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Found 17 results

  1. Yusuf71

    Learning Farsi

    I started learning Farsi during Covid and want to encourage you to do the same: 1. The grammar is actually very easy - much easier than you might think. 2. Finding a langiuage partner to help you practice is easy too, using an app like Tandem. I spend an hour a day on skype with an Iranian 3. A language partner is not the same as a teacher - dont expect too much from someone you know who isnt a teacher. Use a teacher too. 4. The Internet is a problem in Iran sometimes but Skype and zoom seem to be ok most days anyway - assuming the Iranian uses a VPN 5. The script is the most difficult part, you should leave it until you have a good command of pinglish sometimes called finglish - Farsi written with English letters 6. The cultural difference with different styles of learning can be a problem. Even day to day conversations on daily issues is fine and useful 7. Younger Iranians tend not to be so religious, dont expect too many conversations about being shia. 8. Iranians are so friendly! Just enjoy it, they really want to help! Lastly, just enjoy yourself and have fun.
  2. I want to go to the muslim world but im afraid of being not recieved, accepted and i dont know the language, and also people were spreading rumers about me in the US and put them on facebook. And im a revert, i need to work o my salat. Anyway Any advice from people who traveled there?
  3. Salaaam dear friends, I was wondering if anyone would like to practice their Persian/Farsi with me? It's exciting to have pen-pals! There is more time for me now because of the quarantine, I'd love to make friends and learn. Please let me know if you're interested! Thank you
  4. Salaam alaykum everyone, as the title may suggest, I am slightly nervous about talking to a potential wife for the first time. First things first, she is Iraqi and so am I. I have met her once not too long ago but I've never really talked to her and now both sides of the family are considering we make a contract for a while, in that time we can talk and get to know each other (over the phone). As much as I agree with this idea, I cannot help but feel overwhelmed with what I should ask or do. She lives abroad but in the west as well, from what I've noticed her Arabic is quite stronger than mine which is what's making me feel so ashamed and nervous in the first place, not that my Arabic is awful.. but you know how Iraqis sometimes say random words you've never heard of? I experience that a lot with my family and I don't know how bad that will be perceived. Also I believe her ability in speaking English is rather limited so language wise we aren't really at a great start. I really don't want to mess this up and make myself seem stupid so I've come here to ask my fellow brothers and sisters who have gone through the talking stage some questions, what things am I expected to be asked and what should I be asking? Anything particularly relating to our Iraqi background might be helpful too or just general marriage advice. Also if you have any recommended reading on marriage then don't hesitate to share! I was hoping this thread could be helpful for people in the future who might be in the same problem because personally I couldn't find much advice on this online. P.S I have never talked much to women either sooo that's another reason why I'm nervous. Many thanks and may Allah bless all of you :)
  5. Salam. Many in my local community speak Farsi and I was hoping if any brothers and sisters on ShiaChat could provide me with some links that could help me learn at a beginner level this amazing language.
  6. Salamun Alykum dear brothers and Sisters in faith. May Allah help you succeed. Can anyone of you help me to learn Persian (Farsi) with best resources available (if you know that they exist, I couldn't find any). I am from India and I know Hindi, Arabic, English and Urdu. (I can read but don't understand Arabic). I want to learn Farsi for these reasons. 1. I love Islamic Republic and InshaAllah when I visit there in coming years I wanted to talk and learn more about Islamic Republic, Revolution and the Holy Defense Era. 2. To read Local News in Farsi of Iran. 3. To read many valuable poets and books.
  7. Salam ya’all I have been planning to learn ‘a’ language for almost 2 years (hehe) but never had the motivation sooo I thought it would be a good idea to create a one week language challenge.. if you guys are interested? End of every week we can share our experiences.. and comment every few days on how well we’re doing - which would motivate us to learn more i plan to write sentences (in the language I am yet to decide) on a paper and stick them on the fridge walls etc.This will help me practice words and sentences You can choose any language you want to learn. or I’ll give you guys a language to learn (maybe few words)? anyone interested?
  8. Salam, I like this site a lot but sometimes there are some words used that I don't understand. Can someone reply with a brief list of words like for example namaz,... that lot of asian people use regarding islamic stuff so I can learn and understand. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi, I have this beautiful amulet with an unknown language and inscription on it. I hope someone can tell me what it says and on which language. I didn't know how to upload a photo here, so I chose the photo of the amulet as my profile picture. Please help
  10. Hello! My family is planning to move back to Iraq after 20 years in Sweden and I have accepted that. My only problem is that I don't know how the education system for Iraq's high school work and how many subjects they have and what kind of subjects. Also, is the education good there? Every answer is much appreciated.
  11. Salam Working on a simplified website for Duas & Ziyara mainly with printables. I wanted to know in what language does the majority read. Thank you
  12. hello which is the official language of Iran (currently 2016)? Farsi, Urdu or Persian?
  13. AOA, I'm confused on the meaning of the Arabic word Dahaha, its mentioned in the quran, some people say it means to spread out while others say it means to become egg shaped. Which one is correct? Especially in the context of the ayah (79:30). Or could both be true at the same time? 79:30: والارض بعد ذلك دحاها
  14. (salam) I have been trying for over two years now to grasp Standard 'Arabic fluently. I have purchased a few books (namely Living Language) to practice, but I just cannot seem to get the hang of it. Would any of those who have had to learn a new language share how I can make this easier upon myself? I am a native Urdu/Punjabi speaker and as you can see, fluent in English as well. I have had interest in 'Arabic for quite some time, so I would appreciate any suggestions. (wasalam)
  15. Hello! I know that there is almost nothing on internet to learn persian but I just want to know how many of you like (or love!) to learn this language. (Optional: and why?) Thank you ALL! [ Hi Mr. Moderator! My English is not good. Would you correct my words if they are false? thank you!]
  16. Salam all I wanted to ask what people use for their grandad in farsi? Are there any endearing or sweet words that you use instead of 'pedar bozorg'. That indeed is a very long sort of word to use. Do you have any shorter words that you use personally or cute sounding words that are endearing. Please do share what you all use. It would be really nice to get some ideas. Thank you
  17. (salam) Does anyone know any good websites that explain how to form arabic sentences? I've tried searching, but all the ones I've found are a bit too basic. This is kind of one I found http://learnarabicfree.info/beginners/nominal.php Any help or advice is most welcome, thanks
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