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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dear reader..this article may contain some mistakes please help me to change them before its being published as a folder..many thanks The Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain AS Victory of Khaibar The importance of Khaibar Khaibar in Hebrew means the forest. It was a big city which had huge forests, farms, and many pushes of palm trees. The city included seven forests. It was three days walking away from Medina, on the direction of Syria.. Khaibar was a home of Jews, where they did not allow any others to live among them. The enmity between the supports of the prophet SAWA (Alansar) and Jews was growing and being clear on surface. Jews and their threat to the country of the prophet SAWA To recognize the danger of Jews to the Islamic call, and we should study the characters of Jews in general during that era. The folder will provide to you the main characters of Jews next: Jews always been a raciest nation during history and until now. They believe in their distinctiveness than other humans. Other people means nothing to them, they give them no values or consideration. They believe humans were created to serve Israelis only. The Talmud stated,” The Jew is said to possess so great a dignity that no one, not even an angel, can share equality with him. The Jew is a part of God, and he who violate a Jew as if he violated the dignity of Allah. The chosen nation are Jews only, and other nations are animals” Jews consider everyone who is not a Jews as an enemy. The Talmud not allowing Jews to have mercy on their enemies, and not allowing them to greet non-Jews unless they feel threatened. Jews are not allowed to give charity to non-Jews, and they are allowed to steal and cheat others. Also, gentiles should work for Jews, and they have to take the outputs for themselves. The Talmud, also allows them to violate the honor of other people, because they believe that non-Jew women are like animals, and Jews allowed to rape them. Jews are forbidden to save life of others…etc and other horrible things, we cannot count all of them. (1) Some of the Quran verses stated this arrogant ideas of Jews to other people, the Almighty said,” And the Jews and the Christians say: We are the sons of Allah and His beloved ones. Say: Why does He then chastise you for your faults? Nay, you are mortals from among those whom He has created, He forgives whom He pleases and chastises whom He pleases; and Allah's is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, and to Him is the eventual coming. Quran 5:18” We can state briefly the attitude of Jews to the country of the Greatest Prophet Mohammed SAWA as following: 1. helping and supporting the enemies of Muslim with everything they need even by spying on them, and other methods. 2. stirring up seditions between Muslims, especially between Aws and Khazraj clans, and between Muslims and infidels. 3. continuously conspiring to kill the Greatest Prophet SAWA, and turning people against him. 4. continuously rising riots, and disarraying situations, by telling lies, and intimated weak Muslims. All the attempts of Jews to violate Islam and Muslims were enormously failed, because of consciousness of the Islamic supreme leadership which was represented by the Greatest Messenger of Allah SAWA. The Greatest Messenger SAWA was patient front of their major contraventions, to avoid the threats of a cruel civil war in his new residence (Teba), until they reached their limits and their danger became greater. They became a real dangerous threaten the existence of Islam, especially that this sly and hateful enemy lives in the middle of the Islamic society. They knew all the weak slinks, and the power points of the Islamic society, and they were waiting the right chance to attack. Therefore, there should be a strategy to deal with this enemy, based on firmness an justice, rather than indulgent, leniency, and kindness. It was not for good to allow Jews to wreak havoc, breaking their promises and treaties, and attack Muslims whenever and however they desire, but there must be a decisive, firm, and just response towards any violation. Also, to face every intrigue before it’s too late, and repentance would not be handful. For these matter the decision was made by the Greatest Prophet SAWA to subdue Jews who were spread around Medina