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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. my name is hassan im half bosnian/irish im 32 years old my family were never really good muslims but in the last ten years they have came back to islam i was always a hardcore iran and hizbullah supporter i have even got into fist fights with my own people against bosnian salafi when the normal muslims found out i had become shia i was an outcast but the salafi did not i became shia in ireland in a shia masjid there hahaha when i think about it now the salafi went to my family with saudi imams who live in bosnia and told them and the other muslims not to turn me away he,s just mixed up hell come back. four years went by from 2004 to 2008 in 2004 i always remember what the saudi salafi said to me with the other bosnian salafis you see non salafi muslim and salafis pray in the same masjids together but salafis are like walking qurans they know the quran off by heart from start to finish getting back to what he said he said look ahki go to iran go to iraq youll be back theirs nothing we can do to stop you but in the end youll find out that their religion is not our religion i never forgot what he said. then 2005 went then 2006 hizbullah war or so called war against israel the shia were on a roll in iraq the americans got rid of saddam for them this is the same ones today saying leave assad alone they were not protesting the americans in 2003 were you you were cheering on the american killing muslims invading baghdad on the back of tanks now the american have learned their lesson and know who the shia are their are suddenly crusaders now with the shia but i was blind to all this in 2003-2006. the shia were drunk with power in 2006 america got rid of a evil thug which the muslims didnt shed a tear for hamas had came to power in 2005 their victory against israel if you want to call it that half of lebanon wiped out a victory oh boy iran could not be more happy two years i had been shia but it was in dec 2006 two and a half years shia that things started happening with me it was the hanging of saddam in dec 2006 now saddam was not liked by the muslims and he was truely hated by the saudis and the GCC nations but he was muslim even the saudis who hated saddam were boiling with anger when they seen the sectarianism of the iranian backed mahdi army hanging saddam while chatting the pro iranian chats coming from so called arabs. this is why the GCC nations look at all shia as iranian 5th columns just like bahrain its the same thing let them have power and you have a iranian hizbullah state with death squads like the badr brigade and the madhi army running the show like iraq out comes the iranian drills this is whats in store for the muslims no thank you khomeni muslims dont like having air vents in their skulls. over the next two years i was still shia it was only in 2007 after been shia for 3 years did i truly know what the shia are but i still was shia for another year until 2008 i met some great shia but all of them were iranian what a lot of iranian shia told me in secret is that they are really sufi many iranian shia pray in both muslim and shia masjids if you can even call it a shia masjid the most backward shia are the pakistani and arabs but their are some iranian as well. now let me start with the shia believe many salafis and other muslims told me what they believe but i never believed they salafis i would always say your lying your just trying to make me hate the shia subhanallah now i know in all the times i went to a shia masjid i have never ever heard a word about Allah its all politics that is the shia religion insults cursing the sahaba and politics shia imams or mullahs as they call them dont know the quran and the tiny few that do cant even recite it right another part of the shia religion is grave worshipping unheard of in islam when i went to iran in october 2006 again no quran all politics thousends whorshipping khomeni grave i never seen the the majoosi festival that they have praising the killer of omar ra the prophets companian i only heard of it after i came back to islam subhanallah what kind of islamic state celibrates the death of of one of its leaders tell me what kind of christians and their is many kinds of christians celibrate the death of even one of the 12 apostles their is none not even the mormons who most of the christian world say are not christian but the shia religion who clam to be muslims attack not just one sahaba but all them not only that they say the quran is false and that the quran we muslims have today is not the real quran tell me is the talk of muslims well this is the jafari believe of which i was one for four years dont try taqiyya with me i know all your secrets. i have said to shia many times before you see when their confronted with their believe by muslims first they try taqiyya then when that doesnt work and theirs no where else to go they say what their told to say your love omar ra we love ali ra you see in iran their told that all muslims hate ali ra and hassan ra and hussain ra and fatima ra then when they see our first names are hassan ali hussain omar abu bakr their little insane cult comes crashing down and their whole world collapses everything they were told was a lie how does all those everyday muslims know the quran and we dont how come these muslims have a answer for everything i say how come their are no millionaire mullahs for khums like in iran and iraq and pakistan then their is islams enemys who use the insane things shia do to attack islam your matam has stop millions of people around the world from becoming muslim the famous picture of the iraqi shia with a blade cutting her childs head open is always used at tea party events and any anti-islam event i hope your happy even bill the jew maher on youtube HBO realtime went mega viral thank god even bill maher knew this is the shia but he still said shia islam i hope your proud. now today just look at iran the whole entire muslim world is against assad but by god not iran once again iran has sided with islams enemies and the worst ones the russia and china two nations who have tried to wipe out the muslims you see the lesson learned today is iran was so drunk on power that it overplayed its hand instead of playing the part of the minority and working with the majority of muslims it was so hell bent of revenge treating muslims worst that its own firworshippers muslims mosques are smashed down yet zoroastrians temples are left up even rebuilt this is the true face of iran it uses the palestinians to legitimize its self in the eyes of the muslims uses taqiyya that we are all one finally things have changed big time subhanallah just look at how much things have changed in six years iran cover has been blown no more taqiyya anymore they overplayed their hand in iraq palastine syria lebanon after they came back to iraq on the back of american tanks they got away with that they blew up rafic al hariri in 2005 they got away with that the iranian death squads shouting death to the muslims long live iran hanged saddam in 2006 they got away with that they took over lebanon killed nearly 1000 muslim in 2007 they got away with that when in 2006 hamas opened a second front against israel in the south to help hizbullah in 2009 the party of the 12th imam didnt fire a shot during the gaza war in 2009 hamas never forgot that you see this is the shia they can never give up their believe or stop cursing the sahaba or stop saying the 12th imam rules the world that the 12th imam is higher than Allah or that ali ra is on the same level as Allah or pray five times a day like normal muslims do or stop saying going to karbala is a thousend time better that going to hajj you see cause if they do stop this believe and they just become normal muslims like the rest of the worlds muslims the shia religion ceases to exist. PS TO THE SHIA TRY TO REFUTE ME WHAT I SAID IM WAIT NOW I KNOW YOUR GOING TO INSULT THE SAHABA BECAUSE THATS YOUR RELIGION AND YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING ELSE BUT JUST TRY TO REFUTE ME ISLAMICALLY.
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