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Found 12 results

  1. How have we reconciled our faith in the miracles of the Prophets (a) with reasoning and rationality? And how does that play out with the miraculous claims from other religions - such as the existence of a tripartite God or a five-headed God or a God who can manifest into a monkey-human and fly across a country? Why are those 'unreasonable' but ours are totally reasonable?
  2. “O lions, seize them!” Reading Time: < 1 minute Sayyid Hashim Bahrani, author of Tafseer Burhan narrates that Mansur Dawaniqi summoned seventy natives of Kabul and told them: “You are experts in magic and Ja’far bin Muhammad is also [God forbid] a sorcerer like you. If you can perform a magic trick, which defeats him, I will give you a lot of money.” They began to work upon this and first of all prepared seventy pictures of lions in the court of Mansur. Each of the sorcerers sat near the picture he had sketched. Mansur also sat upon his throne wearing his crown and ordered his men to present Imam Ja’far bin Muhammad ((عليه السلام).), the sixth Divine Proof. When the Imam entered, his eyes fell upon those present there like it is mentioned in the Ziyarat: The seeing eyes of Allah. Then he raised his hands towards the heavens and mentioned some words; some of them softly and some aloud. Then he said: “Woe be on you! I would render your magic and sorcery ineffective.” http://anecdotesofahlulbayt.com/ Then he issued a command and said: “O lions, seize them!” It is mentioned in another report that he said: “O images, each of you, seize your companion!” So, each of the images turned into a ferocious lion and seized its companion. Mansur fell down from his throne unconscious. When he regained senses, he sought the forgiveness of the Imam and said: “My lord and master, tell these lions to return those fellows.” Imam ((عليه السلام).) said: “If the staff of Musa ((عليه السلام).) had returned what it swallowed, they would have also done the same.” That is since the staff of Musa ((عليه السلام).) did not restore those serpents, these would also not do that (Madinatul Maajiz, 363 & 364) Reference : Isbaatul Wilayah (Part One) – Ayatullah AliNamazi Shahroodi ((رضي الله عنه).)
  3. SalamAlaykum Dear Brothers and Sister, This question might have been asked a several times on SC but what evidence do we have that the Qur'an has no ERRORS and that it is from GOD What is the biggest EVIDENCE that makes you say "YES THE QURAN IS WITHOUT A DOUBT FROM Allah AND THERE NO MISTAKES" As we also are aware, there are VARIANTS of the QURAN such as HAFS and WARSH. If the QURAN is the UNALTERED Word from the CREATOR then why are there VARIANTS The VARIANTS arent the main focus of this THREAD but the EVIDENCE for it being from the CREATOR and that it has no ERRORS PLEASE DO NOT BRING VERSES WHICH MENTION IT IS FROM Allah OR THAT IT DOESNT CONTAIN ERRORS AS THAT IS A CIRCULAR ARGUMENT Peace
  4. Allah gave them a lot of knowledge, including access to treasures of gold and dinars and how to speak to animals etc. So why didn't the Imams use these blessings to revolutionize the world or cure cancer? And if these powers were simply given to them to increase their followers' faith in their infallibility and special status, then why didn't they gather herds of millions of animals into fields and command them to stand on their hind legs etc. to show everybody once and for all that they are the true Imams? I mean, if you're given special powers and knowledge, you're supposed to use it to help Allah's creation. And if you're not supposed to use supernatural means and such powers, then first - why did Allah even give you such useless powers, and second - why did you use these powers in front of your companions such that the companions were able to narrate these supernatural events? Aren't you supposed to hide your powers, or is it ok to show people your special powers? If it's ok to show people, then why didn't the Imams do the whole million-herd-march thing I proposed above?
  5. Subhan'Allah this is truly fascinating yet The Wahhabis including many Sunni's are turning away from this:, When will they wake up?
