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Found 7 results

  1. Imaam 'Aly (ASWS) has said, "Adversity brings your best qualities to the front." Motivate people who are currently going through a rough phase in their lives by responding to this post. Share your story of how you overcame your adversity / problem and how it made you a better person. I'll also share mine In-Sha-Allaah
  2. سیاہ پوش، سفید عمل، سپاہِ الٰہی مقامِ حق، تو سودا دنیاوی تنہائی گریہِ شاہ پیشِ نظرِ اُلٹ، مگر حملہ تو حاضر شاہِ فردوس اور استقبالِ غازی آنسو و لہو باہم عطا سرِ مصلّیٰ اطمینان تآ اختتام، کہ راہ ہے نورانی ظالم کی صدا صرف پھونک، نہ سدا شرط کہ وقت بعدِ ایامِ کمائی واسطہِ عظیم، مصروفِ سجدہِ دعا حاجتِ منتظر ہو قبول یا الٰہی
  3. I was an exceptional student.I always wished of excellence abd gained distinctions.Plus i had a special ideological orientation towards shia islam.So i wanted to outshine to highlight the name of Shia Islam. I managed distinctions in primary and secondary schools.Was selected out of so many for a renowned institution.Achieved further distinctions.In parallel fully promoted the good image of shia islam and my credibility was supporting my voice. But then i made few blunders.Perhaps compkacency struck me and i lost my confidence and reputation and perhaps the ability to excel and stand out. It is now more than 12 years that i could achieve a distinction and am just going average rather sometimes below average.Alongside my credibility, i have lost the ability to influence those who surround me. I,v asked repentance but it seems that click is not coming back.With the passage of time the challenges are growing for myself and shia islam but my abilities are probably diminished and lost.Every new project that i undertake is lost halfway because my situational awareness and self confidence is unable to coup up with social resistance. Recently i got another oppurtunity to stand out.I figured that out quickly and worked my best abilities on it.I asked the Almighty to give me a chance to shine again and expended whatever material and abstract resources i had.And i lost it. With feelings of dejection,the oppurtunity surfaced one last time out of nowhere and i again grabbed some hope.Before entering exams i visited the Holy Shrines and wept and cried like a baby especially in samarra,Karbala ,and Kazmain.I also had a special affiliation with Imam Reza (as) and i asked him desperately at his shrine. I also wanted to share my problem with some scholar but language barrier did not allow me in Iraq and Iran and the only word of advice i could get was to recite dua e maqatil for this hajat which i complied. Beside i also sought coaching from professionals about this milestone success and prayed with all my capacity.I also frequented my Namaz e Shab and asked help through it and was convinced about the divine help this time .One final help that i asked from infalliables (as) was that if a had left some stone unturned or the probability to err at the verge of my exam strikes me,the God and Masoomeen (as) must supplement me.My parents also prayed for my success. And at the nick of time i think i made some errors inadvertantly and my performance went average.I still knocked the last door of Bab ul Hawaij to supplement my shortcomings and please help my last chance.I ,but lost it again. With this state of affairs,i now only sit idle and plan to do no more thing but to look at the walls and pass my time.The only redponsibility i now feel is to take care of my parents and family and pass my times on whatever i have.However,as regard to the social activity and especially struggle for re-appearance if Imam(as) ,i find no strength,credibility,perseverance and pragmatically the things required for productive efforts in my society and area of responsibility.But the big question that every bit of me is asking to my ideolgy and ideologues is, Didn,t i deserve a chance,and WHO ELSE IS BAB UL HAWAIJ??
  4. السَّلآمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ الله وبَرَكآتُه Please post any quote, story or any narration that comes first in your mind of Mohammad(saww) o aal(asws) e mohamamd(saww) Any 'Qaul' of any maasoom(asws), please share. @Salsabeel @Ashvazdanghe @Darth Vader @3wliya_maryam @SIAR14 @Aflower @EndTimesCodes @ShiaMan14 @ali_fatheroforphans @skyweb1987 @Sirius_Bright @layman @Ruqaya101 u also and please dont mention about your exams here and ask people to pray
  5. Salam to you all brothers and Sisters. Recently, i came across some inspirational stories on the net which I'd like to share with you all (here on SC) but with time, inshaAllah. So these stories teaches some lessons about life in one way or the other and they're mostly very short and interesting. Again, it would be more interesting if you could all share your stories too (that's if you come across any story on the net or somewhere). InshaAllah, some members would benefit from what you shared. Thanks.
  6. Salaam Alaykum, Hope you all are okay and enjoying the month of Mahe Ramadhan. Recently, I have been in a slump - i don't feel like doing much and my concentration wanes from one thing to another. Its like I am hopping from subject/project to project. I don't know how to feel focused; and this is contributing to my laziness. I don't know what to pick, and this all gets really overwhelming and i don;t know where to start from. Usually I end up doing things last minute and this can be bait stressful. Like I will clean the house last minute and do laundry last minute etc. I want to do so much in life, I want to study about Islam, open a business, volunteer, help people, improve myself, be a good spouse and child etc. So so so many things ... Do you have any ahadith or tips that can help me? May Allah [swt] bless you for your help ! Ma'salam
  7. never mind......im sick of hearing complaints on everything i post i removed the video....go inspire ur own behinds.....wa khalas
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