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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Martyrs of Kerbela - kufa - table.docx
  2. Meytham was martyred ten days before Imam Husayn (a.s.) came to Iraq https://www.al-islam.org/nafasul-mahmum-relating-heart-rending-tragedy-karbala-shaykh-abbas-qummi/martyrdom-meytham-bin-yahya
  3. The Martyrdom of Hani’ bin ‘Urwah After the martyrdom of Muslim bin ‘Aqil, [Ibn Ziyad] declined to fulfil his promise [to Muhammad bin al-Ash’ath that he would return Hani’ to him in order to avoid the enmity of [Hani’s] tribesmen; for it was him who took him to Ibn Ziyad]. ‘Ubaidullah then ordered for Hani’ bin ‘Urwah and said: “Take him to the market place and cut off his head.” So Hani’ was taken -while he his hands were tied behind his back- to a place in the market where sheep were sold. Hani’ began to shout: “O Madhhij! There is no one from Madhhij for me today! O Madhhij! Where are the Madhhij to help me!” When he saw that no one is helping him, he pulled his hand and wrenched it free of the handcuff, saying: “Is there no stick, knife, stone or bone with which one can defend himself!” [At this] they jumped on him and tied him [more] tightly. Then it was said to him: “Stretch your neck forward.” Hani’ said: “I am not so generous with my life, I will not help you against myself.” Then a Turkish slave of ‘Ubaidullah by the name of Rashid108 struck him with [his] sword to no avail. So Hani’ said: “To Allah is the return. O Allah, to Your mercy and pleasure [do I return]!” Then he struck him again and killed him.109[May Allah’s mercy and pleasure be upon him. Then they took his head to Ibn Ziyad].110 Those Who Were Killed After Muslim and Hani’ After killing Muslim and Hani’, ‘Ubaidullah bin Ziyad ordered for ‘Abd al-A’ala al-Kalbi, the one arrested by Kathir bin Shihab at Banu Fityan. So he was brought [before Ibn Ziyad]. Ibn Ziyad said to him: “Tell me about your case.” He said: “May Allah make you among the righteous! I had [just] come out to see what the people were doing when Kathir bin Shihab arrested me.” [Ibn Ziyad said]: “You must heavily swear that you did not come out for some other reason”, but al-Kalbi refused to do so [and ‘Ubaidullah got convinced that he had come out in support of Muslim]. Then, Ibn Ziyad ordered [saying]: “Take this man to the cemetery of Sabi’ and behead him there.” So they took him and killed him. Then ‘Umarah bin Salkhab al-Azdi was brought before ‘Ubaidullah. He was among those who intended to mobilize people in support of Muslim bin ‘Aqil. [Ibn Ziyad] asked him: “From which clan are you?” He replied: “From Azd.” [Ibn Ziyad] then said: “Take him to his people [and kill him there].” So he was taken and beheaded amidst his people.111 https://www.al-islam.org/event-taff-earliest-historical-account-tragedy-karbala-abu-mikhnaf/events-kufah-after-arrival-muslim#martyrdom-hani-bin-urwah The Event of Taff, The Earliest Historical Account of the Tragedy of Karbala’ Abu Mikhnaf https://www.al-islam.org/event-taff-earliest-historical-account-tragedy-karbala-abu-mikhnaf/events-kufah-after-arrival-muslim#move-arrest-muslim
  4. https://ahlulbaytblog.com/2017/10/21/the-lonely-grave-of-zayd-al-shahid-a-the-grandson-of-al-husayn-a/ The Lonely Grave of Zayd al-Shahid, the Grandson of al-Husayn (‘a) By: Agha Shabbir Abbas As the month of Safar has begun, it is important to remember and reflect upon the many events that took place in this month especially pertaining to the Ahl al-Bayt (‘a).One particular event that took place on the first (or second) of this month was the martyrdom of Zayd (122 AH/740 CE), the son of Imam ‘Ali ibn al-Husayn [Zayn al-’Abidin] (‘a) and brother of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (‘a). In life, he along with his nephew Imam Ja’far al-Ṣādiq (‘a) are known as the pioneers of fiqh, having a list of countless students including the likes of Abu Hanifah. Many of the Sādāt, or descendents of Muhammad (s), claim lineage from him; of which the largest community resides in South Asia (Pakistan, Afghanistan, India) known as Sādāt-i-Barha, who trace their ancestry to descendents of Zayd al-Shahid from Wāṣit (Iraq) who migrated eastward towards the end of the 10th Century. It is interesting to note that Zayd al-Shahid’s mother, Jaydah, was also from South Asia and was commonly known as al-Sindiyah (The Sindhi Woman). Zayd al-Shahid, following the footsteps of his noble grandfather Imam al-Husayn (‘a), unsheathed his sword to combat the forces of tyranny and oppression, and like his grandfather he too faced a much larger enemy on the battlefield but yet stood his ground till the last drop of blood from his blessed body moistened the parched earth of Iraq. His life mirrored that of his grandfather’s in many respects, and in one such way was that the martyrdom of both was prophesied by the holy Prophet (s): "...