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Found 14 results

  1. My 3 year and one year old daughters demand constant attention and look after.Kids are nuisance throughout the day. My wife also remain busy with them. My job is demanding and after office, mobile phone constantly keeps ringing. Genuinely,i have felt that it has become a test of my patience to control my nerves and my kids at the same time with office matters ringing. It has started to affect me.i don’t want to run away but doesn’t i need a break. How do you people manage kids and maintain work life balance???
  2. AoA, my elder daughter is 3 and half years Alhamdulillah. For past few days she has developed this illogical attitude of saying NO to everything. Weeping extensively and becoming too sensitive ,for instance if an aeroplane crosses above from the sky. She is unable to coup up against her younger sister who is hardly a year old on matters like sitting on the same chair etc. Surprisingly, she shouts and rebukes back if told not to do something-starts weeping. So neither can you shout nor teach her in a polite way which implies a hurdle to me in maintaining her emotional intelligence. I am very concerned about her emotional intelligence and seek blessings from Allah and some worthy advice from the members. Important to mention here that i have allowed her watch cartoons like cocomelon etc which she recalls and mimic at times in a day. It will be difficult to completely abstain her from cartoons. Lastly, what mandatory qualities and skills do you believe a kid of this age must possess??
  3. Assalam alaikum everyone, Just seen this for anyone looking for an excuse to have barbeque food and a cheeky bounce on the bouncy castle in the East London/Essex area... Or for anyone willing to travel 50 miles to watch their sweethearts try and bash a multicoloured unicorn from Home Bargains. I don't know why my community never does anything like this.
  4. Salam Especially asking parents, but I'd appreciate input from young people too. My seven year old is a math wiz, and pretty quick to pick up science concepts too, but she is reluctant to pick up a book and read. I'd like to encourage her to develop her natural math ability, but I'd also like to encourage her to become a reader. If a person can read, they can teach themselves anything, and through fiction we experience scenarios we would never encounter in real life, increasing wisdom. She likes books that involve cats and magic, but there are (as might be expected) a limited number of those, especially when it's further limited to second/third grade reading level. Any suggestions for books, or even puzzle or math books or games that might get her reading but are still fun and age appropriate? @Haji 2003? Any expertise to share?
  5. Children AB TV Prayer for kids Nazar Al-Qatari & kids Moharam cartoons Heroes of Karbala Princess of Rome:
  6. Hello dear Sisters ( and Brothers) I am inshlallah giving birth to my second child in less than two weeks. I wonder if you all have good advice, hadith from the Ahle Bayt as, or valuable personal experience that can help me to prepare for Birth?
  7. Salaam Alaykum all, may this message find you well. I am a Shia female that belongs to a very respectful family alhamdullilah. However during my journey at University I came across a Sunni male. We want to get married. We are aware of the challenges this may pose and have in fact spoken about it before because we do not want any problems to arise after marriage especially with our kids. It will take a lot of compromises though but most aspects of Shiaism are not a problem for him. As you have figured from the title, I have already approached my parents and all I have received is a no. I was expecting this, however I do think persistence may pay off. Do not get me wrong, I do not want to engage in anything haram nor do I want to compromise with my Aqidah. I have discussed with the man I wish to marry that I strongly believe Ali should have come first and I have immense love for the ahlulbayt. my parents do not see it that way and are afraid of what the community will think and think my faith will fade and I will divert to the wrong path. I do not want to make my parents unhappy or do the wrong thing but I am willing to learn about both sides for my own sake so that my faith is not merely inherited. Although from what I do know I am convinced I am on the right path but I do acknowledge that we are all muslims at the end of the day and the ummah really needs to unite at this point in time. Also, when my father refused I asked for him to do an Istikhara for my own reassurance and he refused because as my wali he does not accept the person I wish to marry. Is it true that the wali is the one that should take an istikhara or can I do it myself? Also, do you think I should? Finally, I am an Agha Sistani follower who says that if there's a chance of being misled, marrying a Sunni is not permissible. However as I mentioned earlier most things we can agree to and I will continuously be practising my Shia faith. In conclusion I would like some advice on how to approach my parents and get the to agree. Also if you are aware of the ways and ruling on istikhara. Please let me know. Thank you Jazakallah
