadan nasheed. If you like it then share it with family and friends. It's in Arabic but with English translations. I wish you all a happy and blessed ramadan.
  6. loving this beautiful video, wish to the name of the nasheed. can anyone find the name of this?
  7. Hello! I REALLY need help finding this Nasheed, does anybody know what Nasheed this is? https://ok.ru/video/86764161556
  8. Salam, I thought that we should share our "Hezbollah" specific nasheeds here and so I have uploaded my list of nasheeds which I often listen to awake myself. Lets see, here's the list, it includes farsi, urdu nasheeds and nasheeds related to Imam-e-Zamana a.s. 1. Hezbollah Nasheeds Allah o Akbar (Resistance)America in FearArzak Ya LebanonGhaleb (dedicated to Ghaleb 'The martyred')Illal Majdi Ayya ShababHussain is our leaderJamarat ur Raad (My fav)La La Lysa HezbollahLabbaik Ya Zainab s.aMoqawema (Awesome!)Nara Bismillah Something Arabic (Its hard to understand)Nasrel Arab (Most popular)Qadr NasraTaib Lubnana AlayanaYa Wadalah Ya NasrallahYa Zainab s.a!2. Urdu Nasheeds Shetan-e-Buzurg America l.aAhle Aqee ka MehwarAy MAA mujhyBehr-e-Ilmo-AgahiChal parho azadi-e-baitul muqaddasJo Karbala ka Aarif haTm hussaini ho to apna sabak yaad karoKhoon-e-Nahak k talabgaar3. Imam-e-Zaman Nasheeds Allah muje lashkare Mehdi a.s (Urdu)Birth of Mahdi a.s (Iranian clapping)Feel lonelyInni Araaaaaaa :(KidaaraaaMahdi biyaMaste JanamMola MahdiSome song (hard to understand but is great!) Uploaded at Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cgz311wcsad19tm/AAArFHmptCZR5zjPSOP2WsH3a?dl=0 Download all .zip: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8df808fudy8u8r7/Hezbollah.zip?dl=0
  9. as salamu alaikum all. ya ali madad. i just wanted to know where can i get lyrics of such beautiful irani nasheeds/song....they are so beautiful.. if any one knows then please tell where can i find its lyrics.. here are some links thank you
  10. In the name of Allah. Salam. In the meetings such as "Mahfel-e Ins ba Quran", and others, when Iranians listen to the Quran recitations, and during the Islamic Sermons, I believe, at breaks, some groups sing multilingual (Arabic-Persian) islamic nasheeds. Here are some examples to those beautiful songs: "Oh my happiness, my garden, my world and hereafter. Oh God" by Group Noor Different version: "Oh Prophet. Peace be upon you" Most Beautiful Names: Glorified are You: Ya Muhammad: Ya Ali:
  11. Iranian singer Hamed Zamani's new single, on Palestine and other oppressed nations. "WE KILL" http://www.nasrtv.com/modules/video/singlefile.php?lid=10981 [it contains music, so if you think it is haram, please avoid it and also avoid commenting on its "im"permissibility. Thank you.]
  12. In the name of God. Salam. Here you can listen to the nasheed in Turkish: http://www.islamidavet.com/muzik/dosyalar/mp3/4-4.mp3 Lyrics in Turkish: http://www.islamidavet.com/muzik/biz-nurluyuz-imanliyiz/hak-asigi-hizbullahiz/ sorry for my poor translation: Lovers of Haqq/God, we are, Hizbullah Coming from the assembly of Alast [referring to Quran; 7:172],We bowed down to our Lord,We are loved by the angels,Lovers of Haqq [the truth, God], we are, Hizbullah. We are peaceful with the creations,We strive as in a race of virtues,We fight against taghuts,Speakers of the truth, we are, Hizbullah. With tears running down from the cheeks,With a head filled with light,And, against the bullets, we fightwith stones, we are, Hizbullah. We don't befriend the infidels,We can not be fooled by their tricks,We don't believe in (the words of) sinners,The ones whose hearts are awake, we are, Hizbullah. We please the Creator,Morality is our motto,And to glorify Haqq,we destroy polytheism. We are, Hizbullah. The pioneers of the pious,The symbols of the gentles,The enemies of the opressors,And the passionate lovers of Haqq, we are, Hizbullah. We are always self-sacrificing in jihad,For victory we are hopeful,We are sacrifices to Allah,Spreading lights, we are, Hizbullah. We are Abrahams, we break idols,Just like Moses, we search for the light,It is us who split the seas,Sacrificing our lives, we are, Hizbullah. With the praise of our Lord,With His beautiful bestowing,And with manifestations of His names,Enchanted, we are, Hizbullah. Martyrdom is our motto,Hossein is our pride,Our lands shall be saved,Givers of glad-tidings, we are, Hizbullah. We are the nation of Muhammad (pbuh&hp),We are the devotees of the light; Ahmad (pbuh&hp),We are the guards of the frontiers,sacrificing our heads, we are, Hizbullah. We sacrificed our lives and the beloveds,We drank from the fountain of Kawthar,Martyrdom is what we always choose,Sacrifices to Haqq, we are, Hizbullah. We are the guests of the martyrs,We are the cure for the barefooted,We are the clear command of Haqq,Bravest in the battlefield, we are, Hizbullah. We are the devotees of the Quran,We are sacrifices to thy true path,We are the smoke of the fire of love,Burning with light, we are, Hizbullah. The Qur'an is our guide,Each one of us worths thousands,The Holy Prophet is our leader,Always alert, we are, Hizbullah.
