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Found 4 results

  1. Letter 4 U | Ayatollah Khamenei letter for western Youths Imam Khamenei letter against Bin laden letter (a campaign for spreading truth of Shia Islam against Zionism & rogue state of Israel & wahhabism) please everyone share the letter (4U/for you) among everyone who you can for defending the truth & Palestine (Palestinians) against sheer evil the rogue state of Israel & global zionism.
  2. Reply & Explanation: 1. This letter no. 58, just provides a little information to his people about Siffin those were scattered in various regions and they have already given bayah to imam Ali (عليه السلام). How do you expect that this little piece of advice / explanation should have every basic principle of Shia creed (true followers) of Imam Ali (عليه السلام). in that single paper? Such a silly comment is not expected from any mindful person. 2. There are about 12 Nos. of sermons and 04 Nos. of Letters in Nehjul balagah for the events that mentions the Siffieen battle. I will just mention some summarized contents from some of those with relevant reference to explain my view before I can arrive at a certain point of view & conclusion: 3. For the basic Usul and Principles of Religion for 12vers hadith book Al-kafi was written about 70 years at least before the Nehjul balagah was compiled. There are many hadith describing the verses of quran both in shia and sunni sources that mention the hadith of Ghadeer and Ali bin abi talib being selected Imam and Caliph after the prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم). Do you like to deny all those verses of quran and relevant hadith? 4. Moreover there has been lot of discussions on the topic of Ghadeer and hadith for Imam Al (عليه السلام) appointment as caliph at SC. All these details are certain on the basis of verses of quran and hadith of the prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم), every careful can read those to realize the intensity of truth. 5. For the event of Siffin battle the following extract from the relevant sermons and letters is presented below: Letter No. 58 paragraphs: The whole thing began thus that we and the Syrians met in an encounter although we believe in one and the same Allah and the same Prophet, and our message in Islam is the same. We did not want them to add anything in the belief in Allah or in acknowledging His Messenger (Allah bless him and his descendants) nor did they want us to add any such thing. In fact, there was complete unity except that we differed on the question of `Uthman's blood while we were free of responsibility for it. We suggested to them to appease the situation by calming the temporary irritation and pacifying the people till matters settled down and stabilized when we would gain strength to put matters right. They however said that they would settle it by war. Thus, they refused our offer and consequently war spread its wings and came to stay. Its flames rose and became strong. When the war had bitten us as well as them and pierced its talons into us as well as them, they accepted what we had proposed to them. So, we agreed to what they suggested and hastened to meet their request. In this way, the plea became clear to them and no excuse was left to them. Now, whoever among them adheres to this will be saved by Allah from ruin, and whoever shows obstinacy and insistence (on wrong) is the reverser whose heart has been blinded by Allah and evils will encircle his head.” The words of Imam Ali (عليه السلام) are very clear about those who like to settle the matter by war. How they can be of same virtues and belief? This is utter nonsense. (.......Continued)
  3. It was narrated that when Hussain ibn Ali was killed, the news of his martyrdom reached Medina, narrating how he was beheaded, alongside 18 members of his family, 53 of his companions, the slaughter of his infant son Ali, and how his women were taken captives. The wives of the Prophet gathered at the house of Umm Salamah and proceeded to hold funeral processions there, as well as in the houses of the Muhajireen and the Ansar.Abdullah ibn Umar ibn al-Khattab left his house weeping, hitting his forehead and ripping his clothes, yelling out: ‘O’ Banu Hashem, O’Quraysh, O’ Muhjireen O’ Ansar, is this what happens to the family of the Prophet while you are alive?! There is no need for Yazid!’He then left Medina, and in every city he passed by, he would yell at it’s people what Yazid did and would try to encourage the people to raise up against him. Every time he passed by someone, he would curse Yazid and insult him. The people used to say: ‘This is Abdullah, the son of the Prophet’s Caliph. He is against what Yazid did to the household of the Prophet and is encouraging the people to raise up against him. And whomever doesn’t love Abdullah has no religion and is not a Muslim’.A group of people captured him and took Abdullah to Damascus where they entered the court of Yazid and informed him