وقد أخبر رسول الله (صلى الله عليه ‏وآله) عن شهادته، فقد روى الإمام الحسين (ع) أن رسول الله (صلى الله ‏عليه وآله) وضع يده على ظهري وقال: يا حسين سيخرج من صلبك رجل ‏يقال له زيد يقتل شهيدا، فإذا كان يوم القيامة يتخطى هو وأصحابه رقاب ‏الناس ويدخلون الجنة...‏" (ليالي بيشاور) “...The Prophet prophesying Zayd’s martyrdom, as narrated by Imam al-Husayn: "The Holy Prophet put his sacred hand on my back, and said: 'O Husayn, it will not be long until a man will be born among your descendants. He will be called Zayd; he will be killed as a martyr. On the day of resurrection, he and his companions will enter heaven, setting their feet on the necks of the people...”” Hence, among the revolutionaries from the Ahl al-Bayt (s) the names of al-Husayn (‘a) and his grandson Zayd ibn ‘Ali (‘a) [and their followers] are the foremost, it is through their sacrifices that the path taken by the Islamic community was rectified. Zayd al-Shahid (‘a) saw that justice was not being implemented, that the Ummayads were again crossing all boundaries in their evil and debauchery. Like his grandfather, he too was invited by the people of Kufa; but on receiving word of rebellion, the Ummayads like those of past, imprisoned and executed the followers of the Ahl al-Bayt (‘a) en masse and bribed the leaders of Kufa such that very few men came to Zayd al-Shahid’s assistance. On the outskirts of Kufa, Zayd and his party of 2-300 men fought fiercely for two days, against an army of thousands; they fought valiantly but Zayd and most of his men fell. The surviving followers of Zayd al-Shahid secretly buried his body, and a magnificent structure exists at that location today in Iraq, however the savage Ummayads found his place of burial, exhumed his blessed body, sent the head to Damascus to the accursed Hisham ibn ‘Abd al-Malik and crucified the remains for all to see in Kufa, and later on burned his body in a fire and scattered his ashes in the Euphrates. No part of this great martyr’s body survived other than his head, and after being released to his family no one knows for certain where it is buried, but there are two locations Cairo and in al-Karak Governate in Jordan. The location in Cairo seems to not be the actual burial site, but instead a site of devotion like the maqāmāt of Sayyidah Zaynab (s), Imam al-Husayn (‘a), and other members of the Ahl al-Bayt (‘a) also in Cairo; built by the Fatimids so that Ziyarah can be made from a distance. The location in Jordan, may very well be the actual burial place; according to certain traditions it has been recorded that after his family members received his head in Damascus it was being brought back to Madinah, and on the way there it was buried, and al-Karak lies in between Damascus and Madinah. The writer of this post was given an opportunity to visit this purported gravesite in the Spring of this year (2017), and what was seen was quite tragic. Not only is the maqām not found on any map, practically no Jordanian knew where the gravesite was, likewise they too had little to no idea who Zayd ibn ‘Ali (‘a) was nor who his blessed father and grandfather were. Myself and my classmates, had to literally search throughout the quite large al-Karak Governate to find this maqām; and after exhausting much time and energy, in a small village called Rabbah, in an abandoned field strewn with litter, home to dogs and other animals, we found the ruins of the final resting place of the blessed head of Zayd al-Shahid (‘a). It broke my heart then, and it breaks my heart today that this great-grandson of Muhammad (s), who gave everything he had for the religion of Islam, was rewarded in such a way by the Muslims, that not even a grave-marker is to be found where he is buried nor the small plot of land allotted to him is kept clean. Other than a handful of elders in the village of Rabbah, the entire village was ignorant to the blessed maqām in their midsts; and thus the grave is lonely to