  13. Multi-lingual Nasheed, Muhammad (s.a.a.) by Hamid Zamani
  14. Bismillah.. Salam.. Enjoy the nasheed, it has English Subtitles.. http://www.islamicinvitationturkey.com/2014/02/11/video-clip-odeqasida-of-islam-islamic-invitation-turkey/
  15. HI All Please share the lyrics of Almout li israel nasheed (in arabic and English) Thanks Jafery
  16. 786 This is a beautiful Salam to Lady Fatima az-Zahra (s.a.) by the late Hazrat Pir Sayyid Naseeruddin Naseer Shah Gilana of Golra Sharif: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Sp1ILLn_8k PaRa hoon dar pe tere misl e kaah Ya Zahra Mile faqeer ko khairaat e jaah Ya Zahra I am lying at your door like straw O Zahra Give this beggar some charity Ya Zahra!
  17. A brother of ours has entered a Nasheed talent contest and requires your kind view and kinder comments on the youtube page. Please click on the link and feast your ears and hearts with his melodious voice.
  18. Salam Alakom, this was written around the time of Imam Hussain (as), Birth the date is in the title :). Today we clap and we celebrate , the birth of our Holy Imam Shout out loud, Hussein! Shout out loud, Hussein! Hussein, Hussein, Hussein, Hussein you sakan ib'Galbi ************************************************************** Hussein you are the one n' only, the only one that's in my heart. Hussein my heart only beats your name, your name is a shining light. You are the Sun that Shine's brightly, your name is written in the night. ************************************************************** O Zahra, today we are in smiles, today we celebrate your son's birth O Zahra, this is a blessed month, we smile for Sajjad, and Abbas Birth Let us all raise our hands & our voices, because your holy household is our life's worth ************************************************************** O’Hussein are my one and only Imam, and all your Shia call out your name O’Hussein you are the air I breath, and your love does not die in vain I hope our love always grows for you, for your celebration today I came ************************************************************** O' Hussien, they call me a Rafidthi, but I'm proud because I love you O' Hussien, you are the path to Heaven, my path only flows towards you Muhammad said O' my Hussien, you are from me, and I am from you ************************************************************** Mountather Al-Karbaleia' Ottawa: 2012/06/19
  19. One of the first Anasheed I have written not perfect but it turned it good when it was recited. Today we celebrate, celebrate, celebrate The birth of our Mahdi, our Mahdi, our Mahdi We smile and clap out loud, for the birth our Mahdi Today we celebrate *** Today, we celebrate the birth of our savior On this blessed day Shaban, we call out your name Your shia, are waiting for you O mahdi reappear All the people and angels, await that blessed day Today we clap and say, clap and say, clap and say Our Mahdi where are you, where are you, where are you We smile and clap out loud, for the birth our Mahdi Today we celebrate *** O Mahdi, today your Mother Zahra is in smiles O Mahdi, your shia are really happy for you O Mahdi, You’re the one and only path to Allah O Mahdi, you are the one and the great successor We love you so much, so much, so much So much until you come, til you come, til you come We smile and clap out loud, for the birth our Mahdi Today we celebrate *** O Imam, your love is instilled in my heart forever O Imam, i will pray everyday for your appearance O Imam, big and small call out your name on this great day O Imam, we all say Ya Mahdi e’jal waliya O Mahdi you’re the one, you’re the one, you’re the one You’re the one we’re waiting, we’re waiting, we’re waiting We smile and clap out loud, for the birth our Mahdi Today we celebrate *** Mountather Haddad Al-Karbalai/Ottawa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT2HBMvzRqQ&feature=plcp
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