of what Abdullah had done. Yazid made the order to bring Abdullah in while his hands are on top of his head, and the people were walking in front of him and behind him. Yazid said: ‘This is a normal tantrum of Abu Muhammad. Soon he’ll awaken from it’.Yazid ordered to keep himself and Abdullah alone, so Abdullah yelled out: ‘I shall not enter O’ Amir al-Momineen after what you have done to the family of Muhammad. Even the Turks and the Romans wouldn’t have done what you did! Get off from this throne, and let the Muslims pick someone more worthy of this matter than you’.Yazid welcomed him and hugged him, and said: ‘O’ Abu Muhammad, calm down and be wise. Look with your own eyes and hear with your own ears; what do you say about your father Umar Ibn al-Khattab? Was he a guided and a man of guidance, a successor of the Prophet, and was among his supporters and son in laws through your sister Hafsa?’Abdullah said: ‘He is just like you described him, so what are you trying to say?’Yazid asked: ‘Was it your father who appointed my father a governor over the Levant or did my father appoint your father a Caliph?’Abdullah said: ‘My father gave your father the governorship of the Levant’.Yazid said: ‘O’ Abu Muhammad, would you accept what he willed to my father or not?’Abdullah said: ‘Yes’.So Yazid took Abdullah’s hand and said: ‘Come with me O’ Abu Muhammad, I have something for you to read’.Abdullah went with Yazid to one of Yazid’s storage rooms. He took out a box, unlocked it, and took out a letter. He asked Abdullah: ‘O’ Abu Muhammad, does the handwriting resemble your fathers?’Abdullah said: ‘Yes By God!’ He took the letter and read what Umar wrote to Mouwiya. The letter said:‘In the name of God, the Merciful, the Beneficent. He who forced us to submit to his ways forced us through the swords. We accepted although without agreement of what he claimed to preach. We only accepted due to the threat of the swords being drawn against us, and his constant invitation towards his faith, and after seeing so many people leave behind the religion of their forefathers and following him.By Hubal I swear, that I never left worshipping the idols, gods, Allat and Uzza since I started worshipping them! And never did I ever prostrate towards the Kaaba, nor did I believe what Muhammad came with. I haven’t entered that religion but to only serve my interests through trickery and creating chaos. For he came to us using never before seen magic that outweighed the magic of Musa, Haroun, Dawoud, Suleiman and Isa. He came to us preaching what they preached, but he surpassed them in magic to the extent that if they returned, they’d bear witness that he’s the Master of Magicians.So O’ son of Abu Sufyan, take the traditions of your people, follow your original faith and be loyal to what your forefathers were loyal to in regards to disbelieving in their nonsense such as:Having a God who ordered them to guide us, making the Kaaba a direction to face. Making prayer and pilgrimage as a pillar of their religion, and claimed that God sent Muhammad, and among those that helped him was that Persian individual. They claimed that a revelation was sent down upon him, saying:‘Surely, the first house appointed for men was the one in Bekka, blessed and a guidance for the worlds’ (3:96) and ‘Indeed, We see the turning of your face to heaven, so We shall surely turn you to a qiblah which you shall like; turn then your face towards the Sacred Mosque, and wherever you are, turn your face towards it’ (2:144).Then they faced the rocks and prayed. So why did they reject us for praying to the idols, gods, Allat and Uzza when they were made from rocks, wood, copper, silver and gold? By Allat and Uzza, we didn’t find any reason to leave our religion even if they showcased their magic against us. So open your eyes, listen very carefully, and ponder in your heart and mind about those people. Thank Allat and Uzza, and give the wise fellow, Ateeq ibn Abdul Uzza, a governorship position over the nation of Muhammad and give him authority over their wealth, blood, religion and themselves.I have taken the shining star of Banu Hashem, it’s illuminated horn and victorious knowledge, a man by the name of Haydar who was the son in law of Muhammad through his daughter that they claimed she was the Chief Mistress of Women in Paradise, whose name was Fatima. I went to the house of Ali and Fatima, their children Hassan and Hussain, their daughter Zainab and Umm Kulthum and their female servant Fidha. Khalid ibn Walid, Qunfidh, and other companions came alongside me. I knocked on their door very violently. Their female servant answered the door. I said to her:‘Tell Ali: Enough with your nonsense. Don’t be greedy for power, for this matter doesn’t belong to you, but it belongs to whomever the Muslims unanimously agreed to’.By Allat and Uzza, if the matter and order was depended on Abu Bakr then he would have failed to become the Caliph. But I gave him my advice and suggestions. I had enmity for the