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Found 10 results

  1. Salam Everyone I wanted to ask whether it is permissible to engage in phone sex/sexting with one's wife until ejaculation occurs? (I know using hands is not permitted- since that falls under masturbation - but what about continuing sexting/phone sex until ejaculation occurs without any involvement of hands- is that permissible?). Thank you
  2. I want to get married or do mutah but i have no finaces and no job.Someone told me the maulana said i would have to pay for women, i dont know any shia in my city, any advice?
  3. I need help, i need a job first so i can get marriared or do mutah. I feel like a teen! i have urges and i feel like masterbating, i never had a girlfriend so i would kno really how to have a relationship. But still anyway i need a women in my life, i feel lonley too.I feel im getting to old and my life is passing me by, i need marraige before i get too old, any advice?
  4. as salaam alakim!!! DO Shia sisters marry outside their race/ ethnic group?' Will they marry a revert from a different race and ethnic group?
  5. Guest


    Asalamaalykum My cousin entered a Mutah Marraige without asking her Wali's consent. She was not aware about this rule and wanted to do everything in a halal manner. She was a virgin before the Mutah Marraige but she now she has had sexual intercourse. She is very scared what can she do about it now?
  6. Hello everyone, I have read enough posts on the site that talk to Sunni/Shia marriages and the complications to it. But call me naive, I want to hear your opinion once more to ensure I am doing the right thing. I like a sunni guy, and he likes me back too. However, his family is hardcore sunni, and they have strictly told him he can't marry outside religion. He, himself, isn't very open minded and want his kids to be of the sunni belief when they grow up. He doesn't believe shiasm teaches the right things, and he will never be able to get along with my family as they are a bit religious. With that being said, we are stuck in a rut. Broke up 4 times because of these issues as I feel he doesn't even have the guts to break the news to his parents. When he did tell his mom, it led nowhere (as expected) and instead of fighting for me, he let it drop..and we broke up again. However, every time we break up, he comes after me again and again. I am confused as to what I should do. He is okay with me not converting, but I don't think I want a) inlaws who will not get along with my family because of the religion issues, b) kids that are sunni, or c) problems between him and I after marriage because I still want to go for majalis and moharram and other religious events at my own place. It almost sounds like we are prolonging and imminent breakup at this point. Are there are suggestions you can provide or do you think it needs to end?
  7. Asalamu alaikom, i hope you are all well inshallah, Now im just curious, how does a muslim woman who comes from a kufir family find a husband? The usual way a woman gets married is through family, someone in family knows someone etc etc So how would a muslim woman who is independant lives alone and has no family or muslim friends etc find a husband (not online!!) Id assume it would be near impossible right? as it would be haram for her to approach potential spouse etc, and it would also be haram for a man to approach her, anyways any ideas just curious to see what the process would be in this case. Wasalam
  8. For the sisters on here who have converted but did not tell their parents, how has that gone for you? Have you been able to get married? If you arent married yet, how do you plan to get married without your parents knowing you are shia?... I really dont want to tell them but I feel like I'll have to when time for marriage comes because I dont want to marry a sunni for the fear of converting back just to keep the peace in the house.... Also, my family is literally one of the ones you will see on a desi drama on tv -.- not to mention they arent fond of shias..... which is the main reason I dont wish to tell them among other reasons. When I went hijabi, it was so horrible, no one in my family supported me except my father (who later started to be more on my mom's side) and my brother( allhumdulilah for me having him <3) It was just way too crazy, there were manyy days i would get hurtful remarks on wearing the hijab and cry because strangers respected my hijab more than my family and hijab is not even a bad thing in sunnism, but i can only imagine how bad it would be if i told my family i was shia :(
  9. Asalamu alaikom sisters and brothers, my name is Akaisha and i am new to the site, i have an issue and wonder if others have had or heard of similar issues. well it seems to me that since converting to Islam 3 years ago Alhumdulilah, the more i learn about Islam and the more i take into my life, the more issues i have with my born muslim fiance, he prays his 5 prayers, he is knowledgeable in Tajweed and quran, he doesnt drink and doesnt go with girls, but the issues i have is that he always telling me to relax when it comes to other Islamic practices, telling me dont take it too serious, we are not living in a islamic country so its hard to be a very good muslim etc, so that said we have issues regaurding stuff like, taking loans and credit cards(riba), main stream music, kufir friends, parties, islamic disscussion and practices I have encouraged him to take part in the local shiite communities but his not into it, he has issues with me taking part in community gatherings & attending lectures etc, now i realise this could be most likely due to the fact he is a born muslim and i am a convert so naturally my passion for learning and practicing would greater then his?, but im not sure how to feel about it, i want to be able to share the passion and practices of Islam that Allah swt has ordred for us with him, is this normal? has anyone else delt with these kind of issues? and if so how did you and did you overcome them or just live with it? should i just leave him do as he wishes and not mention anything to him ( because when i mention that we should so "A" instead of "B" as Alllah said "A" is halal right way and "B" is haram he will get angry and say we dont wana be fundalmentilist he doesnt wana make life hard for us comon) i just dont know how to handle this in "Islamic way" please advices Thank You, fe amaan Allah Wasalam
  10. Do you know any Shia missionary / organization which support? Please tell me if any NGO, Trust working to support Sunni. who wants to become Shia. then how newly Shia (convert from Sunni) can financially support by Shia Community? Email me: love-ur-religion@hushmail.com
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