the extent that no lovers and no reciters of ṣalawat or fatiḥah are to be found. After having visited the maqām, I have added it to Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/YYKkzPL7zLt I sincerely urge all those who travel to the Middle East, especially to Iraq for Ziyarat of Karbala and Najaf, to please try and take a flight that makes a stop in Jordan, and then take a short one hour taxi to Rabbah in order to visit the blessed maqām and once there to perform the Ziyarat and then help pick up some of the trash, and verily our loyalty to the Ahl al-Bayt (‘a) demands us to do as such. It should be unbearable to the heart for the lovers of the Ahl al-Bayt (‘a) to know that the gravesite of Zayd ibn ‘Ali (‘a) is in such a state. Lastly, all those who read this post, I urge you all to contact representatives of the Jordanian government and to voice your complaints. As, the Royal Family of Jordan proudly displays their Hāshimi and Sādāt ancestry, they should be held accountable otherwise their ancestral pride means little. https://ahlulbaytblog.com/2017/10/21/the-lonely-grave-of-zayd-al-shahid-a-the-grandson-of-al-husayn-a/
  5. Imam Hussain (AS) who did not accept the tyranny of Yazid and his immoral manners, was invited by the people of Kufa [ a city in ancient Iraq]. They asked him to help them and declared their opposition to Yazid's unlawful ruling. But, they did not keep their promises and finally left Imam Hussain (AS)'s representative alone to be martyred by Kufa forces. http://salamislam.com/content/invitation-infidels
  6. Dear reader.. this articl emay contain some mistakes please help me to change them before its being published and share me the reward from muslim b. Aqeel AS..many thanks Martyrdom of Muslim b. ‘Aqeel His noble lineage and nickname He is Muslim b. ‘Aqeel b. Abu-taleb. ‘Aqeel was the second child of Abu taleb (as). His was nicknamed “Abu Dawod”, as ibn Habban stated in his book (Altheqat)(1). Historian were differed in about the lineage of the mother of Muslim -peace be upon her-. Some said that she was a bondwoman, as ibn Qotaibah stated in his book (Alma’arf) when he stated the following , “ ‘Aqeel gave the birth of Muslim, Abdullah, Mohammed, Ramla, and Obaidullah, from a bondwoman” (2). But Mohammed b. Habib Albaghdadi stated in his book that his mother was Arabic Nabataean and said, “ the sons of the Nabataean women from Quraish were: Aqeel b. Abu Taleb (ra), his mother was Khalila one of the Farahidi clan”(3). His wife was Ruqaia, daughter of Imam Ali b. Abu Talib (as). Sheikh Alnamazi said, “ Ruqaia: the daughter of the commander of the faithful (as). Her mother was Alsahbaa, but others said: Um Habib, the daughter of Rabi’a Altaghlebia. Muslim has got married to her, and she gave the birth of Abdullah who was killed in Al-taf, Ali, and Mohammed, the sons of Muslim”. Tidings the prophet SAWA with the news of his birth and his supporting to Hussain AS Sa’eid b. Jubair narrated ibn ‘Abas said that, Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said to Allah’s Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny): "O, Prophet of Allah, you indeed do love Aqeel" And the Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) answered: I love him, but he gets more of my love due to Abu Taleb’s love for him, and his son shall be killed for the love of yours, and the faithful eyes will tears for him, and the close angels will praise him. Then Messenger of Allah cried until his tears fallen on his chest and said, “ I complain to Allah about what my progeny will face after me.(4)” The resemblance of Muslim b Aqeel to Messenger of Allah SAWA Ibn Haban narrated, “ Muslim b. Aqeel b. Abu taleb Alhashemi. His nickname is Abu Dawod, and he was the most similar amongst the progeny of Abdulmuttaleb to the prophet SAWA(5). Albokhari stated in Altareekh Alkabeer, “ Muslim b. Aqeel b. Abu taleb Alhashemi…. Narrated Amro b. Sho’aib said, “the one who heard Abu Horaira, he heard him saying that I never seen any of Abdulmuttaleb progeny who resembles the prophet SAWA as Muslim b. Aqeel (6).” His heroism and his leadership to the right wing of the army of Imam Ali’s Army in Seffein war Albalazari in (Ansab Alarab) stated, “ Muslim b. ‘Aqeel was the strongest of progeny of ‘Aqeel and the bravest.” (7) Ibn Shahr-Ashob in (Almanaqeb), “ He made him -Mohamed b. Alhanafeia- the commander of the faithful AS in the war of Seffein with Mohammed b. Abu Baker, and Hashim Almerqal on the left wing of the army. And he AS made Hassan AS, Hussain AS, Muslim b. ‘Aqeel, and Abdullah b. Ja’far on the right wing of the army” (8). Also the author of Mustadrak Safinatul-Behar stated ,”Muslim b. Aqeel was so strong that he can capture the hand of any man, and threw him above the house.”