son of Abu Taleb because of how he shed blood during the conquests of Muhammad, repaying his debts, which was eighty thousand dirhams, his success in everything, and his compilation of the Quran. When I said that the Caliphate is for Quraysh, the Muhajireen and the Ansar said:‘It is for the brave warrior Amir al-Momineen Ali ibn Abi Taleb whom the Prophet made pledging allegiance to him available for his nation, and we pledged allegiance to him in four different situations. O’ Quraysh, if you forgot about that, then we didn’t. Pledging allegiance, Imamate, Caliphate and Successorship is a matter that is obligatory, truth and concrete; not volunteered nor claimed’.But we accused them of lying, and presented forty individuals that testified that Imamate was by choice. The Ansar then said:“We are more worthy of this matter than Quraysh, because we were the ones who supported the Prophet, and the Muslims migrated to us. So if you try to pick a group that deserves power, it cannot be achieved without us’.A few people said:‘Pick a leader from among your group, and we’ll pick one from amongst us’.We said: ‘Forty individuals testified that the leaders are from Quraysh’.Some people agreed while others didn’t, so there was a commotion until I said to everyone:‘Let’s pick our eldest, and our most lenient’.They asked: ‘Who are you referring to?’I said: ‘Abu Bakr, whom the Prophet requested that he lead prayers. He was the one who was sitting alongside him during the Battle of Badr, asking for his advice. He was his companion in the cave, and married his daughter Aisha to him, who is now referred as The Mother of the Believers’.Banu Hashem became angry, and Zubayr drew his sword and yelled out:‘No one will be pledged allegiance to except Ali or no head will be safe from my sword!’I said to him: ‘Zubayr! You are just from a minor branch of Banu Hashem, as your mother is Safiyah bint Abdul-Mutalib’.He said: ‘By God, this is nothing but honour and pride for me. What about you O’ son of Hantama and Suhak? Be Quiet! You have no mother!’Forty men who attended the Saqifa then rushed towards him and were able to disarm him, and no one came to his rescue. So I hurried towards Abu Bakr and pledged allegiance to him, Uthman ibn Affan followed my suit, and everyone else except for Zubayr. They demanded he pledge allegiance or else they’d kill him, but I ordered to let him go, as he didn’t get mad except for his inclination towards Banu Hashem. I took Abu Bakr by his hand, he appeared to be shaking and afraid. I took him and sat him at the pulpit of the Prophet. He said to me:‘O’ father of Hafsa, I fear Ali’.I said: ‘Ali is busy’. Abu Obaydah al-Jarrah helped me with trying to calm Abu Bakr.I instructed Abu Bakr to give a sermon. But he became scared, started shaking, stuttered and closed his eyes. I bit my hand in anger, and said to him:‘Say whatever, before this matter turns against us’. But nothing came from him, and I wanted to remove him from the pulpit and take his place. However, I didn’t want people thinking I was a liar after all that I said. A group of people present asked me about Abu Bakr’s virtues. I said:“I heard many of his virtues from the Prophet to the point that I wish I was just a hair on his chest’.I said to Abu Bakr: ‘Either you talk or get down’. But he saw from my facial expression that if he got down, I’d take his spot. So he said in a very faint voice:‘I have become your leader; but I am not the greatest among you when Ali is present. Know that I have a Satan who tempts me, and doesn’t want anyone but me. So if I trip, then help me get back up, may Allah forgive you and I’.He then came down from the pulpit. I took his hands, gave him a dirty look, and sat him down, where then I instructed the people to pledge allegiance to him, or else I’d terrorize the people who won’t. Abu Bakr asked where Ali was, so I informed him that he had forsaken his claim to the Caliphate and was forced to pledge allegiance. When the allegiance was paid, we found out that Ali took Fatima, Hassan and Hussain to the houses of the Muhajireen and the Ansar to remind them about their pledge of allegiance to him that was given to him in four different occasions. They agreed to support him during the night, but all have forsaken him when daylight came. So I went to his house wanting to take him out, I said to his servant Fidha:‘Tell Ali to come out and pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr, for the Muslims have unanimously agreed to that’She said: ‘Amir al-Momineen is busy’.I said: ‘Do what I tell you or else I will come inside and forcefully take him out’.Then Fatima came and stood behind the door, and said:‘O’ liars and deviators, what are you saying? And what do you want?!I said: ‘Fatima!’She said: ‘What do you want?!’I said: ‘What is this, why did your husband send you to answer us, while he lays behind the veil?’She said: ‘Because of your tyranny, you wretched individual, that compelled me to come here so that I may place the hujjah