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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 4 results

  1. Salam aleikum, Dear brothers and sisters. This Android App consist of 1000 virtues of First Imam, Imam Ali a.s. Please remember that even these 1000 virtues of Imam Ali a.s, they are just a drop from an ocean. Download from: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.a1000virtuesofimamali References Included. You can also receive 1 random virtue daily to your phone or tablet. In this way you can learn new virtue of your beloved Imam, each day. All the virtues are categorized into 150 categories for easy viewing. You can bookmark your favorite ahadith and read them again later. App also consist of search option, so you can find the virtue based on the quote, hadith number or reference you remember. This app is also designed for Tablets. With multi view pane, you can easily select the category from left side and view the virtues inside it on the right side. App is completely free and has no advertisements. Currently this App only consist of english language.
  2. I know many of us (believers) have been through this, and I personally experienced my boat sinking and I know it is tough getting it back up. But if you won't understand why you have to get back up then you're definitely going to drown. My point of bringing this topic up is not to scare you away by telling you about the torment of hellfire or the agony in the grave, surely I'll do that by the end of our short exchange, but before everything else I want you to know what benefits and positive change prayers can bring to your life! BENEFITS OF PRAYING There are actually a lot; me and you could go on and on about how practicing Islam can benefit you and the people around you, but this once, let me just mention a few of those that I experienced first-hand. Health Prayer can be a source of exercise for most people. It keeps check on your physical fitness. All the obligatory acts in prayers benefit greatly to ones health. For example, going to ruku and sajda and tash'had saves one from back pain and knee-joints pain. Prayer also wards off many illnesses. Down to Earth When you go down in sujood, it gives you a feeling of how small and insignificant you are in front of all the blessings and creations of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى. He made so much, and still blesses you and showers upon you from good. Prayer kills your ego and brings you closer to Allah and the reality. Focusing on how you're alone in this world, and how only Allah is your supporter and benefactor even in the time of adversity. Strengthens the heart and the belief Prayer gives you the strength that you are lacking when facing adversity. It becomes a driving force when met with a lot of short-comings. It strengthens ones resolve to keep moving forward and facing new challenges while knowing that Allah never burdens a soul more than what it can bear. Closeness to Allah When we recite the verses sent down to us Humans by Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, we naturally feel close to Him. His words are the reflection upon our own-selves. When we make dua to Him and kneel down to Him, it shows that we are ready to give in our desires for pleasing Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى. And that: He is the only "one" we can turn to in the time of adversity... There's nobody else, is there? Countenance and Spiritual Pleasantness Did you know that prayers make your face and spirit brighter? Who wouldn't want their face glowing with happiness and zeal. This not only allows others to look at you in good light but also brings a smile to their faces (especially your family). And it takes off a lot of tension from their shoulders (for some reason). Keeps you away from sins and keeps sins away form you Now this is note-worthy, because both sound just about the same. So where lies the difference? The difference is that there in you will come a sense of responsibility and a sense of accountability once you start praying. You will become more aware of your performance near Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, and you'd want to please him more and more. Who wouldn't want beautiful reward from Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى?And alternatively, Allah will keep you away from sins with his authority over you if he finds your actions pleasing. And no doubt, he is the most merciful and the most benevolent. Along with oft-forgiving. Gets rid of laziness and grooms punctuality Most of the time we are extremely lazy when it comes to our responsibilities and obligations. But once we start being punctual in prayers habitually, we (Insha'Allah) will become more aware of the limited time we have and the utilization of it. Prayer somewhat grooms the instinct of time within you. When you start praying five times a day, you'll begin to realize if you're spending the remaining time the right way. You will have thoughts like: Am I fulfilling my religious obligations correctly? Is Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى going to be pleased enough with the current me? Have I been listening to every words my parents say? Have I done the job that I must in time? Sense of Accountability I know I am kinda repeating myself here, but I couldn't just skip this point. Because this one is very significant when it comes to prayers. In our daily life, if we skip a prayer, do you know how many things go wrong then? How many times we attempt sins and bad acts? Have you ever reflected upon them?Prayer gives you a chance of reflection. And in the future it keeps you intact and in-check that you don't fall astray to bad acts from Satan. Keeps you pure and clean Before going to prayer, you remember, that you have to be Tahir (pure from any impurity). Thus this single remembrance can keep you more than enough clean and pure. Also, performing ablution three-to-five or more so times a day, protects you from Satan and his devilish whispers. Takes away nightmares and bad dreams I am sure many of us had nightmares or dreams that were bad, something you wish you'd never seen. But if you sleep after doing a wudu, and with faith that Allah and His angels will protect you from such dreams (that come from Satan), you'll be protected. WHAT DOES THE QURAN SAY ABOUT PRAYERS? I hope this thread will open your eyes to the importance of prayers and will bring you closer to Allah. If I made a mistake somewhere in the text, then it is solely from me. Forgive me, as I am only human. P.s. Thanks to my brothers and sisters here, they gave me confidence enough to post my material here. lol. I have some serious confidence issues. :P Anyways, thanks to everybody for reading and supporting! Jazak Allah Khair. Hope it will be helpful to at least a single soul!
  3. 28 Merits specifically for Imam Ali (as) The following is taken from the book Al-Qatra by Sayed Ahmad Mustanbat Vol. 2, Pg. 205, Hadith. 57 From the book ‘Al-Majmoe al-Raiq min azhaar al-Hadaiq’, 100 merits specifically for Amir al-Momineen (as), from those which Shaikh Sadooq narrated on the day of Ghadeer in the year 361 Hijri, with the chain of narrators going up to the Prophet (saww) about those merits which Allah (swt) chose specifically for Amir Al-Momineen (as). And from those I have chosen 28 merits: أن الله تعالى خلقه من نور عظمته، كما قال النبي: خلقت أنا و عليّ من نور واحد Allah (swt) created Imam Ali (as) from the light (noor) of His greatness/Majesty, as the Prophet (saww) has said, "I and Ali were created from a single light (noor)." أنه كان يعبد الله في أصلاب آبائه و أرحام امهاته من لدن آدم Imam Ali (as) worshiped Allah (swt) in the loins of His forefathers and wombs of his mother's since Adam (as). أنه لما وُلد ظهر نور من عنان السماء إلي ظهر الكعبة، و سقطت الأصنام الّتي كانت على الكعبة [على وجوها]، و صاح إبليس و قال: ويل للأصنام و عبدتها من هذا المولود When Imam Ali (as) was born, light (noor) appeared from the sky to the surface of the Ka'ba. And the idols that were upon the Ka’ba fell down [upon their faces]. And Iblees cried out saying, 'Woe be to the Idols and its worshipers from this new born' أنه [كان] يفسّر حديث رسول الله و يذكر حديث كلّ نبيّ. Imam