(9) Sending Muslim b. Aqeel to Kufa, and Imam Hussain’s AS statement on his behalf When thousands of letters from Kufans, inviting Imam Hussain AS to come to Kufa, to support him, and pledge allegiance to him, Imam Hussain sent his cousin Muslim b. ‘Aqeel ÑÍãå Çááøåto report him the news of Kufans, to check their intentions, and to take the pledges of allegiance and their promises of obedience to imam Hussain AS. He AS wrote them a letter and sent it with him. The most important thing about this letter is the praising of Imam Hussain AS to him -‘Aqeel-, trusting him, and announce him as the trustee of his family, which is a high statues, and a great virtue. No one could have all of this honor but a great man like Muslim b. ‘Aqeel AS. The letter as stated in Altabari: “From Hussain b. Ali to the followers among the faithful and Muslims etc…I send to you my cousin, my brother and a trustworthy person from among my family Muslim bin ‘Aqeel. And I have instructed him to inquire about your affairs and write to me regarding it. And if he writes to me that your elders, the wise and the learned men hold the same opinion as your messengers have conveyed to me and as written in your letters, then I shall come to you quickly, Allah willing.(10)” Entering of Muslim b. ‘Aqeel to Kufa, and the arrival of ibn Zeiad may Allah curse him Muslim b. ‘Aqeel arrived Kufa on 5th of Shawwal. He stayed the house of al-Mukhtar ibn Abu 'Ubayd al-Thaqafi. Then people of Kufa started to come to him, and whenever a group of them comes he reads the letter of Imam Hussain AS to them. After that, eighteen thousand people appeared before Muslim ibn ‘Aqeel and enthusiastically pledged their allegiance to Hussain ibn Ali as their Imam, and pledged to support Hussain even with their lives. But the supporters of Yazeid b. Mu’aweiah did not like this situation, nor the idea of pledges of allegiance to Imam Hussain AS by Kufans. Therefore ‘Umar b. Sa’ad, Shibth b. Reb’i, and Shimr b. the-Aljawshan, sent to yazeid b. Muaweiah May Allah curse them, “ If you still want Kufa for any purpose then send a strong man”. Then he sent Ubaid-ullah b. Zeiad may Allah curse him in a long story full with details which we cannot mention here. People violation to the allegiance and arresting Muslim b. ‘Aqeel Ubaid-ullah b. Zeiad followed the carrot and stick strategies and was able to buy the loyalty of many of tribes heads, clans in Kufa, and their leaders. Those worked on failing people, and scared them from the tyranny of Ibn Zeiad, and the risk of standing against him and supporting Muslim b. ‘Aqeel. People left after using power and money against them, and they break their promises and the allegiance. They watched the situation only, or supported Ibn Zeiad may Allah curse him and stood on his side. Thus Ibn Zeiad and a result for this drooping, was able to separate Muslim b. ‘Aqeel from people and became alone, which allowed to arrest him –Muslim- after a fierce battle, this heroic champ fought by himself and gave great examples on bravery and heroism. Also Hani b. Orwa who hidden him inside his house was arrested. When Ubaid-ullah b. Zeiad looked at Muslim b. ‘Aqeel reported,"May God kill me, if I do not kill you in such a way as no one in Islam has (ever) been killed before. By Allah, if I got ten trusted men, and was able to drink water, it would be impossible to you to see me in this castle". "You are the person with the most right to commit crimes of innovation in Islam which have not been committed before," Muslim replied, "for you will never abandon evil murder, wicked punishment, shameful practice, and avaricious domination to anyone (else)." Ibn Ziyad, now in a state of fury, abused Muslim ibn 'Aqeel, Imam 'Ali, Imam al-Hasan and Imam al-Husayn. To this Muslim ibn 'Aqeel replied, "O enemy of Allah! Do what you will. You and your father are worthier of this abuse." "Take him up to the top of the palace," ordered Ibn Ziyad, "and cut off his head, (throw it to the ground) and make (his body) follow it (to the ground)." "By God," said Muslim, "if you really were from Quraish, and if there was any (real) kinship between you and me, you would not kill me. But you are the son of your father! (His father (Ziyad) came to Kufa, he did not spare a single Shiite there until he killed them.)