  8. I am currently in 10th grade, attending a high school in Houston. I have to tell you, that I absolutely hate that place with a burning, fiery passion. I'm forced to go into this hellhole EVERY single day of my childhood, (excluding holidays and the weekends) knowing that there is a WORLD to explore. I will give you all some points as to why I HATE school; but before that, I will give some background info. So back in my early childhood, I was a great student. I had all A's on all my tests and quizzes and I never did my homework, and I still don't. It came to a point where the classes were so mind-numbingly BORING that I began to halt my focus in class, instead I started to read books and self-teach. Of course, my sleep was messed up because of this, and I continued to read, constantly till about 3 AM. Keep in mind I was in like grades 4-7. My grades began to wane, and my parents seriously emphasized my "education". I was constantly being told that if I don't go to college, I will be homeless, or working at McDonald's my entire life. I honestly now am at the point of wanting to drop out. Now here are the reasons 1.) "School" is like a prison, if not WORSE. Helpless, clueless kids are thrown into the cesspool called "School" where there individuality is suppressed, and does anything in its power to keep you from doing anything "bad". For example, not doing your homework. When you think about childhood, you should be thinking like things about curiosity and exploration, and most of all, FUN! All of this goes away when you go to school, and you are quick to realize that, YOU MUST obey, or there will be serious consequences, just like prison. Peter Gray Ph.D. Puts this in prospective In my opinion, this could not be expressed any better. 2.) The people here are just FLAT OUT stupid and immature. I have to point out that there are some smart people in schools, but not many. From my personal experience, most of these people that are "Valedictorians" are just "hard-workers", meaning that they have little to no intelligence, rather they know how to OBEY and REGURGITATE useless info on a test/quiz. A lot of these people are stuck up, and expect you to respect them, just because they have a higher number on a piece of paper that will be irrelevant once they graduate. People that I know that make the top ten percent, usually have a lot of stress at such a young age, AND they have little to no free time. They also have no concept of the real world, and if you ask a political question, they probably don't know what subject you are talking about, because that is how disconnected they are from the real world. 3.) The classes suck. They just FLAT OUT SUCK. Why make us take SO many worthless classes, that we will forget the info within a span of ONE SEMESTER. It's completely redundant. I constantly see kids piled up with stacks of homework that are just repetitive menial tasks, they just FLAT OUT destroy the youth that we should all be cherishing. Instead of going to school for 8 hours, then coming back home to spend another 3-5 hours finishing homework; (which is just work that should have been done in the 8 hours that you had already wasted.) We should have self education, or privatization of education. Because of the immaturity of kids my age, and the stupidity of the U.S. government, I have to suffer another two and a half years of more torture. I honestly believe I could have already learned about economics and accounting and, business all by MYSELF, if I wasn't so worried about my "schooling". I was planning on dropping out, however, there is no way for me to drop out until I'm 18, which makes it redundant. If I could hypothetically drop out, I would immediately enroll in my local community college, or self educate myself in business, or attend a vocational school. I'm living in a horrible world right now that puts you down for being independent, instead of being a sheep. I believe the public schooling system is made to train brainless individuals to never question authority, and work for the corporations. Please someone help me cope with this @$%@ if you have been through this dilemma. If you have any questions or concerns, let me know. I just need to let off this steam I've been keeping for many years. Sorry for the rant
  9. Children as God’s gifts and trusts need special attention and hence have various rights according Islamic teachings. To mention all duties regarding children takes and needs a very long time, but as an example it is nice to refer a case. Imam Sadiq A.S (the sixth Imam) has said: "Some things for the child are incumbent upon his/her father: - Selecting a (good) mother for him/her - giving him/her a good name - and exerting the utmost effort in raising him/her well (Tuhaf al-‘Uqul, p.238)
  10. As salam alaikum everyone! A friend told me this would be the best place to get a lot of feedback in a short amount of time so I'm very much a newbie on this form (this is my first post!). This is amazing and kudos to the team that brings this to us - may you all be rewarded for your hardwork for the global community! So I'm posting to get some feedback on a new children's toy line I'm developing. Please check out the pics below and let me know what you think! It all started when I noticed my own 1.5 year old daughter learning the English alphabet super fast by simply being a kid and playing with an alphabet peg board puzzle. When I went online to buy her an arabic version, I couldn't find one or had to have it shipped to the US from overseas and it got too expensive. So then I started talking to some artisans on Etsy to see if I could make one for her but then it hit me...our children should have a whole line of educational toys to introduce them to our concepts, ideas, events and personalities at an early age and through the wonderment of childhood. So following the advice in Imam Ali's hadith of "in order to train your child, bring yourself down to their level of childhood", we established Ayat's Toys! We're in the final stage of development now and I have been on a mission to get advice/feedback/thoughts from as many young Shia parents as possible before our official launch so we would love to hear feedback/ideas/constructive criticism from as many parents (or soon to be parents! :) ) as possible. Please let me know what you think! So far, we have 2 very basic puzzles for young children. The first puzzle is a family tree of the 14 infallibles and goes "clockwise" after Imam Hussain as of course. The second is also a peg board puzzle introducing hadith-e-kisa to a young child. This will iA be accompanied by the hadith in a nice "bed time story" type format. The third is for an older 6-8 year old child so they can hopefully have discuss the moral lessons behind the choice Hurr had to make and other concepts like standing up for what's right even when it's hard. iA we hope to have new designs soon so please do keep our small endeavor in your prayers! Below are pics of my own daughter playing with the sample puzzles for her age group.