upon you, and upon every loudmouth deviator’.I said: ‘Leave this womanhood nonsense aside and tell Ali to come out’.She said: ‘You have no dignity. Do you threaten us with the Party of Satan O’ Umar? The Party of Satan is weak!’I said: ‘If he doesn’t come out, I will bring forward the wood and light it on fire and burn everyone in your house, and drag Ali to pledge allegiance’. Then I took the whip from Qunfidh and struck Fatima with it and told Khalid ibn Walid: ‘Bring firewood’, then again I told her, ‘I will burn down the house!’She said: ‘O’ enemy of Allah and enemy of the Prophet and enemy of Amir al-Momineen!’Two hands came out from behind the door to stop me from entering the house, however I pushed back the hands and then pushed the door with force, while striking at her hands with the whip, so that she would let go of the door. She wailed and wept due to the intense pain of the whip and her weeping was such a heart-rendering scream that it was as if my heart was going to melt and I almost retreated. Suddenly, I recalled the envy and avarice which I had towards Ali because he was the one that had shed the blood of the eminent Quraysh apostates and thus, I kicked at the door, however she had grasped the door such that it would not open. When I kicked at the door, I heard the cry of Fatima and thought that this cry would topple the entire city of Medina. In this state Fatima called out: ‘O’ Father! O’ Prophet of Allah! How do they treat your beloved and your daughter! O’ Fidha! Hasten to my aid, for by Allah, the child in my womb has been killed’.I presumed that Fatima had stood with her back to the wall due to the extreme pain of labour and at this point, I pushed at the door with intense force and the door opened. When I entered therein, Fatima came and stood in front of me but my intense anger had overwhelmed me as if a veil was cast before my eyes. In this state, I slapped her on her face, striking her veil, and she fell down to the ground’.Ali then came out, and when I sensed his arrival, I ran out of the house and told Khalid, Qunfidh and whomever was with them: ‘Surely I have survived a great ordeal’.In another narration: ‘Surely, I have survived a great ordeal that I wouldn’t have survived. There is Ali, he had come out. Neither you nor I have the capability of taking him on’.Ali went to her, and she exposed her injuries to him, and complained to the Lord of what happened to her. Ali covered her injuries and said:‘O’ Daughter of the Prophet, Allah has sent your father as a Mercy to Humanity. If you were to expose your injuries and asked the Lord to annihilate these people, the Lord would surely answer your prayer until not a single soul among them shall remain alive because you and your father are far greater to Allah than Nuh, whom Allah had drowned every creature on Earth at that time except those who were aboard the ark. He also destroyed the people of Hud who accused him of lying by sending the strong winds, but you and your father are far greater than Hud. He also punished the people of Thamud, whom were eighteen thousand people, for slaughtering the camel. O’ Chief of Mistress of Women, be a mercy to the creations, and don’t be a cause of wrath for them’.Her pain intensified, she entered her room and miscarried her child that Ali had named Muhsin. I had gathered many people to outnumber Ali, we circled him and dragged him forcefully to get his allegiance. We took him to the Saqifa of Bani Saidah, and when we got there, Abu Bakr stood up alongside those with him to mock Ali. So Ali said:‘O’ Umar, do you want me to hasten what I delayed for you?’I said: ‘No O’ Amir al-Momineen’.Khalid ibn Walid heard me, so he hurried towards Abu Bakr. Abu Bakr told him three times:‘What is wrong with Umar?!’ while the people were listening.When Ali entered the Saqifa, Abu Bakr went to him. I said:‘Abu Hassan has pledged allegiance!’ Abu Bakr then retreated, but I testify that Ali didn’t pledge allegiance, nor did he shake his hand. I didn’t want to ask him for allegiance as I didn’t want him to hasten what he has delayed for me. Abu Bakr feared keeping Ali, as he was afraid of him. So Ali left the place. We asked where he went, they informed us that he went to the grave of the Prophet. Abu Bakr and I went to him. Along the way, Abu Bakr said:‘O’ Umar, what have you done to Fatima? By God, this means our damnation!’I said: ‘What’s more important now is that he didn’t pledge allegiance, and I fear that the Muslims might join him’.He said: ‘What shall we do?’I said: ‘Let us claim that Ali pledged allegiance to you at the grave of the Prophet’.We went to him and found him sitting at the grave; around him were Salman, Abu Thar, Miqdad, Ammar and Huthayfah ibn al-Yaman. We sat at the opposite side, I signaled to Abu Bakr to put his hands on the grave just like Ali was doing, then to drag his hand closer to Ali’s hand. When he did that, I took Abu Bakr’s hand and wiped it on the hand of Ali. I stood up and said:‘May God give Ali all