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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 13 results

  1. Salam, Im a 18 years old male, I was very ignorant in the matter of tahirat and used to wash hands containing urine once in a tap. And when there was some splashes of urine on my legs, I used to just take the shower, used soaps and ensured my legs were cleaned. But today I got to know that if the body is najis due to urine so one has to wash it atleast two times. So my question is, is my body was najis even after taking shower if I didnt wash my legs two times. Another question is my hands najis if i dont wash it two times, in tap, thou i used to wash it with soap for two times.
  2. As salamu aleikoum, I am just wondering : what if, let's say, you go to the gym and your hands are sweating while you exercise. Since you touch many things with your slightly wet hands, including handles of weight machines used by other people, will the potential najasat be transfered to you ? Of course, we don't know what the faith of people using the machines is. They may be kafir but they may also be ahlul kitab or muslims. But, since I live in an European country, kafirs are not as uncommon and there is a quite high probability that a kafir touched the handles with his wet hands. I would say that there is a probability of at least 90 %, especially since it is unsure whether the machines are cleaned after each day or not. There may be najasat from 2 years ago haha ! Washing hands afterwards is quite easy but if you then touch your hair for example, then you maybe have to wash your hair. And that is quite annoying. Thus, the question is : if you are unsure that a kafir touched something with his wet hands but that there is a high probability that he did, and that you touch the same object with your wet hand, do you have to consider your hand najis ? It's just a question that arose today, while I was at the gym, but I think that knowing the answer could be useful for a lot of other situations.
  3. Salam everyone, Recently I've been incredibly stressed out, more so than I've ever been in my whole life honestly. The problem starts a couple of years ago, when I was incredibly careless about najasat. In a change room, I happened to pee my shorts while they were wet, and being as careless as I was, I put those najis wet shorts in a reusable bag that I used for my swimming clothes. Now, I'm pretty sure I came home and washed my shorts, but I'm unsure about the bag. It's possible that I continued to use the bag without washing it (the most likely option), or I placed it somewhere around the house and it was no longer in use. My problem now is that I'm no longer sure of where that bag is, and whenever my family members use any reusable bag to bring in groceries I feel nauseous thinking it might be that one. There are tons In our house so I can’t be sure. Another question is in terms of ayatollah Sistani's ruling for mutanajjis items, if my shorts are the first mutanajjis item, the bag is the second and that means that whichever future item goes in while wet would become the third and can no longer transmit najasat, right? Please help as I'm very stressed out about prayer and feel completely helpless.
  4. When does the najasat stops transmitting? Is it necessary for the second mutannajis to be dry before it makes an another object 3rd mutannajis? Thanks. May Allah bless you
  5. Salam, if a person’s body become najis because of urine. So how he can pak it under the shower? Is it neccessary to wash one’s body under the shower twice? Or standing under the shower will make our body pak. im not sure whether my shower is qalil or kurr. Thanks
  6. Salam. My slipper got najis with first mutannajis water and then I tried to make it pak under the tap water (not sure whether its qaleel or kurr source), later i realised that slipper soaks little water. So is this water considered najis or pak? how to make my slipper pak again?
  7. Salam, I’m an 18 years old male. Suffering alot because of tahirat issues. I cant concentrate on my studies and as well as cant pray..: In the past, I didn’t pay attention to the taharat. I used to wash my hand once after toilet under the tap. First I washed my hands, then applied soap and then again washed it. So my question is will this be counted as 2 washes or 1 washes? Was my hand pak? Because according to Sistani, it is mandatory to wash twice in order to make your hands pak. Another question is that if i washed my najis hand (because of Urine) once under the tap properly and throughly, without washing it twice, will it be considered pak? And if not then will the najasat transfer to other places i touched them with wet hands. Please help. May Allah bless you
  8. If One's body is mutannajis(متنجس) , and he/she takes a shower (using the shower-head) with qalil water... What is the hukum of the water going down on his/her body: Is it mutannajis thani(متنجس ثاني ) ?? And what is the hukum of the floor that is covered with water, does it become mutannajis thalith(متنجس ثالث ) from the water coming off the body???
  9. Salam.. I used to be very ignorant in past in matter of tahirat. I used to go to toilet and then used to wash my hands from the basin. I used to touch najis hand on the valve of the water. After washing..i used to close the valve without caring that I had touched with najis hands before starting washing. Now my question is everything in my house najis. Pls help me. I've become a patient of OCD. I doubt on everything. On utensils. On my gadgets and everything. Because every time I used to wash my hand from that only basin. Every time my hand would surely touch the najis value... Pls help.
  10. Salam. I am a 19 years old male. I'm suffering from extreme waswaas in the matter of tahirat. Because in the past 5-6 years I used to be in napak state. I was ignorant in tahirat. I didn't pray either. God pls help me. I'm depressed and hopeless these days. I've having doubts on things in my house whether they are pak or najis. I have doubt on things I touched with hands. Pls help. My life is ruining My studies are too affected as well.
  11. As salamu aleikoum, I have a really big, I would say unbearable problem. I was born in a muslim family. However, for a little less than three years, I had doubts about Islam. I can confidently say that I wasn't a muslim during that time. Then, al hamdoulilah, I reverted to Islam. I practiced Islam better than ever for a long time. For a few months however, I realised that I had a serious problem. Since I do taqlid of Ayatollah Sistani, kuffar are considered najis. Therefore, everything I touched with wetness in my house during those two-three years was rendered najis. If I was the only one living there, it wouldn't be hard to clean the whole house. However, we are 6. Therefore, even if I wash myself then clean the whole house, it would be najis again very quickly since other members of my family have touched the same objects that I did when I wasn't a muslim. It means that they themselves became najis and will render najis anything they touch with wetness... The only solution would be for everyone to clean themselves completly and then wash the whole house ! Please, what should I do ? Does anyone have an idea ? My prayers and everything will be void because of that.
  12. Salam Alaikum everyone, I have a question regarding the remove of najasah from an electrical appliance (in my case a phone & a laptop), how would one go around making this pure again without taking out the battery (because it cannot be removed) & risk ruining it? Is it possible to use wet wipes perhaps? Salams. (PS - the Najasah falls into the blood/semen category). Walaykum Asalam.
  13. Okay so Currently I live in Pakistan and here I have the privilege of using a muslim shower to clean myself after I urinate or poo(don't mind my language). One more thing is that I am quite OCD and so I don't think I can cope with under-kurr water to wash myself. I am planning to going to UK for uni soon and although I have a private bathroom I want to keep it dry and be clean without having to use a portable muslim shower. My question is that can I wash myself under the bathing shower directly after urinating? My main issue is that the organ will have essential najasat(perhaps dry) on it and even though the ruling is that water(kurr) that flows during washing the organs is pak as long as it has no foriegn najasat in it. So if I am standing under the shower and water pours on my body and naturally flows down, that water is clean as long as its going out from a drain? Secondly once I am done I leave the shower and turn the tap off some water left behind (since the shower is a bath tub cum shower) is that water pak? P.s. I also plan to do istibra under the shower.
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