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Found 7 results

  1. I watched a video about taweez, and it said that the people who make them do sihr and get in contact with djinn. I don’t know if it’s a sin to do this and question but I’m genuinely curious and a little scared. ive linked the image, if someone could tell me about it I’d really appreciate it https://imgur.com/a/0bRF4HM
  2. Salaam There was posting I read here years ago about watching Harry Potter may not be halal as it glorifies witchcraft/magic/sorcery. The newer installments were about how witches were persecuted in the US, at least that’s what the author said about the latest movies. “Muslims” here rebelled against this logic and otherwise said they’ll do as they please. Find the thread. On Twitter there’s a pic of JK Rowling with a tattoo. The same writings of a horned devilish type in a drawing. This horned being depicted is known for satanic rituals or whatever. Come to terms with being drawn to things that lead to hell fire. Also, lately multiple movies about magic bro g a good thing are pushed on ppl. The movie Wolfwalker is about town Christians being against magic and persecuting wolves/witches living in the woods. Raya and the last dragon. Depicting magic as a good thing. I think there is one more recent movie depicting magic as a good thing. Recently the former NFL player Ricky Williams started a podcast where he looks at ppl’s astrology and what not. https://twitter.com/pdeklerk75/status/1397891079769186304?s=21
  3. Salaam So, a few weeks ago, I met a brother who was having a difficult time in life. We greeted and embraced each other. Later on, I went to sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, I started picturing bright eyes of "demons" or whatever. I had a weird feeling that whatever following him were now onto me. I opened my eyes. I closed them. I started picturing a different "demon." This process continued a few times until I slept. And I have been having weird dreams. The one I just had...It was some kinda weird high school graduation-like field trip for the day. We went to a historic theater. I was around the back, where I decided to mess with an awning, which I ended up putting to the ground because I could not stand it up again. As I was walking back to the front, I saw who appeared to be the manager of the place walking to the back. I tried to speed walk to avoid him associating me with the downed awning. I left and walked around to the front of the building. Going inside, there were beds everywhere. Kinda like a hotel/theater combo if there ever was one. Everyone was laying in beds to rest for a bit in a giant room, I guess. People were inviting me to lay next to them as they were making room for me, but I declined. One person who was inviting me is someone in the decade after high school loves to seek pleasure, seeing it as a life goal I guess. By the window, there was a really skinny bed. I climbed out the window and onto the bed. It was some kinda "memorial" bed with a picture of a little kid (or even the head maybe, I don't recall) and a skeleton of the kid below the picture. I think I saw the shoe, maybe just one shoe, at the foot of the skeleton. It almost fell off the bed because the bed was skinny and the bed shifting due to my weight. I tried to put it back and climb out the window, but it was a struggle. I woke up. Thinking about it now, it reminds me of that kids movie, called Miss Peregrine's School for Peculiar Children. They would time travel in the movie, and a kid who died was rather well preserved in a bed, even becoming animated somehow. Which was a rather awkward scene for a kid's movie. That is one dream of many. What is going on with me? Am I dealing with magic/sorcery/witchcraft? Did something whack from that guy started coming after me? What should I do?
  4. Allah gave them a lot of knowledge, including access to treasures of gold and dinars and how to speak to animals etc. So why didn't the Imams use these blessings to revolutionize the world or cure cancer? And if these powers were simply given to them to increase their followers' faith in their infallibility and special status, then why didn't they gather herds of millions of animals into fields and command them to stand on their hind legs etc. to show everybody once and for all that they are the true Imams? I mean, if you're given special powers and knowledge, you're supposed to use it to help Allah's creation. And if you're not supposed to use supernatural means and such powers, then first - why did Allah even give you such useless powers, and second - why did you use these powers in front of your companions such that the companions were able to narrate these supernatural events? Aren't you supposed to hide your powers, or is it ok to show people your special powers? If it's ok to show people, then why didn't the Imams do the whole million-herd-march thing I proposed above?
  5. Salam, I'm curious as to what people consider magic. Is it the art of deception (i.e. modern magic) or is there more to it? I partly ask, because my mother firmly believes in the evil eye and that we were once truly cursed. I don't remember this exactly since I was young. My younger brother cried whenever she put him in his buggy/pram. At some point she dreamt of three "devil" heads hovering around the buggy and my young brother crying in response to that. She went to our garage and had a thorough check. She found a rat's tail, some hair, some bones among other things wrapped in 2 plastic bags stashed under the buggy. The buggy/pram was a present from Iran meant for a family friend's daughter. She didn't like it much though and gave it to my mother instead. After she found the bag, my mother had my older brother (7 years old then) urinate on it. A lot of bad things had happened before she'd found the bag and continued to happen, though I believe bad can/would have happened irregardless. She firmly began to believe in the effects of evil eye and magic since. She started doing little things then too, like burn rue seeds or throw eggs at our front door after painting little prayers on them. The oddest thing she'd ever done was put a palm print above our front door using chicken blood (the chickens were slaughtered for other reasons). The coolest thing she'd ever done is spread salt around my room (supernatural fans will understand xD). Personally, I'm still not convinced. I do believe in the law of attraction. In a sense I always thought the evil eye works only if you allow yourself to believe someone is envying you (thereby affecting your mentality resulting in altered actions hence different outcomes). But my mother paints a different picture. I can't accept the idea of black magic the way it is potrayed in movies and the way many choose to describe it. It doesn't stop there with the "supernatural". I don't believe we're able to see jinn nor do I believe we can control or be (literally) possessed by them. Still, I hate to dismiss the experiences described by my mother and aunts, in arrogance. I trust my mother and I love her deeply. Whenever she insists what she and her family had experienced was real I remind myself that studies have shown it is possible to create false memories (memory implantation?). An odd thread to start, but hey-! Exams are over and I have some time to spare (today at least xD). Thanks for reading
  6. Salam, I've come across a mindfulness technique called EFT (also known as Tapping) which is used as a healing tool and can supposedly get rid of physical and emotional issues. It's really easy and simple, and pretty much seems harmless. I haven't tried it yet but when you go on Youtube, there are videos on how to use this technique to win the lottery, and under the video people have been commenting that it has actually worked for them. Now I don't want to use it to win the lottery but when I told a friend she said to be careful that it isn't some sort of black magic. I know nothing about black magic, first thing that comes to mind is the witch from Snow white which obviously is silly. I just want to make sure that it isn't black magic, because I can't really tell for myself, what is and what isn't. Please advise.
  7. Salaam Allaykum, I was wondering what your opinions are on Muslims performing magic tricks. Performing magic has been a life long ambition of mine and something that I still practise today yet since I decided to start taking Islam more seriously (something I decided upon quite recently) it hit me that I may have to (reluctantly) give up this hobby. I have already done a bit of research myself and there are some resources that have told me magic is fine as long as it isn't black magic (Fortune Telling, Voodoo, Contacting Jinn etc.) yet other resources simply take magic to be haraam in any way, shape or form. Personally I haven't and of course don't plan on performing black magic, what I do is simply for entertainment purposes yet I would still like to know, if at least just to put my mind at rest, whether what I am doing is acceptable or not. Thank you for taking your time to read (and respond).
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