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Found 3 results

  1. asSalaam alaikum I am a revert from Sunni to Shia. Islamic Eschatology is my Subject of Interest nowadays. I have been doing research on topic of Yajuj Majuj/Zulqarnain's Barrier. With the help of Shia/Ahlubayt's interpretations of Quranic Ayats i have been able to discover some facts- 1) Location of Zulqarnain's Barrier or Yajuj Majuj Tribe is near JabalQaf 2) Location of JabalQaf itself 3) Location of hidden 2 Valleys near JabalQaf 4) Magnetic Compass's unusual Deflection on top of those Valleys due to huge amount of IRON content in them (Zulqarnain used Iron to built Barrier) 5) Mythological stories of the similar TRIBE which used to reside there once upon a time and play mischief against other Local Residents and but then suddenly disappeared 6) Described Mythological TRIBE were expert Masons/Builders and may b that is why Allaah ta'ala through Zulqarnain's Barrier has set an example in the field of Masonry/Building Constructions. 7) Yajuj Majuj~"Gog Magog Alphabets" hidden in Freemasonry' Logo... a secret in plain sight. 8) FreeMasons= FREE+MASONS... why the word FREE here??? have some Masons actually FREED??? 9) Freemasonry~Illuminati's secret 666 HandSign which might match the HandSign which our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) made to describe the HOLE created by Yajuj Majuj in the Barrier (Prophet Muhammad's pbuh Dream about Yajuj Majuj/Barrier Hole) I need some Shia Experts/Researchers to discuss n verify the location i have discovered. So Moderaters, Readers kindly suggest some Names. JazakAllaah Khair.
  2. Guest

    NEW to Islam, need Help

    As-salaamu 'aleikum, I reverted to Shia Islam 1 year ago and wanted to ask if someone could list me highly recommended Prayers and Duas, their times when to be prayed, and location, etc. For example: I want to know good daily prayers like the prayers on Friday. I don't know anything about these. Or special actions that should be done on special days of the week. You know... just give me everything you know and are sure about ^^ I'm gonna list the things i have learned so far, or I'm learning, or i know that i want to learn. Just so that it is not repeated. I know the benefits and times of recitation for the following prayers: - 5 daily Prayers, Salat al Layl, Ayat al Kursi, Dua Imam e Zaman, Dua al-Ma'rifa-tul-Imam, Dua al-Ghareeq, Dua al-Ahd, Dua al-Nudba, Thank you very much for your help. Please also state good literature for a beginner (hadith, other books) The GOAL for me is to build a SOLID BASIS, a steadfast and consistent level of iman, because i had problems with that (flactuations). I need a good routine of Prayer, Dua, Deeds, Actions etc. Please don't state the obvious like: Reading the holy Book, or saying Takbir ( xxx times a day), etc. That is what I'm trying to achieve anyways. Thank you! May God bless you and give you the same reward for every word i recite or read.
  3. Guest

    Anybody in Myrtle Beach

    I'm looking for other brothers to connect with in the Myrtle Beach area. It gets lonely as a convert, it can cause a lot of struggle. Allahumma salli ala Muhammadin wa aali Muhammad
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