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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 2 results

  1. Salam Alekum, I am honored to officially announce registration for Heavenly Match @ Muslim Congress 2016 in Dearborn, MI, USA. Muslim Congress 2016 Promo Video In order to participate, you must first Register on Heavenly Match (takes a few minutes) Info and Registration Then Register for the Conference (takes another few minutes) Register for the Conferece When you register, it will ask you, 'Will you be participating in Heavenly Match ? " Say 'Yes'. That's it. Then when you get to the conference, look for the Heavenly Match sessions on the conference schedule and attend Information on the Sessions. Process. Step 1. There will be a big room with probably hundreds of brothers and sisters. (seated on opposite sides of the room). They will all wear badges with numbers. The moderator will go to each side and ask brothers and then sisters to stand up and give their name and maybe a short question (you will not be able to talk for more than one minutes, obviously given the size). Step 2: Brother write down the numbers of sisters they are interested in meeting. Sisters do the same with the brothers. Then they go to the Heavenly Match booth and tell the Heavenly Match personnel at the booth that they are interested in meeting this brother / sister. Note on Step 2. Please give registration a REAL and VALID Phone number. Many times, there is a match for a brother / sister but registration can't get ahold of them to tell them. It is a shame to put all that effort into this endeavor and lose out due to a wrong or invalid number. This number will not be shared with anyone outside registration until Step 4, should that occur. These numbers are only used for communication at the conference. After the conference, data is deleted. Another note of Step 2. Please treat the Heavenly Match Staff with respect and kindness. They are all volunteers, fe sibilillah, get no money for this, and cannot (by rules of Muslim Congress) actively participate themselves in Heavenly Match (looking for a spouse for themselves) if they are part of the Staff. Step 3: If there is agreement on a meeting between the brother and sister (both have to agree), then a chaperone meeting is set up between them. It is a conversation in a private area of the conference that lasts up to 1/2 hour, depending on the participants. Families are not allowed in the room at this point, but chaperone is there. After this conversation, brother and sister decide if they would like to take this to Step 4. If they both agree Note on Step 3. This step is not limited to one meeting. Brothers and sisters can have as many Step 3 meetings with different participants as agree to also meet them. We have had, in the past, brothers and sisters that have had up to 10 meetings over the 3 day conference. So if you didn't have luck with the first one, don't give up and lose hope. Step 4: If they both agree to a second meeting, meeting is set up with participants plus Alim who explains the marriage process and answers questions. Families are allowed to be involved at this point, and we highly encourage at least one family member to participate in Step 4 with brother / sister. If Step 4 is completed, then staff gives information of the other participant to each participant, then they are on their own to negotiate the rest of the marriage. Heavenly Match is out at this point. Notes on Heavenly Match Sessions. This is different from other marriage introduction services, as we try to keep it halal at all times. - There is no 'free mixing' of non mahram, unsupervised, at any point (as part of the sessions) - Modest Dress is required for all participants - Process is supervised and concluded by ulema. - Families are encouraged to participate in the process, at appropriate time. If brothers and sisters have further question, they can post on the thread or send me a PM. Also, if brothers and sisters are interested in participating, I highly suggest registering within the next few weeks. If you wait till end of July / beginning of August, probably all slots for Heavenly Match will be filled. They have filled up every year since 2011. Salam.
  2. Salam, I would like to organize a meet up for those who are interested in helping with Migration313 project. If anyone would like to give input / advice / help, or would like to attend but has certain issues that are preventing them from participating, please post of this thread or send me a PM and I will try to work with the conference organizers Also, SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THOSE BROTHERS AND SISTERS COMING FROM TORONTO I know there is an active Revert Group in Toronto, RMA (Revert Muslims Association) which we would like to network with. If any brothers and sisters from RMA, or other brothers and sisters from GTA(Greater Toronto Area) who are interested in attending Muslim Congress 2016, there are special discounts and low cost transportation specifically to help with costs due to currency conversion rates. Please send me a PM and I will post info once it is finalized by the organizers. Muslim Congress Website Article on Migration313
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