to reasoning and justice, and to deter by force anyone refuses to compliance with the law even if deterring them would lead to a bloody war. All the strategies of the Greatest Prophet SAWA against Jews aims to adjust law and stability, and to suppress arrogance of Jews in Medina. Some of them refused to comply with law and normalization with Muslims, and they desired confrontation, then the prophet SAWA confronted them. Others accepted to follow the laws, and complied with conditions of the Greatest Prophet SAWA and the prophet treated them kindly. The Jews of Khaibar were of the first type, who refused to be logical, and relied on their strong forts and knights. They believed that Allah will not support His Messenger and the faithful, and thought they will stay there forever. Crawling of the prophet SAWA to Khaibar and blockading it Messenger of Allah SAWA went to Khaibar after his return from Alhodaibeia battle, in the seventh year of Hijrah. He SAWA did give a permission to those who did not join him in Alhodaibeia to attend with him in Khaibar except for Jabir b. Abdullah Alansari, because they terrified Muslims. After the arrival of the Greatest Prophet SAWA to Khaibar, he blockaded the Jews inside their forts for over 20 days. During that time, Jews army of 10000 man used to get out their forts everyday to fight. The prophet SAWA conquered some of the forts peacefully, and some by force. Muslims were 1400 fighter with 200 horses. The conquer by The Commander of The Faithful During the time of the siege, the prophet SAWA sent some of the military brigades in purpose to conquer the forts. Alhakem Alnesabori, a Sunni scholar, narrated that the prophet SAWA sent both Abu Baker and Omar to conquer the forts but they failed. Alhakem said,” the prophet SAWA crawled to Khaibar, when he arrived there he sent Abu-baker with a group of people to their city or castle. They fought them but Abu-baker and his companions were defeated, and he returned back and frightened his companions, and they did the same (flee)… this tradition has truthful narrators following the terms of Bokhari and Musim but they did not state it”(2) Alhakem Also narrated, “the prophet SAWA gave the flag (the army leadership) to Omar on the day of Khaibar. He went and returned back scared and frightened his companions, and they were frightening him too… this is a truthful tradition following the terms of Muslim but he did not state it” (3) After those two defeats the prophet was worried about Islam and Muslims, because of the negative influence which they make to the spirits of fighters, and added extra power to the spirits of Jews. Add to all of that , the happiness of hypocrites, who were close to the Jews despite they were among the army of Muslims. Muslims started to humiliate the prophet SAWA and wanted to mutiny. Some of narrations of Ahlulbait AS stated this truth. Imam Abu Abdullah AL-Sadiq AS said,” there was not a harder day passed by the prophet than the day of Khaibar, because Arabs rebelled against him” Upon this, the prophet SAWA said his famous declaration, “Tomorrow I will award the Standard of the Islamic forces to a man who loves Allah(swt) and his Prophet SAWAand Allah(swt) and his Prophet SAWA love him. He is the one who attacks forcefully and does not run away from the battlefield and he will not return until Allah(swt) grants victory on his hand”. At night, everyone was waiting and wishing to be awarded this honor. The next day Prophet Mohammad SAWA called for Imam Ali AS. People said that Ali AS was suffering from a disease in his eyes but the Prophet SAWA insisted on him being called and when he arrived, the Prophet SAWA applied his saliva on the eyes of Imam Ali AS which cured him instantly and then he prayed to Allah(swt) and awarded him the standard of Islam. Ali AS said,” I will fight them until they become like us (Muslims)” the prophet SAWA said,” Advance deliberately and before joining battle summon them to embrace Islam, and tell them their duties. Verify if Allah should give religious guidance to a single individual of them through your instrumentally, it will be a more glorious conquest than if you should capture all the red camels.” (4) Ibn Al-Atheer completed the next part of the victory of Khaibar by stating,“ Then Ali AS started with the flag in his hand and, reaching under the fort of Qamus, planted the standard on a rock. A Rabbi who was watching