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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 5 results

  1. Salaam everyone, I was actually wondering about a Shi'a girls stance on marriage. I mean, I was wondering if say a Shi'a girl says her consent to the marriage 3 times to the niqah, but her niyyah isn't for it, meaning she doesn't actually want to get married to this person, does the marriage still count? If she says yes outwardly, but no niyyah inside to say yes, and doesn't want to, but is being forced to say yes? Especially in the case that the girl does not plan to have any "relations" with this person after the forced marriage anyway. Btw, for that, say if the marriage is valid, is it necessary for the girl to do acts of marriage with this person? Or if she doesn't want to she doesn't have to? I would appreciate any rulings or any information that could be found on this. Jazakallah & FiAmanAllah
  2. Hi there, Quick question, does it matter who says the Mutaa words for example, would it be okay if I say the begenning and she says I accept? As I feel the beginning is too complicated for her as she doesnt speak Arabic, thanks
  3. Hi guys, Before I knew about mutaa properly I was the type of guy to go to the streets of London and manage to speak to any female (Starting as Complete strangers) and lead the situation into a relationship. This turned into a passion of mine then an addiction. As far as I understand now and have fully woken up this is harram because these females had intentions of permanent marriage and I just wanted a good time leading to her heart getting broken and me feeling bad at the end, People tell me to get married but I always saw marriage as a prison with 1 female in my life rather than a life where you can walk down the street and pick a female and do the same thing the next day with another female having multiple choices and never getting bored. I believe Mutaa is used when both people agree for a temporary marriage which I think is common in Muslim countries but not in London where I live, If you say to a female in London I want a temporary marriage with you she will think you are mad and run away as she wants a relationship to last forever, With this addiction I have, what do I do? Thank you I am happy to hear any answers
  4. An important question a person should ask himself before approaching someone to propose for Mutaa Marriage is what is my Drive... Your Drives could be 1- Having Sex and fulfilling your sexual desire 2- Fearing Commiting sins like adultery or masturbation 3- An emotional need to communicate with the opposite sex 4- An intention to know the other party better before permanent marriage 5- Achieving a better emotional balance after being over occupied for hours and days with sexual thoughts 6- Satisfying the need of the other partner who happens to be in serious need of a mutaa relationship 7- A desire to change partners motivated by lust to have new sexual experiences 8- True attraction to the other party, and to need to have a legitimate relationship to express, discuss and decide where the attraction would lead to Many drives could be noted here.... However, it is essential to ask an important question? Where is Allah closer to my Drive? Am i driven by lust or love of Allah? Is my approach and drive morally correct when weight by my heart? Is my ego controlling my drive or is it something closer to morals and ethics? These questions are important noting that wisdom does not claim that every halal is to be performed.....
  5. Sallam In regards to Mutah, am I within my rights to ask him to tell his parents that he is going to be in a temporary marriage with me? jazakallah
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