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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 5 results

  1. @Lion of Shia as salaam alakim!!!!!!!!! I feel lonely and no one likes me or appreciates me. I have no friends or Shia brothers that I could hang out with,the Shia center is far away and its hard for me to get there! Any advice?
  2. as salaam alakim!! I followed the advice of bros/sis on here before, but it seems im not accepted as a shia im my community! I heard some one say im not shia im treated like an outcast, my shia community is small and the center is far south and out of the way, I have no shia friends or bros to interact with. Im takin as a joke, I don't feel accepted, I feel like im being ignored. What should I do?
  3. Assalamu alaykum all, Before even i share whats happening with me. I would like to introduce myself. [Name removed] I was born and raised a Hindu and i am from India. I have been knowing about islam since 3 yrs and i am now ready to revert to islam. I learnt almost all about sunni islam but when i met a shia guy he explained me about what shia islam is. We know each other for 5 yrs and Alhamdulillah we are now planning to get married to each other. But I am going through a hard time in my life and i am hoping to get some good counselling from one among this group. if anybody is willing to help me please do reply. I will then further explain wat am i going through
  4. I do not feel good or happy. I cannot tell what is wrong so that I may address it. I just feel low and down, not depressed but not good, if I were to talk to someone I would forget it all and feel better but I can't be talking 24/7, so what should I do? There are days when I am very happy for no reason and nothing can get me down but days like these I feel like nothing can cheer me up and keep me happy. It is like as if I am having my man period, which does not exist, but I feel that way, if you get what I mean. Also is it good or bad to complain or to ask these sort of questions? or should I keep quite and speak only when it is necessary to speak?
  5. Hi, I wanted to ask my fellow shia brothers for some advice. I live in the UK, I'm 19 and I haven't found another man of my age who is mature or interested in anything I am interested in. When my family became refugee's from Afghanistan and moved to Pakistan along with other shias and joined a small community of shias in Quetta, we lived in at a place where there was a plain between the shias and baloch who were very racist, the plain was what separated us. We shias would be attacked, blooded, dogs were let loose on us when we were just kids, i was below 10 years of age through all this. Back in those days we were fearless, only at an age of 9 I would join 15, 16 year old boys in defending each other, they were people I bled for and they bled for me. The scars I received from the rocks and stones hurled at us are numerous, I have scars all over my head from rocks. Although there were always more of them and they were older we always won the fights when they attacked us, our main weapons and their weapons were rocks and slings and they had dogs. I have been bitten, burnt, stoned, chased by the age of 10 yet I still remember my childhood as a happy one. why? mainly because I was in a close circle of friends, we were like the musketeers, one for all, all for one sort of thing, and we would get up to all kinds of things, from stealing, to fighting, to gaming, playing etc. It was a very happy childhood as I remember it. but soon we came to the UK and 9 years later, I still don't have a friend who is a companion I can rely on, I have still got my bravery, I helped a friend of my dads ( not even mine) who had some problems with a bunch of Pakistani acquaintances and he was in danger of being badly wounded, I put my life on the line for him just because he was a family friend and needed help. I went to his aid accepting the fact that I could be severely wounded, there were 9 of them and 4 of us... the point is: - I can no longer find people of my age who I can rely on, or someone to hang out with, All guys of my age are either rolling a ball around in the park or playing video games, and those people who have similarities to me don't have religion, they are either insulting each others sisters or visiting prostitutes or girlfriends or smoking [Edited Out]... - People who are older than me don't take me seriously to rely on me or to listen to me, they judge me based on my age, I feel like an old man trapped in a young mans body. When I do them a favor, they take it for granted and forget, And if I ask them a favor they make excuses when I have risked my life for them. Its like as if I am addicted to my childhood, The only thing I find motivating is religion and philosophy and Jihad. but not a single person of my age group feels the same and if they do then they are only violent nuts or extremest idiots. When I talk to people it feels like as if I am speaking to a child, even when I speak to most adults they talk in a very childish manner and their response is just plain and pointless. Tell me how you are copping in a land that's strange, among people whose motives are strange, who's culture is strange, a people who have one eye that see's only wealth and material, how do you feel living among soulless vessels? I know you might think the problem is from me and I agree but its not my personality because when I speak to people they find it pleasant and they listen, when I joke they laugh. Its not like I'm secluded or weird. Tell me some tips on how to cope, because when I see someone is weak in piety I lose interest in them, but I haven't found someone of my age who is strong in faith and is loyal and honorable. Tell me what I should do because I always feel a big hole in my heart, and my heart feels like its being squeezed when I worship Allah. I swear worshiping has become my only favorite act, I love praying alone, I do not find my law studies interesting or entertaining, I do not find games or sports entertaining, I do not find the people around me interesting or entertaining, everything has become dull. What should I do? I swear I do not fear a good death, I only fear hell and wish for nearness to my creator and to my great ancestors; the prophets and my great grandmother Fatima, I dream of the day when I can see my grandpa Ali (a.s) and feel the warmth of his chest and I dream of the day, A day when I knock the doors of my grandmother Fatima (a.s) and be invited in and to be treated as her grandchildren. If only this exam was simple, if only I knew how to pass, if only I was pointed at the sweet death which would take me to paradise. Please help me, As you can see how I have opened up to an online page why? because there is no one else who I can turn to, I have a loving family and they love me but they can't fill all the gaps, I can't tell this to the people around me nor are they interested. May Allah help me because I feel like I am failing a test which I do not know, Allah has guided me away from apostasy when I lost my faith in a strange country, He has answered many of my prayers. I thank Allah for all that he has given me, he has given me a lot and I seek his bounty for ever, Allah have mercy on my soul, Allah place me among the people who are like me and love you and place me among those who seek your nearness. Please give a genuine reply if you have experienced what I am going through, and I will be grateful for it, but if you are trolling then be as humorous as you can, I love humor. Thank you
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