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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalam u Alaikum to all brothers and sisters. So I have a question which i consider is very serious. As we all know that Muttah marriage is declared permitted by all of our Ayatollahs and scholar. None of them i guess consider muttah haram. But how can they declare muttah permissible when it was declared haram by our Imams. There are just few narrations in which muttah is considered permissible, and it is not stated clearly from those narrations that it is really permissible. Here is the link where you can find dozens of narrations proving muttah haram(forbidden) : http://mullaandmutah.weebly.com/wikipedia.html Here are some most clear narrations declaring muttah forbidden: 1)Another hadith narrated from Imam Jafar Ul Sadaq[A.S] Narrated by A'maar: Abu Abdullah[Imam Jafar Sadaq]said to me and to Suliman Bin Khaled: "I made Mut'ah Haram on you".AL Kafi Pp 467.V5.Wiasal Shia Pp22.V21. Shiekh Saduq classified it as Saheeh[AUTHENTIC] in his Minhaj Saduq Pp304.V7. Sheikh Sadra Hassan[With Good Chain of Narration] in his Commentry on AL Kafi.Pp461.V4. 2) Narrator says that he heard ibn Abi Umair who narrated from Ali bin Yaqtin saying: 'I asked Aba al-Hassan (a.s) about the Mutah and He (a.s) replied: 'What do you have to do with this, when Allah has made this unnecessary for you.' I said: 'I just wanted to know about it'. He (a.s) replied: 'It is Prohibated. Al- Kafi, Volume 5 page 442. Al Astibasar Pp459,V12. Shiekh Amali and Shiekh Abu Hassan decleared it Saheeh in their Commentries on AL Kafi[pp35,V4 and Pp109.V10] and Hasan by AL Majlisi in his Maratul Uqool Pp59.V34. NOW HOW CAN ALL OF OUR MARJAS, AND SCHOLARS DECLARE IT PERMISSIBLE WHEN IT IS PROVED THAT IT IS PROHIBITED ACCORDING TO OUR IMAMS ??
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