Ali (as) used to explain (do tafseer) of the sayings (hadith) of the Prophet (saww) and He used to narrate (or remember?) the sayings (hadith) of all the Messengers. أنه عيبة علم رسول الله. Imam Ali (as) is the container of the knowledge of the Prophet (saww). أنه مفرّج الكرب عن وجه رسول الله. Imam Ali (as) was the one to drive away distress/worries from the face of the Prophet (saww). أنه شبيه عيسى بن مريم في دلالته إلّا النبوّة Imam Ali (as) is similar to Isa bin Maryam (as) in his proofs except for Prophet Hood. أنه شبيه أيّوب في صبره Imam Ali (as) is similar to Ayyub (as) in his patience. أنه شبيه إبراهيم في سخائه Imam Ali (as) is similar to Ibraheem (as) in his generosity. أنه شبيه داود في قوّته و صوته Imam Ali (as) is similar to Dawood (as) in his power/strength and in his voice. أنه شبيه سليمان في بهجته و ملكه Imam Ali (as) is similar to Sulayman (as) in his splendor/beauty and his supremacy. أنه شبيه لقمان في حكمته Imam Ali (as) is similar to Lukman (as) in his wisdom. أنه شبيه إسماعيل في تسليمه و صدقه Imam Ali (as) is similar to Ismaeel (as) in his acceptance/submission and honesty. أنه شبيه نوح في إجابة دعائه Imam Ali (as) is similar to Nooh (as) in the acceptance of his prayer. أنه شبيه ذي النون في أمره Imam Ali (as) is similar to Yunus (as) in his affairs. أنه شبيه رسول الله في قضائه إلّا النبوّة Imam Ali (as) is similar to the Prophet (saww) in his judgement/ruling except for Prophet Hood. أنه كان [في الغزوات] جبرئيل عن يمينه، و ميكائيل عن يساره، و ملك الموت بين يديه فلا يرجع حتّى يفتح الله عليه. Imam Ali (as) when in battles, had Jibraeel on his right side and Mikaeel on his left side and the angel of death in front of Him. And He did not return until Allah (swt) granted victory upon Him. أنه أوّل من يدعى باسمه يوم القيامة Imam Ali (as) is the first one to be called by His name on the day of Judgement. أن الملائكة تتقرّب إلى الله [تعالى] بولايته The angels seek nearness to Allah (swt) by means of Wilayat of Imam Ali (as). أنه قالع باب الخيبر الرامي به خلف ظهره أربعين ذراعاً ثمّ جعله جسراً، [حمله] على كفّه حتّى عبّر [عليه] جميع العسكر Imam Ali (as) uprooted the door of Khaibar and threw it behind his back to a distance of 40 arm’s length. Then made it a bridge, carrying it upon the palm of his hand until all the soldiers crossed over. أنّ ولايته عرضت على بقاع الأرضين، فمن قبل ولايته طاب و زكا، و من لم يقبل صار سباخاً The Wilayah of Imam Ali (as) was put forth to parts of the earth. So those parts that accepted His Wilayah become beautiful and pure. And those who did not accept His Wilayah became salty land (not supporting any growth) أنّ ولايته عرضت على النبات، فما قبل ولايته صار نافعاً للناس، و من لم يقبل صار سمّاً قاتلاً The Wilayah of Imam Ali (as) was put forth to the plants. So those that accepted His Wilayah became beneficial/useful for the people and those that did not accept His Wilayah became poisonous killing. أنّ القمر كلّمه ليلة القدر The moon talked to Imam Ali (as) on night of Qadr. استغناؤه عن جميع الناس و افتقارهم إليه في العلوم Imam Ali (as) was free (in no need) from all the people and the people were in need of Imam Ali (as) in knowledge. أنّه كان مع كلّ نبيّ سرّاً و مع رسول الله جهراً Imam Ali (as) was along with all the Prophets secretly and with Prophet Mohammad apparently. أنّ حلقة باب الجنّة إذا ضربت طنّت و قالت: يا عليّ When the ring of the door of paradise is hit/struck, it rings and says ‘Ya Ali’. أنّ شجرة طوبى في الجنّة في داره، و أغصانها في دور المؤمنين. The tree of Tooba in Paradise is in the house of Imam Ali (as) and its branches are in the houses of the believers. أنّه كتاب الله الناطق. Imam Ali (as) is the book of speaking book of Allah (swt). [Source: Al-Majmoe al-Raiq min azhaar al-Hadaiq, Vol. 2, Pg. 320] http://www.marefateahlebait.com/know-the-ahlul-bait/28-merits-specifically-for-imam-ali-as
  4. I've studied all the hadiths in Majma al Zawa'id regarding merits of Imam Ali (peace be upon him), his wife and his two sons. I selected some authentic hadiths, translated them into Arabic and have saved them in this article. http://virtuesimamali.blogspot.com/
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