(11)" As Muslim ibn 'Aqeel was being lead to his execution, he praised and glorified Allah and invoked His blessings and benedictions upon the Prophet and his family saying, "O Allah! You be the final judge between us and these people who have summoned us, lied to us and betrayed us." Then Ubaid-ullah b. Zeiad ordred to hit the neck of Muslim b. ‘Aqeel. Bukyer b. Hamran Alahmari beheaded Moslem b. ‘Aqeel. He took him to the roof of the palace and ordered him to kneel and stretch his head over the edge of the wall of the palace. Then he mercilessly beheaded him. When the axe split his neck, Muslim b. 'Aqeel's head fell from the top of the palace to the ground. After this the soldiers were ordered to throw his body to the ground. Later, Ubaid-ullah ordered to take away Hani b. Urwa, and ordered to behead him in the market (12). Ubaid-ullah b. Zeiad sent the head of Muslim b. ‘Aqeel to Yzeid May Allah curse him Ibn Asaker stated in his history book , “When Muslim and Hani were killed, the mercy of God be on them, Ubaid-ullah bin Ziyad sent their heads with Hani bin Abi Hayya al-Wadi'i and al-Zubayr bin al-Arwah al-Tamimi to Yazid bin Muawiya. He ordered his secretary Amro b. Nafe’, to write a letter to Yazeid about what had happened to Muslim and Hani..he said write “Praise be to God, Who exacted the dues of the Commander of the faithful and has given him sufficient provisions against his enemy. I (am writing to) inform the Commander of the faithful that Muslim b. 'Aqeel took refuge in the house of Hani' b. 'Urwa al-Muradi. I set look-outs and spies on them, concealed men against them, I tricked them until I brought them out. God gave me power over them. Thus I came upon them and had them executed. I have sent their heads to you with Hani' b. Abi Hayya and al-Zubayr b. Arwah al-Tamimi. They are both people who are attentive and in obedience to you, and of sincerity. Let the Commander of the faithful ask them about whatever of the affair he may wish; for they have knowledge and truth. Farewell. Greetings.(13)" The news of killing Muslim b. ‘Aqeel arrival to Imam Hussain AS Imam Hussain AS was on the way to Kufa when the horrible news of Muslim b. ‘Aqeel, Hani b. Urwa and others. He prayed for mercy to be upon them and then he took out a letter and read for them to let them know about the next stage, in purpose to acknowledge those who want to follow him to have full intentions to do so , and those who want to leave him too. Sheikh Almufeed narrated this letter as the following,“ In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful, indeed, we have received horrible news that Muslim Bin Aqeel, Hani Bin Ourwa, and Abdullah Bin Boqtor-Yoqtor- were killed. Our partisans had let us down, so, he who among you likes to leave, may do so and we will not prevent him in any way.(14)” So people started to split, rapidly and heavily, away from him. Thus the remaining of the companions were those who came with him from Medina and holy Mecca. Yet, those who joined him on his way were nomads who thought that the Imam (peace be upon him) was heading to a country paved with obedience to him, therefore he did not like them to join him until they know what they are facing, and he knew if he informed them then no one will come with him but those who want to comfort him, and die with him. References: 1. Altheqat by ibn Hayan: V5, Page 391 2. Alma’aref by ibn Qutaibah: Page 204 3. Ketab Almonamaq by Mohamed b. Habib Albaghdadi; Page 402 5. Altheqat by ibn Hayan: V5, Page 391 6. Altarekh Alkabeer by Albukhari: V7, Page 266 7. Anasab Alashraf by Albalazari: Page 77 8. Mostdarakat ‘Elm Rejal-alhadeth by Sheikh Ali Alnamazi Alshahrodi: V7, page 78 9. Mostadrak Safenatul-Behar by Sheikh Ali Alnamazi Alshahrodi: V8, Page 237 10. Tarekh Altabari; V4, Page 262 11. Ketab Alfotoh by Ahmed b. Ala’tham Alkufi: V5, Page 58 12. Altheqat by ibn Hayan: V2, page 308-309 13. Tarekh Madnat Demashq by ibn ‘Asaker: V18, Page 306-307 14. Alershad by Sheikh Almufeed: V2, Page 75
  7. http://www.spiritualjourneys.co/trips/current-flyer.html http://www.spiritualjourneys.co/trips/current-flyer.html
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