  11. As salam alaikum everyone! (I'm new here and not sure if my last post went through or not - moderator, please delete this is it's duplicative). So a friend of mine told me this would be the best place to get a lot of feedback quickly. This is amazing and thank you to the team that brings this to us! May you all be rewarded for this community service inshallah. So I'm posting to get feedback/ideas/comments/constructive criticism from as many parents (or soon to be parents! :) ) as possible on a new toy line that we will be officially launching very soon inshallah! It all started when I noticed my own 1.5 year old learning the English alphabet super fast by simply being a kid and playing with an alphabet peg board puzzle. When I tried to order an arabic alphabet puzzle for her, the only options required overseas shipping to the US and were too expensive. So then I started talking to some artisans on Etsy to see if one could be made when it hit me...our children should have a whole line of toys introducing concepts, events, ideas and individuals to them at an early age and through play. So following the advice in the hadith of Imam Ali as: "to train a child, bring yourself down to their level of childhood" we established Ayat's Toys! Below are pics of my daughter playing with some of the sample puzzles. The first two are basic puzzles for very young children. One is of the family tree of the infallibles (it goes clockwise but as you can see my daughter placed some of the pieces in the wrong place haha). One is a peg board puzzle introducing hadith-e-kisa and will inshallah be accompanied by a "bed time story" type format of the hadith. And the 3rd is for an older child about 6-8 so they can have a meaningful discussion with caretakers about Hurr and the decision he made and other concepts such as choosing right over wrong even when it's hard. Please let me know what you think! Any and all comments/criticism is welcome. We are very excited for our official launch soon and are trying to get as much feedback as possible before then!
  12. Hello everyone, I have read enough posts on the site that talk to Sunni/Shia marriages and the complications to it. But call me naive, I want to hear your opinion once more to ensure I am doing the right thing. I like a sunni guy, and he likes me back too. However, his family is hardcore sunni, and they have strictly told him he can't marry outside religion. He, himself, isn't very open minded and want his kids to be of the sunni belief when they grow up. He doesn't believe shiasm teaches the right things, and he will never be able to get along with my family as they are a bit religious. With that being said, we are stuck in a rut. Broke up 4 times because of these issues as I feel he doesn't even have the guts to break the news to his parents. When he did tell his mom, it led nowhere (as expected) and instead of fighting for me, he let it drop..and we broke up again. However, every time we break up, he comes after me again and again. I am confused as to what I should do. He is okay with me not converting, but I don't think I want a) inlaws who will not get along with my family because of the religion issues, b) kids that are sunni, or c) problems between him and I after marriage because I still want to go for majalis and moharram and other religious events at my own place. It almost sounds like we are prolonging and imminent breakup at this point. Are there are suggestions you can provide or do you think it needs to end?
  13. In the name of Allah. Salam. Please see: http://www.iribmediatrade.ir/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=163:god-loves-the-storks&catid=64:feature-films&Itemid=7 One of my nieces and I saw it. :blush: Amazingly beautiful character traits are infused to the kids throughout the series while entertaining them. The last few episodes were teaching Imamah concept through the storks. I suggest you show them to your children and all the kids around you. ma salam :)
  14. Salam, So in Islam, it is the responsibility of the husband to name a child, correct? Is this his right or just a responsibility? Also, why isnt the responsibility given to the wife? Is it because women would die from childbirth often and not live to see the child or something? Thanks.
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