  6. So going through the internet there is reports(thanks to peoples personal phones with cameras) of various different such events that can be claimed as miracles of the modern world Some are healing, some are supernatural strength, some are environmental miracles attributed to some person/people So , from what i had seen and feel that they qualify for this, i will share here, and anyone else who wishes to share here something of the like also may do so However this isn't a conspiracy thread, so anything about conspiracies or "interpretations" do not qualify So here is two i find interesting The requirements is that it is recorded by video and very explicit this first one is called the miracle of the sun, it is actually from my country in a town called medjugorje , the sun increases in size and flashes and changes shape and moves around at an abnormal rate in very short times, its called the miracle of the sun there is a saintly woman that lives there and obviously runs a church, and these miracles are attributed to her her name is vicka and there is interviews with her on youtube, however this video is recordings that people who went there to see it for themselves recorded https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YR6INkTK7Q second one is a man by the name of t.b.joshua he is a Christian healer who heals people from illnesses and there is many recorded videos of his healings this one viewer discretion is advised, a woman who has a very serious illness/cancer on her skin and body he heals her on the spot and she throws up this cancer and is completely healed within some time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYoi9UeP1Lw i chose to show this one because it has the most instant results , also the lady is show with her top part exposed, because she has a serious skin disease , so viewer discretion is advised
  7. (bismillah) (salam) I hope you are all in the best of health and the best of Imaan. There is a question that has bothered me for sometime now, regarding the status of miracles and whether they - or, at least, some of them - should be used as a basis for belief. While the end results are what concern me the most, my beliefs, as well as the questions I have regarding them, are shaped by my personal experiences, as is the case for us all. What we are exposed to has a profound impact on how we view the world. And, while the end result to these questions is what I seek, these experiences have created certain assumptions in my mind, certain prerequisites before I can finally get to my final query. As such, I have decided to put the question in parts, beginning with certain underlying assumptions, based on my personal experiences, so that we may first debate their validity before dealing with the derivatives. Due to this, I will also share some of these experiences, so that you may have a clearer picture of where I'm coming from. While there are obviously other avenues to pursue with regard to miracles and their impact on beliefs, such as whether these miracles are simply examples of self-fulfilling prophecies or whether the individual is simply delusional, for the sake of this discussion, we will assume that miracles, Divine acts that affect the natural course of events, whether by means that can be explained by science or not, do take place. Once we have establised this, I would like to divide miracles into two categories. The large scale, impersonal events, such as the flood of Moses or the Prophet parting the moon, that affect/benefit a large group of people and no one individual in particular, especially if the benefits are not material, and, as such, cannot also be a result on one individual's psychosis. Then, there are the small-scale, personal miracles, that by definition, only affect a single individual or a very small group. Examples of these would be a relatively miraculously returning to health after contracting a terminal disease. As my title suggests, my focus will primarily be these and, while I might dabble in the former in a future thread, this will be the focus. The reason I am interested is because you hear numerous stories of people converting to Islam because of similar miracles. For example, I've heard of a story of a Hindu woman in Congo whose son was sick and the doctors recommended that he drink some alcohol/wine (I think the problem had to do with the throat?) and she, for whatever reason, chose not to do so (though I can't imagine why she would be opposed to it). Instead, someone suggested she do a Nadhr for Hazrat Abbas, which she did, and her son was cured. She, then, became a Muslim and to this day, holds ceremonies in respect for Hazrat Abbas. Now, I've never been to Congo so I can't confirm the story but I'm sure you've come across myriads of such cases. Now, onto the actual thing: When I was much, much younger, there used to be a show on the TV that I used to watch on weekends, which showed various miracles. Now, the show chronicled miracles involving people pertaining to various faiths: you would have a Muslim returning from the brink of death one week and Hanuman helping a single mother the next week. This raised a curious question in my mind: if only one God - or belief - is correct, how do all these people experience miracles? As such, the next time I met a cleric, I inquired about this apparent discrepancy. His reply was somewhere along the lines of: while Islam is the only true religion, and the cries of the followers of other faiths to their gods fall on deaf ears, Allah is, after all, the Creator of all humans and, as such, when He hears His creation pleading, He sometimes chooses to enact a miracle, even though they may not be praying to Him. To my young self, the answer seemed satisfactory enough. A similar sentiment was also expressed in the first episode of the series about Prophet Joseph (I've embedded the link, in case anyone wants to see it), where Prophet Jacob is preaching to the pagans of his time and one of them argues that if their god, Ishtar, is false, how did he/she heal their son. To this, the Prophet replied: "The Omniscient God who hears your sobs healed your child, not Ishtar! Although you sought help from your gods, and sought help from someone other than God, He, who is aware of all His creations, heard you plead and showed mercy to you by healing your child." This is very similar to the reply of the cleric that I had received earlier. Granted, the series is semi-fictional but it is, I assume, done under the supervision of religious scholars and consultants. And, that is the first assumption I wanted to debate. Can personal miracles happen to those who do not follow the religion prescribed by God for their time and have either adulterated His religion or plain worship other gods? My primary concern at this point is textual; do we have any aHadith that might suggest that this is possible? Of course, there are philosophical questions that this raises as well, which I am much more interested in discussing, either here or in Part II, but we must first establish that this position has some credibility.