the good, we had given you the allegiance at the grave of the Prophet’. Abu Thar rose up and yelled out:‘By God O’ Enemy of God! Ali did not pledge allegiance to Ateeq (Abu Bakr’s real name)’.Whenever Abu Bakr and I went to a group of people and told them Ali had pledged allegiance, Abu Thar was there falsifying our claims. By God, he hadn’t pledged allegiance during the Caliphate of Abu Bakr, nor during my reign, nor did he pledge allegiance to the one after me. With Ali, twelve individuals also didn’t pledge allegiance, not to me nor Abu Bakr.O’ Mouwiya, who has more hatred towards Ali than me?!As for you, your father Abu Sufyan and your brother Utbah, know that there was no one but you individuals who accused the Muhammad of lying and tried to entrap him, such as the battle whereby Muhammad said:‘May Allah curse the passenger, the leader and the driver’. Your father was the passenger, your brother Utbah was the leader, and you were the driver.I shall never forget your mother Hind who tasked Wahshi with killing Hamza, who was referred to as the Lion of the Merciful on His Earth. He stabbed him, cut his body up, and took his kidney that was taken to your mother where she then ate it. After which Muhammad and his companions referred to her as the Eater of Kidneys. Her women wore yellow, put makeup to beautify themselves, all the while calling upon people to fight Muhammad. You didn’t become a Muslim by choice, but became Muslims forcefully after the conquest of Mecca. He wanted to put his household as rulers over us, but his magic perished and his goals were ruined as Abu Bakr took his spot, and I took Abu Bakr’s spot after he died. Therefore, I request the tribe of Banu Umayyah to continue our prospects, for this reason I had given you a governorship position and attributed virtues upon you in contradiction to what they have said about you, as I do not care about Muhammad’s poems who he claims were revelations, where he said: ‘The accursed tree in the Quran’ (17:60) which he claimed were you Banu Umayyah. With that, he showcased his enmity when he became powerful, as the children of Hashim are the enemies of the children of Abd Shams.O’ Mouwiya, by reminding you of this and explaining everything, I am writing this to advice you as I am compassionate towards you. I want you to hasten the destruction of the religion of Muhammad and his nation. But, don’t do it by oppression nor execution, and don’t showcase your belittling of his sayings and what he came with as that will surely make you perish, and you will ruin all what we have built. So be extremely cautious when you walk into his mosque and get up on his pulpit, reiterate what Muhammad said in everything he came with. Showcase your care to the people and be generous towards them. Let them see your religiousness by always making Dua, never missing an obligatory action, and don’t innovate in his religion. If you do that, you will cause the people to revolt against us. Therefore, be lenient towards the people and don’t kill them, but open your courts for him, honour them while they’re at your presence. By that, you will become their leaders with your love in their hearts. Always have a smiling face on, control your anger, be compassionate, so they can love you and obey you.We aren’t able to suppress the revolt of Ali and his two cubs Hassan and Hussain, and if you have a group of individuals who’ll support you then fight them, and don’t pay too much attention to the small things.Act according to my will, hide this fact and follow my footsteps. Be obedient to me, and the Caliphate is yours. So follow the path of your ancestors, seek revenge, destroy their heritage, as I gave you my secret”.When Abdullah ibn Umar read the letter, he went to Yazid and kissed his forehead, and said: ‘Praise to the Lord, O’ Amir al-Momineen. You have killed the evil one, son of the evil one. By God, my father has not told me anything of what he told your father, nor has he shown me anything. Surely, his ending was good, and returned pleased’.Abdullah then left the palace of Yaizd laughing. When the people saw him, they asked: ‘What did he say to you?’Abdullah said: ‘Nothing but the truth. I wish I took part in what he had done’.Abdullah went back to Medina, and every time he was asked the same question, he replied with the same answer.It was also mentioned that Yazid showed a letter written by Uthman to Mouwiya that had even greater and worse things than what the letter of Umar contained. When Abdullah read Uthman’s letter, he stood up and kissed Yazid’s forehead and said: ‘Praise to the Lord, you killed the evil one, son of the evil one. I shall not see anyone from the family of Muhammad nor his Shia except that I wish evilness upon them’. Yazid instructed him to keep it a secret.Ibn Abbas said: ‘They showcased faith, but hid their disbelief. When they saw they had supporters, they showcased their disbelief’.Bihar al-Anwar, volume 30, page 287
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