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Found 1 result

  1. Salam All, With the increasing popularity of the respected Ayatollah Haydar Karrar we have decided(with the permission of Ayatollah) to open a official forum/office so that the curious people can ask the grand ayatollah questions and solve any problems mainly regarding the kingdom of "Shiachat" alongwith any other topic staying within the limits. As the official wakeel of grand ayatollah first i will state his rules. Najasa and Tahaara There are 2 types of Najis: Najis Al-Forumiyya and Najis Al-Chatroomiyya. Najis Al-Chatroomiyya is vulgar comments, links, and videos and spam posted in the Chatroom Al-Haraam. Because this Najasa is limited to only those in the Chatroom Al-Haraam, it will be suffiecient if dust is wiped on the computer screen. Najis Al-Forumiyya is vulgar comments, links, videos, threads, topics, and spam posted in the Forumiyyaat (Forums). Because this Najasa is open to every citizen of Shiachat, one must wash the computer screen 1 time under running water. 3 times will be Mustahab. If a Shiachat Citizen has used so much Najasa that he is veiwed regularly by the peopele as a "Spammer" or "Troll", then it is Waajib to ban him. Schiachat Citizens who insult the essence of Maji'iyya are all Najis. Please refer to the Fatwa http://www.shiachat....a/#entry2522670 Inappropriate Threads It is Waajib to refrain from inapropriate threads. Inappropriate meaning one where there is talk of sexuality between males and females. However, if males discuss these thing with males or females with females, then it will be permissible if not done out of lust. It is Haraam (based on Obligatory Precaution) for males to enter the Sisters Forum and for females to enter the Brothers Forum. Forumnication is punishable by banning. Rules of Banning Based on Obligatory Precaution, before banning a Citizen, the Moderator or Administrator doing so must first inform other Shiachat Citizens. That way, it will also clear up what has been done wrong and will serve as a lesson to others. It will also calm Fitna that can be caused among the Moderators and Administrators. Based on Obligatory Precaution, any Moderator or Administrator may not ban a Shiachat Ayatollah. Marriage Marriage may take place on Shiachat. The benifits are that a male and female can private message each other. The ceremony must be done in the Chatroom Al- Haraam. It is Makruh to open a thread about it in the Forumiyyaat. Mut'ah can also be done, so that private messaging will only last the set amount of time. After that it will become Haraam. If a couple is doing Mut'ah, it must be done in Chatroom Al-Haraam. It is absolutely Haraam to open a thread about it in the Forumiyyat. A couple must private message divorce to each other 3 times before the can seperate. A female member must wait her Iddah (time in which she will recieve 3 notifications) before she can marry again. These have been the Basic Rulings. If you have any questions about what has been mentioned here or maybe something that hasen't, please do not hesitate to contact us: The ayatollah will add more rules with the passage of time and according to the public demand. Regarding the Khums please contact me and i will make sure the ayatollah gets 90% of it(grocery have gotten too expensive). Now you can ask your questions anytime and the grand ayatollah al-shiachati will reply ASAP. Best Regards, Brbrkrr (Wakeel of the Grand Ayatollah Agha Haydar Karrar Al-Shiachati)
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