  8. Ayatullah Najafi Kochani (r.a.), an extremely devout scholar of his time, was one of Mulla Akhund Khorasani’s most distinguished students. The former has mentioned a dream in he saw during his days in the Hauze Ilmiyya in Isfahan. He saw death in the guise of a calf. It was enveloped by three to four children. These children were gliding over my house, until one of them sat on the wall of my house. This dream was most fascinating. Ayatullah Najafi wrote a letter to his father explaining the entire dream to seek its interpretation. In the end he requested his father to reply as soon as possible, regarding his health, so that he could rest assured. Ayatullah Najafi’s letter was still in transit, when he received a letter from his father. His father had written: Your mother has departed from this transient world for her eternal abode. For the Ziarat of Imam Hussain (a.s.), she had a incurred a debt of twelve tomaan, which now with interest has compounded to eighty tomaan.’ Ayatullah Najafi writes that his father was so poor, that even if he had gathered all means at his disposal he would never be absolved from that debt. At that moment I pledged that I would recite Ziarate Ashoora in the mosque of Isfahan for forty days to secure respite for my father. I used to begin my recitation two hours before zavaal and complete it just before zavaal. I performed this routine for forty days. I beseeched Allah for the exemption of my father’s debts and also sought two other requests. Regarding my first request, I implored Allah for the position of a Mujtahid. And as for my second, I entreated Allah not to deprive me of intercession the Day of Judgement. I had not even completed the recitation of Ziarat for a month, when I received another letter from my father. He informed me about having been relieved from his debt with the sadaqah of Imam Moosa Kazim (a.s.). I wrote to my father, ‘You have not got succour from Imam Moosa Kazim (a.s.), but from Sayyadush Shohada, Imam Hussain (a.s.), although all (Aimmah) have been created from the same light’. After a period of comfort, I was again confronted with a disturbing situation. But the extraordinary results of the above mentioned incident had only strengthened my conviction regarding this Ziarat. Again I pledged to recite this Ziarat for a duration of forty days. I commenced recitation of the Ziarat in Muharram with the same fervour and sincerity as before. On the completion of the duration of forty days, I saw a dream, wherein I witnessed the realization of my demands for which I had undertaken the pledge of reciting Ziarat. When I woke the next day my satisfaction and delight was without any limit.