from the fort asked, 'O standard-bearer! Who are you?' Ali AS replied, 'I am Ali son of Abu Talib.' The Rabbi called unto his people, 'By the Torah, you will be defeated! This man will not go back without winning the battle."' It is said that Marhab was the strongest, tallest, and the most fierce among the warriors of Khaibar and that none equaled him in his might. That day, he was armed twice over, wearing double armor with two swords dangling by his sides. He was also wearing two turbans with a helmet over and above. Marhab recited the following poem: “The Jews of Khyber know that I am Marhab. I dive into my weapons and I attack in a daring way.” Imam Ali AS said in reply: “I am one whose mother has named him Haider (young lion). I step into the battlefield with my sword like a ferocious lion, I am lion of jungle, solid, and hard” Taking the initiative, Marhab attacked Ali AS with his sword. But Ali AS avoided the blow and rendered with Dhul-Fiqar such a forceful blow on Marhab's head that it cut through the latter's helmet, the double turban, the head, till it reached the man's throat. Abu Rafi' the slave of Messenger of Allah SAWA is cited saying: "When the Prophet gave the flag to 'Ali and bade him fight the forces of Khaibar, we, too, accompanied him. When 'Ali was a short distance from the fort, fighting all along, a Jew struck a blow on his hand with such a force that the shield 'Ali was holding fell down. 'Ali at once pulled out a part of the gate of Khaibar, held it up as a shield and fought till Allah granted him a clear victory. Once the fighting was over, he threw it away. It was so heavy that eight men from among us could hardly turn it over from one side to the other." (5) Sheikh Al-Sadoq narrated that Abu Aldonia Mo’amar Almghrebi said,” I heard the commander of the faithful saying,’ In the battle of Khaibar, I received twenty five wounds, then I went to the prophet SAWA, when he saw my wounds, he cried and took tears and putted them on the wounds, then I was healed at that moment’” Events matched the victory of Khaibar This blissful battle accompanied with important events which should be highlighted, the folder will give state some of them next: 1. The Prophet SAWA confined the kinsmen share of booties to Bani Hashim (Clan) and Bani Abdul-Muttalib: Sheikh Altusi narrated that Jubair bin Mut’em said,” On the day of Khaibar, The Prophet SAWA confained the kinsmen share of booties to Bani Hashim and Abdul-Muttalib and excluded Bani Nufal and sons of Abd-Shams (Clan). Thus I and Othman rushed to the prophet SAWA. We said,” O Messenger of Allah, Bani Hashim clan has undeniable state which Allah Has Created inside them of yours to them, but What is special about our brothers Bani Abdul Muttalib? You gave them and left us, while we have the same kindred to you!” Messenger of Allah SAWA said,” I and Bani Abdul Muttalib did not seperat in Jahiliah (ignorance era, pre Islam) nor after Islam. In fact we and them are one!” then he kinked his fingers” (6) 2. On the same day, Ja'far ibn Abi Talib returned from Ethiopia. The Holy Prophet SAWA said: "I do not know on which blessing of Allah I should thank Him more: on the victory of Khaibar or on the return of Ja’far!" (7) 3. retuning the sun to the Commander of the Faithful AS: Asmaa said,” Ali was busy working on dividing the booties with Messenger of Allah on the day of Khaibar, until the sun set. Then Messenger of Allah said,” O Ali did you pray Asr?” he said,” No, O Messenger of Allah” Messenger of Allah did ablution and then set in the mosque and said two words or three, as if he was some Ethiopian language. Then the sun was returned as it was in afternoon. Therefore Ali did ablution and prayed Asr. After that Messenger of Allah said the same words which he said earlier, then the sun returned to set, and I heard a creak as if it was a saw working on a piece of wood, and stars appeared” (8) References: 1. Alsahih men Serat Alnabi Ala’tham SAWA by Sayed Ja’far Mortatha: V6, Page 23-24 2. Almostadrak ‘Ala Alsahehain by Alhakim Al nesabori: V3, Page 38 3. Almostadrak ‘Ala Alsahehain by Alhakim Al nesabori: V3, Page 38 4. Sahih Albokhari: V4, Page 20 5. Alkamil fe AlTarekh by Ibn Atheer: V2, Page 220 6. Kmal Aldeen wa Tmam Alne’ma by Sheikh Alsadooq: Page 542 7. Alkhelaf by Sheikh Altusi: V4, Page 213 8. Almoqne’ by Sheikh Alsadooq: Page 139
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