  9. In the name of Allah. Salam. Here's a good book by the late sunni scholar Said Nursi, on the miracles of Prophet Muhammad; http://www.mediafire.com/view/0jugehkwuue3w1g/THE-MIRACLES-OF-MUHAMMAD.pdf Hope you enjoy it. ma salam
  10. Below is a technical refutation of determinism by Alvin Plantinga taken from his recent book Science, Religion, & Naturalism. Where the Conflict Really Lies. He shows that determinism is necessarily false. He starts with a premise about the laws of nature which states that the laws of nature are as they are provided God doesn't act to change them. Of course you do not need to believe in God in order to believe this because it is a conditional statement that doesn't presuppose the existence of God. He then goes on to assume the truth of determinism, and then deduce a falsehood. Given that determinism entails a falsehood, determinism must be false. ==== (LN) When the universe is causally closed (when God is not acting specially in the world), P. For example, Newton's law of gravity would go as follows: (G) When the universe is causally closed, any two material objects attract each other with a force proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Note that on (LN), the currently canonical account of determinism implies that determinism is false. According to that account, determinism holds just if the natural laws conjoined with the state of the universe at any one time entails the state of the universe at any other time. A bit more exactly: let ''L'' be the conjunction of the natural laws, and S(t) and S(t*) be the states of the universe at any times t and t* : then, Necessarily, for any t and t*, if L & S(t), then S(t*). It is worth noting that if the above account of natural laws is correct, determinism so understood is false and indeed necessarily false. For suppose determinism is true. According to (LN), a natural law is of the form If the universe (U) is causally closed, the P. Take the conjunction of the natural laws to be If U is causally closed, then P, where now P is the conjunction of the consequents of all the laws. Let ''PAST'' denote a specific past state of the universe. Now suppose determinism is true. Then (1) (If U is causally closed, then P) and PAST entails F (the actual future) that is, (using 'N' to mean 'Necessarily'), (2) N (If (1) then F). (2) is equivalent to (3) N [if (if U is causally closed, then P) and PAST, then F], that is, (4) N [if (either U is not causally closed or P) and PAST, then F], that is, (5) N {if [(PAST and P) or (PAST and U is not causally closed)] then F} (5) is of the form N if (p or q) then r; but then each of p and q entail r; hence (6) N [if (PAST and P) then F] and N [if (PAST and U is not causally closed) then F]. But the right hand conjunct of (6) is obviously false: clearly there is a possible world that (i) shares its past with the actual world, (ii) is not causally closed (because, perhaps, God acts specially in it) and (iii) does not share its future with the actual world. Therefore determinism, which entails (6), is false. Indeed, given the usual view that propositions of the form necessarily p are non-contingent, either necessarily true or necessarily false, (6) is necessarily false; hence determinism, which entails it, is also necessarily false.
  11. With Salaams to all my respected brothers and sisters, I've been in the search of a Credible source (Shia is Preferred) that examines the Scientific facts included in the Quran that have been proven up until today. A collection of these would be a very helpful resource for discussions and presentations not just within the community but also as a means to generate discussions with people outside our faith. Please don't hesitate to share any links, books or any media along their relating sources that make them credible. Jazak Allah, Abbas N.
  12. Of all my Christian friends there are 2 (as far as I am aware) that practise Christianity. Both of these two friends of mine never really used to be religious, in fact if I am not mistaken one was an atheist and the other was either an atheist or a non practising Christian. But they both share in common the fact that they both either witnessed or were part of a miracle which brought them to Christianity. The first of my friends (who was an atheist if I am not mistaken) was in a fight some years ago when he was seriously injured and survived. He felt God was watching over him and since then he has bettered himself and become Christian. He looked into Islam but says he wasn't convinced, which is why he turned to Christianity. My other friends father was actually deaf in one ear and this (according to doctors) was a permanent disability. Nevertheless this one day, maybe 2-3 years after having become deaf, he was visited by two travelling Christians (my friend explained them to me as these miracle working Christians who travel the world but I'm not too sure about these particular details) who prayed for him. The following day he was healed. My friend tells me the doctors were baffled but you know how atheist doctors are, whether it be a miracle in Christianity or Islam, or any other religion, it will always be be mother natures way of being kind, or some other atheist gibberish :P Now I've been thinking about this myself and I was trying to think of a reasonable explanation as to why God would lead them to Christianity instead of Islam, especially as both are convinced in Gods existence but I can't come to a conclusion. At the end of the day Allah knows best but it always nags me how its Christians who witness miracles. In fact thats really whats kept my first friend to remain faithful, he tells me he witnesses miracles every now and again at Church. But surely if these miracles were performed in the name of Islam we would have MANY MANY more followers...? P.S. In case you're wondering, I am not asking this question because I am losing faith faith in Islam, I'm just questioning why it seems other religions are being supported by God?
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